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Posted 4 years ago2018-01-16 23:22:35 UTC
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I'm going to say you really need thicker skin, Jessie.
Posted 4 years ago2018-01-16 07:42:49 UTC
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Well. Who am I kidding? I am not smart.
If you're saying this, you're probably smarter than you give yourself credit for. But don't let that go to your head too much. It's very smart to be in touch with your limits. You should base your goals around your limits. If a specific kind of intelligence seems to be a limit, you need to learn how to work around it. That's wisdom doing work for you. I know it sounds circular, but I hope this makes sense.
Posted 4 years ago2018-01-13 08:27:52 UTC
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You can't ask someone else to control your desires. Take control of your life instead of delegating it to others. That's not fair to them, and they're not interested anyway.
You want what you want, and you need to deal with that. If what you want is detrimental to your life, you need to exercise self discipline.

But really it just sounds like you're not measuring up to an image in your head. People kill themselves over self pity like that, and it breaks my fucking heart. Learn to exercise some self respect. "I'm not an artist" fuck off with that attitude. There's not some cosmic council that got together to bring about the word "artist" into the world, you're an artist if you want to want to be one. I made this and I know I was a god damn artist.

Now as others have said, you probably hit a road block and are wondering if you're still interested in putting forth the effort to get it from point-A to point-Head-Image. If you're not interested anymore, that's cool. You might be later, or you might not. Artists of all kinds have stockpiles of unfinished work. On that note, I understand how painful it is to come to terms with disinterest when you were really hyped at first. That's just an exercise in managing your expectations. You need to know how to do that because it will help you in all areas of life.
Creativity involves dedication, but it's also a crap shoot. You can't force it. Or if you do, people know. You know how you can hear a song and tell if the creator actually gave a shit?

You also might have let down some people who might have been eager to see the finished product, but that's also cool. They'll get over it.

Edit: it also sounds like you got hyped about your project before you really even knew how you were going to make it. Maybe gaming isn't for you like you said, or maybe you just ran into an unexpected hurdle and thought, "Oh shit, I have to learn this" and got overwhelmed. Or maybe I'm not even talking to anyone at this point because you've already moved on to something else.
Posted 4 years ago2017-12-15 09:46:18 UTC
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Clash of Clans
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-13 08:25:47 UTC
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Polly and Aziz
User posted image
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-13 07:56:33 UTC
in Is the site dead? Post #328202
Goldsrc is 3 years from being 20 years old. It makes sense that most people have moved on to more modern engines, so it's expected that you will find less activity here.
What you have left here are the die-hards and the people who are specifically interested in Goldsrc. Those numbers are few but far from "dead". TWHL is and has always been a tightly knit community, and we'd be honored to have you join us if you are interested in sticking around.
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-13 07:48:18 UTC
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Laxx & Mayhem - 430
Let's go trappin'
Posted 7 years ago2014-08-20 01:52:21 UTC
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Posted 8 years ago2014-07-24 15:02:28 UTC
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Posted 8 years ago2014-07-23 15:20:16 UTC
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Might have already posted this, but: Space Engine.

Space Engine lets you freely explore an accurate, photorealistic simulation of the visible universe. The location and appearance of known objects are depicted accurately. The rest is filled in procedurally based on physical laws.

Float through the cosmic web on the grandest scale, or pitch a tent on some alien beach.
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Posted 8 years ago2014-07-23 14:42:24 UTC
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Top 5 favorite pairs of nipples:
1. Archie's
2. Penguinboy's
3. Mine
4. Captain Terror's
5. Atom's

Of course, your mother gets an honorable mention.
Posted 8 years ago2014-04-25 17:37:22 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #318904
I never released that map. It was supposed to be a refined version of this map but I never properly finished it.
Posted 9 years ago2013-07-16 18:12:12 UTC
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I agree with Rimrook. There's a generational and experiential gap represented here, and it kinda makes me feel shafted--not that I'm even pursuing such a career.

