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how many people play this?
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You can use trigger_relay
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you can just copy that and put it into google search
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Tryhards and cheaters have existed since the very beginning of online gaming, it's to be expected
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Well then whats the better way
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I remember this map.
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Hey, which documentary are you making?
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Is germany a good idea? You might get blown up.
..I'll see myself out.
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Google is your friend, or
Commented 3 years ago2016-12-18 21:17:42 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Detailing Maps Comment #100738
Yeah maybe for sparks if you are a newbie to level design, but rounded corners? Really? Just make a brush in the corner of your map and use the clipping tool.
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Stop dancing waltz and get laid lol
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I've always wanted a bored MIT student to make a CS map of his university. Almost there