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Yes. I even carried it across the field in front of my house.
User posted image
They were a little heavier than I thought TBH.
I am definitely surprised that Gordon could pick these up so easily, albeit, cinder blocks in HL2 are definitely smaller compared to these, lol.

And no, this is not a birthday journal.
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You know something's up when I put the uwu in the title. :walter:
So, this has been mentioned on TWHL Discord, but it should be mentioned here as well, just in case.

I have 37 tutorials on GameBanana. 8 of them are HL-related and worthy of being ported to TWHL.

Better view bobbing

A tutorial about view bobbing in the HL SDK, covering view.cpp and how stuff works there. Might be in 2 or even 3 parts.

Creating new entities

Penguinboy told me this one could be a start of a new chapter for the programming tutorials. It covers creating a really simple new entity class (which prints stuff to the console) and editing the FGD to add the entity definition.
Tutorials following this one, I imagine, would involve stuff such as targeting other entities, having multiple different targets for each 'condition', checking certain entity properties, finding entities by name or by some other filters, and so on.

About carving

The name says it. A mostly objective view on carving, covering various "manual carving" methods using the clipping tool.

How to fix those leaks

Methods of finding leaks and what can cause them.

Real-life photos to Half-Life textures

No explanation required.

Complete music tutorial

Making music for Half-Life mods and placing it into maps. Can be expanded to an overall audio guide for GoldSrc, covering different uses of ambient_generic and whatnot.

Manipulating light in GoldSrc

All about lighting, different lighting setups, toggling shadows etc.

How to make sprites more flexible

Well, to be exact, this one's originally about sprite orientation, but I suppose it could be expanded to different ways of utilising sprites, e.g. for grass, smoke, light glows, videos even.

Generally, I'm mostly excited about the programming tutorials, not just the couple of ones I'll be porting, but new ones I'll be contributing too.
From general HL SDK tutorials about various parts of its API (engine functions, event API, Triangle API, entity functions, utilities etc.), using certain 3rd party libraries with HL SDK, even touching the VHLT code a bit, all the way to the delicate and fancy stuff like using OpenGL functions, dynamic skies, modifying map & model data in real-time, and a lot more.

Other than said tutorials, I'd of course work on ADM. There are several things I wanna do this summer, mainly working on the vehicle system as well as the FMOD integration. There are a couple of SoHL features and entities that will also be either ported or replicated. I'm really hoping to push out a release by the end of summer. >w<

Also, by that time, I'll probably create a new thread for Advanced Development Mod. Utopia at Stake, while using ADM as a base, shouldn't really have its thread be home to both ADM and itself IMO.

But I cannot do any of that right now. I got a game project to finish.
By the 15th of March, I should be done with my idTech 4 game demo, after which I'll try to release my high school map by June, maybe a bit earlier even. And then, I'll finally get back into GoldSrc business. :)
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When fate and destiny aren't on my side, and when luck doesn't happen to have anything to give me at the moment, then I know for sure, time is only on my side.
And that's gonna take a while. I'm definitely hoping for a miracle to happen, you know. I don't know when it'll happen, I don't know IF it'll happen, but I'm certainly hoping that it will. The two greatest things in life I've ever had experience with, are both words that begin with F.
It's not fraud (never had that), it's not fire, it's not fu--ing (heck, I never experienced that either), it's not fish either, even though it's pretty good, especially trout, mmm, but rather, it's forgiveness and friendship.
There's hardly anything in this world I wouldn't forgive to someone else, and there's hardly anyone in this world who could make me feel as good as a true friend could, someone I feel I don't yet have. Well... at least yet.

Those two words kept appearing in my dreams in one form or another, and almost every time it's the same story. I either ask for it, or beg for it, and then everything seems to become positive, go back to normal. Then I wake up, sweating and in fear. I don't know why, because I don't remember most of the dream. I sometimes really wish to cry or at least sob silently. I can't scream because my soul is already screaming. It's been screaming for weeks...
All I know is, something, or someone, haunts me. It's not really an "it", to be exact. God knows what could've gone better if I hadn't said the right thing in the wrong time. It might be too late now, but at least I've learnt an important lesson.

