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Posted 3 days ago2024-04-13 09:11:33 UTC
in Train Randomly getting stick? Post #348708
Nothing unusual is happening. monster_urby, why do you consider it a bug? The glass door triggers the multi_manager when it opens, and then the glass door triggers the multi_manager again, when it closes. The train gets disabled one second after the glass door closes, before the train can reach it's final destination, which is how it should be, since the multi_manager is timed to trigger the train after oner second. The glass door triggers the multi_manager with the Target attribute, which fires when the door either opens or closes. There is also the attribute "Fire on Close", but RoboRufus7 did not use it. I would solve this by setting the door's attribute "delay before close" to -1, and close the door manually with the multi_manager.

Use "developer 2" in the console, then you will see what each entity is doing.

Edit: I wrote a stupid thing, if I did that, then the door would keep opening and closing forever. You need to trigger the multi_manager with the path_corner, and open and close the door with the multi_manager. And the door needs the "Toggle" Flag marked so it can be triggered more than once.
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-03-27 09:14:08 UTC
in Sky textures not downloading to client. Post #348670
Only .bsp and .wav are automatically downloaded, other files need to be specified in a .res file. Sky .tga files should be downloaded just fine, make sure you specified them correctly. Enable developer mode by entering developer 1 into console and see what is happening when you try to connect to the server in question. If you are using a dedicated server, enable developer mode in it's console as well, or use the command line argument -dev when starting it, forgot which one it is.
I know almost nothing about modeling, wait until someone knowledgeable helps you. My directory structure was inside a random named folder in a random location. I can just drag box.qc over studiomdl.exe or use cmd.exe to change into that folder and enter studiomdl.exe box.qc

I must warn that running Windows 98SE in QEMU is very problematic. It would be easier to buy an old PC, and you don't really need something from the 90s, any clunker from early 2000s should run Windows 98 and have drivers for it. Although plain 3D Studio Max 1.2 is missing a lot of features which are present in later 3D Studio Max versions. Valve used lots of plugins for 1.2 to get all those features, and you would have to dig through ancient warez archives to find those plugins. Read through the documents within all the SDK releases of Half-Life, they contain much information.
I once compiled a model this way. Consider a directory structure like below. I probably had similar problems to the ones you describe.

studiomdl.exe (forgot which version, 173.056 bytes, date 1998.10.20)

Contents of box.qc:

$modelname mdl/box.mdl
$cd smd
$cdtexture bmp

$body studio "box"

$scale 1.0
$origin 0 0 0

As for the original .max files, I could open it in 3D Studio Max 1.2 on Windows 98SE in QEMU. Read the documents in the old Half-Life SDKs.
Posted 1 month ago2024-02-26 20:38:03 UTC
in Singleplayer map in DM list Post #348623
You could create a folder alongside folder "valve", name it valve2 or something, copy liblist.gam, then do hl.exe -game valve2. You could then put all your singleplayer maps there and use the original folder only for multiplayer. Then your map selection would be free of singleplayer maps. Looks like they hardcoded the original maps like c1a0 not to show up in the list.
Posted 1 month ago2024-02-26 18:29:17 UTC
in Singleplayer map in DM list Post #348621
In WON Half-Life maps don't appear in the list if they don't have info_player_deathmatch.
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Posted 2 months ago2024-01-19 09:24:26 UTC
in What Is half Life SDK? Post #348483
Posted 3 months ago2023-12-24 08:59:05 UTC
in Water plop sound Post #348348
I have never seen anyone use info_compile_parameters.

If you decompile crossfire, you will see that the sky is far away from the map, and the player cannot go there because it's blocked off by CLIP brushes. That way rockets can fly out of the map without exploding too close. CLIP brushes don't block bullets or projectiles. Also, you won't see the CLIP brushes if you decompile the map, because map decompilers usually don't recover them. has information about compile options.

