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AJ17 years ago2005-08-14 01:46:00 UTC 0 comments
Not too long to go now...

Get those compo maps in!
Seventh-Monkey17 years ago2005-08-08 13:04:00 UTC 0 comments
Version 1.0 of the Blue Shift remake project has now been released. This pack will allow you to play Blue Shift through Steam rather than having it as a stand-alone game.

It also means Blue Shift can use the new features introduced in later versions of the Half-Life engine, such as transparency on models and detail textures.
Seventh-Monkey17 years ago2005-08-07 07:11:00 UTC 0 comments
I've added two things to the front page: a Recent Awards list and a Maps thing, which will either show a "Top Maps" thing, or a "Most Recent Maps", randomly (the poll results were so close).

Also, only a week to go until the competition closes! Get your entries finished and sent in.

If you need hosting for large maps and can't find anywhere, contact jaardsi or me.
Seventh-Monkey17 years ago2005-08-06 14:25:00 UTC 0 comments
There, now the poll system is actually finished properly. Cast your vote in the present one!
AJ17 years ago2005-08-04 02:50:00 UTC 0 comments
To everyone who has proposed a tutorial - please be patient! The mods are sorting through all the request when they get the opportunity to.

If you have not received a response from a Moderator via Email or PM, please be patient. We will get to you all.

Another note: please do not use the Proposal system to post your tutorial. Simply state your intention and we will contact you regarding its viability.
Seventh-Monkey17 years ago2005-08-01 08:26:00 UTC 0 comments
Congratulations to our first winners, Kasperg and Elon Yariv. Kasperg has, of course, posted countless excellent maps in the 'Vault and Elon has been almost excessively helpful in the HL1 Mapping Questions forum.

Vassy's then-unofficial award from Andy a few months ago has also been carried forward.

Well done, guys. Everybody else, be good and you could have one too
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AJ17 years ago2005-07-27 07:00:00 UTC 0 comments
On behalf of TWHL and its members, I'd like to thank, and congratulate, Seventh-Monkey for the fantastic work that he has done on the site. ? Ant
Seventh-Monkey17 years ago2005-07-27 05:59:00 UTC 1 comment
Right, all the updates have been uploaded and little fixes sorted. Hope you like all the new stuff! Here is a change log.
Seventh-Monkey17 years ago2005-07-25 06:37:00 UTC 0 comments
The updating and testing will be on Wednesday at 0900GMT; TWHL'll be down for awhile while we check everything (and fix, if necessary, although it all seems fine).
Seventh-Monkey17 years ago2005-07-22 04:13:00 UTC 0 comments
Just to let you all know that TWHL will be unavailable for up to an hour sometime soon when I upload all the new stuff. I will post a date when I've finished actually coding.
Seventh-Monkey17 years ago2005-07-20 07:24:00 UTC 0 comments
The first lot of re-coding has now been finished. I won't be changing anything here until all the new code on my to-do list is done, and then you'll all have lots of shiny new stuff to play with. I will post progress reports here at some points. Expect all the new and updated stuff in the next fortnight, perhaps less.
Seventh-Monkey17 years ago2005-07-18 02:42:00 UTC 0 comments
You've probably all noticed the Awards section. I've now added a Tutorial Award, too, to thank people who contribute by writing a tutorial good enough to be published. Please contact me if you have a tutorial released here and don't have your award.

I hope this encourages more people to write tutorials!
AJ17 years ago2005-07-17 05:20:00 UTC 0 comments
Thanks to newcomer Andy Gone, we have a new tutorial!

Check out Dead NPCs for HL1 and CS.
Seventh-Monkey17 years ago2005-07-15 15:27:00 UTC 0 comments
Maps submitted may now successfully be designated as being for HL2. I shall add more mods/games very soon.

The Contact page has been updated to reflect the appointments of RabidMonkey777 and Anthony.

For more TWHL updates, visit this thread.
Seventh-Monkey17 years ago2005-07-14 16:30:00 UTC 0 comments
Can you believe it? More news! Kasperg's competition, mapping Dr. Breen's house, has been posted. Get going, you've got a month.