Commented 5 days ago2019-05-19 17:58:10 UTC in vault item: The_Tube2019 Comment #101997
I just checked this out. Having not played the original before and only experiencing this version running around on my own, the improvements seem minimal at first. However, I cannot deny that some of the more major changes are a definite improvement. The 2019 map is more open, which would allow for some interesting firefights. There are also far fewer item and weapon pick ups in dead ends which were a big no-no in the original. The texture changes mean that you can differentiate the various sections more easily and the clip and illusionary brushes for doorways and signs respectively mean that you aren't getting snagged while long jumping around the corridors.

Would love to try this out on the server some time.
Commented 2 weeks ago2019-05-10 22:24:26 UTC in vault item: Infodecal Sample Map Comment #101976
Uhm... why exactly?
Commented 1 month ago2019-04-24 13:04:14 UTC in journal: Mapping out the future Comment #101965
Well shit. You've been here longer than me. Haha! Welcome back. I'll be perfectly honest, as much as I like Sledge, I've taken to JACK more recently, so I might not be of much assistance with your questions. :P
Commented 1 month ago2019-04-13 08:48:24 UTC in journal: wheres capt? Comment #101949
User posted image
Were they working on anything that was particularly anticipated? If not they likely moved on. Got a new hobby.
Commented 2 months ago2019-03-20 14:07:55 UTC in journal: Another Brain Surgery? Comment #101923
Yeesh, sorry to hear that, man. Hoping for nothing but the best outcome for you both. x
Commented 2 months ago2019-03-14 00:38:05 UTC in poll: French Bread Showdown Comment #101903
"Of course I regularly devour a baguette with some tuna and sweetcorn or a bowl of hot soup." Urby raises a fist to the sky, "However, croissants are the ultimate breakfast nom and as we all well know, that's the most important nom of the day! Hyaah!"

With a kick of his spurs, Urby glides away on his giant sentient croissant and explodes.

...Time for bed I reckon.
Commented 2 months ago2019-03-11 14:31:43 UTC in vault item: Colony 42 Comment #101886
Delicious labour fruits...
Commented 2 months ago2019-03-11 10:03:43 UTC in poll: French Bread Showdown Comment #101885
Croissant Crew 4 lyf
Commented 2 months ago2019-03-10 16:32:53 UTC in vault item: E-Lab-orate Comment #101884
Thanks for the playthrough 2much. I see you skipped most of the ammo pickups. I made the map pretty sadistic for people who didn't explore the areas fully. :P
Commented 2 months ago2019-03-10 11:39:42 UTC in vault item: GG/AIM_PERFECT Comment #101881
No pic, no click. :)
Commented 3 months ago2019-02-24 13:05:25 UTC in journal: 0x0011 Comment #101829
Hurpy burpy from Urpy.
Commented 3 months ago2019-02-15 15:50:00 UTC in journal: I make books. Comment #101821
As a naive English country boy, I was not aware of said racial slur and there was no malice in what I said, merely a fun rhyme.

I'm not changing it because I refuse to give words that level of power. :P
Commented 3 months ago2019-02-14 17:29:04 UTC in journal: I make books. Comment #101817
You make books?

I bake mooks!
Commented 3 months ago2019-01-30 14:24:19 UTC in journal: I'm retiring from Half Life modding Comment #101794
I'm an active member of the TWHL community (Hell, a moderator even) and I've not released anything significant in my entire time being here! Sorry to hear you won't be submitting anything to the vault, but happy to see you will be sticking around in some regard. :D
Commented 4 months ago2019-01-13 23:46:14 UTC in vault item: Black Mesa Geothermal Labs Comment #101743
Absolutely stunning bit of work. Very classic Half-Life feel throughout, with the difficulty dialed up a few notches. Had some deaths at the hands of the slaves and marines, as well as sheer stupidity and ham handed handling during the platforming sections.

A nice use of puzzles and a lot of backtracking, but it's all labelled so clearly with the use of new enemies spawned in and in one case a friendly NPC showing up to help out.

In my opinion, it could have done with a little more in the way of storytelling. What was there was amusingly dark which is just the ticket in my book. However, some audio logs, or at least a living scientist or two to explain what exactly was going on in the facility wouldn't have gone amiss. Also, the state of the place in general was somewhat confusing. There was a lot of visible rock and offices and break areas looked somewhat makeshift, all crammed in together. However, I could not tell if this was due to a collapse or simply hasty construction.