If you use -noskyclip then you should be able to swim in the skybox brushes just like in water brushes.
You can't prove that a map I submit is not a map I made twenty years ago. It's especially true when the theme of this competition is so generic.
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Posted 5 months ago2023-10-22 07:26:54 UTC
in Problem using -nowadtextures Post #347969
Usually .wad files are placed in the mod folder, not in the maps folder, so for example you would place it in the cstrike folder, where cstrike.wad is. You can find information about all the commands here:

You can also often find information about the commands of a tool, in this case hlcsg.exe, by just running it in a command prompt, so you would search for cmd.exe in Windows, drag and drop hlcsg.exe onto it, and you will see some basic information about it. In this case, it says this:

-nowadtextures : include all used textures into bsp
-wadinclude file : place textures used from wad specified into bsp

So -nowadtextures does not need a path specified, it will embed all the textures you used, even those from cstrike.wad. -wadinclude is different, it only embeds used textures from a specific .wad file. If your .wad file is located in the cstrike folder and is called mytextures.wad, you type it after -wadinclude without the .wad extension, like this: -wadinclude mytextures

A batch file is a text file that contains a list of commands, which is why it's called a batch file. It is also known as a script, or just a program. The compilation interface in your map editor is just a graphical way of running the multiple compilation tools in a specific order, with specific arguments, like -wadinclude, or the name of your map source file. You could do the same by making a batch file.
Posted 9 months ago2023-06-29 14:39:46 UTC
in Trigger Fires Post #347668
Make a multisource entity called ms1, and in all of the monster_zombie entities change TriggerTarget to ms1, and change Trigger Condition to Death.

You could also use a game_counter
Posted 9 months ago2023-06-29 08:15:13 UTC
in Playing a sound worldwide? Post #347666
AMXModX can do it
Posted 9 months ago2023-06-17 14:17:11 UTC
in cycler_sprite charachers head rotation problem Post #347632
Add a key to your cycler_sprite, named "controller", with value 2155905152

This should center the bones, one number controls several bones, the formula is: a+b*256+c*256*256+d*256*256*256

Where each letter determines how much the bone is turned, from 0 to 255, I think... 128 for center.

I think vluzacn once posted this somewhere.
Posted 10 months ago2023-06-14 07:44:34 UTC
in Problems with light_spot in half life Post #347621
It's probably because you are using vluzacn's compilers (VHLT), they produce very different lighting compared to the original tools. The only way a light_spot can light up surroundings is by reflected light. VHLT takes into account the color of the texture, if your light_spot is shining on a dark texture, it's going to reflect very little light. You can probably mitigate this by just increasing the light_spot brightness value to something very big.
Posted 11 months ago2023-05-08 20:25:03 UTC
in func_tracktrain sound Post #347504
The noise keyvalue trick sounds like one of those map based hacks for the original Quake, it sounds interesting though, where did you hear about it? I don't know if there is a way to make a moving sound entity. I am only aware of a few entity hacks for HL, like making entities emit dynamic light. Modifying the .fgd file is no different from adding a custom keyvalue in the editor. Doing it with multiple ambient_generic entities should work fine, just use a little bit of math to calculate the lengths between the path_tracks, Pythagoras theorem should work nicely. Your helicopter sound should fade in and fade out, and the next sound should start while the previous is in the middle of it's playing, then while the new one is fading in, the old one will be fading out, and it should sound really smooth!
You can always get these games, there are many ways. I don't know much about Unreal, but I downloaded a random version of UT2004 like a decade ago, and it's multiplayer just works to this day. Not that I play it much, cause it kind of sucks.

You can find games in their original form, as they were originally released. You can also find them in versions suitable for playing online, and anything in between. Just look for it. Try and
Also check this out:
I can't help much, you'll have to wait for someone knowledgeable, but meanwhile do a search for "External Textures" in the file "Modeling for Half-Life.doc" which is part of HL SDK 2.3, there is some information about it there.
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Posted 1 year ago2023-01-31 20:11:43 UTC
in Gonna be learning bsp format coding. Post #347282
I think some people managed to compile a map for Xbox HL2 using compilers from an old version of source SDK.

