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aiscripted_sequence - Point Entity

Like the scripted_sequence entity, the aiscripted_sequence entity allows you to make a monster entity move to a specific location and/or perform a given animation. Unlike scripted_sequence, aiscripted_sequence completely overrides the targeted monster's AI. Regardless of what you do to the monster, it will follow this sequence.




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Commented 1 year ago2021-07-13 16:50:28 UTC Comment #103609
I have noticed that the AI Schedule when done (m_iFinishSchedule) seems to have an effect for me; when using this entity to place a headcrab in a ventilation duct with a transparent, breakable entrance, the headcrab will fling itself at the player on sight with m_iFinishSchedule set to Default AI (0), but will wait until the vent is broken when that keyvalue is set to Ambush (1).

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