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Andy18 years ago2004-12-25 18:24:00 UTC 0 comments
<font color="red"><h3>Seasons Greetings</h3></font>

From all the staff at TWHL.
May the fat guy in the red suit bring you what you want...
Not what your Mother wants you to have :-)

Atom, Andy, SlayerA, Seventh-Monkey
Seventh-Monkey18 years ago2004-12-01 11:03:00 UTC 0 comments
The full HL? SDK has been released, as has an official HL?DM!

More info to follow, as the VERC is down at the moment.

Seems that one of our own TWHL members has won the recent compo over at RUST

Well Done RabidMonkey777.
You can view the results HERE
Andy18 years ago2004-11-23 09:27:00 UTC 0 comments
ZHLT 3.0.
New Beta 4 Source code is now out:

Changes Include
New Rad Code by Nem
Inclusion of Cagey tools (Count_ents / opt_plns)
Readme file

You can now download ZHLT 3.0 direct from which is a permanent link to the most current version, Or you can visit Adam "amckern" Mckern's homesite. Check out the relevant information at: ZHLT 3.0 info.
Seventh-Monkey18 years ago2004-11-16 04:33:00 UTC 0 comments
Steam is dragging to a halt, but hey, who cares? :)
Andy18 years ago2004-11-15 03:54:00 UTC 1 comment
Davideo59 quite rightly pointed out, that you can get information about the attributes of the new entities in the Hammer 4 help file...
VERC will be presenting an Entity List in the future.

I just found out that HL2 Retail is available in Australia on the 17th and if it is anything like the launch of HL1, then the doors of the major stores will be open at midnight on the 16th...which is disappointing, as I thought those who had perservered with Steam might actually be able to play the game before everyone else...
Andy18 years ago2004-11-12 20:13:00 UTC 0 comments
Hammer 4 is awesome, tutorials are hitting the Major sites already discussing setup, use of custom textures, the Nodraw texture and mapping for source.

VERC have not posted the entity guide yet, which isn't surprising given the amount of properties and attributes they have....I cannot wait for the forum posts... it will be like it was 2 years ago.

<center>"How do I make a brush"</center>
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1 Day's left for the TWHL Compo...
No entries yet so it is possible that any piece of rubbish might win?
1 weeks left for the machine compo at RUST, only one entry there... Want fame, then enter.
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Seventh-Monkey18 years ago2004-11-06 06:27:00 UTC 0 comments
Hammer 4 (still sometimes internally referred to as Worldcraft) and its documentation have been released to people who have pre-loaded HL? and unlocked it over Steam. The documentation is also available for everyone else to peruse here!

Half-Life ? itself is to be released in about ten days.
  • Seventh
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Ministeve has produced a basic tutorial for those of you interested in mapping for HLDM, check out:
Half-Life Death Match

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Seventh-Monkey18 years ago2004-10-27 15:55:00 UTC 0 comments
My Steam tutorial and Peace and LOve's Equipping Weapons in CS tutorial have now both been released. Please let me know if you find any mistakes via the Contact Us link at the foot of every page.

Half-Life 2 in nineteen days!
Andy18 years ago2004-10-26 17:22:00 UTC 0 comments
Greg Coomer (VALVe) was recently asked "what are VALVe's priorities now that HL2 had gone gold, have you started work on HL3?..."

From Greg:
TF2 is definitely one of the next things on our plate. We're going to have a MOD expo here in Seattle, and spend some effort for a while getting the SDK in shape and working with the MOD community. Continuing support and content for CS:S is also high-priority. What's Half-Life 3?......

So.. anyone interested in TF2 ?

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Before you post a question in the Forums please read: Forum Posts by Seventh-Monkey.
This tutorial is a MUST read for all TWHL members and anyone else interested in posting on the Forums.
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Seventh-Monkey18 years ago2004-10-25 09:24:00 UTC 0 comments
Two more tutorials are on their way, a Steam tutorial from myself (preview here) and one from Peace and LOve which I believe will be on Counter-Strike weapon equipping.

If you want to write a tutorial, you're more than welcome to. E-mail subjects you'd like to cover to Andy or I via our profiles or the Contact Us link at the footer of each page.
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Andy18 years ago2004-10-22 19:57:00 UTC 0 comments
The Flame War's
It seems that Anonymous and Peace and LOve have taken their war into the shout box...
We all know that the Bigger man will let it go and stop responding...
Which one will it be?
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Congratulations are in order...
Anonymous and Peace and LOve Seem to have agreed to disagree and get on with business as usual.
Well done guy's, I am impressed.
Hopefully everyone will take note of the maturity that prevailed...and remember, if you ignore the Troll's, they will go away. :-)
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Seventh-Monkey18 years ago2004-10-20 08:15:00 UTC 0 comments
Right, well I'm now Andy-level admin and can post tutorials, entities, news etc. Planning to add a few more links in the Entity Guide (references to tutorials, example maps). That's about it at th' moment really.

HL? is finally officially confirmed to be arriving soon, and there's a new competition.

All pretty good except the flame war of "Anonymous" vs Peace and LOve, who's failing to live up to his name somewhat.
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Andy18 years ago2004-10-18 22:00:00 UTC 0 comments
Vivendi have announced HL2 Gold, with an expected release date of Nov 16 according to this article is at: Blues News
This has been confirmed on the VUG site.
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Real World Construction is our latest compo... All you need to do is map something from the real world in the half-life world. Don't forget the photo unless it is a VERY recognisable landmark.
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Before you post a question in the Forums please read: Forum Posts by Seventh-Monkey.
This tutorial is a MUST read for all TWHL members and anyone else interested in posting on the Forums.
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Andy18 years ago2004-10-14 04:55:00 UTC 0 comments
There seems to be a drift back to the old day's of elitism amongst our 'expert' members.
Remember you were Noob's once and treat them with kindness.
I am willing to turn a blind eye to flames against Anonymous posters... but if they have signed up... give them a fair go.
Also, some members have lost their ability to complete a sentence without swearing...
Practice makes perfect.. Try it some time.
Seventh-Monkey18 years ago2004-09-30 02:56:00 UTC 0 comments
Hlfallout has some news on the release of HL2. Looks like the HL1 source will be available.

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Before you post a question in the Forums please read: Forum Posts by Seventh-Monkey.
This tutorial is a MUST read for all TWHL members and anyone else interested in posting on the Forums.
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