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Seventh-Monkey16 years ago2006-05-12 16:55:00 UTC 0 comments
Destructification! will close at 2400 on the 13th of May, Cape Town time.
Seventh-Monkey16 years ago2006-05-09 13:25:00 UTC 0 comments
Only four days left of Destructification!... get your entries finished!
Seventh-Monkey16 years ago2006-04-23 08:04:00 UTC 0 comments
Users of who are TWHL members, join the TWHL group! If you have a nick there different from yours here, PM Seventh-Monkey it (at
Seventh-Monkey16 years ago2006-04-15 14:15:00 UTC 0 comments
I've just (finally) posted three tutorials which have been a long time coming:

<ul><li>Detailing Maps</li><li>Diagnosing Problems</li><li>Globals 2</li></ul>

Congratulations to their respective authors.
Seventh-Monkey16 years ago2006-04-12 17:01:00 UTC 0 comments
The new competition has been posted. Looks jolly fun to me.
Seventh-Monkey16 years ago2006-04-04 13:27:00 UTC 0 comments
I have finally actually coded the 'modding capabilities' section in users' profiles which many of you noticed mocked-up in Seventh's profile. Go and check the appropriate boxes in your profile.

Also, I've fixed the reply count issue leading to the "invalid thread" errors.
Seventh-Monkey16 years ago2006-03-17 20:34:00 UTC 7 comments
"Seventh monkey", who so kindly impersonated a staff member and spammed the forums, turned out to be jay-dk. His accounts have, of course, been suspended. In future, if people spam the forums, ignore the threads. Posting "OMG LOL HE IS SPAMMING WHERE ARE MOD?" is not helpful.

Edit: It has recently come to our attention (via IP tracing and whatnot) that we have, once again, been bombarded by a barrage of spam accounts. This act is not tolerated on this site and will result in banning.

However, I will not leave it there. The main instigator of this activity is none other than Jimmi (whom some of you know). What follows is a list of known aliases:

-The Protagonist

There is also the possiblity that there are many more. If you have any information, please contact either Ant, Seventh-Monkey or RabidMonkey.
Seventh-Monkey16 years ago2006-03-15 05:24:00 UTC 0 comments
I've added the tag "[s]", which provides <span style="text-decoration: line-through">strike-through</span> text, to the bbCode parser. You can use it in the forums and journals, etc., now.

<!-- Wha'd'ya own, the world? How d'ya own disorder?-->
Seventh-Monkey16 years ago2006-03-12 08:14:00 UTC 0 comments
There, the results for competition #19 have been posted. Phew.

The next competition will appear soon. It's a From Base, too...
AJ16 years ago2006-02-24 06:18:00 UTC 0 comments
Good news, everyone! Penguinboy<a/> has supplied us with a new Source tutorial, this one concerning the construction of 3D Skyboxes! Check it out <a href="">here.

Rather than create a new post, I've decided to tack this other bit of news onto this one: DarkKilauea's long awaited Blinding Tunnel Light Trick is finally online.

By the way everyone, if you've sent us a Tutorial Proposal and haven't heard anything about it for a while (be it after you've sent a draft, or if you haven't receieved a confirmation), please PM me and I'll go chase things up. Us mods have real lives too you know...
Seventh-Monkey16 years ago2006-02-09 18:56:00 UTC 1 comment
Good news, everyone! Captain P, Daubster and MuzzleFlash are now assisting Ant and I in marking up tutorials. Hooray! This will mean a quicker turn-around from draft to release.
Seventh-Monkey16 years ago2006-02-05 12:19:00 UTC 0 comments
Good news, everyone! I've put the Biographies section of user profiles back. Some of you oldies may remember them. They were replaced by our Journals, but I think they're worthy of seperate inclusion for more permenant babble, so have stuck 'em back.
Seventh-Monkey16 years ago2006-01-29 08:49:00 UTC 0 comments
Righty, the Transport Hub competition results have finally been posted: Dr. Mapper got the gold by default, as nobody else entered!

On a cheerier note, the new competition is MuzzleFlash's HLDM one. Have a look.
Seventh-Monkey16 years ago2006-01-11 06:36:00 UTC 0 comments
The Transport Hub competition closes in a day and a half. Send in your entries if you haven't already done so... even unfinished, they'll be likely to win you a trophy.
RabidMonkey16 years ago2006-01-09 23:06:00 UTC 0 comments
If you're banned, go away. If you keep making accounts Alex and I will be forced to initialize the super-banstick on you, and it doesn't feel very good.