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Posted 4 years ago2016-07-24 09:28:37 UTC
in A Quick Zbrush Question Post #330940
Alright, after a bit more research found the answer. Posting here incase someone else wants to know about it.

Solution: Brush > Brush Modifiers -> Trails.
Posted 4 years ago2016-07-24 00:47:40 UTC
in A Quick Zbrush Question Post #330937
Hello, long time no see!

So I need some help with Zbrush. I have been trying to resize the brush while sculpting but couldn't find a way to do it.

What I am exactly trying to achieve is, a stroke that starts big/large at first and becomes smaller/pointy at the end. Like sculpting hair.

Here is a screenshot of my failure, in order to explain the problem clearly. It was supposed to become smaller and pointy to the end of the stroke.
User posted image
I am sure there is some hotkey or something very obvious that I do not know about.. but google kinda failed me. Any ideas?
Posted 6 years ago2014-08-17 21:29:55 UTC
in Post Your Photos Post #321261
Haha awesome! I remember that fat and epic cat..
Posted 6 years ago2014-08-16 12:46:05 UTC
in Post Your Photos Post #321232
That is actually pretty cool TJB.
Loved Boomer's shots of the stary night sky. I'm definetly going to try that..

Here are some from my shots;
Used Canon 600D with Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5 - 6.3 lens
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Posted 7 years ago2013-11-01 22:56:46 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #316626
Haha, freakin' awesome! I really miss Specialist!

May I ask what server you are playing on?
Also, lovely textures. Did you make them yourself?
Posted 7 years ago2013-10-17 23:57:16 UTC
in Atom's TWHL Minecraft Server Post #316328
Putting the server on creative for a while might be interesting, IMO. Would be cool to see what TWHLians can come up with.
That is a very good idea. We are all level designers with short time on our hands so it might just work great.
Posted 7 years ago2013-10-15 20:35:04 UTC
in Atom's TWHL Minecraft Server Post #316268
Yes, it'll be a completely new world, but you might experience bugs and anomalies during gameplay because it's a snapshot.

Also, more people need to agree to this before I create the world.
I am ok with it.
Let us make a TWHL empire!
User posted image
Posted 7 years ago2013-10-15 15:11:17 UTC
in $ Paid Urgent Request Post #316258
I am having a hard time understanding what the fuss is about. I saw a lot of "Summoner Rift" replicas used in varius animations on youtube. There doesn't seem to be anything illegal with it (I am certain that some of them wouldn't even bother to try to contact Riot), and with the company "Riot" taken into consideration which is a super-greedy company that even resells the so called "unlimited" digital merchandise they sold a few years ago, so yeah I am mostly positive that you won't get into trouble for mapping, animating and promoting their game on Youtube, Machinima or anywhere else.

Not to mention that we are talking about a MOBA game here, where every company copies stuff from an another MOBA and just adds a few new things to avoid any legal issues. However, I suppose it is a bit risky but not a very blatant one.
Posted 7 years ago2013-10-10 14:36:27 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #316181
Looks great TJB, but why didn't you just model the planet?

I believe there was a spinning hologram earth model somewhere in the Half-life files. Perhaps, you could have just re-skinned that and use it. Nevertheless, excellent work.
Posted 7 years ago2013-10-06 21:41:50 UTC
in The Core Post #316125
Are there going to be any new NPCs or weapons?
Posted 7 years ago2013-09-30 11:29:02 UTC
in MotM Post #316015
I'll do them, if you guys wouldn't mind. Scotch said he'd help me for the first couple, and I personally think I could do them. But it's the community's decision, just know my name is down.
Contact Penguinboy or Archie through PM. Learn about which MOTMs are waiting reviews. Review one of them and post it in your journal, here or use MOTM publishing tools with permission. If everyone finds it satisfactory, go ahead and try the rest as well.
At the end of the day it just seemed like too much effort for little to no gain. It wasn't attracting new members and existing members didn't seem to care, as dwindling vote figures all too clearly showed.
The reviews were not a failure. There were less votes and maps each month because people were just tempted to try better game engines. Since the Source SDK was very problematic compared to others. And Goldsource was simply dying (naturally).

