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Posted 2 weeks ago2018-09-09 15:14:26 UTC
in Wtf bug in game Post #340833
the brush that sidewalk is made of, is any of its sides textured with a special texture like sky or bevel or aaatrigger or something?
Posted 4 weeks ago2018-08-26 12:31:17 UTC
in dynamically scaling a model Post #340679
Talking about vanilla HL, I have never seen it done. I think it could be done by animating it, if it's simple enough you might even be able to control it's scale with a controller but I know little about models.
Goldsource .wads can be compiled inside the .bsp or sent to other players by having a .res file on the server
LOZ98, you can run Metamod locally with bunnyjump plugin and you should feel no lag. If you really want to play the latest HL version
Posted 1 month ago2018-08-04 07:52:51 UTC
in Being Sober Post #340400
Make something small. Like a small deathmatch map for HL1 or a small fy_/aim_ map for CS 1.6, without custom content and see people play. That will definitely fire you up 4 bigger projects
Posted 1 month ago2018-07-29 16:03:12 UTC
in Half Life: Blue Shift map for Source Engine? Post #340322
Unlike Unreal maps which are created and loaded by the game in the same format, Source maps are in two completely different formats for editing and loading by the game. You can decompile maps into editable format but only as a reference to rebuild them at best. Besides that, Blue Shift is not Source, it is the predecessor GoldSource.
Posted 1 month ago2018-07-28 15:28:54 UTC
in Coop Mod Post #340306
HL already has almost fully working coop, just set mp_allowmonsters to 1. It only lacks changing maps and other mechanics you would need
Texture scale and lightmap scale are locked together permanently in HL1. It is impossible to change. Your solution is to combine small and big scale textures for less important and more noticeable surfaces accordingly. Although scale of 1 is fine for most occasions if the texture is well made. Always make sure to export textures from Photoshop in 8-bit .bmp rather than .jpg to avoid quality loss.
Posted 2 months ago2018-07-14 22:39:40 UTC
in The ~Video Game Music~ Thread Post #340143
My first video games machine I owned was Sega Genesis / MegaDrive when I was a small kid and many years later I remembered that I heard some good music on it. The game was Streets of Rage or Bare Knuckle in Japan and turns out it by a famous composer Yuzo Koshiro. Making me realise I have a decent ear.
Using Valve's original compile tools that come with VHE is probably more important for getting that look. As for values, just experiment
Posted 3 months ago2018-06-09 13:37:12 UTC
in E3 2018 Post #339843
E3 is nice. Except for it has a 3 in it therefore Valve will never set foot or rather a foot in it. They are not too fond of a full-sized E either. It is sure nice to talk to random developers. Some of them smell of 7Up and Pizza. Others smell of Coca-Cola but hey, give them.a break! The guys do hard work. As for E3, well it's nice.
Posted 4 months ago2018-05-21 04:58:53 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #339677
You can get rid of that constant light_environment model lighting by setting info_sunlight to 0 0 0 0 then models will be lit the usual way however without the directional shading
Posted 4 months ago2018-05-04 07:52:38 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #339490
Reminds me of rocket dive
Posted 5 months ago2018-04-05 16:50:05 UTC
in Hello Post #339208
Oh! Ho
Posted 5 months ago2018-04-04 18:32:40 UTC
in Your all time favourites Post #339185
Food & Drink
Snack: peanuts
Meal: buckwheat
Hot beverage: green tea
Cold beverage: dunno
Alcoholic beverage: light beer

Movie: the hitcher 1986
TV show: mythbusters
Youtube channel: dunno
Videogame: Half-Life deathmatch
Book: White Fang - Jack London
Band/Artist: cant choose
Track: cant choose

