Commented 10 years ago2012-12-28 13:05:06 UTC in vault item: de_monastery Comment #17314
Nah, just used the same name. I checked is there any gouldsource de_monastery, and there was none.
Commented 10 years ago2012-12-26 21:25:41 UTC in vault item: de_monastery Comment #17308
No, it's for cs 1.6, there is even icon right from the screenshot.
Commented 10 years ago2012-05-19 16:37:43 UTC in vault item: Toughworks Comment #19988
I think this map doesn't have weak spot. Great job.
Commented 11 years ago2011-11-26 10:45:39 UTC in vault item: c31_captainterror Comment #19588
I just love this map. How on Earth did you compile this map, just great. When i try to make huge map with many details like this one I usually get errors when I'm not nearly done.
Commented 11 years ago2011-11-26 10:27:07 UTC in vault item: compo31_deathan Comment #19587
I agree, it's unfinished map. And I don't understand why is there too many visible entities, it doesn't make any sense, this never happened to me.
Commented 11 years ago2011-10-09 19:21:59 UTC in vault item: as_wonderfel Comment #19500
Looks a bit like Mournhold sewer from the picture.
Commented 12 years ago2010-08-26 18:00:45 UTC in vault item: fy_steppes Comment #18386
You know how to insert sky to the map? WOW
Commented 12 years ago2010-07-26 16:15:17 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Beam and Sprite Effects Comment #100931
Good timing considering the current competition, and I think this will help, at least it will help me. :)
Commented 13 years ago2009-08-28 16:51:39 UTC in vault item: de_piratebay Comment #6714
Does this map has some special button that enables delphan to kill everybody in the map? :D
Commented 13 years ago2009-05-08 05:41:31 UTC in vault item: mp_shipment Comment #17493
If your first map was worst then this one, then you don't have talent for mapping. :D
Commented 13 years ago2009-04-12 04:15:01 UTC in vault item: Fire test Comment #17435
Don't be sarcastic CStriker, maybe it's his first example map. :D
Commented 14 years ago2009-03-22 05:44:10 UTC in vault item: Rooms Entry: Mindgame Comment #17368
I have a crushing problem! After 10 seconds game crashes, whatever I do.
Commented 14 years ago2009-03-21 18:30:19 UTC in vault item: es_corridor Comment #17367
First floor(basement): Under construction: Cafeteria, Shops....
Second floor (1-st): 1 floor of apartment rooms (under construction)
Third floor (2-st): 2 floor of apartment rooms (under construction)

A bit confusing. Is the second floor, second or first floor, and is the third floor third or second floor. =)
Commented 14 years ago2009-03-06 15:24:54 UTC in vault item: Concmapfonz Comment #17344
Commented 14 years ago2009-03-03 14:18:27 UTC in vault item: kz_deathvalley2 Comment #17333
Hm. Maybe some description, because the picture isn't saying anything.
Commented 14 years ago2009-02-23 19:43:08 UTC in vault item: awp_glif Comment #17306
I think this map already got too many comments. =)
Commented 14 years ago2008-10-13 02:19:16 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Radar locations in Counter-Strike: Source Comment #100904
Is this for noobs? Well, your location is here, you fuc*ing noob. :D
Commented 14 years ago2008-08-25 13:29:28 UTC in news: TWHL servers are up! Comment #98711
Servers are located where? (What Country)
Commented 14 years ago2008-08-13 18:16:34 UTC in vault item: Aim_testlab Comment #16036
Daubster, Noxas knows English so you should write English. Same goes for CStriker.
Commented 14 years ago2008-07-30 09:04:47 UTC in news: New Tutorial Abound! Comment #98679
I'm sure you'll be admin soon!
Commented 14 years ago2008-07-29 17:53:55 UTC in news: New Tutorial Abound! Comment #98671
wow, Daubster is Godlike Admin.
Commented 14 years ago2008-07-27 06:20:48 UTC in news: TWHL is Shutting Down Comment #98655
You would sell us for money? I feel like a prostitute. And your are probably pimp. Shame on you. :D
Commented 14 years ago2008-07-24 09:45:50 UTC in news: TWHL is Shutting Down Comment #98610
I can't believe you have put this on front page. :D
I didn't realize that it is April the first.
Commented 14 years ago2008-06-27 13:51:45 UTC in vault item: de_cakemania Comment #16740
Hahaha, he has some ss nazi avatar!
Commented 14 years ago2008-06-08 10:03:52 UTC in news: Compo Results Delay Comment #98531
The competition was closed on 27th April 2008???
It's 08th June.
Commented 14 years ago2008-05-30 14:37:32 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Carving Comment #100794
NOTE: Don't use carving tool even if your life depends on it!!!
Nice tutorial but I don't see point in explaining something that you shouldn't use by any mean.
Commented 14 years ago2008-04-05 18:38:24 UTC in vault item: Dm_absurdum Comment #16555
Architecture: 10/10 (I like that Unreal style)
Textures: 8/10 (Not perfect but acceptable)
Lights: 8/10 (Pretty good)
Sound: 0/10 (But hey it's deathmatch map)
Playability: I haven't played it against someone but it looks a bit small.

Overall: 5 stars (I'm not good in math like hlife_hotdog) :)

Architecture is just too important for me!
Commented 14 years ago2008-04-01 16:58:10 UTC in news: Shoutbox and Compo Comment #98466
Good Work. Finally.
Commented 15 years ago2008-03-07 10:15:55 UTC in vault item: de_forbidden Comment #16491
Layout is very grid like, I agree. :)
The problem with making walls not ending at the same height, it's my phobia of not getting my maps compiled. If I put too much details in map, I usually end up with some error :(
So, yes, map is blocky. But excellent for CS.
Commented 15 years ago2008-02-22 14:16:14 UTC in vault item: DM_Levitation Comment #16451
He means for HL-deathmach, there is a mod HL-DM. Am I right halflife_genius?
Commented 15 years ago2007-12-22 16:44:09 UTC in vault item: Fy_Vertstadt Comment #16142
The map is great, but cliping is horrible. I don't like fy_maps very much but mapping is very good.
Commented 15 years ago2007-11-18 08:23:54 UTC in vault item: De_Dragos Comment #16020
Daubster knows lithuanian???
Commented 15 years ago2007-11-17 20:01:35 UTC in vault item: Dm Hairpoint Comment #16018
On my computer fps drops to 10, when I am in the middle of a map, and it's just so much dark, I can't even see my hands.
Commented 15 years ago2007-11-17 19:55:23 UTC in vault item: De_Dragos Comment #16017
Should'nt see, I apoligaze. And what is that language?
Commented 15 years ago2007-11-17 19:52:03 UTC in vault item: De_Dragos Comment #16016
I don't like de_ maps with one bomb site (it looses sense than). One more thing, please read some tutorial about sky box. I can see in spectator mode things that I shouldent see.
Commented 15 years ago2007-11-16 17:11:41 UTC in vault item: dm_particle Comment #16003
to bad it's not singleplayer game with monsters. To dark for multiplayer.
Commented 15 years ago2007-11-12 05:27:51 UTC in vault item: dm_particle Comment #15943
The light that goes through the stairs makes an unnatural shadow on the wall. The light would, because of the difraction, turned a bit, and light wall more intensivly. I know it's not your fault, this the way the rad works.
Commented 15 years ago2007-09-14 14:26:31 UTC in vault item: cs_deadline Comment #15643
Hey. I wanted to know, are you french? :)
Commented 15 years ago2007-08-26 06:18:23 UTC in vault item: fy_caerla Comment #15606
From the picture, It looks good, but I don't like fy maps. 7MB! Some big de_ maps are smaller.