Nobody can deny the fact that the members are not mapping as much as before. Perhaps, we should set a minimum limit for MOTM votes. If it gets less than 5 votes, it can't be selected as MOTM. In order to eliminate MOTMs with "joke" votes or 1 vote.
Posted 7 years ago2013-09-29 23:00:15 UTC
in MotM Post #315999
Map of the Month has been dead for a year now.

What gives?
If anyone is willing to do the "map of the month" reviews, I'm sure the community would be grateful. It might be a bit time consuming but it may also be a good excuse to further and better understand the concepts of level design.
The videos are very time consuming to write, record, edit and upload, and we eventually came to the conclusion that if the community wasn't bothered, neither were we.
The community did enjoy the "map of the month"s as far as I can tell. And the mappers were usually grateful. The videos were sometimes very inspiring.
Posted 7 years ago2013-09-28 12:36:48 UTC
in Steam's knocking it up a notch Post #315977
Was expecting more comments about this!
There isn't a lot more to say. Actually there is.. but I guess I was just busy dreaming about the possibilities... It looks very exciting and interesting!

And that new controller looks marvelous, I just hope that it is comfortable as well. The biggest issue about designing a game which utilized the keyboard and mouse the most, was that it was very problematic to port it to a another platform. Well, not problematic in a technical sense but it is very uncomfortable to play FPS or RTS games on a console as most of you would agree. Basicly, the new controller means a larger target audience for the developers. But like I said, everything is looking fantastic but is it also comfortable and functional? That I can not say without testing, I hope a member from TWHL gets to try those innovations.
Posted 7 years ago2013-09-26 23:30:20 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #315956
User posted image
Something I've been working on, just a test render.
Posted 7 years ago2013-09-25 14:57:49 UTC
in Steam's knocking it up a notch Post #315932
@Alberto309: I think that is the first time I'm seeing you quote properly.
But than again, why have a shit load of operating systems when you can have just one for games? So thats a big plus.
I'm not sure if it is good to have an OS that dominates all others on video gaming. Is Valve planning to walk hand in hand with Linux against Microsoft?

Very interesting nonetheless. One more hour left for the next release of information.
Posted 7 years ago2013-09-20 21:19:47 UTC
in Atom's TWHL Minecraft Server Post #315824
Random MineCraft question: what's the best way for little kids(9-10) to play would you say? Xbox360? PC? IPad/iPod/tablet?
I believe PC is the most efficient way to play MC. But I suppose, pocket version of minecraft would suffice for some at his/her age. (which is available for tablets, I think)
Posted 7 years ago2013-09-19 14:21:54 UTC
in Atom's TWHL Minecraft Server Post #315771
I say we start a new regular world when 1.7 hits, because, honestly, I'm not really enjoying the current world.
Sounds good.
Posted 7 years ago2013-09-11 09:03:49 UTC
in Post Your Desktops Post #315618
User posted image
Nothing special, just a nice wallpaper. Also, going to get a second monitor very soon.
Posted 7 years ago2013-09-10 08:30:56 UTC
in Random Fact About Yourself Post #315600
So many people that work out here. I feel out of place. I haven't worked out in like ten years.

I go to class, do homework, then play some if there's time left. Day over, rinse and repeat. Physical exercise bores me, I'd rather do something else.
I do not feel at peace, if I'm not physically exhausted a few times in a week. I do 5-6 hours of cycling every week. Mostly 120kms in total.

It helps me sleep better, motivates and helps me concentrate better on my important duties. Not to mention the confidence it provides to you.

I never heard anyone call physical exercise boring before? I completely disagree. I believe that you were just not able to find an exercise or sport, that suits your lifestyle.
Posted 7 years ago2013-09-08 23:10:10 UTC
in pushable trick/help Post #315560
for example make a func train behind the pushable brush,
(func train will be act as a "pushable brush holder" in this example)
when you move pushable brush, it will activate a trigger somewhere forward.
trigger will send message to func train and it will move a little.
maybe it will push forward the pushable brush too.
when func train will reach path_corner, it will stop and gonna wait for next trigger activation.
make another trigger and continue this chain reaction..

pushable brush cant go back because there is a barrier behind
That is a viable solution indeed. You can also use func_wall_toggle like checkpoints instead of a func_train.

