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Seventh-Monkey12 years ago2006-10-08 08:36:00 UTC 0 comments
SlayerA presents Funny Mapping.
AJ12 years ago2006-09-28 20:52:00 UTC 0 comments
Good news everyone! I've finalised the Soundscape tutorial for Source and made it live. Thanks to Snpbond.

EDIT: Wow, more tutorials! The first part of Penguinboy's Displacement tutorial series is up!

EDIT: Oh my goodness! The second part of Penguinboy's Displacement tutorial series is up!

EDIT: Good golly! The third part of Penguinboy's Displacement tutorial series is up!
Seventh-Monkey12 years ago2006-08-26 17:08:00 UTC 0 comments
Man, it's been a while since I've posted any news. Anyway, the Reconstructification! results await.
Seventh-Monkey12 years ago2006-07-05 17:41:00 UTC 0 comments
Go and have a look at Reconstructification! and discuss it.
Seventh-Monkey12 years ago2006-07-03 17:55:00 UTC 0 comments
A new Source competition will, at last, be up soon. Topic to be decided.
Seventh-Monkey13 years ago2006-06-03 17:10:00 UTC 0 comments
No spoilers are to be posted unless very clearly marked, okay?
Seventh-Monkey13 years ago2006-05-29 18:13:00 UTC 0 comments
Yep, they're finally here! Congratulations to all who entered, we really did have a lot of good entries. Keep it up!
Seventh-Monkey13 years ago2006-05-14 13:02:00 UTC 1 comment
We received twelve submissions this time 'round. Definitely an improvement on the last two, although we still must have had half the prospective entrants fall away in the closing days.


<li>The Hunter</li>

Results in a week or so, likely.
Seventh-Monkey13 years ago2006-05-12 16:55:00 UTC 0 comments
Destructification! will close at 2400 on the 13th of May, Cape Town time.
Seventh-Monkey13 years ago2006-05-09 13:25:00 UTC 0 comments
Only four days left of Destructification!... get your entries finished!
Seventh-Monkey13 years ago2006-04-23 08:04:00 UTC 0 comments
Users of who are TWHL members, join the TWHL group! If you have a nick there different from yours here, PM Seventh-Monkey it (at
Seventh-Monkey13 years ago2006-04-15 14:15:00 UTC 0 comments
I've just (finally) posted three tutorials which have been a long time coming:

<ul><li>Detailing Maps</li><li>Diagnosing Problems</li><li>Globals 2</li></ul>

Congratulations to their respective authors.
Seventh-Monkey13 years ago2006-04-12 17:01:00 UTC 0 comments
The new competition has been posted. Looks jolly fun to me.
Seventh-Monkey13 years ago2006-04-04 13:27:00 UTC 0 comments
I have finally actually coded the 'modding capabilities' section in users' profiles which many of you noticed mocked-up in Seventh's profile. Go and check the appropriate boxes in your profile.

Also, I've fixed the reply count issue leading to the "invalid thread" errors.
Seventh-Monkey13 years ago2006-03-17 20:34:00 UTC 7 comments
"Seventh monkey", who so kindly impersonated a staff member and spammed the forums, turned out to be jay-dk. His accounts have, of course, been suspended. In future, if people spam the forums, ignore the threads. Posting "OMG LOL HE IS SPAMMING WHERE ARE MOD?" is not helpful.

Edit: It has recently come to our attention (via IP tracing and whatnot) that we have, once again, been bombarded by a barrage of spam accounts. This act is not tolerated on this site and will result in banning.

However, I will not leave it there. The main instigator of this activity is none other than Jimmi (whom some of you know). What follows is a list of known aliases:

-The Protagonist

There is also the possiblity that there are many more. If you have any information, please contact either Ant, Seventh-Monkey or RabidMonkey.