Colour: dunno
Season: all equally
Animal (domestic): mouse or cockroach
Animal (wild): whale or wolf but dunno
Hobby: cracking peanuts
Physical activity: walking
Day out: walking far away from filthy humans
Foreign country/culture: any location far away from humans
Posted 6 months ago2018-03-22 12:05:37 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #339070
google seems to say yes!
Posted 6 months ago2018-03-22 05:09:15 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #339066
If the core has custom code i hope you release a linux version too!
Posted 6 months ago2018-03-21 15:42:36 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #339060
Urba, you should try using light_shadow of VHLT for those doors so the light does not bleed or arrange the lighting so that it doesnt happen! :P
Posted 6 months ago2018-03-18 20:28:15 UTC
in (Goldsrc) Locked doors Post #339048
I think giving it a master makes it locked. Giving it a name just makes it trigger only but not sure
Posted 6 months ago2018-03-10 22:12:34 UTC
in [release] Half-Life DM GOLD Map Megapack Post #338993
Great work. I guess it should be possible to stop animated lights with a hex editor. A crazy coder would need to be consulted tho. Also it's better not to fix .bsps because that will create clashes, people who already have the map unable to connect, the solution is to rename the map a little. Or well no... editing entities does not cause clashes
Posted 6 months ago2018-03-08 10:29:39 UTC
in Little Half Life 1 mod... Post #338966
You need to explain more clearly what you want. If you just want to spawn with these weapons with a specific amount of ammo magazines/clips then game_playerequip is all you need.
Posted 6 months ago2018-02-28 18:40:13 UTC
in Who Wants my old laptop? Post #338896
Would have been a decent prize for a compo
Posted 8 months ago2018-01-19 13:58:33 UTC
in Old HL1 mapping tutorial sites? Post #338678
go play with, crazy amount of old hl editing pages can be found

it seems like someone did a great job of putting many of them together here:
Posted 8 months ago2018-01-18 22:41:51 UTC
in Plan-Shape (Mesh Generator and Texturize Post #338668
This is epic, extremely small precision loss and incredible performance savings. Great work
Posted 8 months ago2017-12-31 11:09:55 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #338534
it is the engine and not the hardware... there isnt much difference you run it on a modern or an ancient pc
Posted 9 months ago2017-12-21 00:36:22 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #338447
so much common sense here... cars often have grating in front of lights as well to protect them from being smashed
Posted 9 months ago2017-12-20 10:00:29 UTC
in What the Health? Post #338438
humans survived through wars and plagues, sure some nasty food wont kill them. If you like eating food thats bleached, genetically modified, full of toxic waste, bacteria, parasites, pesticides and cruelty for that matter... there are definitely better ways to maintain your body
Posted 9 months ago2017-12-16 17:10:30 UTC
in win10 is the most retarded os i ever see Post #338409
come on... for the usual twhler win 7 is plenty and even xp would be just fine. If you really need it dual boot shouldnt be such a difficulty. But hey... oh well
Posted 11 months ago2017-10-24 20:42:49 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #337831
oh... i noticed the contrast was kinda too good
Posted 11 months ago2017-10-22 15:10:26 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #337825
windawz is the hype
Posted 11 months ago2017-10-03 10:43:13 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #337672
wow that looks epic and you didnt even use custom textures or am i wrong?
Posted 1 year ago2017-09-06 10:16:53 UTC
in no D3D on steam HL Post #337327
Well... that's why it's good to make personal backups, hard drives are so cheap... but you can always download an older version of HL from the internet
Posted 1 year ago2017-09-06 10:10:04 UTC
in Func_detail size limit? Post #337326
if im correct, theres is no difference between func_details being separate or all being a single one, as long as the parameters are identical. It's purely convenience. What matters though, is the "detai level" parameters in func_detail... I'm not too good at it but vluzacn explained it pretty well somewhere... If you have a table and a candle on the table and you want both of them to be details, it's better to have them on different "detail levels", so the candle doesn't cut up the table into this spiral thing. Although from my experience, func_detail isn't that great, sometimes it's better to have small objects as real entities like func_wall or illusionary, because even though func_detail doesn't really participate in VIS calculation, it is still using up some VIS resources, something related to leafs or so, I'm not sure, since they are world brushes in reality.
Posted 1 year ago2017-08-09 10:46:32 UTC
in help convert mp3 to HL wav Post #336827
Afaik audacity doesnt support editing cue points so for looping sounds in hl its quite useless.
Posted 1 year ago2017-07-12 20:58:13 UTC
in Half-Life engine access Post #336000