However, there might be a another solution.

If I am remembering correctly, func_train already gets blocked by a func_pushable. If a func_train collides with an unbreakable func_pushable it should stop. Think of it like a spring, the player pushes the box in the corridor, two path_corners placed, one at the start of the corridor and one at the end. And a tiny invisible func_train is also set to move slowly towards the end of the corridor. It stops when the func_pushable is not moving and blocks the func_pushable from moving backwards.

However, I apologize as I'm not sure if that will work, I didn't touch goldsource for a few years and my memory is a bit hazy.
Posted 7 years ago2013-09-07 21:03:19 UTC
in Random Fact About Yourself Post #315545
You're obviously not cool enough to be in my Poetry Group which hold lots of contests.
Haha.. very unfortunate
Last one: I worked as a computer technician for 1 year, and my payment of a year's work was a Logitech G15 V1 gaming keyboard because my boss had debts and after about a month he closed the shop. Basically, I earned 48 euros (keyboard value) instead of about 10,500 more or less.
I have to commend you on how stupid you are for missing out on 10k. This is what courts are made for. And why the hell would you work for so long without getting paid? I'm just baffled at how dumb this story is.
I got to agree with Luke here. I do not understand why you would torture yourself like that? I suppose the boss was a relative?
Posted 7 years ago2013-09-05 23:09:51 UTC
in Random Fact About Yourself Post #315516
I enjoy and study poetry. Sometimes, I publish them or enter poetry competitions, with different identities.
I used to make Half-Life comics.

.. had way too much free time on my hands back in the day. All the broken flow & dodgy grammar/humour. Can't believe those are still hosted - huge props to BWL.
Haha.. wow. I remember those..
Posted 7 years ago2013-09-05 13:32:30 UTC
in Please help me to find a mod Post #315504
2muchvideogames, what's the mod where the player gets shrunk down, and at the end is running around a (relatively) huge kitchen with grunts everywhere, and the end boss is a gonarch?
Minimicus by SlayerA
Posted 7 years ago2013-09-01 21:49:04 UTC
in Atom's TWHL Minecraft Server Post #315402
Who is Wallis? I don't know any.. Wallis?
Posted 7 years ago2013-08-30 15:38:17 UTC
in Redneck Rampage players? Post #315375
Hated those dog NPCs... It would be nice to play it again with today's graphics.
Posted 7 years ago2013-07-13 22:38:58 UTC
in Custom hl1 map, free to try Post #314184
Oops.. yea.. I meant, "Solid" rendermode.. not "Additive".
Posted 7 years ago2013-07-13 01:37:02 UTC
in Custom hl1 map, free to try Post #314177
Nice! I enjoyed that!

There were a few mapping issues, the rendermode on some of the brushes seems to be wrong, such as the grate at the hallway. Instead of texture rendermode, use additive. I also got stuck at the machine while trying to jump into the tunnel.

Neat brushwork on pipes and the destroyed crate.

Good use of sounds and ambience, although "play everywhere" function in Goldsource always sound weird, in order to really make the sound feel like it is playing "everywhere" place the ambient_generic high above the map.

I liked how you managed the flooding, and that floating func_pendulum barrel. Lighting wasn't so boring either. Nice brushwork in the tunnels also!

Good use of hl textures.. but, I think your horror map will benefit more from custom textures.

It was a spooky-fun experience. Improve on your architecture, try some custom textures and I'm sure it will be more atmospheric and scary that way.
Posted 7 years ago2013-06-09 13:02:14 UTC
in Entity help triggering breakable glass Post #313917
To be honest, i think this solution doesn't work because multisource needs 2 or more activated 'entities' to work.
That is not true if I'm remembering correctly, if there are more than one entities targeting the multisource, then both of them needs to be active in order for multisource to be "turned on". But if only one entity is targeting the multisource, it should work with that too.