Check this discussion:
Posted 1 year ago2022-12-28 13:23:42 UTC
in Wiki enhancment thread Post #347204
"Rewrite tutorials to use third person perspective (i.e. no "i" or personal anecdotes)."

Disagree. Reading tutorials can be fun, it's a great thing. But if you do that, then remove the original author's name, because it's not their tutorial anymore.
Posted 1 year ago2022-12-22 10:54:58 UTC
in How do I remove a specific WAD? Post #347189
I am confused since you are talking about Source engine games and also HL1 .wad files?... Either way, do a search for zhlt.wad with regedit.exe (Registry Editor), you should be able to see all entries in full length.
Posted 1 year ago2022-12-17 17:49:35 UTC
in Ok, here goes: question, why is a LEAK bad? Post #347181
Looks like you are using the compilers from 1998 that came with Valve Hammer Editor. People have upgraded these compilers many times over the years, the most popular ones nowadays are VHLT 3.4
Posted 1 year ago2022-12-17 13:09:16 UTC
in Ok, here goes: question, why is a LEAK bad? Post #347177
Maybe it's not as noticeable with a very fast modern computer, but back in the day, Half-Life and Quake required a very powerful computer to run smoothly. People were lucky if they got 10 frames per second at 640x480. When a map is compiled, visibility is calculated, so that when you play, only a small part of the map is rendered, otherwise the entire map is rendered and those people would have got 1 frame per second instead. I think leaks prevent the visibility from being calculated properly. When you seal the inside of the map, the compilers can discard all the faces facing void, saving light map memory and other resources.
Posted 1 year ago2022-12-05 10:17:43 UTC
in Create server commands? Post #347154
Think of a similar existing command, like "changelevel mapname" or "say blabla", and just do a search for it in HL SDK's code, then see how it works.
Posted 1 year ago2022-10-25 09:01:34 UTC
in Was Goldsrc built off of WinQuake or QuakeWorld? Post #346995
I guess that's what Xash is?
Posted 1 year ago2022-10-08 15:25:04 UTC
in J.A.C.K. hangs up when clicking on 2D viewports Post #346952
I think the Linux version of J.A.C.K. stopped working on a recent version of Debian too.
Posted 1 year ago2022-10-07 19:03:52 UTC
in J.A.C.K. hangs up when clicking on 2D viewports Post #346950
Can't you roll back the Windows update?
Posted 1 year ago2022-10-01 18:29:48 UTC
in Func_Button Never Works (HL1) Post #346919
Sometimes when an existing entity is changed to another type, the parameters will remain. That can be annoying.
Posted 1 year ago2022-09-08 15:58:49 UTC
in Strange issues with J.A.C.K editor Post #346865
At least on the linux jack, if I remember correctly, textures get screwed up if you open the map with UV lock turned on. If you get these messed up textures, don't save the map, instead turn off UV lock and then restart jack and open the map again, then it should be fine
Posted 1 year ago2022-09-08 15:51:52 UTC
in Strange visual glitch Post #346864
Yeah might be hardware. Looks like the wave height is very big. Maybe that specific map that causes this has the "default wave height" set to something high in the worldspawn enitity (Map properties in editor)?
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Posted 1 year ago2022-08-09 09:05:35 UTC
in Make level change triggers work in multiplayer? Post #346768
In triggers.cpp there are checks if the game is running in deathmatch mode when doing the level change. I'm not a coder but you can try removing it and see what happens.
Posted 1 year ago2022-08-06 07:50:34 UTC
in Fragmotion modelling tool Post #346760
I don't know, there doesn't seem to be much talk about modelling on TWHL. I know one person who uses Fragmotion for doing HL modelling and animating but don't know how often they come here.
HL SDK 2.3 and Visual Studio C++ 6.0 works on Windows 7 quite well
Posted 1 year ago2022-05-30 19:34:10 UTC
in Hldm level designer here.. Post #346573
hldm is still popular and there's lots of new maps being made. You should be able to find servers quite easily, also check websites like for servers
Posted 1 year ago2022-05-22 09:54:14 UTC
in I have a question about func_trains Post #346538
In Half-Life you can't connect two entities. The tram and the door are one func_tracktrain entity. Only at the end, when the tram stops, a level change occurs to a map where the the tram door is a separate func_door entity. You can't attach a func_door entity to another moving entity like func_tracktrain. You can use func_rotating or anything else, but you have to do it the way Valve did it.
Let's say both triggers are trigger_once, trigger A needs to be activated for trigger B to work. Create an entity of type multisource and give it a Name, for example ms1. In trigger A, set Master to ms1, the name of the multisource entity. On trigger B, set it's Target to ms1.

