Screamernail2 years ago2019-10-06 20:02:46 UTC 14 comments
Yes actually. A great idea!

Being ignored and unable to speak to most people is a problem. Especially when you thought you're doing something great but instead you get no notice.
Screamernail2 years ago2019-09-12 16:25:31 UTC 8 comments

Thought about asking someone to put this on Gmod. But I don't really know if it'll be worth it.
Screamernail3 years ago2019-05-16 18:59:01 UTC 28 comments
I have come to og Xbox homebrewing now. Want to make a HL2 TC for the console.

Believe me. It's super.
Screamernail3 years ago2019-04-27 11:51:21 UTC 1 comment
Yes I'll be retrying to build up the HappyFaces mod and see if it can be played online.

I'll be making new maps and ask for help like how to limit the map selection to just the mod's own maps and getting the stripped combine model to be animated. Oh, and if someone wants to help me with mapping for it then I can say what the mod's primary focus is.

Role playing, having conversations, normal deathmatches and to explore and interact. The maps are focused on being simple and to feel old-school because it is based on the 2006 build of Source. And only feature the textures from the original Half-Life 2 cause I don't have episode 1 or 2.

And I also wanted to let players change color as an option. And that's all for this journal.
Screamernail3 years ago2019-03-05 08:46:56 UTC 1 comment
It's been a theme for me to be a horrible friend. Since the beginning of my DeviantArt life I've just gotten people down and it would also be true in real life. In my very first account in DevArt I have mistakenly told my first best friend that she was dead. In my second account (EX475) I couldn't get one friend to not leave the site. I mistakenly trolled someone by free will in the Pfhorums and mistakenly did it again currently. And now I have told my best friend SweetMangle103 that we couldn't be friends anymore cause I where always ruining her.

I haven't forgotten my outbursts here either. I am sorry for everything. I apologize to everyone that I have ever hurt and everyone that depended on me. I am too weak to go around and say this to everyone and it would probably not make it better either. Cause every word I spit is a hazard.
Screamernail3 years ago2019-01-22 12:21:13 UTC 15 comments
I wish I was someone now. But. You all know how it goes for me. I can't get anything done how hard I try. I try my best, and that best is REALLY little.

I want to leave gaming. I want to stop use my stupid PCs and just stay on my Mac and work on videos instead of unfinished game projects. Can someone kick me off this site and get it over with? I really don't want to work with Half-Life anymore. Cause I am untalented and unfocused, and rather want to do things I can do. Like slideshows.

If you want to see me when I deactivate then go and post here The Pfhorums

EDIT: Got over my sadness there. Anyway. The HappyFaces test server is

CLOSED (Well that didn't go well)
Screamernail3 years ago2019-01-16 16:27:10 UTC 13 comments
For some reason, I see the PS2 port of Half-Life more atmospheric.
Screamernail4 years ago2017-09-02 10:33:39 UTC 1 comment
Going to make a Half-Life 2 scenario. Which is recommended that you use the 2006 version of source for some classics.
Screamernail4 years ago2017-07-20 13:44:45 UTC 4 comments
I'm not concentrated. I got so many projects that it isn't sane. Scorch where just one of many, which can mean it's probably is going to be left over.

I now want to work on my unofficial Prospero game. If i can that is.

I really want the Liero sound-effects but i can't get them. They could be used for a Half-Life mod.

Trying to fix a flaw.
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Combined your triple journal posts into one.

Wait. How many journals can i do?

Mod: The homepage shows the four latest journals. Don't flood it with your own stuff basically. Use the ShoutBOX for shorter messages/questions.
Screamernail4 years ago2017-07-19 18:13:43 UTC 3 comments
I've decided to make my project in Unity3D. Because i'm more familiar with it then goldsource modding. And because i rather do 3DS games than PC games.

Have i gone here for nothing? Maybe not or maybe.