Commented 1 day ago2020-01-24 23:35:05 UTC in vault item: Carbaseus Comment #102524
Uploaded the copy I had directly to TWHL so that this gem doesn't disappear again.
Commented 3 weeks ago2019-12-29 20:17:57 UTC in journal: What do you know? Comment #102483
And here I thought I was the oldest regular at TWHL... I'm probably not even close, considering how little I know about most of the regulars nowadays...
Commented 4 weeks ago2019-12-28 10:45:38 UTC in journal: What do you know? Comment #102475
It's a cryptic journal... December is the 12th month of the year.

Happy 36th Birthday?
Commented 1 month ago2019-11-28 20:58:38 UTC in journal: Stream Announcements! Comment #102457
I will likely miss the start of The Whole Map Vault since it starts at 10pm and that's when my missus now gets home from work on Friday. I will likely catch all of the sorting out of the arseholes or whatever.
Commented 1 month ago2019-11-28 14:45:01 UTC in journal: Much more important than a birthday journal Comment #102454
Why are people still saying "Happy Birthday" though? :\
Commented 2 months ago2019-11-07 20:24:15 UTC in poll: Video Games November 2019 Comment #102428
I originally thought "Hmmm, Red Dead on PC." until I realised:
A) It's not coming to Steam until December and
B) I'm not likely to even get it until the price comes down

So yeah, nothing I guess. Bit of a bummer really.
Commented 2 months ago2019-11-01 14:34:43 UTC in journal: ...just personal things....mixed with some fiction Comment #102413
Modding is, like anything else, something that you get better at with practice. Hell, you can see my early attempts at Half-Life mapping right here on the site. I look back at some of those maps now and cringe.

Now, I am by no means as talented as a LOT of modders out there, but I am comfortable where I am. One thing that has certainly opened my eyes is working on The Core. Working closely with another mapper (Archie) has taught me a number of tips and tricks that I now apply as second nature when working on something new. The downside of this is that you go back and update older maps based on what you learn and you get stuck in a loop until you learn to just cut and run.

Bottom line is, you're not a failure until you give up. Keep trying, upload what you build and listen to the feedback. Some of it will seem harsh but unless people are just trolling, you will be able to take something useful from every bit of feedback, positive or negative.
Commented 3 months ago2019-10-21 09:30:49 UTC in journal: What a time to be alive... Comment #102362
Thanks... motherfucker?
Commented 3 months ago2019-10-20 00:03:27 UTC in journal: What a time to be alive... Comment #102356
Commented 3 months ago2019-10-19 20:09:25 UTC in journal: What a time to be alive... Comment #102354
It was neither. I was sat at my desk, trying to think of a birthday journal. I guess my brain just operates in shower/shit mode at all times.
Commented 3 months ago2019-10-17 23:27:59 UTC in poll: Best Vowel Comment #102334
When in doubt, remember the song: "Anything U can do I can do better. I can do anything better than U."
Commented 3 months ago2019-10-08 13:48:35 UTC in journal: Need to leave Comment #102316
So please stay out of my way you apes.
Commented 3 months ago2019-10-07 13:50:58 UTC in journal: Need to leave Comment #102308
I'm trying to get my head around how you perceive things as that's obviously a huge contributing factor.

What you need to understand is that depending on what you're working on, a lot of the time it's going to be very niche. Something that interests you might not interest a lot of other people.

Goldsource or Source mods on PC are fairly common and much easier for the average player to install and play for example, and as such tend to be popular.

Some of the things I've seen you pitching, such as ports to Nintendo DS or modding for Xbox and such is going to be extremely limiting in terms of audience. Both systems are very outdated, meaning fewer and fewer people are even going to be using them, not to mention people looking to play ported games from 10 or 20 years ago. Hell, this website is dedicated to custom projects of varying scope for a range of Goldsource and Source titles, and in all the many many MANY years that I've been here, I've never seen anybody even consider making mods for consoles besides yourself.
Commented 3 months ago2019-10-04 18:57:15 UTC in journal: I now have... Comment #102288
Congrats! She's gorgeous. Brave little one too. My two cats spent the first night behind our washing machine.

May you have many happy years together and may she appear in all your maps from now on. :3
Commented 4 months ago2019-09-24 13:10:11 UTC in vault item: dm_Apprehension Comment #102281
Honestly I wouldn't have removed the upper metal walkway. Height variation adds a lot to gameplay. With it stands, this is a pretty simple crate map.

Working on a HLDM map based on the singleplayer campaign is a great way to do things, but expand on the area, don't remove stuff. ;)
Commented 4 months ago2019-09-09 13:31:55 UTC in vault item: Open The Door... Comment #102265
Spent about 45 minutes in the map yesterday evening. Got down to 29. I shall attempt to complete this tonight. I get a feeling I will start to lose my temper with it when I start getting down to single digits.

