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atom17 years ago2003-02-22 14:02:00 UTC 0 comments
TWHL's been experiencing some pretty ugly down-time recently. It was offline most of the day a few days ago, and has been down for several hours today as well. I've done some investigating, and I'm trying to make sure it doesn't happen again. Anyway, if you have problems getting to the site sometime, don't worry: we're not going anywhere! Just check back a few hours later.

On a happier note, there's a new tutorial on Vertex Manipulation! There are also a couple more tuts on their way.

Also, the TFC entity guide is nearing completion... just sorting out those hundreds of pesky common properties. I'm hoping to do a good chunk more of it this weekend.
atom17 years ago2003-01-26 19:59:00 UTC 0 comments
A new competition has been launched, and it's considerably easier than the last one (which means you'll have to do more to make it impressive :)). Go give it a try!
atom17 years ago2003-01-25 22:26:00 UTC 0 comments
Thanks to VERC Collective's under-construction entity system, TWHL's own Entity Guide just took a leap forward. Yep, there's nothing like competition for motivation (which reminds me, I must set up another TWHL contest very soon).

Anyway, if you flick your eyes over to the left, flick your mouse to the left, and click, you should be presented with some nice new changes. If you don't notice any, maybe you didn't flick your mouse far enough.
atom17 years ago2003-01-19 23:29:00 UTC 0 comments
Yes, the Entity Guide is officially complete! Entity Encyclopedia would be more accurate, actually :). Big thanks go to Andy, who typed out the 190-odd entity infos to get the thing off the ground. CS, DoD and TFC guides are up next, and should... no, will, arrive a lot faster than the Orig. HL guide. So keep TWHL in your browser's sight.

Various other things have changed as well: compo page format, little stars on user list, new tutorial list, etc.
atom17 years ago2003-01-12 01:05:00 UTC 0 comments
TWHL's first mapping contest has been judged! Go check out who won on the competitions page. I've had some great ideas for future contests, and there's even a new type of challenge I want to try out. So return here often to find out what's new!

Also, I've been doing lots of stuff offline so there'll probably be a nice big update in the next couple of days.
atom17 years ago2002-12-24 20:29:00 UTC 1 comment
Merry Christmas all!
(or, if you aren't into this whole xmas thing, just have a damn good 25th December). But if you are into Xmas, here's a song to sing to yourself while browsing TWHL:

User posted image
Dashing through the snow

In a one horse open sleigh

O'er the hills we go

Laughing all the way.

Bells on bobtail ring

Making spirits bright.

What fun it is to ride and sing

A sleighing song tonight.

Jingle bells jingle bells

Jingle all the way!

Oh what fun it is to ride

In a one horse open sleigh!</TD></TR></TABLE>

Right, now I'm off to ambush Santa.
atom17 years ago2002-12-22 13:49:00 UTC 1 comment
Whoops! I thought yesterday that I'd finally solved all the problems with the forums... except that after the update nobody could post anything. But finally, and hopefully for evermore, the thing is working properly (at least, until 2030).

But that's not all... did lots of things I'd been meaning to do for ages, including brining back the 'Remember Me' function so you don't have to login each visit, new bio and avatar things for users (get yours now!), and some more glossary entries. That's on top of the entity guide which is growing fast (mainly thanks to Andy).

It's amazing what the holidays (and coffee) can do! :)
atom17 years ago2002-12-11 21:09:00 UTC 1 comment
There's a new section: Competitions! Jump over there and take a look. And enter! A great way for you to show off your (new) mapping skills.

With this major addition comes the loss of some of the user-based editing sections (which is not a bad thing), and some other small changes.
atom17 years ago2002-12-05 18:58:00 UTC 2 comments
An update at last. Actually, Andy added lots of new glossary entries a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't notice :)

So now there are a whole three new tutorials! Updated some other stuff as well.
atom17 years ago2002-10-28 20:14:00 UTC 2 comments
After hours of work yesterday and some frantic finishing touches this evening, the new forum system is up!

The new forums are smaller, faster and most importantly, in-line, so you're always just a couple of clicks away! There's a link to them on the left - click it now!
atom17 years ago2002-10-24 15:45:00 UTC 3 comments
No, I'm not dead! And to prove it, I've added a tutorial. A tutorial, I might add, written by a TWHL member! More to come as well, I might also add.
atom18 years ago2002-09-17 19:38:00 UTC 2 comments
Anyone need some hosting? I've got lots of space I can't think what to do with... mail me!
atom18 years ago2002-09-12 18:51:00 UTC 3 comments
Time is flying, and I'm not getting a lot of free time to do anything in. OK, so I am, but I spend most of it catching up on my sleeping. Someone please write a tutorial. Something... anything... get the ball rolling for outside contributers. Wouldn't you just love to be the only one on the members list to have stat numbers above 0? :) Remember, all you need to do is sign up. Then you can submit anything you like for the world to see! Tutorials don't all have to be on WorldCraft either - I'd like to expand the archive to contain other categories as well (guides, tips, tricks, advanced stuff etc.)

But that doesn't mean I'm finished. Oh no! I'm just taking a break. I'll have a blast of entities over the weekend maybe.
atom18 years ago2002-09-03 16:15:00 UTC 6 comments
That was strange... the site's daily hits halved a few days ago, but fortunately got back up to a norm yesterday. Well, there's nothing new today, except this news, which is about the fact that there's nothing new today, except this news, which is about... uuh. I'm speeding through the entity guides though (offline), so a couple of them might be up and, gasp, finished, by the end of the week.

And that's about it.
atom18 years ago2002-08-31 10:23:00 UTC 5 comments
Did some pretty cool changes: members can now not only modify glossary and entity info, they can also add new entries as well. I've also written about 20 glossary entries for the General category (yay! I actually added some content!)

I've also finally completed the multi-game support. This doesn't mean much yet, but it does mean there can now be more than one entity guide (and there will be, soon).