The real problem is, I'm not sure if multisource can be turned off via trigger_relay. I need to test it. It has been a while since I last touched goldsource. But if trigger_relays do not work, there are always tons of other ways to make it work. I'm quite busy these weeks, but I'll try to make a few tests on it next week.
Posted 7 years ago2013-06-09 10:49:33 UTC
in Entity help triggering breakable glass Post #313911
Hmm, well I'm not sure what you are mapping for so I assumed it had some sort of an entity that is able to trigger at round start.

But there is a gimmicky way to make a trigger that only works at round starts, with the HL1 entities. (HL1 mod AG had an elimination match mode I think)

I assume you are using info_player_deathmatch, so place the info_player_deathmatch(s) in an isolated hollowed box a bit outside the map.
Place a trigger_multiple under it and a trigger_teleport (for each info_player_deathmatch).

Player spawns, falls through the trigger_multiple(triggers the step 3 thing) and into the trigger_teleport, which then teleports the player to the specified info_teleport_destination (spawn point) on the map.
Posted 7 years ago2013-06-08 19:48:43 UTC
in Entity help triggering breakable glass Post #313895
Alright, I think I have a solution. Use these and simulate a func_breakable.
Here is what you need to do;

func_wall_toggle (the glass/window itself)
env_shooter(s) (shoots glass gibs)
ambient_generic (glass break sound)
trigger_multiple (triggers multi_manager)
trigger_relay (for turning multisource on or off)
multisource (master of the trigger_multiple)
multi_manager (triggers the func_breakable effect)

Setup - When func_wall_toggle gets triggered and becomes invisible/nonsolid, env_shooter will shoot several glass gibs around and ambient_generic will play the sound of a breaking glass.

Step 1 - trigger_multiple with its master set to the name of the multisource triggers -> multi_manager

Step 2 - multi_manager triggers func_wall_toggle, env_shooter(use more than 1 if you want) and ambient_generic. It also triggers the trigger_relay which turns off the multisource thus rendering trigger_multiple untriggerable for the rest of the round.

Step 3 - Trigger the func_wall_toggle at round start so that it becomes visible/solid again. Also turn on the multisource via another trigger_relay at round start so that it makes trigger_multiple triggerable again.

Step 4 - You have a func_breakable looking thing that become breakable every round via the trigger_multiple around it.

It should work, I think.
Posted 7 years ago2013-06-03 12:21:16 UTC
in HL2 Need help with Custom Textures/Model Post #313815
No such variable "$hdrbasetexture" for material "skybox/sky_day02_07rt"
The sky you are using seems to be non-hdr while you are compiling with HDR. Use a HDR sky or just dont compile with HDR.

Here is a list of sky textures you can use in HL2.
WARNING: Cluster portals saw into cluster
WARNING: Cluster portals saw into cluster
WARNING: Cluster portals saw into cluster
Your brushes may be overlapping or they may be off grid.. not sure. Load your map, type cl_showfps 1 (in the developer console), and if the location you are currently viewing while playing shows low FPS, then recreate that area or try to simplify your brushes or make them func_detail.
The models are loading fine in hammer, textures are loaded on them. When the map is compiled they show up as Error's, I've tried both prop_static and prop_dynamic because those are the only options the model has.
If the they are loading fine in hammer but not loading in-game, the only cause for that is bad file paths. Double check your model or material paths, and make sure they are in the CORRECT folder.

And also do not triple post if possible. It only makes reading it harder.
Posted 7 years ago2013-06-02 22:01:29 UTC
in Skyscraper Co-op Project Post #313806
I agree with Penguinboy, this is not a mapping competition.

Even if only a single member from the community would like to use SOHL. Then let it be, and make the mod folder SOHL. You can still map with the original hl tools and still port your map to SOHL in a playable condition.
This thread is like a pendulum swinging at full speed from one side to another.

Source would've been great: it cuts down any problems you guys have with 3D skyboxes and other effects you'd like. Most of the other TWHL projects were GoldSrc.
I think in 2020( by then HL3 will have hopefully appeared) we'll switch to Source, call that retro and GoldSrc ancient.

