UrbaNebula8 years ago2012-04-11 12:42:27 UTC 15 comments
Roses are Red.
Bacon is also Red.
I suck at poetry.
UrbaNebula8 years ago2012-04-07 16:53:39 UTC 4 comments
I've been getting quite a few emails about this.

[i]Cicero (Character) Video-game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011) (VG) Played by Andy Morris[/i]

Namely because searching on Google for "andy morris voice actor" produces 3 top results. An IMDB profile, a Skyrim IMDB profile, and my voice acting demo on YouTube. :P

Anyway, I decided to respond to my latest email in a video. You can check it out here if you like.
UrbaNebula8 years ago2012-04-04 17:10:25 UTC 19 comments
Ordering Chinese food. Life is awesome.
UrbaNebula8 years ago2012-03-19 12:21:42 UTC 8 comments
I'm confused.

I rarely sleep for long periods of time, especially at the weekend. In the week I can quite happily stay up til 2am and get up when the alarm goes off at 6:30. On Friday I will usually not go to sleep until around 4am, getting up with the alarm at 6am. While I don't have much energy I am perfectly capable of driving and stuff like that.

Now, this weekend, I've had 2 (relatively) early nights. Saturday night I was in bed at half-past midnight until 8am and Sunday night I went to bed at 11ish and woke up BEFORE my alarm at around 6am. If I wake up prior to alarm, that to me says that I've gotten plenty of rest.

Why is it then that today I feel drained and nauseous!?
UrbaNebula8 years ago2012-03-05 23:06:05 UTC 12 comments
I got a dig bick.
You that read wrong.
You read that wrong too.
UrbaNebula8 years ago2012-03-01 23:37:32 UTC 17 comments
Another terrible mod play through for you all. As requested, I played through MCPOKER again. It was worse than I remember and it is now gone from my hard drive forever. :D

Really boring playthrough here

Again, let me know of any awful mods (no more troll mods) and I will run through them. Cheers.
UrbaNebula8 years ago2012-02-25 13:30:01 UTC 8 comments
Got a playthrough video for you guys.

So I played through a mod called The Night Things. I chose that mod because it had a pretty low rating on Planet Phillip and I thought it might be entertaining to do a video playthrough with commentary after last weeks live playthrough had a total viewer count of 1 person. :P

Here's the vid.

If you know of any terrible SP mods that you want me to play through in a video then let me know. Links always helpful. :D
UrbaNebula8 years ago2012-02-22 10:46:27 UTC 4 comments
Today's web design dilemma
Too much coffee, not a single fuck...
UrbaNebula8 years ago2012-02-11 16:10:14 UTC 18 comments
What can I say? I like making quizzes. I'm odd. :P


How well do you know Urby?
UrbaNebula8 years ago2012-01-19 22:49:30 UTC 8 comments
New Video

I'll be honest. It's just me talking nonsense. Still, it's not just another update video and you may actually find it a little amusing.

Not sure what's up with my camera at the moment though...
UrbaNebula8 years ago2012-01-05 22:20:57 UTC 33 comments
So I've been a member of TWHL for just over 7 and a half years. I'm not sure how I feel about that...
UrbaNebula8 years ago2011-12-29 14:19:19 UTC 6 comments
So, less people in the office today. The managing director actually turned up today though so we've had a little organisation. At least now we know which client's answerphone we're going to be talking to.

This is the process we follow, just to put things into perspective for you:

1. Get client's file, peruse it to get the general idea of what they need their website to do.
2. Call the client to discuss how they would like their site to look.
3. Build.
4. Get feedback from client.
5. Make alterations and fixes. Complete site.

Now, when you're working the 3 business days between Christmas, steps 2 and 4 often result in talking to a machine, or better yet, someone so intoxicated they've forgotten they were even having a site built.

Makes things difficult.

Oh, and the chairman turned up today, sat around with us for a while and then left again.

UrbaNebula8 years ago2011-12-28 09:21:32 UTC 12 comments
And so begins the 3 most pointless work days of the entire year... sigh
UrbaNebula8 years ago2011-12-24 20:06:20 UTC 4 comments
Been experimenting with Source again today, mostly focusing on making ragdolls do less falling to the ground and more Hollywood dives.

Introducing the Hollywood Death Dive Ragdoll system (HDDR) :D
UrbaNebula8 years ago2011-12-05 01:00:05 UTC 41 comments
I don't know if you guys have seen this yet.

This kind of shit truly makes my blood boil.