Fun idea though. Really quite a simple concept that I've not seen before.
Commented 4 months ago2019-09-08 00:11:54 UTC in journal: Was cleaning my room Comment #102258
I enjoy how this alien grunt gets both a retail and a concept model for the hivehand. Dual wielding like a bee-ast.
Commented 4 months ago2019-09-07 22:48:45 UTC in vault item: Blue Paradise Comment #102257
Recovered the map from FPS Banana and added the file here.
Commented 4 months ago2019-08-31 18:23:54 UTC in vault item: dm_eightball Comment #102236
This is a really nice looking map. Tricky to say how it would play having only run around it alone, but damn does it look good. Seems to be nicely clipped as well, so as not to have players getting blocked by the small details during the frantic gameplay of HLDM. This could easily work as a small single player experience as well, with a few access restrictions thrown in here and there.

The lighting is nice and varied throughout and the only area where I struggled to see much was the cave area. but given that the lights in this area can be turned off completely I assume this was the point.

Finally, there are some nice little secrets which give the player access to the more powerful weapons. Every time I thought I had been clever and broken the map I was proven wrong and instead rewarded with a new toy. Very well done.
Commented 4 months ago2019-08-29 08:35:50 UTC in journal: Just one of those days I guess Comment #102224
Happy... 24th?

I'm basing this purely on "the most powerful handgun in the world" according to Dirty Harry, the .44 Magnum. Or at least a six shooter of some description.
Commented 5 months ago2019-08-17 16:47:55 UTC in journal: Brain Surgery 2 Comment #102221
All the best to you both. I hope this last month wont drag for either of you. It's the waiting that's often the worst part.
Commented 5 months ago2019-07-28 02:15:42 UTC in journal: It's the thing Comment #102175
It's a TWHL journal and it's obscure... Happy Birthday?
Commented 6 months ago2019-07-18 12:58:33 UTC in vault item: de_splinter2 Comment #102169
I remember this map. It's OK.
Commented 6 months ago2019-07-11 12:32:50 UTC in journal: What to do in London this summer? Comment #102158
From the three phone calls I received that night along with video messages I can confirm that:
A) Drinks were drunk.
B) Merriment was had.
C) Dicks were kicked.
Commented 6 months ago2019-07-11 12:30:44 UTC in journal: My princess, Ivory-Rose - UPDATED July 11th Comment #102157
Many thanks for the kind response. :D
Commented 6 months ago2019-07-08 13:54:40 UTC in journal: Strictly speaking, this is two minutes too late. Comment #102149
Happy leaving via mum's vagina anniversary.
Commented 6 months ago2019-06-29 00:20:13 UTC in journal: What to do in London this summer? Comment #102128
Meh, just kick him in the dick.
Commented 7 months ago2019-06-26 14:11:13 UTC in journal: What to do in London this summer? Comment #102123
I spent a day at the British Museum, and when I left I seriously considered going back the day after. So much to look at!
Yeah, we've stolen a lot of shit over the centuries.
Commented 7 months ago2019-06-24 14:45:25 UTC in journal: My princess, Ivory-Rose - UPDATED July 11th Comment #102120
Pinging a link to my wife now, see if she can grab it on her Kindle.
Commented 7 months ago2019-06-22 17:32:56 UTC in journal: My princess, Ivory-Rose - UPDATED July 11th Comment #102116
Commented 7 months ago2019-06-22 07:37:07 UTC in journal: My princess, Ivory-Rose - UPDATED July 11th Comment #102112
Thanks Satch. She gets that from me. I am also a beautiful princess.

As for people thrown by her age, trust me, I'm as shocked as you and I was there.

Hell, my son is nearly 18 months already...
Commented 7 months ago2019-06-21 14:09:28 UTC in journal: My princess, Ivory-Rose - UPDATED July 11th Comment #102106
Penguinboy! Get in here! I need a way to add a 'like' to Satchmo's response, stat!
Commented 7 months ago2019-06-20 21:23:12 UTC in journal: My princess, Ivory-Rose - UPDATED July 11th Comment #102103
Thanks for the responses guys. We're not concerned about Ivory being on the Autistic Spectrum. It's not something that can be "fixed" as such. She's not broken, she's just Autistic. It's already clear that when she wants something, she will fight for it. While at the moment that means tantrums and screaming, when she's older I'm certain it will become passion and drive.

