Competition 34: HL Re-Imagined Created 6 years ago2016-10-27 11:07:32 UTC by Trempler Trempler

Created 6 years ago2016-10-27 11:07:32 UTC by Trempler Trempler

Posted 5 years ago2017-06-27 15:15:14 UTC Post #335769

What's with your stalkyard remake btw?
Posted 5 years ago2017-06-27 17:04:26 UTC Post #335771
Thanks for asking Windawz. I scrapped it when my models were too complex to import. I didn't want to restart the models and the whole concept of that scheme was "interactive animated models" i.e. a claw that could grab the player and move them around... I have too many deadlines right now to keep up with more like the competition but i'm glad I made an attempt.

I only play surf maps and scoutzknivez these days so my map is sort of a surf like map, but with floating islands and bounce pads.
Posted 5 years ago2017-06-28 09:14:49 UTC Post #335776
I played surf maps before, but they looked so ugly that I just lost any interest to them. Some even didn't have any lights at all!

Also, do you have the .rmf of that stalkyard remake? I could finish it for you, even without the models.
Posted 5 years ago2017-06-28 13:57:06 UTC Post #335781
Well, it's been long enough. I declare me the winner.
Jessie JessieTrans Rights <3
Posted 5 years ago2017-06-28 18:58:04 UTC Post #335784
Over my dead body!
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 5 years ago2017-06-28 20:28:40 UTC Post #335791
If only there were some way for the entrants to virtually duel to the death to determine the winner...
Posted 5 years ago2017-06-29 02:38:40 UTC Post #335795
To make it fair, we all won... atleast experience... :P
Posted 5 years ago2017-06-29 04:31:13 UTC Post #335799
Fair wasn't really what I was going for.
Jessie JessieTrans Rights <3
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