"I understand that you're scared that they'll break the game, but they have something they didn't have last time: me."


your definitin of a hl that is not broken is different from mine and everyone elses because theres no such thing

kachito, perhaps they resurrected the overbrights? i only know they existed in software render based quake 1 engines. Dont know if it was part of early hl
Posted 1 year ago2017-07-10 08:21:52 UTC
in Half-Life engine access Post #335964
put your skills to something useful and let it be. Its already fucked up, dont make them fuck it up more
Posted 1 year ago2017-06-15 10:02:20 UTC
in A Bug in my jb map Post #335507
Windawz, you mean light_surface? info_translucent has quite a different purpose
Posted 1 year ago2017-05-25 18:29:44 UTC
in how do you bhop properly in cstrike? Post #335048
i guess strafing in a curve is what tricks the speed cap from lowering your speed, stable fps at 100 and jump binded to mouse wheel and a few months or years of practice and you should do it
Posted 1 year ago2017-05-17 17:07:21 UTC
in maximum number of ambient_generic? Post #334939
Yeah... when you have a dm with 10 or 20 players in a small map, all the footsteps, shots, explosions, snarks can easily add up to a 100 at once
Posted 1 year ago2017-05-09 17:36:53 UTC
in Half-Life engine access Post #334836
considering you have seen the original source code and probably have at least a few copies, it shouldnt be too hard
Posted 1 year ago2017-04-28 16:05:00 UTC
in Half-Life engine access Post #334667
by the time you finish it steam wont exist lol
Posted 1 year ago2017-04-21 17:12:48 UTC
in hammer error please help Post #334538
its still less annoying than all the sudo crap in linux which turns you into a secretary
Posted 1 year ago2017-04-19 15:30:38 UTC
in Half-Life engine access Post #334493
why use steam for a single game? steam itself probably takes up more space than hl. For some people steam hl takes several minutes to load and connecting to servers is also slow with all the bullshit verification, also in 2013 they did a useless update and broke scripts so hldm freaks have to rollback to an older hl version anyway. I like steam and all, chatting is nice but i dont like that everyone knows if youre online or offline, what you play and how much... lol. Of course often the non-steam games contain viruses so up to you blabla
Posted 1 year ago2017-04-16 16:54:01 UTC
in HLDM Century Megapack: best of all times Post #334415
i just finished going through a hldm map pack of ~500 maps, took me more than a year, i think i found maybe 20 maps for my hldm server, dont know if its your but the guy also kept all .txts
Posted 1 year ago2017-04-13 20:28:19 UTC
in Half-Life engine access Post #334342
me neither. He sure like to type tho
Posted 1 year ago2017-04-02 12:09:47 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #334203
i heard that linux hl binaries have a lot of debug information in them making it almost possible to decompile, didnt xash make use of it?
Posted 1 year ago2017-04-01 14:04:30 UTC
in Can I recreate an old game in the Source Post #334189
about details, not really. The smallest grid in hammer is only a limitation of hammer, you can go to thousands of a unit, the precision slowly worsens as you go further from the center though but it might be enough

i think that why its called floating point? because the point only floats like this:


so as you can see with higher values, less values are left for decimals
Posted 1 year ago2017-04-01 05:16:35 UTC
in Can I recreate an old game in the Source Post #334183
You should be able to make a 50km sized map in Source, just work on a different scale, there might be enough floating point precision for not too complex stuff

Like in hl1 mod esf the maps are a lot bigger because players are like half the size of a hl player size
Posted 1 year ago2017-03-19 19:58:18 UTC
in I need help compiling a .MDL player mode Post #334055
lol good work, the ghost looks straight out of runescape
Posted 1 year ago2017-03-19 19:56:47 UTC
in ERROR usage -wadinclude Post #334053
so this: is wrong?

"usage: qcsg [-nowadtextures] [-wadinclude <name>]..."

-nowadtextures should at least work with original tools then