The primary school that she's got a placement with is actually my old school, and we know they have a fantastic reputation for learning support. In fact, Ivory's key person at nursery has said today that she thinks Ivory would actually benefit going to school as normal. Early days yet, and there are a lot of meetings and assessments still to come, but overall we're staying positive. :)

@Bruce: No hate here, but Ivory is actually long done with her vaccinations. Next one isn't until she's between 12 and 13. Personally, that's not something I would be willing to do. Again, I'm not concerned that Ivory is on the spectrum and I much prefer that over her being vulnerable against measles, polio or rubella. :|
Commented 7 months ago2019-06-20 16:28:46 UTC in journal: My princess, Ivory-Rose - UPDATED July 11th Comment #102098
It wasn't sudden by any means, no. She was always slow to start speaking. She didn't even babble very much when she was younger. Not like her younger brother now who doesn't stop babbling.

We just figured she was quiet, until we saw her together with her cousin (2 week age difference)

He was attempting to talk in sentences while she resorted to pointing, grunting and saying only one or two words.
Commented 7 months ago2019-06-02 16:15:20 UTC in vault item: Cycler Sample Maps (Unused Content) Comment #102042
zombiegibs.mdl actually does appear in the game, in the Office Complex freezer.
Commented 7 months ago2019-05-27 14:27:44 UTC in journal: Giant Dump Comment #102012
Always good to have a vent. Sorry to hear about everything that's going on, but every cloud has a silver lining as they say. Best of luck to Lyssa! Strange that you should mention being diagnosed with autism. We're pretty sure that's what is coming with our daughter...

Happy to hear you're still working on SMJ, and I'd be more than willing to help out with the story anyway I can. I have no professional writing experience, but I certainly enjoy it.
Commented 8 months ago2019-05-19 17:58:10 UTC in vault item: The_Tube2019 Comment #101997
I just checked this out. Having not played the original before and only experiencing this version running around on my own, the improvements seem minimal at first. However, I cannot deny that some of the more major changes are a definite improvement. The 2019 map is more open, which would allow for some interesting firefights. There are also far fewer item and weapon pick ups in dead ends which were a big no-no in the original. The texture changes mean that you can differentiate the various sections more easily and the clip and illusionary brushes for doorways and signs respectively mean that you aren't getting snagged while long jumping around the corridors.

Would love to try this out on the server some time.
Commented 8 months ago2019-05-10 22:24:26 UTC in vault item: Infodecal Sample Map Comment #101976
Uhm... why exactly?
Commented 9 months ago2019-04-24 13:04:14 UTC in journal: Mapping out the future Comment #101965
Well shit. You've been here longer than me. Haha! Welcome back. I'll be perfectly honest, as much as I like Sledge, I've taken to JACK more recently, so I might not be of much assistance with your questions. :P
Commented 9 months ago2019-04-13 08:48:24 UTC in journal: wheres capt? Comment #101949
User posted image
Were they working on anything that was particularly anticipated? If not they likely moved on. Got a new hobby.
Commented 10 months ago2019-03-20 14:07:55 UTC in journal: Another Brain Surgery? Comment #101923
Yeesh, sorry to hear that, man. Hoping for nothing but the best outcome for you both. x
Commented 10 months ago2019-03-14 00:38:05 UTC in poll: French Bread Showdown Comment #101903
"Of course I regularly devour a baguette with some tuna and sweetcorn or a bowl of hot soup." Urby raises a fist to the sky, "However, croissants are the ultimate breakfast nom and as we all well know, that's the most important nom of the day! Hyaah!"

With a kick of his spurs, Urby glides away on his giant sentient croissant and explodes.

...Time for bed I reckon.
Commented 10 months ago2019-03-11 14:31:43 UTC in vault item: Colony 42 Comment #101886
Delicious labour fruits...
Commented 10 months ago2019-03-11 10:03:43 UTC in poll: French Bread Showdown Comment #101885
Croissant Crew 4 lyf
Commented 10 months ago2019-03-10 16:32:53 UTC in vault item: E-Lab-orate Comment #101884
Thanks for the playthrough 2much. I see you skipped most of the ammo pickups. I made the map pretty sadistic for people who didn't explore the areas fully. :P
Commented 10 months ago2019-03-10 11:39:42 UTC in vault item: GG/AIM_PERFECT Comment #101881
No pic, no click. :)
Commented 11 months ago2019-02-24 13:05:25 UTC in journal: 0x0011 Comment #101829
Hurpy burpy from Urpy.
Commented 11 months ago2019-02-15 15:50:00 UTC in journal: I make books. Comment #101821
As a naive English country boy, I was not aware of said racial slur and there was no malice in what I said, merely a fun rhyme.

I'm not changing it because I refuse to give words that level of power. :P
Commented 11 months ago2019-02-14 17:29:04 UTC in journal: I make books. Comment #101817
You make books?

I bake mooks!
Commented 11 months ago2019-01-30 14:24:19 UTC in journal: I'm retiring from Half Life modding Comment #101794
I'm an active member of the TWHL community (Hell, a moderator even) and I've not released anything significant in my entire time being here! Sorry to hear you won't be submitting anything to the vault, but happy to see you will be sticking around in some regard. :D