The website is also a mess.
Posted 9 years ago2013-05-10 05:01:12 UTC
in The minimum REAL step Post #313457
How the hell have I never seen that site. That's awesome.
Posted 9 years ago2013-05-10 01:38:12 UTC
in The minimum REAL step Post #313455
Edit: I misunderstood.

You're essentially suggesting that something akin to Hammer units exists in the real world, yes?
What you're saying is actually already a leading theory.

AFAIK, the reason nothing can be physically less than a planck unit is because a "planck" is the limit of some mathematical function that explains one very important aspect of the physical universe. Mathematically speaking, nothing could physically exist beyond that point because the function simply can't calculate any further.
So we can theoretically say that something is a "half-planck" in length, but the conditions for such an object couldn't exist under our understanding of physics--thus we say such an object couldn't actually exist.

I'm no physicist, and this is probably wrong.

Edit edit: Here's some food for thought, though: modern physics suggest that many things in the physical universe--matter, light, radio waves, dark matter, etc.--is comprised of the same type of energy. The only thing that makes them different is density of energy. Matter is supposedly the most dense form of energy.
Antimatter is one form of a second type of energy that seeks out matter like a magnet. When the two meet, they both dissipate.

More food for thought:
A neutron star is a dead star comprised of only neutrons. The neutrons stick together like a sphere made of marbles, so a neutron star is literally as dense as matter can physically be.

BUT in the deaths of super-massive stars, the force of gravity actually overcomes the dense cluster of neutrons, and the neutron star collapses on itself--like a chair that collapses under the weight of a fat guy. And since there's nothing left to "break the fall" after these neutrons are crushed, the neutron star keeps collapsing until it has zero volume. A black hole.
Posted 9 years ago2013-04-17 17:22:33 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #313330
That is some seriously impressive lighting, Trempler. Seriously awesome brushwork and sprite usage, too.
Posted 9 years ago2013-03-30 03:01:48 UTC
in Troll Theory Post #313204
I'm sorry, is this about Dimbark?
Posted 9 years ago2013-03-29 21:50:51 UTC
in light_environment tricks Post #313198
I'm going to take a step back here because I've had the whole day to cool off.
I've clearly misunderstood the issue you're having.

Playing with the number of light bounces (it's a RAD option if you use ZHLT or similar) can help with overlit or underlit maps. This will affect every light, though, so you would probably have to edit each of your point lights or texlights accordingly.
Reducing bounces won't affect direct light at all, but it will generally make your map darker.

I'm not sure exactly how shade interacts with direct light, if it interacts at all.
Posted 9 years ago2013-03-29 16:48:05 UTC
in light_environment tricks Post #313194
Wait wait, let me get this straight.

This whole time, you were confused about your shadows being too bright? What the fuck, did you just ignore the shade property all together?

Christ, man, I was under the impression you were asking about direct light.

I'll admit I was wrong about brightness and light_environment, but you'll also want to get in the habit of changing things one at a time if you want to properly compare anything. You can't change both RGB and brightness if you're trying to see what happens when they change. You'll also see little to no difference between 80 and 64; I would expect any mapper to know better.
Posted 9 years ago2013-03-29 15:44:18 UTC
in light_environment tricks Post #313191
Use a lesser color value. Tone down RGB while keeping the RGB ratio the same, and jack the brightness back up
I'm telling you this is exactly what you are trying to do, but you're more than welcome to just ignore it a second time.
Posted 9 years ago2013-03-29 07:21:25 UTC
in light_environment tricks Post #313187
Light_environment ignores brightness, IIRC.
Use lower color values for darker lighting.
Posted 9 years ago2013-03-18 05:17:25 UTC
in Body Parts Post #313082
I always got it. I just never cared for The Simpsons.