Who knows, maybe it's not late yet. After all, time is on my side. Time knows what the best moment will be. Time has brought back a lot to me, that I once lost. In turn, time just took... time. My patience, my will to wait for things, that's gonna remain infinite. I'll let time take as much as needed, since both of us need it.
Heh. Time... I feel like someone out there likes testing my patience for certain things.

Always remember to forgive each other, people. Forgive, but never forget.

Speaking of time, today I became an adult. Damn. Wish it came sooner. :walter:
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So, some of you may know that my style of studying is based on 3 principles:
  • study as less as possible at home
  • try to understand and memorise (if needed) as much as possible in class
  • study at home only when you really don't know (e.g. for Democracy class)
With this style of studying, I achieve a GPA of up to 4.63, which is amazing considering I didn't do homework 30% of the time, and 80% of my time at home was spent using the PC (excluding sleep, eating and that stuff). If I wanted a 5.0 GPA, I would have to say goodbye to my free time that I get (which I'd end up using to work on mapping, modding, programming or gamedev projects).

In other words, I wanna work on projects as much as possible, while studying as less as possible, while still maintaining a 4.50 GPA at least.

Now, here's the thing. The 1st semester ends on the 31st of December here, and then the winter break starts. The problem is, my GPA is 4.28 at the moment. It used to be 4.4 until I ruined my score in Electrical Measurements and Digital Electronics, decreasing them both from 5 to 4.

(quick reminder: 5 here is A, 4 is B, 3 is C, 2 is D, and 1 is F)

So now, instead of improving Electronics and Democracy, I also gotta improve German and Bosnian to pass with a GPA of 4.50, which is the bare minimum to pass with an excellent status, otherwise it'll write "very good" on the paper, which my parents, grandparents, and the whole family would absolutely hate. :P

Well, today I managed to improve German, at least I believe so. We had a written schoolwork and I did it for an A.
Tomorrow, however, is the judgment day.

I got an Electronics test, Democracy test, and a Bosnian oral exam. The chances of me getting A's in all three are 15%. Lol.

The day of judging all my sins (of me not studying). The time will come very soon, unfortunately, but at least I've been preparing. I hope I'll survive, and if I do, then my winter break starts right on the 27th of December, cuz' I got no exams left afterwards.

Merry Christmas folks, happy holidays, I wish you all the best, soon it'll be 2020, it's been nice and everything, blah blah blah, I don't even celebrate Christmas, lol.
Now excuse me, I gotta go study for once. :3
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NO. Just no. Not the sexual kind. We'll get there one day, don't worry! This is my "three topics in one journal" threesome, lmao. So before I say anything more stupid: (and trust me, you'll read so much stupid here)

Topic no. 1.
Utopia at Stake. What is it? Why did I decide to do this and give it another chance after giving up in 2016?

It's two things, really. ADM and UAS. Together, they make the mod. ADM is its technical foundation, with the vehicle system, future FMOD implementation, some nice utility entities and much more. So much stuff to do for ADM alone. The plan is to release it to everyone. You can think of it as SoHL, but my way.
UAS is the mod's content itself. Story, characters, assets, you name it. It's the overall experience in the mod too. The feel, the atmosphere, the lore, the music... you name it.

One thing potentially worries some folks, but not me. The sole existence of furry characters in the mod. It'll have dragons too. Dragons are cool. People like dragons. But, people generally hate furries. You'll like my interpretation of them, at least. :P
People think the mod would backfire because of this, but let it be. Let it be a reflection of the society, which, ironically, the mod will also try to be a satire of.

Topic no. 2.
My projects.
So, one of my old maps, ts_untergrund, has been getting massively improved over the years, but I never released that final version. This summer, I will. Hopefully.
Also, my high school map, I guess my classmates have waited long enough. I'll try to push out a playable version in summer.
Plans are there for fun_kobbl, and eventually some others. We'll see.

Then I can work on UAS. And hey, I'm not alone this time. There's someone in the team. And that brings me to my 3rd topic.

