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Posted 6 days ago2022-01-11 20:36:50 UTC
in Preserved Prefab Collections Post #346196
This contains many prefabs:

There's lot of places to look for. alone contains a huge amount of stuff, it's just a little buried sometimes.
Posted 1 week ago2022-01-10 19:45:43 UTC
in Preserved Prefab Collections Post #346192
Hi, I would be interested in that too. I think I'm witnessing some kind of an archival phenomena recently, everyone seems to be interested in collecting and preserving things, maybe it was always like that, not sure. Maybe it's natural... Have you found anything interesting yourself? Did you look into
Posted 4 months ago2021-09-13 07:48:35 UTC
in Shoot model it bleeds and doors spawn as debris Post #345929
Check this site:
Posted 6 months ago2021-06-30 17:43:21 UTC
in TWHL Tower: Source Post #345715
Can Source SDK be ran without Steam?
Posted 7 months ago2021-06-14 18:51:59 UTC
in Specific PAK file loading Post #345702
Try looking at Xash
Posted 8 months ago2021-05-14 08:40:29 UTC
in Newbie problems with jackhammer Post #345604
on the top left corner of the 3d window click on "camera" and select a textured mode. Or press anywhere on the 3d window and then TAB to cycle the modes.
Posted 8 months ago2021-04-19 07:25:00 UTC
in Post Your Photos Post #345543
you're lucky to live in such a pretty area
Posted 9 months ago2021-04-05 18:31:37 UTC
in Help me, Lords of coding!! Post #345511
look at the code that starts dealing damage to players when they spend too much time underwater
Posted 9 months ago2021-03-22 07:00:40 UTC
in Presentation and urgent help Post #345466
which compilers are you using? ZHLT is very old, try using VHLT 3.4 (vluzacn's tools)
Posted 10 months ago2021-03-16 08:37:34 UTC
in Need help to finish my animated reinforced door Post #345437
use func_door_rotating + env_render instead of func_wall_toggle
Posted 10 months ago2021-03-14 17:35:51 UTC
in Activating Spectator mode in lan Post #345430
server needs allow_spectators to be 1
then client types spectate
Posted 10 months ago2021-02-26 13:38:57 UTC
in light_environment not casting light. Post #345374
meticulously texturing exterior with null is useless, since those faces get discarded by the compiler anyway
Posted 10 months ago2021-02-21 20:37:02 UTC
in ambient_generic Post #345362
That's what Penguinboy meant. Your button should turn on the multi_manager. multi_manager can act like a timer to perform multiple tasks, first it turns on your ambient_generic immediately and then it turns it off after 10 seconds. If your ambient_generic is named "coolsound", then keyvalue pairs on your multimanager should look like this:

coolsound 0
coolsound#1 10

The #1 should appear by itself when you use a name more than once. Read the tutorial to learn more.
Posted 11 months ago2021-01-24 13:37:18 UTC
in Half-Life texture sources Post #345264
Here's some stuff from Karen Laur, the texture artist at Valve, who, to my knowledge, made nearly all textures in HL.
Posted 1 year ago2020-11-26 10:02:17 UTC
in Review everything! [2nd edition] Post #344956
Apple (the company)

I have touched very few Apple devices. Once in a school a classroom was populated with certain Apple desktop computers and I think the keyboard and mice were Apple too. The mice had these tiny balls which I thought were for scrolling but they seemed to be impossible to use, either they were clogged or just plain bad design. I also witnessed a rather recent iPhone, it seemed very difficult to set up after you buy it and it didn't seem very intuitive with just a single physical button. I know once on a certain Apple presentation with Steve Jobs, John Carmack displayed his Doom 3 technologies and I've read Steve asked John to remove all the scary stuff from the video. I find it kind of funny, Apple is all pretty and white while Doom 3 is the complete opposite, dark and scary.