"Back away, not today, disco lady."
Posted 9 years ago2013-03-16 03:26:41 UTC
in Body Parts Post #313063
I don't get it either way.
Posted 9 years ago2013-03-10 23:15:41 UTC
in TWHL Database Hack Post #313012
It's also dumb to call a threatening person dumb, Nine.
Posted 9 years ago2013-03-09 17:33:22 UTC
in TWHL Database Hack Post #312980
Excuse Ghost. He seems to have put 1337 hacking on some mental pedestal.
Posted 9 years ago2013-03-06 09:10:52 UTC
in Night Oddities Post #312916
One last dream I recall was with a screaming cat, although this is not necessarily scary.
Like an aggressive cat whining, by any chance?

Stress does make you prone to nightmares, by the way.
Posted 9 years ago2013-02-27 02:23:05 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #312780
I would move that vending machine somewhere where it's not sitting in front of a light. You would never see that in reality--it looks sort of ridiculous.
Posted 9 years ago2013-02-25 22:21:02 UTC
in Trying to understand GoldSrc textures Post #312759
I'll share my manhood with your mother :3
Posted 9 years ago2013-02-25 17:58:34 UTC
in Trying to understand GoldSrc textures Post #312756
Guys, there's a texture properties tutorial on TWHL. Nobody has to resort to vague memories.

Also, this one clears up scrolling textures:
Posted 9 years ago2013-02-24 02:44:44 UTC
in Trying to understand GoldSrc textures Post #312743
The secondary textures you posted are indeed meant for glow effects. I remember the set from your third picture; it's one of my favorites.

The brick texture you posted is sort of a LOD texture. Goldsrc doesn't do LOD automatically, so you have to do it manually. The smaller texture would used be for brushwork way off in the distance.
Posted 9 years ago2013-02-17 23:37:59 UTC
in Last movie you saw? Post #312671
Finally saw Django Unchained.

It's was pretty good--not the best, and not as good as I'd been led to believe.
I definitely think Tarentino took more stylistic liberties than he needed, though. I just can't get over how many fine skills Django just happened to be a natural at, especially his gunslinging. I also agree that the pacing was pretty poor.
Posted 9 years ago2013-02-13 04:34:42 UTC
in Geometry compiling question. Post #312598
I'm just asking if I only if one approach is better for optimization than the other.
Well it isn't about brush count. It's about convenience.
Don't lie to me.
Posted 9 years ago2013-02-13 01:56:48 UTC
in Geometry compiling question. Post #312592
I don't understand why you are insisting on using the least amount of brushes possible. All those brush faces are split up into triangles during the compile anyway, and grouping makes it easy enough to treat multiple brushes as one, anyway. You aren't saving wpoly; the only possible result might be a slightly reduced compile time because of slightly less faces for the compiler to null off. Maybe.

Just work with triangles from the beginning, it's so much simpler.
I don't know exactly what bevel does, its been too long since i've used it. But i do remember people saying it was good.
Bevel is like null, but it also causes the face to ignore clip nodes during compile. In other words, the player can walk through a beveled face. It's useful for maps with lots of complex geometry, IIRC.

Bevel was also introduced much later than null, I think.

User posted image
Shape #2 shouldn't be made out of one brush in the first place. That's literally one of the first things a mapper learns.
And just for good practice, shape #1 shouldn't be one brush, either. If you insist on not using triangles, you will eventually do this by accident:
User posted image
This will not compile, and you will go insane trying to find the problem.

Edit Edit: To answer your original question, neither is more optimal, but it's safer to just use triangles/wedges/tetrahedrons.
Posted 9 years ago2013-02-12 05:39:51 UTC
in Sky texture question Post #312581
Edit: Nevermind, I thought you were on about something else.
Posted 9 years ago2013-02-10 06:24:30 UTC
in Sky texture question Post #312540
Through sky brushses, you can see whatever VIS can see. Clever use of hint and null brushes + special geometry around the sky brush itself could fix your problem.
Posted 9 years ago2013-01-12 05:10:12 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #312158
No, Psilous would just spam hentai and the like from time to time.
Posted 9 years ago2013-01-08 18:50:33 UTC
in The Great Debate Post #312113
Cherry Coke is fantastic.
Vanilla is still better :)
Posted 9 years ago2013-01-06 20:48:25 UTC
in The Great Debate Post #312063
Vanilla, chocolate, or other?