Topic no. 3. (I think it'd be wise to skip this - read at your own risk of getting confused and stuff like that)
I am burning. Once again. It hurts so much, but it feels so good.
Remember all my telltales how a girl in 6th grade said "no" to me?
Well, here's a new one.
About 5 years ago, I was still like a fresh piece of wood. Never touched by the rain, never seen fire, just chopped off a tree. Then I... saw someone I really liked a lot. It ignited a fire in me. I burned. My heart first burned and it burned the most, then I burnt in entirety and there was a forest fire.
I burnt the people around me. I burnt down everything. My reputation, my behaviour, my relationships and friendships...
She stood there like an ice berg, and stayed an ice berg. This fire couldn't do a damn thing. Not even a drop of water from that ice.
I had burnt out. There was no hope... I was alone for years.
There were some sparks there and there, a candlelight even. But all that together was never as huge as the big fire I had back then. I myself turned into walking ice. But I still had that tiny fire inside, which had me going for the whole path.

So what happened?
Then, about 20 days ago, I met a seemingly fiery one. But... her fire was extinguishing, has been doing so for a year. Truly a state of crisis. I could not see that at first, until I got closer. But before it even happened, all the ice that piled up on me, it melted just by a single touch from the fiery one. It evaporated.
And I? That tiny fire inside of me was going crazy. It soon expanded and caught me entirely. It warmed me up at first, and then I realised...
...once wood is burnt out, there's a chance for charcoal.
And charcoal, oh boy. Charcoal burns even hotter. And I am BURNING, baby, to the third degree. Even more than I did the first time. YEE HAW!
I met the real life equivalent of Jody, guys. I'm too happy. Way too happy. Not gonna say much more though. I just want a good ending.

And hey. I know I'm young. I've got 3/4 of life in front of me. I know this lovey dovey stuff will just fade away one day. I just want to have some fun while it's there. But, while I'm at it, I'll try to be as mature and serious as I can.

- This is the part you may scroll down to, if you skipped topic #3 -
And yes. It's 2 in the morning at my place.
Thank you for the bit of attention, and have a good day/night.

P.S. Eeeeh, I forgot about the few competitions I've been in. Might write about them in 2 weeks...
Admer4561 year ago2019-03-12 23:54:02 UTC 9 comments
If you remember this and you wanna know what happened between me and him:
link can read about the end here, if you wish.

So, yeah. It's over.
It's all... done. I'm not sad, and I definitely appreciate the freedom now. I do miss him, though.
All of you who were worried of it being a predator scenario, you may sleep peacefully now. But it wasn't such a scenario anyway.

Brad and I played TF2 and GMod a couple of times. I remember he often asked me for technical help, and a little bit too often, I might add. But he was a good guy. He badly wanted me to get the new PC that I got in July 2018, but something happened before I did...

In June, he... he simply disappeared. He completely disappeared from the Internet, deleting most of his accounts and leaving no contact info for me. Blimey. :/

So yeah. But that was not the only relationship in my life.
There was a girl from Texas, who was kinda nice until she started being overly horny and begging me for nudes (eww). Plus, she always looked for excuses to avoid voice chatting with me and I never saw a picture of her. Could be a catfish. And she wasn't the only catfish there.

There was a cute girl from Taiwan once, but that's a WHOLE other story which involves a dumb Bosnian dude from Slovenia hating me so much after finding out that I'm bi. :D

Then I've had like... 4 more relationships. Two before that, and two after that. The peak was about 3 or 4 relationships at once.
Almost all of these are pretty much done.

The point is, it taught me a damn valuable lesson. Say NO for once.

It taught me another one too, but that's something I realised after reading Voltaire's Candide. It is the fact that "we must cultivate our own gardens".
5 out of 7 of these relationships started like this: "Admer, I love you" - "I love you too!" - "Will you be my BF?" - "HELL YES!!!"

It's just like Candide. He was given all sorts of goods throughout the story, like when he visited Eldorado. But of course, there were really bad situations too, like when the entire Prussian army started beating his butt up, one by one. The thing is, he never did any actual work. He was just going around the world looking for his beloved Cunegonde, and he just got lucky and unlucky at times. In the end, he settled for a piece of land, and he and his friends started actually working on that land, and everyone was happy. (I should read even more books)
And notice something. It's always the other person saying "I love you" first. Meh. I wanna conquer some land myself (it feels more rewarding!), not have it simply given to me so that I can easily lose it later on.