Took me about 40 minutes to complete and I thoroughly enjoyed it. :D
Commented 4 months ago2019-01-10 13:55:16 UTC in journal: Magento 2 Certified! Comment #101721
There it is. Someone had to do it.
Commented 4 months ago2019-01-09 22:20:41 UTC in journal: Been away... Been busy... Comment #101717
I like it! Dropped a sub. :D
Commented 4 months ago2019-01-07 15:32:18 UTC in journal: It's 2019! Get those Christmas hats outta here Comment #101714
...There are no words for how furious I am right now.
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Commented 4 months ago2018-12-27 14:10:31 UTC in news: Competition 35 Results! Comment #101694
I totally missed this until Jessie posted in the shoutbox. Would it be possible to make the most recent competition more prominent on the homepage. It was more so before the results were out. :P
Commented 5 months ago2018-12-17 16:32:55 UTC in vault item: Lambda Reactor Complex Level A Comment #101688
Looks interesting. Will have to check this out when I get home. One thing I will say is that the lighting in the screenshots looks really strange, like the really defined light spots on the ceilings.

Did you use the old compile tools because if you did I would consider recompiling using Vluzacn's tools:
Commented 5 months ago2018-12-13 14:07:13 UTC in journal: New Streaming Schedule Comment #101683
This pleases me
Commented 5 months ago2018-12-11 14:21:15 UTC in journal: IBM AT Comment #101682
<3 LGR
Commented 5 months ago2018-12-11 14:20:45 UTC in journal: A Very Quakey Christmas Comment #101681
Holy pants, these maps...
Commented 5 months ago2018-12-09 21:44:40 UTC in vault item: Demo of my unnamed mod Comment #101676
Well, I downloaded the .bsp directly but you've used counterstrike textures and not -wadincluded them in the compile, so most of the walls are purple checkerboards.

I'll give up. :P
Commented 5 months ago2018-12-05 20:59:30 UTC in journal: Christmas Avatars (Chrivatars) Comment #101667
Excellent! Now let's march on Washington... Uhm, I mean "Be merry."
Commented 5 months ago2018-12-04 20:58:58 UTC in vault item: Demo of my unnamed mod Comment #101664
Archive is damaged or corrupted for me too I'm afraid.
Commented 5 months ago2018-12-01 11:38:16 UTC in journal: DREAM GIRLS DIE Comment #101648
I'm gonna map to this entire playlist and see what comes out.
Commented 5 months ago2018-11-29 23:31:45 UTC in journal: Video editing software Comment #101641
I've only really got experience with Sony Vegas Movie Studio but I love it. It's expensive if you go for the latest version, but older versions tend to be much cheaper but you sacrifice functionality/features.
Commented 5 months ago2018-11-25 23:33:36 UTC in vault item: Tunnel Vision Comment #101636
Wow... Well I would certainly be surprised if this doesn't get first place in the competition. Seven maps!? That's insane!

Played on hard as recommended and it was certainly challenging in some areas. I think for the most part I was running around with 100HP, but the various combat encounters were often frantic and I wound up in the red a number of times. I must admit that it was getting a little tedious at the start given the number of zombies and headcrabs, as I would engage these with the crowbar to conserve ammunition and whittling their health down took a long time.

There are quite a few areas that serve as little more than combat arenas and as such they lack detail or do not make a lot of sense. One example that comes to mind is the crossroad shaped section which had a single office in one wall... The middle section with the laser cannon was also a little bland in terms of detail and lighting.

However, not once was the game play dull, including the Half-Life staples of combat and platforming with the occasional bit of exploration which was always rewarded.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable map pack that hits a lot of the beats from the original campaign without simply copying it.

Bug Report: I noticed that with the electrical arcs that appear after the generator starts up, the trigger_hurt doesn't always disable properly for the first one. In two play throughs I took a chunk of damage when the beams were off, but only on the first one. The other two work fine.
Commented 6 months ago2018-10-26 20:59:53 UTC in journal: I’m really bad about these things... Comment #101581
Holy crap Rim. Glad to hear you're home but that is a hefty bill... :(
Commented 6 months ago2018-10-26 13:40:30 UTC in journal: Sitting on this one for years Comment #101578
Happy Birthday. How old are you though?
Commented 7 months ago2018-10-17 13:48:38 UTC in journal: Memories Comment #101559
Glad to see you're still popping in from time to time, Satch. I have to admit now that I have kids and a load of more mature friends, I am starting to seek my entertainment elsewhere. I love gaming and mapping and the TWHL community, but as my kids get older I will be looking to do more and more with them, out of the house.