off-grid vertices in HL1 mapping
Posted 1 year ago2020-11-01 08:14:22 UTC
in Programming video tutorials Post #344814
what is that ugly creature? is that a dog, a cat, an albino fox?
This post was made on a thread that has been deleted.
Posted 1 year ago2020-10-05 09:01:00 UTC
in cs_sarajevo map Post #344749
have you tried emailing him?
make sure it's not to close to the floor or the walls
Posted 1 year ago2020-06-26 21:27:42 UTC
in Recreated a scene from the Matrix in Goldsrc. Post #344473
That was an interesting read.
This seems to contain quite a bit of information:
Posted 1 year ago2020-03-13 18:00:09 UTC
in Sierra.avi and valve.avi video format Post #343893
oh yeah, stay as low as possible with this mod, the watchowskis are nasty people, theres a story on the net about them threatening to kill the actor of the "operator" cause he refused to star in the sequels
Posted 1 year ago2020-03-02 21:48:38 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #343838
i think it's best for people to experience that map themselves and to find what's lurking in that map, that is, I hope you know about it...
Posted 1 year ago2020-02-27 10:07:31 UTC
in Texlights, only for brushes? Post #343804
abbadon can't just you make an "additive" type overlay for those bright areas and give that texture an additive flag?
Posted 1 year ago2020-02-25 09:05:27 UTC
in Shameful mapping confessions Post #343784
I started mapping way back in 2005 when I was a little kid pretty much, I would name my maps de_something but they didn't have a bomb spot because I didn't know what de_ meant. I also made a "first map" tutorial which was a single 20 megabyte sized, 20000 pixels tall picture, the tutorial stated that light_environment has to be high enough so it can light the entire map... Also later on I would obsessively NULL every single surface that's invisible or outside world, which now I believe is quite meaningless.
Posted 1 year ago2020-01-21 07:33:13 UTC
in After compile some models cycler_sprite missing Post #343663
there is an entity limit, and all entities add up to the limit, models, brush entities, point entities, except light and light_spot entities which i think is around 512? not sure about that
Posted 2 years ago2020-01-17 09:52:46 UTC
in Model wont light up (cycler or cycler_sprite) Post #343631
Compilers generate a few game variables sv_skyvec_x/y/z and sv_skycolor_r/g/b and models which are "in the skylight" use those variables, rather than the lightmap below them. This is so they could have more accurate shading. vluzacn made an entity for VHLT called info_sunlight, if you set it's Brightness to 0 0 0, then models won't use those variables and will be lit from the lightmap below them.
Posted 2 years ago2020-01-12 08:07:31 UTC
in Old street lamp realistic light ? Post #343603
there are several options:
  • separate the model into two models of the lamp body and the glass, and for the glass model, give the model additive texture mode and brightness of 255, just make sure the glass texture is bright and precolored, that should work.
  • just make the glass from brushes and then you have many ways of making it bright, whether func_illusionary with various render modes like additive, texture or color, or use texture lights. This method would be easier for the second lamp model since it has only 4 flat pieces of glass.
it is possible to light a model with specific values but you have to place a small texture lit brush just below the origin of the model, that brush has to be world or func_detail, not a real entity. It can be as tiny as a few units and inside the model so its invisible but that's the only way, unless the model is huge, then you can use a tiny light_spot on the ground where it stands.
Posted 2 years ago2020-01-04 15:50:13 UTC
in Trigger_push underwater Post #343552
seems like undertow water only pushes you if you hold E, which seems strange. Cant remember if it always was like that
Posted 2 years ago2019-12-22 11:38:42 UTC
in Shoot-Through Railings Post #343502
CLIP brushes are part of the compiled map it's just that visible geometry and player collision geometry are separate and decompilers can't tell apart from CLIP generated from ordinary brushes and CLIP brushes
Posted 2 years ago2019-12-19 10:10:05 UTC
in Youtube or Vimeo? Post #343487
Agree Youtube is becoming a monstrosity. It's getting bigger and bigger, probably thousands of times bigger than it was 10 years ago and the search system haven't advanced at all to accommodate it. All you see on it these days are users paid by Google to keep doing useless crap. I would definitely choose anything over Youtube
Posted 2 years ago2019-11-22 09:56:07 UTC
in Half-Life: Alyx Post #343379
Jessie, Valve gives the game as a bonus to everyone who buys their headset. I think they made a very good decision making it VR only. To make it support both they would have to water out the VR experience to the point where neither way would work well. I haven't ever tried VR but it's pretty obvious a game designed from the ground up for VR is a completely different beast.
Posted 2 years ago2019-11-21 20:45:56 UTC
in Half-Life: Alyx Post #343371
Oh and what's this?
User posted image
Posted 2 years ago2019-11-12 14:07:09 UTC
in half-life still updating with necessary features Post #343352
Just ask valve to remove HL altogether from it's library, there's no point to reinvent the Source engine, it already exists. God...
Posted 2 years ago2019-11-11 12:07:32 UTC
in half-life still updating with necessary features Post #343345
It is not random. If maps are well made, as in not enclosed in a skybox so the ground doesn't have a thickness and the player takes his time to make sure there are no rooms below it, it can be almost fully avoided. HLDM is taken seriously enough and was taken even more seriously back in the day before Valve ruined it's netcode in favor of CS. And rufee is absolutely correct. One classic scenario is a battle between two players armed with gauss in an area prone to that self-gaussing. The player better at taking the aforementioned considerations will have an advantage. Hundreds of maps are built on these assumptions. Thankfully the server-client model should prevent all the weepers and noobs from undermining all the good work and all the fun.
Posted 2 years ago2019-11-10 13:05:20 UTC
in What's new for HL1 in 2019? Post #343336
Loulimi, you probably need to manually add "-threads 4" parameter to every vhlt tool, whatever number of threads you got
Posted 2 years ago2019-11-10 13:02:37 UTC
in half-life still updating with necessary features Post #343335
lol, that auto death with gauss aka selfgauss is intentional and has been a critical part of hl deathmatch since the beginning of time and most of the time its very predictable, depending on the thickness of the brush being shot at. I think they should leave hl alone and just release the code so people can do whatever they want without messing up hl itself
Posted 2 years ago2019-10-20 21:42:48 UTC
in HLRAD weird lightmaps Post #343237
double check if you are really using vluzacn's tools, this seems really unusual. are those bugged areas "world"? or maybe you accidently made them func_detail or some other entity?

