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Posted 1 year ago2018-11-11 00:53:56 UTC
in Another Half-Rats Mod? Post #341227
Hey, guys, it's been a while! Life's been a roller-coaster ride for these past years...I know I said I wouldn't be getting into G-sauce again, but I feel the itch. The Half-Rats mod series doesn't feel complete. I think one last entry should do it, though, and I've got the whole thing planned out. Thing is, I'm going to need some help here and there with some model rigging/hacking. With my various Unreal projects, and full-time job, I won't have the time that I used to have, so if you're up for a bit of fun, read on!

Things I need rigged up:

Revamped HRAFD monster models. (Teddyman, Child of Hell, Behemoth, Hell Legion)

Replacements for the Opfor friendly human grunts, effectively turning them into late 19th-cuntury American soldiers.

Replacements for the not-so-friendly human grunts from Half-Life.

Thanks in advance!
Posted 3 years ago2016-07-14 00:34:12 UTC
in Half-Life engine access Post #330813
The opps...think of the opps.

We could have improved sound quality....all these other great features to boot.

And then I realize it's 2016, and Unreal 4 is free.

I am not meaning to be a weenie here; but at what point does it just make sense to move to another engine; rather than try to revamp GS? At what point is it no longer GS technically? What are your thoughts?
Posted 3 years ago2016-07-07 15:41:32 UTC
in Leadwerks? Post #330729
Just get UE4 for free and teach yourself hardsurface modeling. Make some modular kits with overlapping UVs...and you're all set.
Posted 3 years ago2016-07-05 20:52:12 UTC
in Additive crosshairs? Post #330697
All additive sprites will glow in the programmed HUD color. In order to make full color sprites, you have to have it set to alphatest.

Additive cannot be full color.
Posted 3 years ago2016-07-05 19:08:48 UTC
in Additive crosshairs? Post #330694
Did you convert to grayscale first? Also, the pallete has to have 256 color slots.
Posted 3 years ago2016-07-01 14:26:25 UTC
in Problem bone under Blender :( Post #330641
Blender hates Goldsource...Especially when you decompile the model. It makes things a little...fuzzy. Tetsuo so far has been the only one to master Blender 2 Goldsource. I suggest getting a educational license for 3DS max 2010/2012 and using that along with Wunderboy export/import tools.
Posted 3 years ago2016-06-24 20:23:15 UTC
in Doom 4 Enemy Design Post #330590
Doom 3 Experience = Having a heavy blanket thrown over my head while someone bitch slaps me and hisses/yells in my ear for 9 hours.

I liked it.
Posted 3 years ago2016-06-24 03:25:46 UTC
in Doom 4 Enemy Design Post #330583
Oh, he could still be a roided-out killing machine and NOT want to kill innocent people.

I sense a veering-away of topics, as I believe we've tapped Doom out, and because I will take this time to say how much I hated Thief 4.
Posted 3 years ago2016-06-22 19:23:16 UTC
in Doom 4 Enemy Design Post #330555
In fact, I've actually seen scarier shit in How to Train Your Dragon...
Posted 3 years ago2016-06-22 17:20:01 UTC
in Doom 4 Enemy Design Post #330551
I have yet to get into Doom 4, as I've been putting in 70+ hours a week on Parasomnia, and am quite broke to boot. I DID check it out so that when the time comes I could make an informed purchase...I saw a few of the monsters. Didn't want to see too many, as I wanted to be surprised...I was a little underwhelmed. To me, the colors were fine. For the most part, I saw a lot of silliness, but with an okay amount of scariness mixed in I suppose; leading to a "mixed bag" feeling on the matter.

Cacodemon is a classic throwback = Nice.
Imp = Eh OK
Revenant = Decent Enough.
Pinky Demon = Looks like something from "How to Train Your Dragon".
Mancubus = Not OK. Every time I look at it, I think "Monsters Inc." or something along the lines of a silly Saturday Morning Cartoon. First thought was calling him "Emperor Galaxor".

Kinda' peeved. Nothing really looks HELLISH! Thoughts?
Posted 3 years ago2016-06-21 20:21:03 UTC
in Coders? Post #330533
Do you have skype?
Posted 3 years ago2016-06-21 17:50:08 UTC
in Coders? Post #330527
Posted 3 years ago2016-06-21 15:25:07 UTC
in Coders? Post #330525
Any Goldsource coders left out there?
Posted 3 years ago2016-06-16 03:37:05 UTC
in Half-Rats' Horror Time #1 Post #330464
Decided to pull old horror stories that are reportedly true and do readings of them. Kind of in the same vein as Creeps McPasta, and others of that ilk, only not creepypastas.

Want to maybe make this a regular thing.
Posted 3 years ago2016-06-06 15:36:38 UTC
in Custom sound in my map Post #330360
Not having the audio come back from a save is caused from the "not looped" flag being checked.
Posted 3 years ago2016-06-03 05:56:49 UTC
in {blue ... Post #330320
Yeah, if the the pallet isn't perfectly following all protocol at the start (Photoshop), then you'll have issues. Even opening it up in Wally and editing the pallet won't work.

