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Posted 9 years ago2012-06-02 09:04:22 UTC
in TWHL Oldschool CS 1.6 Server (CSDM) Post #306675
Could you write time when you all get together, so i don't end up coming when nobody is around. :D
Posted 9 years ago2012-05-31 14:10:47 UTC
in TWHL Oldschool CS 1.6 Server (CSDM) Post #306608
Maybe I'll come again, but I'm afraid I'll empty the server.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-25 21:12:29 UTC
in Skyrim Post #301999
So, do you play easy one hit dragon die game, or hard one dragon flame attack pile of rubble out of you game?
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-17 17:22:50 UTC
in Competition 32 Post #301694
Could you please list the "official" maps.
Posted 10 years ago2011-10-29 06:58:57 UTC
in Competition 31 Post #300330
Models are allowed
No custom materials allowed, and that means textures or models.
I don't understand, what models are allowed?
Posted 10 years ago2011-10-20 14:08:50 UTC
in Competition 31 Post #300127
Yes, that sexy person in the photo is me from about 4 months ago
I didn't know we have sexy beautiful smart handsome rich people on TWHL.
Posted 10 years ago2011-10-19 09:40:57 UTC
in Competition 31 Post #300086
Can we change the name of the textures? e.g: !C31_slimewater to scroll_C31_slimewater
Posted 11 years ago2011-04-10 20:21:18 UTC
in Competition 30 Post #293347
Now I agree with that. And one important question. Are you able to see who votes for who? Becuase who says someone won't make a bunch of accounts and vote for themself?
I hope we are not that lame, and it's not that the first prize gives you one million dollars, and BJ. :D
Posted 11 years ago2011-04-10 19:13:39 UTC
in Competition 30 Post #293332
I just hope that my Sunwatch will get at least one vote (even by mistake). :D
Oh, and I voted for doodle, great map and idea, good work. :)
Posted 11 years ago2011-04-10 13:03:30 UTC
in The model problem in cs1.6 Post #293308
Yes my english is bad.
I wouldn't call it English.
Posted 11 years ago2011-04-10 09:26:54 UTC
in Competition 30 Post #293302
If you don't vote, you have better chance of winning. :D
Posted 11 years ago2011-04-08 14:38:06 UTC
in Competition 30 Post #293230

User posted image

6 skybox brushes

User posted image

User posted image
Posted 11 years ago2011-04-07 20:59:30 UTC
in Competition 30 Post #293190
commmieman you're so funny. :D

Posted 11 years ago2011-02-13 12:44:15 UTC
in The Future of TWHL Post #290341
If you don't have control over this site, and the owner doesn't give a itsh. then take the new domain, simple as that.
Posted 11 years ago2011-02-11 20:30:03 UTC
in The Future of TWHL Post #290293
You still haven't made up your mind?

Oh, and I haven't read a thing, there is just to much to read.
Posted 11 years ago2010-09-10 11:07:15 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #285246
@The_(c)Striker: I thought it was for goldsource and was excited about it, then I realized it was for source.. Very nice lighting.
Posted 11 years ago2010-09-07 11:16:41 UTC
in Competition 28 Post #285170
Then TheGrimReafer is the slow one.
Posted 11 years ago2010-09-06 13:52:07 UTC
in Competition 28 Post #285092
how in all holy fuck do you browse the internet like that?
Maybe he has fcking enormous monitor.
Posted 11 years ago2010-09-06 13:43:42 UTC
in Competition 28 Post #285088
Im very pissed because there is a picture of joe biden and obama in my entry
Is this joke or what?
I hope you aren't one of the retards that said he is going to Canada if Obama wins. So retarded. :D
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-28 11:00:27 UTC
in Competition 28 Post #284639
If I remember correctly Skals was away on vacation for a few weeks
Some of us don't have money to go on vacations! :D
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-27 17:13:09 UTC
in Competition 28 Post #284611
fsr, everytime i opened up hammer to work on it, it wouldn't feel right and i'd end up closing 5 mins later.
Same with me, but change: hammer = book (pathological physiology of domestic animals) . :D
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-25 02:56:30 UTC
in "Who the Fook Are You?" Versio Post #284542
Things that annoy you: Naggers
When I saw this, I just had to:
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-24 07:33:52 UTC
in Competition 28 Post #284515
I've finished the map! It only needs a finale compile.
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-13 07:18:43 UTC
in Forum Consistency Experiment Post #284182
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-12 07:44:06 UTC
in Null texture Post #284117
Download zhlt tools:
In it you will find zhlt.wad
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-11 08:59:06 UTC
in Competition 28 Post #284089
I only like competitions. :D
Posted 12 years ago2010-02-06 06:53:19 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #278741
DiscoStu I think you won't be able to compile that map, but would be nice to see it finished and compiled.
Posted 12 years ago2009-08-26 06:44:07 UTC
in I need moar music Post #272533
Rock : I like rock... but it can't go beyond metal( ok maybe I like "light" metal, like Tenacious D
This is joke, please tell me that you are joking. They are not even a rock.
Try Celldweler:
Posted 12 years ago2009-08-18 06:24:59 UTC
in Who the Hell are you again? Post #272147
Name: Zoran Grubic
Age: 23
Nationality: 75% Croatian, 25% Serbian, 0% Romanian :D
Birthday: 20th October
Occupation: Student (Veterinary)