Also, seriously. God. Back then, I didn't know how to say no. It was probably because I was desperate and/or I didn't want to hurt the other person's feelings. Now I am not so afraid.

But yeah. I'm actually happy. Very very happy, partly due to the freedom I have now, and the fact that I don't have to lose so much time during the day to just chat (fact is, they were all from different time zones, so each would message me in different times of day - and that led to many hours being lost on Discord). All these breakups did not affect me at all, in fact I could say they made me a bit stronger.

I'll just not bother with relationships until I'm 25 or so. I'm just not ready yet. Especially for a real-life relationship.

You don't have to say a thing, as far as I'm concerned. I already know. I'm too young, I'm too childish, I have too high expectations... I mostly know...
And what was the point of this journal? It was just to make some things clear, and put an official end to my journals about furries and journals about my relationships.
Admer4561 year ago2019-02-23 15:14:00 UTC 16 comments

Very simple, and it'll always be.
I've been thinking if I should send a .map file or a .jpg with this inside, but whatever. :)
Admer4561 year ago2019-02-08 23:42:56 UTC 3 comments
Mine certainly does. I don't know about you. It could've sucked for me greatly, but I got lucky.
This is yet another one of my "personal history analysis" journals. Hooray. I haven't posted one in a while, but either way, have a nice read. :)

Year Zero

When I finished 9th grade and completed elementary school, I started panicking.
The first question was which high school to choose. My parents really really wanted me to go to the local general high school. HELL NO. 4 more years of Biology, Geography, Music class (where you learn nothing about music BTW, just singing some songs and learning about composers), no. Just no. Also, book reports every 2 weeks instead of every month. No.

So I chose the school that so many people recommended me. An electrical engineering high school. Precisely, the IT course. There were 3 at the time: IT, telecommunications, automatics. The IT course had been introduced a year prior, and it's supposed to have more programming and IT classes than the other courses, which I find really nice. My parents didn't want me to go there because I'd have to travel by bus a lot and I'd lose 2-3 hours daily because of the long bus rides. But it's worth it IMHO.

What will happen to me? Will I get beaten to death by bullies in high school? Will professors be evil in high school? How will I even find my way to the bus station in the city?

Thousands of other questions, however, were frightening me. I thought I'd not be able to handle it for sure, right?

Year One

The first year was not as bad as I thought. I had to get used to taking buses and that stuff.

In the first year, I was in the morning shift, so class would start at 7:00 and typically end at 13:10. It started at 7:30 on Mondays (Practical class + History), and at 7:40 on Wednesdays. Mondays were special: 7:30 to 10:30 (3 classes of Practical class and 2 classes of History).
But that meant I had to wake up at 4 o'clock. D:

There was a bus in 5:40 that would arrive to the bus station in 6:30, so I took that one, until they canceled it, so I had to take the one in 5:15 that would take a longer route but get there in 6:30.
What I see every evening now in the afternoon shiftWhat I see every evening now in the afternoon shift
The professors were nice. My classmates were angels in comparison to the ones from my elementary school.
I was even given a chance to switch to German. I had Turkish in my elementary school and I got tired of it after 3 years. Some Turks came into the town when I was in 6th grade, they convinced most of the parents to vote for Turkish to be a secondary foreign language and it happened. :/
So I switched to German. Surprisingly, it went really well for me. Mum couldn't believe it. :D

Sure, there were some classes where I under-performed: Electrical Engineering and Technical Drawing.
Technical Drawing was that one class where you must be precise down to a micrometre. Otherwise you get a 4 instead of a 5. First semester went like 4, 4, 1, 5. That 1 was when I brought the wrong type of paper to do the blueprint on. Second semester went like 3, 3, 3, 5. I could never draw well. But at least this class was only for the first year.
I got a 3 for these...I got a 3 for these...
Electrical Engineering... my professor was quite interesting. She would go through the lessons at 120 km/h, barely explaining most concepts, and we would not understand much. Lenz's Law, Kirchhoff's Laws, ask what they are to any of my classmates and they won't know. On my first test I got a 1.