What I do:

Change all the colors in the pallet that I want to be pure blue into the same exact color with the same exact values; something like a bright neon green, I then make sure the last color in the pallet is pure blue(0, 0, 255), then I select all the green area with the magic wand tool (make sure anti-aliasing is OFF, and paint over it with the pure blue. Color mode = indexed color ("Perceptual 256 Colors" - er whatever..."Exact" might not always be 256 colors), then save it as an 8-bit .bmp.

This method has appeared to work flawlessly, unless video is set to software mode.

The one problem I ran into was wondering what to do when the most necessary color of the pallet just happened to be the color I needed changed to blue...

Also, textures with a gradient or fade will not work too well, haha.
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-25 14:53:44 UTC
in Half-Rats: Parasomnia Demo Out Now. Post #330229
I'm not sure, I'll relay the question to him, though!
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-25 12:46:44 UTC
in Half-Rats: Parasomnia Demo Out Now. Post #330221
Still waiting on the HRAFD one, hee hee.

I'm not sure what else I could do to keep dialogue/monologue paced correctly and relative to the surroundings. Like, say someone rushes ahead while HR is talking about something that the player can no longer see because they ran ahead. I mean, I could have other means, like having triggered breakable barriers...Hmmm, I'll have to really get creative. I wasn't going to have player_freezes for EVERY bit of monologue, but in many cases it's kind of my only option. The game IS toted as being narrative-driven in my defense, lol.

As for the darkness...well, it makes sense in conjunction to the story ("Abandoned", burnt logging town with no electricity whatsoever) and with the lantern oil dynamic. Think of Amnesia. There will be static light sources to light to help save on oil as well. It'll slow the pace of the game down. HR series not for action-lovers. Of course there will be total rambo moments and...there might even be a test of the full potential of our melee system by introducing an enemy that has the same melee abilities as the player...maybe.
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-23 15:17:12 UTC
in Half-Rats: Parasomnia Demo Out Now. Post #330202
I had to place the the player_freeze there to keep the player from moving ahead. I was going to do that for all monologue and dialogue. A lot of people complained about being able to run around during dialogue in HRAFD.
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-22 19:32:03 UTC
in Half-Rats: Parasomnia Demo Out Now. Post #330199
13.7 fps?

Cute. Looks like I may need some hints?

This map was also from my horrible days of HRAFD.
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-22 01:14:06 UTC
in Any way to have moving laser pointers? Post #330190
Wouldn't it be able to reach the player through walls then?
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-21 19:15:38 UTC
in Half-Rats: Parasomnia Demo Out Now. Post #330186
Go ahead and play the demo. There's a surprise in the carriage house.

And, Shepard, that would be cool! I think for the full version, I would like it to be playable across as many platforms as possible.
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-21 15:07:26 UTC
in Half-Rats: Parasomnia Demo Out Now. Post #330177
Oof! I dunno' how do that.
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-21 05:50:10 UTC
in Any way to have moving laser pointers? Post #330168
Ones that follow you? Hmmmm...Maybe with Spirit of Half-Life. env_beam needs an end to work...maybe a single sprite, such as the RPG's laser pointer could be made to follow the player somehow, but this seems like a stretch.

Maybe making a light_spot and modifying it?

You could maybe even make it brush-based and passable....but it wouldn't be able to grow or shrink.
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-21 01:48:50 UTC
in Half-Rats: Parasomnia Demo Out Now. Post #330165
After nearly a year! Won't be long for the full-game to be finished. The hardest parts are over.
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-20 03:33:23 UTC
in Load/Save Issue Post #330163
The issue has been resolved! Thank you for your help. Looks like we got a demo to release soon!
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-19 16:35:46 UTC
in Load/Save Issue Post #330162
Ahhh, alright. Thanks! I relayed the info. He's never done anything like this before.
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-19 15:02:28 UTC
in Load/Save Issue Post #330160
Anyone have any background with code? We have a somewhat unique inventory system which allows for real-time use, as well as a money/shop system. Well, when you load a save, all of your inventory items disappear, as well as all your cash, AND one of the weapons' sounds stop working correctly, if at all.

What is this likely caused by?

I'm guessing you'd need to know more of the particulars of how our code works, but I've got my fingers crossed at the moment.
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-19 02:46:31 UTC
in Texture for Goldsrc needed Post #330155
I can make you one from scratch possibly. I requested to make a tutorial of this...I can show you how to do it as well. If you use Photoshop.
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-18 00:22:34 UTC
in Model Issues Post #330151
Nevermind. Found out it was going to play flinch while it was dying.
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-17 22:21:14 UTC
in Model Issues Post #330149
Hey, what causes a model to die, and shoot back up to standing position instantly and then become completely frozen sometimes?
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-17 15:32:35 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #330148
Jesus, what are you people doing to be able to get that level of detail in your maps? Oh, I know - CHEATING! Bwahahah! Looks fantastic.