GoldSrc, or SoHL, or Xash, or whatever SUPER EPIC AWESOMNESS SPECIAL EFFECTS HL ENGINE type is fine by me. I'm just intrigued by what we chose.
I believe, this project is for nostalgia purposes mostly. Which is always a nice event for old communities such as ourselves.
Posted 7 years ago2013-05-30 23:16:24 UTC
in A Hat in Time on Kickstarter Post #313754
Looking awesome! Very colourful and lively. The textures reminded me of "Earthworm Jim 3D".. don't know why. I'm not sure if I will be able to donate since I already did to few games on kickstarter.. But I'll let my friends know, some of em are suckers for cartoonish graphics and funny games like these.

May I ask if it was hard to switch from Source mapping to UDK? Did you have any trouble getting use to it?
Posted 8 years ago2013-03-18 13:15:49 UTC
in LightMappedGeneric vs VertexLitGeneric? Post #313086
After some research.. I found out that there is nothing much I can do about the vertex lighting issue on static_props. So my questions now are..

What do you guys think? Which sort of lighting option would you pick from the screenshots above? Which one looks better?
Posted 8 years ago2013-03-17 23:01:17 UTC
in LightMappedGeneric vs VertexLitGeneric? Post #313076

I'm working on a very dim lighted enviroment-map, so I need the shadows to be perfect. So first I tried to build everything with brushes. (woods, supports and etc) The results;

LightMappedGeneric (with brushes)

It looked very nice (lighting-wise). However, the compile times were very long and those steel-supports are displacements, so I thought perhaps I should try to optimize it a bit and use models instead of these crowded brushes and displacements.

And here are the results with the static_props version;
VertextLitGeneric (obviously with models)

Each support is a model, each line of set of wooden planks on top of the supports is a another model. But unfortunately, the lighting is far from good.. it is actually weird, the wooden planks are not lit at all. So I went to the Advanced Lighting section of ValveDeveloperWiki. Recompiled the map with, -staticproplighting and -staticproppolys with HDR enabled. The results were the same. I tried everything to fix it, searched some forums.. and I could not find a viable solution to it.

So my questions are, how can I fix the lighting issue with prop_statics? What am I doing wrong while compiling? Or should I stick to the brushes with LightMappedGeneric?
Posted 8 years ago2013-02-09 11:37:43 UTC
in Preferred audio software? Post #312531
I used FL Studio before, but now I'm using Sony ACID Pro because I find it much faster and easier to work with.
Posted 8 years ago2013-02-07 00:40:49 UTC
in Any enthusiastic mappers still out there Post #312499
There is a competition going on, right now. It should end very soon and I'm sure there will be several great HLDM maps within the entries.

Perhaps, you should check it out too.
Posted 8 years ago2013-01-30 05:42:39 UTC
in Competition 33 Post #312374
Seems like competition 33 is going to bring out lots of great maps.

Only a week and few days left.
Good luck to all.
Posted 8 years ago2013-01-29 17:19:47 UTC
in Maya to CSGO Post #312367
SMD exporter plugin for Max, unfortunately is now very outdated.

It is very troublesome to export models from Maya to the Source engine.
So, I think it would be better to export it to 3DS Max first then use Wallworm model tools (a new 3DS Max script) to export it to the Source Engine,

You can access WWMT from here,
It is very easy to use, also has many written and video tutorials.
Posted 8 years ago2013-01-14 22:52:14 UTC
in Odd ambient generic problem in Half-Life Post #312200
Are you using op4.dll, by any chance? I only had that problem (a lot) when I was using the op4.dll in my mod.

I'm guessing it is an issue with the .dll or check your map properties and make sure that "entity reset on map start up" thing is set to no/disabled (I forgot what it was, dont have VHE installed at the moment)
Posted 8 years ago2013-01-10 09:21:57 UTC
in Half Life alpha 0.52 Post #312143
Very interesting! I saw the old trailers but never had a chance to try it. Thanks for sharing.
Posted 8 years ago2012-12-17 16:35:21 UTC
in Competition 33 Post #311616
Woa, Trempler is way ahead it seems. Lovely textures! May I ask where you are getting them? Or are you making them on your own?
Posted 8 years ago2012-12-17 12:59:12 UTC
in Advisor telepathy/mental pain effect? Post #311614
Great! Many thanks.
Posted 8 years ago2012-12-17 12:40:29 UTC
in Advisor telepathy/mental pain effect? Post #311612

In Episode 1, when Gordon and Alyx get real close to an Advisor, they see some weird red images/sprites. Is there are an entity which directly makes that effect? And is there any tutorials related to that? I couldn't look because I'm not sure what to search for.

