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Im sort of back into mapping, but not much. I am working on de_devistation and possibly going to make a differnt version of de_cbble. Other then that school is great for grades, and life has been great even without my favorite sport.
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I may not be mapping for a while since each year I dont do all the things I love to do, such as, September-December = PS2, January-March = Computer Games, etc. You get the point of that, so currently i've been playing TheGodfather and Dominating in my HighSchool classes and im lovin haveing high grades. Also, even though I wont be on the computer as much, if anyone would like my help with some kind of computer art, I would be more then happy to try and make somthing good.

Thiers really no more for me to talk about right now, so let me taunt the people below my Login Stats.
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Im not dead, its just not really any mapping related things have gone on. I would work on maps but since its the starting of the school year im into makeing computer art currently. As the year for school progresses though, eventualy I will be back into mapping but currently my skill is set on School, and Computer Art.

No Funny Force is NOT dead, its just basicly on a hold until near the starting of summer, then It will be worked on again. Even though Funny Force has parts that I dont consider Funny, im am still going to make the mod with as many funny ideas that people will laugh at.

The CSS map I ocasionaly work on is called de_devistation. Yes my previous journals talked about the map, but the map is sort of on hold until I learn more about the SDK mapping in how to make it look really good an still the right kind of areas for Snipeing, Camping, etc.

Also, I may be changing the story for when I make Independent Force. I have had the idea of makeing you just a normal citizen outside of blackmesa, a teacher at a school when chaos starts because of the black mesa insident. Even though yes this would mean thier would be no training course and a question of what weapons and how he knows how to use them and about combine and all such other crap of that, I will recreate Independent Forces story into a correct and as simple story as possible that I can. :biggrin:
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Well, im pretty muched fucked as my account has been stolen I believe. That means ill probably have to get another copy of CSS and HL2 since Valve were fucking retarded for letting you only activate it once. It makes me fucking pissed how now I cant play my favorite game and make the map I was working on.

Besides me getting pissed at Valve about that, im pretty sure I noticed a Fourm about somthing like this in how Valve only allows you to activate the program once. Other then that FF has had its slowest progress and is possibly gonna be put off until at least halfway through the school year. I would love to map, but because of what has happend, I wish I could just get a chainsaw and cut off the fucking hijackers arm.
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Finaly im mapping for CSS! This will sort of get me more familiar with the SDK for HL2 in a way also. The map im working on is a defusle map, called de_devistation, its going to be mainly an indoor map with some little secrets involved. So far its just a really small map with nothing complex, but im hopeing ill need a 3D skybox for this as I have never made one yet.

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I have had no mapping influnce because School is coming back, so im trying to play as much CSS before it arives. Yes, I am in school, highschool actualy, but this is 10th grade, so I hope that I can map overtime as some people at school know I map for HL maps. Pretty much thiers nothing else, accept I sort of need sombody with good Modeling skills and good Codeing skills for an idea for FF, if your that person, please PM me.

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I have been up to... uh idk, well anyways, I have been playing HL2 more often then CSS now. Thats good news cause now im mapping for a mod that will be useing HL2, its called DayDream. DayDream will be basicly like a dream, where anything can happen at anytime, such as the game will have Horror, Funny things, and Action. The first map has already gone to hell with an error and is in the map vault.

Besides that I now can basicly... surf on wood like most glitch finders have found.
P1:My first sucsessful time flying on a board.
P2:Haveing a blast getting the hang of it.
P3:Is alex still talking about that oldschool gravity gun?
P4:Those Buggys are so outdated, the flying wood board is so newschool.
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Still CSS has taken over me cause of some maps i've never played but have now, but I have a little more info in whats going on. The first picture (topleft) is showing the crossbow for FF is now the ultimate weapon as it hold 50 bows, but im gonna increase it to 100. It fires like a machine gun and does about 200dmg per hit, so its probably your best friend. 357 is an inacurete weapon as it shoots faster but is better shot slow rather then fast which descreases accurace.
The M4 (mp5) is now deffinetly a machine gun, holds 100 bullets, and fires super fast wasteing the clip in under 3 seconds! Each weapon holds alot more ammo so the player wont get stressed with watching ammo supply, so that will not be a worry. Hornet gun also has an adjustment, it holds around 700 hornets, and fires the 1st dairy 2x's faster, just like the AlienGrunts.
In work is the AlienSlaves Beam, its teal, but when they charge up, its still green, no biggy though. The houndeyes SonicBoom is now Pink when not in a squad, and Red when in a squad. The HUD as you might notice is Pink, this is going to be the main color of FF, not being gay or anything, I just thought every mod should have a differnt sort of color to it, such as Funny Force = Pink HUD, Independent Force = Red HUD, Repulsion Horror = Yellow HUD, and Enigma = Teal HUD.
About the others 3 pictures of the Gargantua, this is just a room I started working on and had lots of influence on. Origanly I was going to add prefabs to this room, but I was forced away with so many maps already useing them and I knew it needed somthing else. This room will be turned into somting, idk what but it will be somthing.
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3:50Pm 67F Toto - Isolation
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I've been addictated to CSS for some time now, but its worn off a bit, I think now ill be mapping again... hopefully. I started on Kc8Kjps Splash, gonna take me some time to make but it got me into mapping again. I think for some time ill do serious mapping since IF has been coming and just HITTING ME!, CSS has helped me with Setup ideas, mapping ideas, and how challenging it should be for sertain things. I was very tired when I wrote this so idk if I screwed writeing somthing, but heres the daily logoff.

