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Seventh-Monkey19 years ago2005-04-12 14:13:00 UTC 1 comment
Only eighteen-odd hours left to enter the competition ? be speedy, and good luck.

We presently have at least ten entries, it appears.
Seventh-Monkey19 years ago2005-04-10 11:06:00 UTC 0 comments
Members may now disable all images on the forums (posted images and avatars) if they wish to. Have a look at your profile. I'm sure that'll make some of you 33kers happy
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Seventh-Monkey19 years ago2005-04-09 01:54:00 UTC 0 comments
Image posting has been re-enabled. Anyone abusing it as it has been in the past will be banned. You have been warned.

Also, hurry up with your competition entries, there're only four days left!
Andy19 years ago2005-04-08 22:47:00 UTC 0 comments
There is now a Half-Life 2 icon available in the Map Vault.
Please remember to tag your maps correctly.
Andy19 years ago2005-04-03 06:01:00 UTC 0 comments
From Adam:

"This version of Zoner's Half-Life compile tools offer many improvements over the original map compiling tools for Half-life, such as better lighting quality, faster vis times, switchable texture based lighting, support for brush entities casting shadows, removal of "sticky" edges, and much more."

ZHLT 3.2.1 was released on 14th March 2004.
Previous versions of ZHLT and XPCagey's tools are also available.
Seventh-Monkey19 years ago2005-04-02 07:01:00 UTC 0 comments
We have recently passed 100,000 posts in the new forums! Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to peoples' problems and not spammed.

Also, just a reminder that there are only eleven days left to get your competition entries sorted and submitted. Make sure you get them in on time!

Incidentally, we're also in first place if you Google for "Half-Life mapping tutorials". Impressive ? congratulations are in order to atom in absentia.
Andy19 years ago2005-03-20 20:00:00 UTC 0 comments
VTF Explorer is a tool for viewing and extracting Source Engine format texture files (.vtf's - Valve Texture Files).
Program allows you to view whole folder full of VTF's either from hard disk or .gcf file as a collection of thumbnails.
You can view all frames, mip levels and cubemap faces of VTF files as well as read their flags. You can also use VTF Explorer to extract files from Steam's .gcf packages.
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Andy19 years ago2005-03-07 22:53:00 UTC 0 comments
Just to let you know that a new improved version of ZHLT 3.2 has been released, this does fix the problems with RAD crashing when using Opaque entities.

My mistake earlier.. Must check your compile paths.. Doh!
However do read the documentation (yeah, like that is going to happen..)and the compile log. Some of the tools have a disclaimer, but they seemed fine when I tested them.
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Andy19 years ago2005-03-07 05:59:00 UTC 0 comments
This week sees the official launch of a new community database/website, designed to supply information about <span style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic">single player first person shooters levels</span>.

Unlike other websites, <span style="font-weight: bold"></span> is only interested in released files. No files are hosted, meaning costs are reduced to a minimum, hopefully ensuring its long term existence.

The database can be edited by everyone, safe guards are in place, and each file contains two views; simple and detailed. The site is looking for committed staff, whose tasks include site promotion and monitoring the database and forum activity.

Although the site currently has over 1300 records, most are incomplete with regard to release date, author and download links. The current data should be viewed as a starting point rather than a definitive list. Also the current list of games that have files associated with them is very limited and we will add any game, assuming it's an SP FPS, requested by users.

The site would also like to encourage the use of file sharing to help distribute gaming files.

The site contains everything you need to know to get started, so what are you waiting for? Get involved!

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Seventh-Monkey19 years ago2005-03-05 03:53:00 UTC 0 comments
Our first Source tutorial, courtesy of TheBlackViper (also working on providing that gaming server ? kudos) has now been posted. It's a beginner guide to custom materials.

Also, the next competition has been sent to atom so should probably appear in the next week or so. Just to remind you, it is Half-Life 1 only this time 'round.
Seventh-Monkey19 years ago2005-02-27 18:48:00 UTC 1 comment
The new competition should be along shortly. Sorry that it's been so long, there've been minor logistical problems. It should be worth the wait, though.

To the best of my knowledge it will be a Half-Life competition, not a Source one.
Andy19 years ago2005-02-16 05:09:00 UTC 0 comments
News over at VERC indicates the Sven Co-op team are going full tilt to produce the popular mod for Half-Life 2.

I am sure that will interest some of you :-)
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Andy19 years ago2005-02-07 04:26:00 UTC 0 comments
Ok, It is here...
The final version of:
&raquo;&raquo;&nbsp;ZHLT 3.0&nbsp;&laquo;&laquo;

Visit the site to find out more, but I have tested the new compile tools and have noticed quicker compile times as well as some great new command line switches.
The Final release of these tools is about the last word in the History of ZHLT...

For those of you mapping Source based levels, Adam has indicated a new version of CST will be available soon.

Ditch your old compile tools and get creative with the new ones.
Andy19 years ago2005-02-03 06:03:00 UTC 0 comments
For those of you still mapping for HL1, I just had news from Adam Mckern informing me that the ZHLT 3.0 compile tools are going through their final Beta test.
You can expect to be able to get your hands on the Final version, hopefully, in the next few weeks.
Those of you designing levels for Source maps have good reason to be happy because once ZHLT 3.0 is finished, Adam will be concentrating on the Custom Source Tools.
Seventh-Monkey19 years ago2005-01-16 06:32:00 UTC 0 comments
The light tutorial has finally been dusted off and released here.

In other news, reports have come in of one of our members, Jahzel, mysteriously falling from a plane. Watch your steps, and don't try to overthrow us
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