Watch from 2:15 to see what I mean.
Posted 8 years ago2012-08-29 13:22:55 UTC
in Post Your Photos Post #309452
The vignette? It is a type of fisheye lens, funny thing is I did not know what it really was when I first took the photos, and thought there was something wrong with the lens until I figured out it was supposed to work like that.. lol. It is quite expensive too, from what I heard. I just borrowed it.

Also thanks, I lack a bit of technical knowledge about cameras and I'm basicly trying to make up for it with creativity (Not sure how successful they are in terms of creativity). They were mostly projects, the first three shots are a part of my typology series. I'm glad you like it.

Haha..yea, the bike is very nostalgic :P
Posted 8 years ago2012-08-29 00:26:26 UTC
in Post Your Photos Post #309438
Lovely blog there (c)Striker, and very cool shots too. I'm very new at photography but I believe I can learn some neat tricks from you guys.

Here are a few by me;

User posted image

User posted image

User posted image

User posted image
Posted 8 years ago2012-08-20 16:57:33 UTC
in The Core Post #309184
I see. I never did pay attention to the date it was posted, to be honest. It is definetly very old. And at least, it wasn't all a waste. My 2 cents on the Mirror's Edge comparison.

I suppose the media update here in the thread, is very new to TWHL. I am just used to the old days when you posted your first WIPs in your threads, Archie.

I apologize as well.
Posted 8 years ago2012-08-20 16:25:25 UTC
in The Core Post #309182
I'm not sure if there's a translation problem, but that seems to be literally the exact opposite of what I'm saying... :S
I want more colours in games! I want it to be visual design 101!
Mirror's Edge, was mostly an experimental game which executed white with bright colours design fairly well. It is basicly, Visual Design 101 and nothing extra special. However, it was refreshing to see a video game making use of it.

What I meant to say is, of course it is going to exist in real life as well. Nobody claimed the concept only existed in "dystopian future parkour games". And I said the resemblence was "slight". Mirror's Edge" visual success as a video game in that concept did take the attention of many gamers and designers alike (except the extremely bright enviroments).

The visual concept of contrast/-the relationship of geometry and bright colours- was developed in 1870s Avantgarde movements and it was further improved by russian Avantgarde in the 20th century.(and not to mention the influence of Bauhaus). There is no doubt about it that it has been used pretty much everywhere. You do not need to challenge people to use it, they already do. As a video game, the most successful of them was without doubt, Mirror's Edge, and I'm pretty sure nobody can deny it. The game design being pretty much experimental also helped.

In short, don't get yourself worked over about remarks and comparisons between your mod and a game which uses the same concept in a more successful way. I do not care if you are inspired by real life enviroments, concepts can exist everywhere. In the field of video games, the best comparison was Mirror's Edge, and my slight remark was an absolute compliment. But it will be the first and last, seeing how I am instantly blogged somewhere else and be stamped as a "impcnrd" with my comment edited and warped. That is just plain rude and unprofessional.
Posted 8 years ago2012-08-20 08:03:03 UTC
in The Core Post #309172
Oh no, Sajo! You didn't just say that, did you? tongue - :P
Haha, oh wow.. I didn't realize, "Mirror's Edge"s design was too mainstream.

So, I guess according to Archie, clean whites contrasting primary colours is not "Visual Design 101" but it is something extraordinary.

So extraordinary that it exists in real life, but not in mainstream games.
Posted 8 years ago2012-08-20 00:12:59 UTC
in The Core Post #309163
The texturing slightly reminds me of "Mirror's Edge".

Great work, looks fantastic.