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Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2007-01-25 18:55:00 UTC 0 comments
Okay, there's a new competition. If we don't get many people entering this one, we'll stop bothering organising them, so get motivated.
AJ15 years ago2007-01-02 08:17:00 UTC 0 comments
Are you a talented PHP coder with too much time on your hands? Want to help TWHL? Then visit this thread!
AJ15 years ago2006-12-30 03:52:00 UTC 1 comment
Ok, first up, the Contact Us page is currently borked for reasons unknown, so until Alex gets around to fixing it, you may contact me should you need to.

Secondly, we'll have a new HL1 compo up soon. This may also be opened up to Source as well, but it hasn't been decided yet (you can pretty much bet that it will be). However, the new compo will probably start sometime soon next year, rather than cram it into what's left of this year.

On that note, have a great New Year everyone! See you in 2007.
Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2006-12-18 16:10:00 UTC 0 comments
Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2006-11-07 09:39:00 UTC 0 comments
Only five days left to get your entries in, folks. Get cracking, eh?
Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2006-10-11 16:37:00 UTC 0 comments
The Funny Mapping competition is now open to entries for both Source- and HL-engine entries. See the competition page for details, or the forums to discuss it.
Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2006-10-08 08:36:00 UTC 0 comments
SlayerA presents Funny Mapping.
AJ15 years ago2006-09-28 20:52:00 UTC 0 comments
Good news everyone! I've finalised the Soundscape tutorial for Source and made it live. Thanks to Snpbond.

EDIT: Wow, more tutorials! The first part of Penguinboy's Displacement tutorial series is up!

EDIT: Oh my goodness! The second part of Penguinboy's Displacement tutorial series is up!

EDIT: Good golly! The third part of Penguinboy's Displacement tutorial series is up!
Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2006-08-26 17:08:00 UTC 0 comments
Man, it's been a while since I've posted any news. Anyway, the Reconstructification! results await.
Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2006-07-05 17:41:00 UTC 0 comments
Go and have a look at Reconstructification! and discuss it.
Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2006-07-03 17:55:00 UTC 0 comments
A new Source competition will, at last, be up soon. Topic to be decided.
Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2006-06-03 17:10:00 UTC 0 comments
No spoilers are to be posted unless very clearly marked, okay?
Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2006-05-29 18:13:00 UTC 0 comments
Yep, they're finally here! Congratulations to all who entered, we really did have a lot of good entries. Keep it up!
Seventh-Monkey16 years ago2006-05-14 13:02:00 UTC 1 comment
We received twelve submissions this time 'round. Definitely an improvement on the last two, although we still must have had half the prospective entrants fall away in the closing days.


<li>The Hunter</li>

Results in a week or so, likely.
Seventh-Monkey16 years ago2006-05-12 16:55:00 UTC 0 comments
Destructification! will close at 2400 on the 13th of May, Cape Town time.