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An Important Question

What's the best way to cut a toasted sandwich?

Leave it whole


Halves - rectangles


Halves - triangles


Quarters - rectangles


Quarters - triangles



46 secs


3 mins


6 mins


16 mins


33 mins


33 mins

Kurosaki Ichigo

34 mins



A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.

The TWHL Map Vault

Welcome to the TWHL Map Vault! From here, you can upload maps that you're working on, you need help on, or completed maps here for the entire community to take a look at. Select from the four main categories here. Once you're in one of the categories, you can filter through the maps by game. If you're looking for a specific map, use the Search function above.

First, some rules:


2975 maps indicatorAll Maps

Check out every single map TWHL has to offer.

Last map: wireframe, submitted at 06:53, 19 Sep 15 by Jessie

1861 maps indicatorCompleted Maps

Submit finished maps here so that people can comment or review them in their entirety. Of course, you could always turn the 'completed' map back into work-in-progress as you see the comments.

Last map: kzgr_propelled, submitted at 10:38, 24 Nov 15 by Tsaras

333 maps indicatorExample Maps

A place to put maps that demonstrate something or act as answers to or complement forum posts etc.

Last map: 72-Unit Pianist, submitted at 02:50, 07 Nov 15 by Jessie

255 maps indicatorProblem Maps

Submit maps that have specific problems here. e.g. You can't get a particular entity set-up to work. Submit the .RMF, and others will be able to help. But remember to make a forum or shoutbox post and link to your map, or chances are nobody will bother downloading it!

Last map: [Solved Sorta?] water_test, submitted at 07:29, 02 Jun 15 by Masta_Frank01

526 maps indicatorUnfinished Stuff

Submit maps that you're working on to get ideas and criticism that you can take into account as you work. You can update the map as you go along, then move it to Completed Maps when it is finished.

Last map: wireframe, submitted at 06:53, 19 Sep 15 by Jessie

6 maps indicatorMap of the Month Candidates

An easy way to view all eligible maps for Map of the Month and vote for your favourite!