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light_environment - Point Entity

This entity makes the map's sky emit light. The only practical way of lighting outdoor maps.


Positioning logic

Use Pitch to shift the sun (or moon) vertically (similar to daytime/hours) and Yaw to shift it horizontally (cardinal direction or obliquity)

0° Pitch: sun at the horizon (like in sunrise/sunset) - huge shadows on floor if at least a minimal amount of -pitch were given
-45° Pitch: sun between horizon and top (like 9 AM or 15 PM)
-90° Pitch: sun at the top (like 12 Noon) - only parallel shadows on floor

0° Yaw: facing RT side of the skybox
90° Yaw: facing BK side of the skybox
180° Yaw: facing LF side of the skybox
270° Yaw: facing FT side of the skybox


Example maps


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