I'll start by letting everyone know that vanilla is superior and that your opinion is wrong.
Posted 9 years ago2012-12-28 00:12:04 UTC
in Don't use Gamefront/Filefront Post #311901
I was never a big fan of Filefront, so this is the nail in the coffin. I was unaware.
Posted 9 years ago2012-12-27 06:00:58 UTC
in Last movie you saw? Post #311881

The art direction was abnormally good, even by Pixar's standards. But the story itself was generic incarnate, and major and minor characters were equally shallow due to poor, unnecessarily fast pacing.

I think the trailers misled me, because I expected a much different, more adventurous plot but got "the unreasonable parent and child learn to be open minded" instead. It was far, far too straightforward to begin with, and the sheer amount of foreshadowing that accompanied it had me begging, "Stop telling me what's going to happen 10 minutes from now."

It was overall decent for the eye candy and generally witty dialogue, but it was absolutely nothing special. Maybe angsty teenage girls would appreciate it more.
Posted 9 years ago2012-12-27 04:47:51 UTC
in Now Playing: ... Post #311880
Everything about that track screams Koan Sound.
Except it's not :o

I didn't think anyone else did weird, off-beat rhythms like that.
Edit: Spoke too soon. Only heard the first 2 minutes.
Posted 9 years ago2012-12-21 18:18:43 UTC
in Complete bullshit new law passed in US Post #311737
I have to wonder how many of you would even think of mentioning the 2nd amendment is last Friday didn't happen.
Posted 9 years ago2012-12-11 22:20:53 UTC
in The Core Post #311495
Get on your knees, grab Urby's pants
And propose to SnC for making The Core.
Posted 9 years ago2012-12-09 09:25:38 UTC
in Spirit Science Post #311427
I abide by Occam's razor.
Don't you fucking dare tell me that I need to be open-minded.
Posted 9 years ago2012-12-09 05:12:51 UTC
in Spirit Science Post #311422
I'll have to quote Downlink's Gamma Ray, "We like to think of ourselves as having power over our fate. No. No, the powers of the universe VASTLY exceed any powers we wield."

It's interesting to the point that brain waves can be interpreted by our peers, but that whole mess of "our emotions literally create our reality" is nonsense.
And it's nothing new. There was a series of books on this idea several years ago (i forget the name). It was widely regarded as nonsense.

I winced when his response to "why are there starving kids" was "because Westerners are hogging resources".
No, that's a fucking stupid excuse if you also want to assert that our emotions are directly tied to our physical reality.

To be fair, I only watched the first "episode," but I was completely turned off to the whole thing by the end.
Posted 9 years ago2012-12-07 18:19:23 UTC
in Nurse kills herself over prank call Post #311397
I heard audio on the radio. All they did was ask how the Duchess was doing.
Posted 9 years ago2012-12-07 17:56:20 UTC
in Nurse kills herself over prank call Post #311393

I heard about this on NPR and had to hear more.
Two radio DJs call a hospital and comically imitated voices of the royal family. The call was directed at the nurse looking over Duchess Kate, and was intended to be an obvious prank. The nurse that took the call killed herself, presumably in shame--though it's likely there were many more factors involved.

Posted 9 years ago2012-12-06 20:03:08 UTC
in What inspired Half-Life? Post #311377
Pick up a copy of Raising the Bar and read it some time.
Posted 9 years ago2012-12-02 16:21:38 UTC
in HL1 zombie models question. Post #311301
Yeah, those are little bits and animations scattered across multiple files. They're all part of the same model.

It's an archaic format that nobody ever uses; the same goes for splitting the textures into "modelt.mdl".

All the parts are specific to that model. Changing zombie01.mdl will just cause zombie.mdl to be unrenderable, but if you replace the original zombie.mdl, none of the other files will even be used.
Posted 9 years ago2012-12-02 08:09:11 UTC
in The cat in the banner Post #311288
That doesn't answer the question.