are your vhlt 3.4? perhaps youre using JACK and the tools that came with it? i might be wrong but i think they are modified, if so, try using original 3.4 vhlt

also it seems like youre using direct3d mode, or is it opengl?

and give us your compile log
Posted 2 years ago2019-10-20 17:59:18 UTC
in HLRAD weird lightmaps Post #343230
admer, look closer lol

Yu, are you using default compilers that come with hammer?
Posted 2 years ago2019-09-28 10:14:14 UTC
in Half Life Weapon Sway Post #343173
You have two options
1. Learn C++ and code it or borrow the code from another mod and squeeze it in your own (which still needs learning C++)
2. Find a coder

In essence this effect works by lagging the viewmodel in relation to player's eyes/camera.
Posted 2 years ago2019-09-26 10:49:45 UTC
in "Monster_Generic" as Corpse Post #343161
also when models have controllers for pelvis, torso, mouth, usually when you use such a model with cycler_sprite, for example a dead sitting helmet, the guy will be twisted to one side with all controllers to the maximum. You can use "controller" keyvalue to set them, but you have multiple controllers and only one controller, so theres some weird formula to turn those three values into one value. I can't find how it looks right now, but it should be possible to figure out from the hl sdk
Posted 2 years ago2019-09-23 09:52:58 UTC
in "Monster_Generic" as Corpse Post #343155
decompiling maps to see how things are done is the easiest way
VHE 3.5 (the last official by Valve) supports it, and needs something in the .fgd like Admer mentioned
Posted 2 years ago2019-08-14 15:19:55 UTC
in Fate of Gunman Chronicles Post #343004
make a backup?
Posted 2 years ago2019-07-22 07:31:48 UTC
in Post Your Photos Post #342886
thats a good way to stop mapping by losing your fingers
Posted 2 years ago2019-07-01 08:54:07 UTC
in Trying to make a song swapper on GoldSrc Hammer Post #342822
use multiple ambient_generics with "start silent" flag and then play around with trigger_changetarget. I done it once, not very hard
Posted 2 years ago2019-06-24 09:13:56 UTC
in Recent micro stutter in Goldsrc? Post #342788
Stojke, hardware causes are possible but in this case I think it's more related to software. It's even happening to me on linux HL. As for ps/2 you are probably right, afaik its easier on cpu than usb. Also the unlimited key presses at once, I really struggled with usb keyboards on hldm when sometimes I had to use like 5 keys at once.
Posted 2 years ago2019-06-22 08:13:54 UTC
in Recent micro stutter in Goldsrc? Post #342775
GoldSrc is not a very stable engine, the same thing has been happening to me every once in a while over many years, on different versions of HL and different OSes.
Posted 2 years ago2019-06-15 14:05:56 UTC
in my compo idea making (tl dr included) Post #342736
how about a bigger picture? a huge xen tree grows in black mesa and protrudes through the surface of the desert and grows all the way into the sky and at the very top is the xen command base, like some kind of biomechanical castle :D