Here's some Parasomnia progress:


My monitor kinda...distorts the HUD a bit.
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-15 22:43:09 UTC
in Game_Counter Set Up Post #330138
Actually. disregard that. scripted sentences. I'll use those for player. So...another question...regarding making custom commands and key bindings actually show up on the GUI.
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-15 22:03:24 UTC
in Game_Counter Set Up Post #330137
I was going to ask about spirit's new sound channels...what does each channel do? You got:

stream, voice, static, weapon, item.
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-14 17:23:44 UTC
in Game_Counter Set Up Post #330133
Ohhhh! Neat stuff. Anyone familiar with Spirit fgd?
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-14 03:24:18 UTC
in Game_Counter Set Up Post #330123
True...if it WAS quick.
Posted 4 years ago2016-05-14 02:52:51 UTC
in Game_Counter Set Up Post #330121
Hello! Embarrassingly enough, I've never used a counter...going by feel here.

I wish to script a door that is only triggered to open after 5 glass bottles are broken.

I have my game_counter, my 5 bottles. I set the bottles to target the counter on breaking. I set the counter's target to the door name and the limit value to 5. Did I do this correctly?
Posted 4 years ago2016-04-10 18:02:34 UTC
in Help with triggercamera Post #329771
It has to follow an object. Such as a func_train, which will also be following the path_corners.
Posted 4 years ago2016-03-24 05:19:09 UTC
in Set maximum Hz for better quality sounds Post #329533
Ah, I see. It's a reverb impulse that is hard-coded.
Posted 4 years ago2016-03-24 05:11:24 UTC
in Mapping for Heart of Evil(HL1 Mod) Post #329532
Vertex manipulation, masked textures, and some tropical prop models are in your future.
Posted 4 years ago2016-03-22 17:48:52 UTC
in Lighting Issues Post #329517
Worked when I run it on extra!
Posted 4 years ago2016-03-21 22:11:43 UTC
in Lighting Issues Post #329510
Checked out the VHLT tutorial. Wow! Thanks, guys!

While we're on the subject of lighting, though, I noticed some of the valve prop models that come with the SDK aren't being lit. They are monster_furnitures with clip brushes around them. Should I just go ahead and mess with the default light level?
Posted 4 years ago2016-03-21 15:07:46 UTC
in Lighting Issues Post #329501
Indeed I do, Bruce. I'm running rad on full. I have no idea what a lighting bounce is. I'm using Vluzacn's Tools.

See, the way I have it, is that all of the candles can be lit and extinguished.
Posted 4 years ago2016-03-21 03:44:55 UTC
in Lighting Issues Post #329493
User posted image
This work?

EDIT: Arrrgh.
Posted 4 years ago2016-03-21 01:16:13 UTC
in Lighting Issues Post #329491
User posted image
What's causing these nasty hard, black shadows?
Posted 4 years ago2016-03-19 16:37:51 UTC
in Set maximum Hz for better quality sounds Post #329460
Scratching speakers? It's your signal strength. 8-bit, the noise floor is higher and you can get nasty little scratchy artifacts. Either that, or you're clipping. I slam my sounds past clipping point with a huge gain boost, and attenuate until it sounds right. Then, when it comes time to convert to 22K 8-bit, they sound clear and nice. Of course, your sounds should start out at the highest fidelity for the best results. As the saying goes, Shit in, shit out. Recording at the proper levels in the first place is key. I start out at 96K, 24-bit, and make sure to get the strongest signal I can, while maintaining the most headroom. Converting stereo sounds to mono should be okay if you have the phase inverted on one channel, otherwise, you're going to have a bad day. Most cheap field recorders will have that function built in.

But yeah, the condensed version:

A sound can only be as good as its source. You're never going to get next-gen AAA quality with 8-bit 22K, but you can at least do a decent job if you know the tricks.
Posted 4 years ago2016-03-19 16:06:06 UTC
in Sven Co-op 5.0 Post #329459
Hell yeah! I've been TRYING to play it online. LANing with my pals has always been fun, though. I recall going through a breakup on St. Patrick's day, and inviting my friend over to LAN. I remember playing AfrikaKorps in its entirety with a fifth of Canadian whiskey at my side. I kept unconsciously taking draughts like one would do with a mountain dew or similar soft drink whilst gaming...yeah, I ended up so drunk I couldn't even play. Ah, my younger, angrier years...I'm glad Sven finally got Greenlit - it's been a long time coming.
Posted 4 years ago2016-03-19 15:56:14 UTC
in Homemade Gargantua Action Figure Post #329458
How many polys?
Posted 4 years ago2016-03-03 05:34:52 UTC
in Just a Little Ditty I Wrote Post #329145
Great tone. Nice pre-amp. Mine has a defect, though. I've come to live with it. No licensed Ibanez repair places for me to use my warranty on.
Posted 4 years ago2016-03-02 17:35:30 UTC
in Dumb Entity Game Post #329134
Ohhhhh! Haaaha! Mine was..."Worldspawn".