This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 1 month ago2024-01-23 11:21:21 UTC in journal: Back Being an MD Comment #105922
If you can walk away from a landing, it's a good landing.
- Sun Tzu
Commented 1 month ago2023-12-27 18:48:02 UTC in journal: A new home Comment #105802
So cool!! <3
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Commented 2 months ago2023-12-15 10:28:18 UTC in vault item: The New (Un)Forgotten Testament Comment #105726
Architecture — 0
Texturing — 1
Ambience — 0
Lighting — 0
Gameplay — 1

I kinda thought this might have a few jokes. It's presented as a troll map, but just lacks any attempt at lulz, earned or otherwise.

Extremely blocky. There are two clipped/VM'd brushes in the entire map.

Mostly aligned, but very strange choices throughout. Two separate wads for a grand total of two custom textures, both of which are somehow simultaneously overused and also completely absent.

70MB of completely unnecessary, base-game overwriting song ripped from, i think, Mario 64?

Floating point-lights with no source. Over-bright in most areas, plus eye-gouging colour clashes with the texture choices.

Monsters stuck in floor (yellow dots), monsters clipping through walls, no node navigation. One vaguely interesting combat space in the whole map with your office cubicles that might have been fun if there had been nodes to let the monsters run around.

If this was a genuine attempt at a fun map, I apologise for being so harsh. But it needs a lot of work to be worth a download.
If it was a troll map... it's totally devoid of any personality or jokes.
Commented 2 months ago2023-12-15 10:04:10 UTC in vault item: The New (Un)Forgotten Testament Comment #105725
If you're overwriting original game files (Suspense02.mp3), please package this as a minimod, otherwise the file will be changed in the player's base game.
Click here to see how to do this with no effort
Commented 2 months ago2023-12-05 17:48:04 UTC in wiki page: info_texlights Comment #105699
It's worth noting that, as with lights.rad, you can add a fourth value for intensity

LIGHT1 150 200 255 2000
Commented 2 months ago2023-12-05 17:46:24 UTC in vault item: dm_leveldirector Comment #105698
Apologies, that should be fixed now
Commented 4 months ago2023-10-19 11:41:27 UTC in journal: One of those journals... Comment #105596
you are old like dust.
Commented 5 months ago2023-09-08 18:14:00 UTC in journal: Just need to vent a bit. Comment #105550
Be as special as you are and don't apologise for it. Thrilled to read how self-actualised Admer has become after struggling with a lot of this stuff in the past.
Be careful, be sensible, but don't apologise for being you.

All that being said, getting your sleep in order will really help your wellbeing. Physical and mental health is so dependant on sleep, and one of the best life resets you can do is just getting into a sleep routine. Cancel the caffeine after 2pm and try to do a bit of exercise every day so that you get restful sleep. Getting on top of that physical stuff really, really helps the mental side.
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Commented 8 months ago2023-05-31 01:00:29 UTC in vault item: de_classicsmix_b2 Comment #105305
The layout is actually really cool and interesting. I like how Nuke is squeezed into the middle, and it would make for some very interesting gameplay encounters. I don't personally think Nuke needs to be a bombsite, and I'd maybe consider it just being Dust2's A site and Train's B-site. This would keep Nuke just as a mid traversal option and i think would keep gameplay more balanced. Very clever use of space with the 3 maps.

Texturing and lighting - I like seeing the remixed Dust 2 in a more industrial setting, but overall the texturing is a bit lacklustre. Crates and details in general are all a bit bland, and overall the map could use some more distinct texturing and lighting. This is both for visuals and to aid navigation, as the new layout can be slightly maze-like. Train also seems pretty much unchanged, which is a shame when you've given Dust such a makeover.

Brushwork, I feel, could be updated a bit for 2023. It's very, very low-detail. I understand you're using the official maps as a base, but I'd love to see a bit more detailing and love given to some of the setpieces and cover. Big towers of crates, and oddly aligned cover on ramps are kinda dull.

From the screenshots, I assumed the Ukraine imagery was coming from a place of love, but it does seem to step quite a bit further than that. The flag alone would have been a lovely touch... the rest is a bit too heavy handed, if I'm completely honest.
I was originally so confused as to why Meerjel would feel the need to make that initial comment, but having now played it, the map does seem to be very deliberately pointed to invite those kinda challenges.

As a moderator, all I'll say is make sure you keep it civil and sensible in the comments. As a person, I'd consider dialling the imagery back to a place of love, not war.
I guess I'm just a little uncomfortable around pro-war sentiment, even if it's on the side of good.
Commented 10 months ago2023-04-22 22:43:20 UTC in journal: Zinc Comment #105221
A truly lovely man; happy birthday, my friend!
Commented 10 months ago2023-04-16 01:42:05 UTC in journal: De_??? showcase Comment #105205
It looks like you've put a lot of thought into gameplay, which is great, but the visuals could use a lot of work. Try to make areas distinct and recognisable to make navigation easy, and lighting being straight down has created some very odd shadows. Give it a bit more character :)
Commented 10 months ago2023-03-29 15:22:42 UTC in journal: Everything I Hate is Game Related Comment #105190
don't work on anything game related?
Commented 11 months ago2023-03-21 15:07:20 UTC in journal: What Winning a Map of the Month Award When I Was 14 Taught Me Comment #105180
To be fair, urby brings most people to tears when they look at him.

Thanks for posting this - it's a good reminder that things we say online have consequences, and what was a joke for one person might not be a joke for another. I'm glad you look back on it as constructive.