Why? Because I was just missing a word or two in my answers, and she crossed basically every answer that had such mistakes. We've even had a situation where we finished all of the lessons for the first year, and moved on to lessons from 2nd grade.

AC currents? Trigonometry? We weren't supposed to learn that right in the first year, lol! But alas, we had to. And frankly, I'm actually thankful for that.
Even though she was very strict on tests, she helped me understand trigonometry and AC currents better later on, in the 2nd year, that is when we got a new EE professor. He's cool.
I had a 4 in EE in the first year. Miraculously, considering that everyone performed badly in it. Like, 60% of the class would fail the test, and I'd be the only guy who got a 3. Of course, there was that one girl who always got a 5. But I can't be like that. She never had a 4 or a 3 in her life. That's just not my style. (don't get me wrong, it's not like I get 4s and 3s often, I actually tend to get 5's, with a tiny tiny mix of 4's - I avoid the lesser marks)

But either way, I surprisingly made some small headlines by winning the Regional Spelling Bee in Mostar and participating in the National Spelling Bee of BiH, and winning 2nd place in an IT competition in Mostar. Pretty good for a first year in HS. :nuts:
User posted image
This is what I'd see when I crossed the bridge leading to the bus station. Nice view.

And bam, the first year ended in the blink of an eye. I survived with a GPA of 4.57, where 4.50 is the minimum for an excellent status (or let's call it A if you wish. 1 = F, 2 = D, 3 = C, 4 = B, 5 = A).
Sooo yeah, then I had a nice summer break and the 2nd year began.

Year Two

But MAN, is the 2nd year good!
I got Programming, something called Processing and Transmission of Signals, and Electronics. I lost Chemistry, Technical Drawing and IT Systems. (BTW classes are not optional in this country - you get them, you have them, and you lose them)
On Programming and IT class, I'm basically the guy who walks around the classroom helping his classmates with their technical problems, and then finishing the actual task on my PC in the last couple of minutes. The two professors are surprised by my efficiency. :)
User posted image
Of course, sometimes my classmates would get scared of the things I was doing. :v

Two classes I like in particular are Practical class and History. They are held in a special place, away from the school.
User posted image
This is a photo from the cleaning action. We were taking out all the trash and cleaning the place up.
User posted image
Playing Super Mario Forever during History class. :walter:
Do not do this, it's not healthy for the 4017 ICDo not do this, it's not healthy for the 4017 IC
One of the circuits we built on Practical class. Not quite happy with what we're doing to the IC itself, but hey, it's flashy!

And some of you know that I'm a school mapper.
It's a draft, still - I'll make sure to revise it when I have the timeIt's a draft, still - I'll make sure to revise it when I have the time
The professors actually like this project, believe it or not. Tell me whatever you want about that 2007 incident, but you know I'll ignore it. :^)

And recently, I found about an extra class where we'll work with Arduino boards. Man, I've been waiting to get my hands on one of those for a while. :crowbar:

The 2nd year was a great change.
I was no longer in the morning shift, I was in the other, afternoon shift.
Class starts at 13:20 and ends in 19:30. However, that ending at 19:30 never happens in my schedule.
Monday:       11:45 -> 17:10
Tuesday:      13:20 -> 19:00
Wednesday:    07:30 -> 10:30
Thursday:     13:20 -> 18:00
Friday:       13:20 -> 18:15
Next year, I'll lose the following classes: History, Physics, Practical class, Electrical Engineering ( :( ), IT.
I'll get the following: Mobile Programming, Computer Networks, Computer Architectures, Democracy, Digital Electronics.


Well, frankly, I've learnt nothing new about programming in high school because I already learned it at home, except the difference between a++ and ++a. (we have C++ for these two years, and we'll get another language in the 4th year)

But what I did learn was a bunch of stuff about electronics. It made me start following YouTubers like GreatScott, ElectroBoom and the like. Not only did I find ElectroBoom's purposeful bloopers funny, I actually understood why they happened and how to prevent that stuff. Lol. Sadly, I don't have many options for buying components. I'll have to get components somewhere. There's a Conrad shop in Sarajevo, and other electronics stores. I'll see what I can do about this stuff.