Ailments: None

Favourite Meal: Roast lamb
Favourite Snack: Chocolate
Favourite Drink: Everything sparkling
Favourite Band: I change it every month, but now Blinded Colony
Favourite Animal: Cats and dogs

5 Things that make you happy: Family, friends, driving a bicycle, looking into the sky, playing a guitar

5 Things that piss you off: Family, friends, army, religion, politicians

Optional Photo:
User posted image
Posted 12 years ago2009-08-18 05:51:46 UTC
in Mappers Wanted! Post #272145
Posted 13 years ago2009-03-03 14:13:26 UTC
in Desktops of March Post #263661
Posted 13 years ago2009-02-24 19:27:09 UTC
in Interesting Facts Post #263219
@ Tito
Everybody has AdobeReader. And that is not science, it's more of a statistic.
Posted 13 years ago2009-02-18 16:51:12 UTC
in GoldSource Mapping Tips Post #262929
If you want to throw bombs then the first picture is better. :D
You would always hit sky if the wall is short.
Posted 13 years ago2009-02-16 16:26:48 UTC
in MS Paint Faces Post #262830
People usually draw themselves unintentionally. :D
Posted 13 years ago2009-02-15 11:08:02 UTC
in Don't have Left 4 Dead yet? Post #262734
I'm not even going to say what I like to play (and what am I playing) because I'm ashamed that I'm playing games with 20+ years (5 Is in one sentence = English). And you are, like: "This guy doesn't like L4D", so what. GFY .!.
Posted 13 years ago2009-02-14 07:13:07 UTC
in New mini compo. Post #262652
1)7,8,20,10 -45
2)12,7,7,12 -38
3)6,10,1,1 -18
4)18,12,9,11 -50
5)13,6,6,20 -45
6)14,14,8,17 -53
7)15,13,13,6 -47
8)16,11,12,5 -44
9)8,2,5,8 -23
10)20,15,14,4 -53
11)19,20,11,18 -68
12)9,17,4,15 -45
13)1,5,10,9 -25
14)2,4,3,3 -12
15)5,3,2,7 -17
16)4,5,18,19 -46
17)10,19,15,14 -58
18)3,9,13,2 -27
19)11,16,16,16 -59
20)17,18,17,13 -65

1. 7+8+20+10 = 45
2. 12+7+7+12 = 38
3. 6+10+1+1 = 18
4. ...

Basic math, I think we learned it the first day. :D
Posted 13 years ago2009-02-13 19:45:01 UTC
in New mini compo. Post #262630
Space ship or regular sea(river)-ship. :P
Posted 13 years ago2009-01-18 13:16:12 UTC
in Top Maps Cleanup Post #261714
Daubster, you are probably joking. There are plenty more "fucking awesome" maps. My suggestion is that you should pick 2-3 judges that will decide what map goes to top maps. It's that easy.
Posted 13 years ago2008-10-10 08:51:13 UTC
in Competition 26 Post #256868
I don't have ideas for this compo (freely call me dumb), so I'll skip it.
Posted 13 years ago2008-10-08 20:39:25 UTC
in DM_Astrial (work in progress) Post #256840
It looks like a big (Rim)Rock going down the stairs.
Posted 13 years ago2008-10-08 06:48:46 UTC
in DM_Astrial (work in progress) Post #256809
You have some random pipes in your map. Its all cool and stuff but it hasnt really got any use ..
I guess there will be water.
Posted 13 years ago2008-10-08 06:13:35 UTC
in DM_Astrial (work in progress) Post #256807
It looks good, I hope you'll pick appropriate textures.
Will there be wall around the map or something else?
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-28 17:19:21 UTC
in Post Your Photos Post #256289
User posted image

I think it's nine dollars.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-28 10:39:45 UTC
in Splinter Prize Fight Post #256265
Why not CS 1.6?
CS:S is so gay. Who plays that.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-28 10:08:26 UTC
in Post Your Photos Post #256264
The_(c)Striker please stop with dead chickens (or turkeys) in your posts.
Thankyou Sweden for producing the best metal on the planet.
Americans and Germans are better :).
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-21 14:31:12 UTC
in Ufo Sighting in Illonois! Post #255888
I think that with the new Hubble, which will replace the old one in few years, we will know more accurate about the age of the universe.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-21 06:57:18 UTC
in Ufo Sighting in Illonois! Post #255851
Well, World Crafter explained very well the theory of dimensions, and the fact that we just can't understand them. Just like the two dimensional being couldn't understand 3rd dimension.
Potatis just said fishes. lolenglish
From wiki: Fish does have a regular plural form, but it differs in meaning from the unmarked plural; fishes refers to several species or other taxonomic types, while fish (plural) is used to describe multiple individual animals: one would say "the order of fishes," but "five fish in an aquarium." The plural fishes is found in the King James Bible, in the miracle of the loaves and fishes, for example, and is sometimes used for rhetorical emphasis, as in phrases like sleep with the fishes.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-20 18:47:16 UTC
in Ufo Sighting in Illonois! Post #255804
Tito you should put some pictures in that text. :D
The only way the aliens could reach is, would be if they new how to travel through dimensions. There are already ideas that there are lot of dimensions but we don't understand them, yet.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-20 09:01:57 UTC
in Ufo Sighting in Illonois! Post #255756
Well, there are some people that believe that the Earth is flat. Yes in 21. century. :D
So why not believe in God, it's their choice.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-19 15:28:14 UTC
in Ufo Sighting in Illonois! Post #255684
So boring! UFO isn't equal with aliens.