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Yes, im still working on FF, but I've been sort of sick this week, but that doesnt keep me from doing the things I normaly do. Currently level 11 is going along very smoothly, its been getting larger, but the compile time tends to be under 10 seconds, mainly around 7 seconds. But, heres a picture of one of my ideas for the level thats in progress.
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Not much has went on with mapping or other things, i've been trying to get the ideas I need for IF when It comes to the game being challenging. You might notice the mod names in my bio, those are the 4 mods I want to work on, each has a differnt story to it, FF is just funny, IF is action/more to blackmesa/and a good deal of weapons. Enigma is the name for The Puzzle, and Repulsion Horror is where your a AlienGrunt, this will require some codeing to make you seem like an actual grunt, but that should be easy.

Me and Kc8kjp are working on codeing for our mods, so that means I should be able to make the adjustments I need for each mod. Mapping has slowed a little, but other then that, things overtime still do get done, but not much this week.

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I've been working on FF maps again, but im also redoing a little of the first few levels. Since in FF you will need the Opposing Force wad, I added a NULL texture to it so that compile time and Rspeeds will go down in maps. I finished level 10 but still need to do level 9, but I have also started level 11, and for an odd reason, compile time is very short in every level now.

Heres a picture of level 10 for FF.
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3:45AM 74F Bohemain Rhapsody - Queen
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Wow, I havent posted a journal in quiet a while, well, heres the updated news. FF has almost all monster noises complete, probably the best is the AlienGrunt and the Hornet Gun. The Puzzle has such a long compile time that I think ill make it 2 puzzles per level rather then 12, but the fan puzzle is finished, its choas. Independent Force (IF) has been coming back to me and I want to map for it, me and Kc8kjp will have are mods sort of simlar, his Silent Running and mine Independent Force will have simlar areas for the starting, and mine has been started out a little.

I got HL Spirit, I've noticed its much better then HL when it comes to entity and brush things. Basicly everything made sence when I first looked at them in Spirit, so this means ill be able to make one of my Unamed mods. The Unamed Mod is where you will be a AlienGrunt seeking to kill any human life form in your way, hopefully if sombody can change the DLL for this mod, I want the hornet gun to hold more ammo and fire faster to make it more seem like your an AlienGrunt.

Other then that I have been still playing CSS, but in a way I have been getting ideas from the zombie CSS version maps, its crazy at times but its great to get ideas in makeing the enemy know where the players coming from. In most mods I prefer if the enemy is ready for the player and has a set up for them, obviuosly Independent Force will have this in some missions, and with Spirit, this should be easier to achive things. For FF, im not sure wheather to use HL or Spirit, both are good, but I can do more with Spirit, so eventualy ill figure out which one to use.

Update: Batterys for FF will now be worth 3 rather then the hasle of 1, healthkits are 45 instead of them 30, and the crossbow has its damage increased, but ill increase it more since its the ultimate weapon for FF.

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Did alot more work on FF, ill just explain what i've done over the past... 2 days.

1.Finished half of the aliens in makeing their noises random.
2.Finaly started on funny things for level 9, Kc8Kjp helped me a little in the starting.
3.Completly messed around with the grunts sentances in the sentance folder and made a differnt speach for the suit when you pick it up or have differnt things happen.
4.Made differnt noises for the weapons.
5.Got sounds from HL2 and CSS that will either be used in HLFF or HLIF.

Most happy one about is this. 6.Decided to work on the orignal FF maps, at that time thier was 5, but 4 were finished, I thought of working on these when I played level 4 The Puzzle, because the area looks simlar to level 1 of FF1. I think I will add new things to the maps, I just need to fix them up and make sure I dont get any errors, but as good of a mapper as I am now, that should not be a problem.