Screamernail1 year ago2017-09-02 10:33:39 UTC 1 comment
Going to make a Half-Life 2 scenario. Which is recommended that you use the 2006 version of source for some classics.
Screamernail1 year ago2017-07-20 13:44:45 UTC 4 comments
I'm not concentrated. I got so many projects that it isn't sane. Scorch where just one of many, which can mean it's probably is going to be left over.

I now want to work on my unofficial Prospero game. If i can that is.

I really want the Liero sound-effects but i can't get them. They could be used for a Half-Life mod.

Trying to fix a flaw.
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Combined your triple journal posts into one.

Wait. How many journals can i do?

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Screamernail1 year ago2017-07-19 18:13:43 UTC 3 comments
I've decided to make my project in Unity3D. Because i'm more familiar with it then goldsource modding. And because i rather do 3DS games than PC games.

Have i gone here for nothing? Maybe not or maybe.