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AJ12 years ago2008-05-29 10:00:39 UTC 19 comments
We have two new tutorials up: Carving, by TheGrimReafer and Tetrahedron Terrain, by Daubster.

Now, if you can't carve after reading the first tutorial, then you shouldn't be mapping at all!
Tetrahedron Terrain is a fantastic new method for terrain construction in Goldsource, so if you're up for some advanced mapping techniques, check it out as its a must for optimisation.

That reminds me: there are several people with a tutorial (or 10) in draft, and they haven't changed in a long time. If you have a draft tutorial, get working!
Penguinboy12 years ago2008-04-30 22:06:09 UTC 12 comments
I've coded a Wiki system for use with the Entity Guides, Glossary, and the new Error Guides sections. The Goldsource Error Guide in particular needs lots of editing, so I expect everyone with some mapping knowledge to start adding new entries and editing the current ones!
Penguinboy12 years ago2008-04-18 19:46:39 UTC 11 comments
The competition has been extended yet again.

This time it's an 8 day extension, and absolutely no late entries will be accepted after this time. It's been extended because over half the entrants need an extension anyway, and judging wouldn't have started in 8 days anyway, if the compo really did close in 15 minutes from now.

There's a Javascript counter on the competition brief page. This is the official deadline from now on. It will not be extended again.
AJ12 years ago2008-04-03 19:57:28 UTC 14 comments
To all you anonymous visitors: we lack the ability to contact you back if you're not a member of this site!

I say this because I received a PM from an anonymous visitor, one that I was unable to reply to. So, keep that in mind, folks.

And to that anonymous visitor: I'm not ignoring you, I just have no way to contact you back!
Penguinboy12 years ago2008-03-30 00:02:54 UTC 9 comments
Everyone clear your cache or refresh TWHL (press f5 now) to use the new AJAX shoutbox.

Also, the competition has been extended 2 weeks if you didn't already know.
AJ12 years ago2008-03-22 08:20:05 UTC 16 comments
A happy Easter to all TWHLers who celebrate it! And for those who don't, just eat some chocolate, it's all good.
Penguinboy12 years ago2008-03-19 00:35:12 UTC 15 comments
News comments!
MOTM comments!
Search results pages!
That's all the new stuff you'll see today. Yay!
Penguinboy12 years ago2008-03-13 04:05:41 UTC 0 comments
If you get a page with an error on it (most probably "call to undefined function" errors), shout or post it in the bug thread.

You shouldn't get any, as I've looked in the code pretty thoroughly. But just in case, k?

Don't forget to vote for MOTM and enter the compo!
Penguinboy12 years ago2008-03-05 23:25:03 UTC 1 comment
Now that most bugs have been given the boot, I've started adding real functionality to the site! First up, I have added the User Journal lists - where you and others can view old journals of everyone!

To access them simply click the link at the top right, or the bottom of the 'Journals' tab in the user's Profile.

I have added comments to journals! No more admins editing your journal to reply to its content, no more users creating an entire journal just to reply to what you have to say! Simply click the [x comments] link next to the journal from either the latest journals on the front page, the journals page, or a user's profile. Yay!

Watch this space - I will be adding more exciting new things for you guys (and a ton of stuff for the admins!)
AJ12 years ago2008-03-02 08:43:42 UTC 0 comments
We've just hit March, so voting has opened for February's Map of the Month! Jump into the Map Vault, find the map you want to vote for and, well, vote for it!

We also have a new Source tutorial: Combine Dropship by ZeG.

Well, we said it was coming after TWHL3 and here it is: Competition 25 - Remake a Game. We're allowing a grace period of a couple of days for you guys to comment on the compo, so if you have any beef about it, make yourself heard. Keep an eye on the official thread for updates.
AJ12 years ago2008-02-25 03:34:07 UTC 0 comments
Hello everyone and welcome to your new TWHL! After well over a year of development, it's finally here for you to enjoy!

All details about the redesign can be found here.


Edit: There's a brand new Source tutorial up for you to check out: New Glass and Basic Logic_Compares and Game_UIs by TheGrimReafer. We've got a whooping set of 14 more Source tutorials coming from Grim, so stay tuned! Off the mark as well is The Hunter with an essential read: How to Propose a Mod, and following him is doodle with NPC Scripting Basics. A Brief Introduction to the Source SDK has also been released, by me.

Penguinboy has released a new tutorial, How to Write a Tutorial, which will help everyone learn to use the new system, so you can add your own tutorial to this list!

Tutorial proposals are now back online, so now's the time to get proposin' if you've got them. Remember, the proposal form is not a place for you to just paste your tutorial in!
AJ12 years ago2008-02-19 00:36:00 UTC 0 comments
It's coming.

Join the Official Party Channel for updates!
AJ12 years ago2008-01-16 09:58:00 UTC 0 comments
Things have been a little slow on the tutorial front lately. Well, for a while now actually. Chalk that up to our laziness, but we do plan to rectify it.

First up, we'd like to tell you to stop, for the time being, proposing tutorials to us. We will not be answering any proposal from now until TWHL3 is released.

Secondly, to anyone that has ever submitted a proposal in the past and not received a response: we apologise for the lack of contact.

However, all is not lost. When TWHL3 is released, we invite everyone who did not receive a response to resubmit their tutorial using our new tutorial system. We guarentee your request will get an answer. We also plan to expand upon the amount of tutorials we have on the site as well, so if you've ever wanted to write a tutorial on Half-Life or Source mapping, now's the time to get things together so you can be ready for TWHL3!
Strider12 years ago2008-01-06 23:57:00 UTC 0 comments
Ok, so there may not be any 'official' TWHL competitions until TWHL3 comes around, but for those of you who don't like waiting, ChickenFist might just have the thing for you!

If you've been living in a cave and are unaware of his amazing little mod, Flat-Life, then check it out. Now. Then check this out!

Time to get those creative juices flowing people.
AJ12 years ago2007-12-21 11:12:00 UTC 0 comments
Christmas! Again! And TWHL marches on!

Well, it's been a while since the last post, so I thought I'd keep y'all updated on what's going down on TWHL lately!

On the competition front, the results for "Map from Layout" were released a while ago: congratulations to DocRock, Trapt and doodle! Your prizes will be heading out as soon as we get your addresses.

As for the next competition: we're thinking of holding it over until TWHL3 gets here. Probably looking at a Map from Base thing this time, but nothing's set in stone. Prizes are also a possibility again, but again, that'll be confirmed later.

Now, onto more exciting matters: TWHL3. Now, I know we've teased you all about for goodness knows how long, but, believe it or not, we're actually progressing very VERY nicely on it. And guess what: it'll be here before March next year, guarenteed! If it isn't, well, you can beat us with big sticks or something. TWHL3 is brand-spankin' new code, coded from the ground up by the talented Penguinboy. It's looking pretty good at the moment folks, so hopefully there isn't long to go (we'll beat Duke Nukem Forever to the end, don't worry).

What else...I guess this is where we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and all that malarky! See you all in the New Year!