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This is a special texture used in mapping, applied to a brush to represent the sky. The actual texture shown during play is controlled by the map properties setting 'Enviroment Map (cl_skyname)'. The default is 'desert'. Custom skies are normally added to the 'gfx/env/' folder and then selected in the map properties before compiling. You can find all the sky names that come with HL by looking in the 'gfx/env/' folder in the 'pak0.pak' file.
The Sky texture MUST be applied to all faces of the brush, so select "treat as one", when applying Sky textures.
Sky texture applied to brushes is treated differently during rendering. It does not generate extra wpoly's as normal texture does. Some tutorials tell you that it is good idea to use sky texture as a filler for large unseen areas, I have no evidence that this is a good method of reducing r_speeds, when the hint and skip textures are available.

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Commented 1 year ago2019-05-16 21:06:41 UTC Comment #101990
Correction: the "treat as one" in Hammer Editor's texture application tool is not intended to apply a texture on all the faces of a brush at one time. Instead, use SHIFT+click to select all faces and CTRL' to select multiple objects.

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