That said, I still apologise for my part in hurting your feelings - I had plenty growing up to do in 2011, too.
Commented 11 months ago2023-03-01 16:34:33 UTC in journal: End of Medicine Comment #105148
Keeping my eyes peeled for your next book on paediatric piloting!
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This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 1 year ago2023-01-02 19:16:38 UTC in news: Competition - The Whole Goop Life Comment #104972
it's TWHL tradition to extend competition deadlines at the last minute :P
Commented 1 year ago2022-12-21 00:35:59 UTC in news: Competition - The Whole Goop Life Comment #104939
It's a creative brief, your interpretation of the theme is part of the fun!
User posted image
Commented 1 year ago2022-10-18 15:39:02 UTC in journal: Urby's Travel Guide Comment #104856
nobody is ever going to Bath
Commented 1 year ago2022-10-03 09:45:03 UTC in journal: First Day Comment #104827
I'm sure a lot of people here can relate to your primary school experience. Don't worry, it gets better :)

Big change for me at that age was finding more hobbies I could share with people outside the digital space. A lot of cool things already have great and welcoming communities around them. For me it was indoor climbing - something I still do today 15-20 years later! Maybe it's sport or music or theatre or chess or painting or woodwork or sailing - or anything! Having at least one thing separate from your digital life and your school life can be hugely beneficial.
Commented 1 year ago2022-09-05 03:33:26 UTC in journal: Cooking time owo Comment #104748
thanks Mum, for having such bad cooking that motivated me even more to start cooking myself.
One of the first TV shows I ever worked on was a kids show where they'd write in to us about their parents' terrible cooking, and we'd send a professional chef round to train the parents for a day, with the kids joining a panel of judges the following day for a cooking showdown. This reminded me of that a lot.

I adore cooking - glad to see it's bringing you so much satisfaction.
Commented 1 year ago2022-06-19 17:10:20 UTC in vault item: dm_leveldirector Comment #104566
Damn, that's a really lovely compliment! Thankyou, Frissi :crowbar:
Commented 1 year ago2022-05-28 00:51:54 UTC in journal: Making another stupid boring map no one is gonna see or download or both (WIP) Comment #104458
image links need to point directly to the image file, not a web page. If it doesn't end in .jpg/.png/.gif, etc, it's probably not an image link.
Commented 1 year ago2022-05-27 12:06:58 UTC in news: Bridge The Gap Competition Results! Comment #104452
Awesome job, everyone. Great turnout
Commented 1 year ago2022-05-12 12:19:32 UTC in vault item: Advanced Half-Life FGD (for VHE 3.5) Comment #104404
This is a lovely bit of work. A lot of effort has gone into it!

I'm using it with JACK and so far all models and sprites seem to be displaying correctly
Commented 1 year ago2022-04-25 19:19:14 UTC in journal: Copper Comment #104351
Happy birthday, old friend
Commented 1 year ago2022-04-06 20:02:21 UTC in news: Competition - Bridge the gap Comment #104316
I certainly hope not. I forget how to make maps with less than 5000wpoly
Commented 1 year ago2022-04-02 16:48:07 UTC in news: Competition - Bridge the gap Comment #104297
Was the deadline moved or is the countdown bugging?
It's tradition round here to get an extension :P
The competition page is correct.
Commented 1 year ago2022-03-29 17:33:58 UTC in vault item: bounfire Comment #104284
Love this idea! Will add to the TWHL hldm server when i finish work
Commented 1 year ago2022-03-21 20:27:18 UTC in vault item: Dawn (Deathrun map for HL) (beta 5) Comment #104246
add a screenshot
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Commented 1 year ago2022-03-14 16:49:13 UTC in vault item: TWHL Cubicles: TWHL Office (2022) Comment #104218
Hah, wow, some very old names here.
Super sweet, Suparsonik
Commented 2 years ago2022-02-15 10:16:44 UTC in news: Competition - Bridge the gap Comment #104122
From discord
Texture and lighting changes are fine. The main structure needs to remain, although it can be modified. You can use your own judgement about whether it's in the spirit of the competition. I can't guarantee that making it completely different from the base map won't count against you in judging, it's all subjective. Put it in space, sure, but make it an asteroid or something so the canyon can remain.
Commented 2 years ago2022-02-03 10:06:50 UTC in journal: Overcharged Comment #104072
Wellp they can't make a trailer worth a damn, but the mod looks very cool. Not sure about the kicking.
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This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 2 years ago2022-01-27 20:58:07 UTC in news: Competition - Bridge the gap Comment #104047
Football and chess are for nerds, Satchmo. Goldsource mapping is where the cool kids play. :lol:
Commented 2 years ago2022-01-25 10:41:01 UTC in vault item: The Sydney Harbour Bridge Comment #104037
I like bridges, and by George, this is a bridge
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Commented 2 years ago2021-10-27 12:42:25 UTC in journal: Oh no Comment #103795

(hipply burfles)
Commented 2 years ago2021-10-20 16:54:12 UTC in journal: My Whole Half Life Comment #103783
I very much enjoy the journal title, but also DAAAAAMNNNN.


19th September 1991


15th August 2004
Age when joined: 4714 days


20th Oct 2021
Age today: 10989 days

I've been a TWHLer for 57.1% of my life.
Commented 2 years ago2021-09-09 20:59:09 UTC in journal: Update Comment #103714
What do you suppose will occupy your time if you retire? Is it normal for doctors to retire relatively young, or only the Young doctors specifically?

Tastes mature as we do - you'll just have to get obsessively into train simulators instead of shooters :)
Commented 2 years ago2021-08-14 19:28:57 UTC in vault item: Never Ending Comment #103672
Absolutely mind-blowing. Brilliant design - I love the massive, imposing A-frame doorways.
Commented 2 years ago2021-08-12 22:43:00 UTC in vault item: Scooby_Rats Comment #103669

Bad news! It's turned into a bit of a server-emptier. I think 98% of the problem is including the crossbow. In a map so open it just turns into crossbow sniping and no action