The way this works is, trigger A will only activate it's target, the guard in your case, when the trigger's Master entity is enabled. Which is multisource, it can be either enabled or disabled, when the map loads, multisource is disabled, but when you activate it by touching trigger B, the multisource becomes enabled, and then trigger A can work.

multisource is called multisource because you can have many entities with their Target set to the name of a single multisource entity, and the multisource will become enabled only when all those entities have been activated. I haven't used it like this in this example though.

Once again, try converting Valve's .bsp to .map to see how things are done. Get WinBSPC or BSPTwoMAP from here:
Try scripted_sentence for talking and scripted_sequence for animations. You can always decompile the original maps to see how things are done, using winbspc or bsp2map
VHLT v34 compiler (vluzacn's Half-Life Tools) has light_surface entity, an alternative to info_texlights and .rad files, it should be able to make a texture fullbright without it actually emitting any light. Texture lights do not create light entities, regardless of what you use, .rad, info_texlights or light_surface, and light entities don't count to entity limit anyway, they only count if they are switchable.

Models can only be lit by world surfaces, they would not be lit by func_illusionary. One trick I discovered recently is if you make a brush with it's top textured with BLACK_HIDDEN texture from zhlt.wad (from VHLT v34), other faces with SKIP texture and turn the brush into func_detail, then the brush will be invisible in game, won't block anything but will have a lightmap and affect models on top of it.
Posted 2 years ago2022-03-27 08:31:21 UTC
in Shiny missing texture? Post #346372
I have no clue either but my guess would be a missing specular map
Posted 2 years ago2022-01-11 20:36:50 UTC
in Preserved Prefab Collections Post #346196
This contains many prefabs:

There's lot of places to look for. alone contains a huge amount of stuff, it's just a little buried sometimes.
Posted 2 years ago2022-01-10 19:45:43 UTC
in Preserved Prefab Collections Post #346192
Hi, I would be interested in that too. I think I'm witnessing some kind of an archival phenomena recently, everyone seems to be interested in collecting and preserving things, maybe it was always like that, not sure. Maybe it's natural... Have you found anything interesting yourself? Did you look into
Posted 2 years ago2021-09-13 07:48:35 UTC
in Shoot model it bleeds and doors spawn as debris Post #345929
Check this site:
Posted 2 years ago2021-06-30 17:43:21 UTC
in TWHL Tower: Source Post #345715
Can Source SDK be ran without Steam?
Posted 2 years ago2021-06-14 18:51:59 UTC
in Specific PAK file loading Post #345702
Try looking at Xash
Posted 2 years ago2021-05-14 08:40:29 UTC
in Newbie problems with jackhammer Post #345604
on the top left corner of the 3d window click on "camera" and select a textured mode. Or press anywhere on the 3d window and then TAB to cycle the modes.
Posted 2 years ago2021-04-19 07:25:00 UTC
in Post Your Photos Post #345543
you're lucky to live in such a pretty area