Of course I will simply stop making maps one day in the future, but not just yet, and it is highly unlikely that I will ever stop gaming full stop.

Retirement seems so very far away at the moment that I couldn't even imagine how I'd spend that time, but I guess I'll have a better idea closer to the time... (38 years to go yet...)
Commented 7 months ago2018-10-06 15:38:15 UTC in journal: I maked a thing Comment #101548
Is there a link?
Commented 7 months ago2018-09-25 21:35:00 UTC in journal: So I just bought a dehumidifier. Comment #101528
I don't really do unusual purchases these days. It's either gaming related or buying or replacing something functional for the house. Not sure if missing out or just becoming one of these "adults" I hear so much about...
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Commented 9 months ago2018-08-23 12:49:05 UTC in journal: Cthulhu hl1 Comment #101472
I remember that mod. I stopped playing it. It's not good.
Commented 10 months ago2018-07-21 21:05:23 UTC in journal: Bought a House! Comment #101394
@DiscoStu, you should see it where I live in the UK. My sister moved to her own place a couple of estates away and the layout inside is identical to our mum's house. My grandparent's place which was a couple of estates in the other direction was also identical.

Then, when I moved back to Market Drayton three years ago, we got a house close to my mum's place, and the layout of my house is identical to my childhood friend's house, who lived one street over. So it seems this entire area where I live, the houses all have one of two layouts...
Commented 10 months ago2018-07-20 20:20:03 UTC in journal: Bought a House! Comment #101392
Yass! Gimme that Goldsource tour!
Commented 10 months ago2018-07-06 14:10:51 UTC in journal: #846 Comment #101342
Ah, OK. It's my first journal. I was wondering what the Hell was going on...
Commented 10 months ago2018-07-02 14:31:52 UTC in journal: The Whole Map Vault schedule Comment #101337
I'll be honest. I've not been able to catch the live stream for a couple of weeks. British Summer Time means that I can only really get the first hour of the weekday stream before needing to retire to get a semi-decent amount of sleep. The weekend is just getting hectic with the youngest starting to move about and the eldest wanting to play in the sun all day...

That said, depending on what is put in place, I will try to watch whenever I can, otherwise I'll be catching up via the VODs when I'm cooking dinner and whatnot.

Hell, I've wanted to get back into streaming myself because I really enjoyed the interaction aspect of it, but my time is just getting soaked up by toddlers and babies and wives... mostly one of each of those.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 11 months ago2018-05-26 15:17:27 UTC in vault item: Access Point Comment #21351
Woo! A singleplayer map in the vault!

Short, sweet and very authentic. I would go as far as to say that you could drop this into the middle of We've Got Hostiles and a lesser experienced Half Life player would be none the wiser.

Played on hard and actually missed the optional side path so it was pretty challenging.

One issue I noticed was that the grunts having a conversation don't react when the other is killed. I assume this was done so that the player can bust the vent without the grunts spinning round and blasting them? Otherwise, solid.
Commented 1 year ago2018-05-14 12:17:42 UTC in journal: #8934 Comment #44161
Old one was scrapped by the dealership and knocked £2,000 off the price of the new one.
Commented 1 year ago2018-05-13 14:14:52 UTC in journal: #8934 Comment #44160
You actually make a good point. My old Rio was much heavier than I realised. We had to winch it onto the recovery truck only to realise the back nearside wheel had seized up after three months on the driveway. Took three of us to lift the one wheel off the ground.
Commented 1 year ago2018-05-12 18:06:58 UTC in journal: #8934 Comment #44159
Petroleum sadly, but efficient at least. Stop/Start when idling, lots of indicators to ensure you get the most MPG and so on.
Commented 1 year ago2018-05-12 16:57:00 UTC in journal: #8934 Comment #44158
My 2009 was the absolute basic model, same as the new one in fact. Times have changed it seems...

New car is only a 1248cc compared to the previous 1399, but it actually feels much more powerful.
Commented 1 year ago2018-05-08 21:35:33 UTC in journal: #8933 Comment #67945
Congratulations on rising through the ranks of the Mafia.
Commented 1 year ago2018-05-06 11:10:44 UTC in journal: You Know The Deal Comment #53047
Sounds specifically like a YOU problem there, Arch.
Commented 1 year ago2018-05-04 15:37:50 UTC in journal: You Know The Deal Comment #53046
Happy... 18th? Surely not.

24th? I may be missing some tentacles.