I met new friends, got used to a totally new community and place. It's quite nice for a change.
The only problem with these new friends is the same as with my old ones. They have no particular interest in anything.
Basically, these guys (and girls) signed up for a school about electrical engineering and programming, yet they don't like either of those.
Most of them signed up in my high school either because they had no idea what school to sign up for, or because they quite simply had a cousin in this school or a close friend.

Had I decided to go for the general high school, I would've been suffering, lol.
Their professors are super strict over there and I'd pretty much be an amount of wasted potential. And people would be disappointed. :/

But yeah, this high school rocks. I love it more than elementary school. :P
If I made the wrong decision, it'd probably suck like it does for most ex-classmates of mine. The general high school wasn't the only choice though. I could've gone for a medical high school, or a construction high school, or a traffic high school, none of which I'd like lol.

There was a girl in elementary school who had all 5's, and even she has trouble in that general high school. I was the only 1 out of 2 people who actually signed up for this type of high school, and the rest mostly went to the general one. And they're suffering, from what they told me.

Either way, I'm pretty much happy now, since I'm slowly getting to know my abilities and what kinds of jobs I'll want to do in the future. :)

I might end up writing a part 2 or 2, 3 and 4, who knows.
Admer4561 year ago2018-12-05 22:49:10 UTC 5 comments
(no TL;DR for the lazy readers, I even put pictures for you)

The day started off as usual. It was an early Wednesday morning and I arrived to the Southern Camp in Mostar. We basically have classrooms on 3 separate locations, and each is specialised for some kinds of classes, e.g. Practical class. Nothing was really special on Practical class today, as my classmate and I were testing out the new prototyping boards and soldering some capacitors on them. We completed all the lessons, so the professor decided to give us something to do, that's why we were soldering instead of assembling a circuit.

Note: my class is split in 2 groups only for Practical class. 10 people from 7:30 to 9:00 and the rest from 10:40 to 12:40 or so.

And then that class ended. We were about to have History class. But then, someone launched Mario Forever on the professor's laptop:
User posted image
(video clips will be included in my 3rd school moments compilation)

It was fun. I was the only one who reached Bowser's castle, except our professor entered the classroom when I was trying to defeat Bowser.
Nice for a change. My classmates (precisely, one of the girls) called it the most interesting class ever. We don't usually play any games while the professor is absent. :P

We had a lesson about Bosnia and Herzegovina in World War I, and I forgot to look at my watch. It was 10:40 and my bus left the station at 10:25. Woops~
User posted image
But I didn't really care. I spent 15 minutes waiting for the bus which would leave at 11:30, but then I remembered hundreds of thoughts from my past. "Change yourself for once.", they said. So instead of spending the rest of the time outside on the cold and windy weather, I walked back to the building.
User posted image
(this is an older photo, ignore the stuff on the floor)

The 2nd half of my class was having Practical class there. They were a class behind my group, so I already knew everything and I decided to help them out and explain some things.
Nice for a change. These guys didn't know a thing about ICs. Imagine what would've happened if I hadn't gone back and stayed where I waited for my bus.

And then a professor from the neighbouring classroom came in, and asked someone to set up the projector. Something wasn't working.
Her entire class was unable to solve the problem. And there were really only 2 things to do: having to use the Intel GMA properties window and enable duplicate displays, and inserting the VGA out into the VGA port, not the Super VGA port. :P
Nice for a change. A presentation could've failed if I hadn't been there.

So, I realised one thing today. I definitely should change in some aspects. I wonder how many things I've missed out by standing still on the spot, or saying "no" when somebody asked me to go somewhere with them.
Change is good. As a Bosniak, I perceived change as one of the worst things that can happen to me, but honestly, now I don't think it's so bad. (and yes, Bosniaks in general hate change - it's a fact that we're one of the biggest haters of change)

And don't worry, I didn't miss the bus in 11:30. xD
Admer4562 years ago2018-10-15 20:14:52 UTC 4 comments
On the 15th of October 2007, my laptop was manufactured, probably.
Photo from 2016 or soPhoto from 2016 or so
Happy 11th birthday, old chap. Live long enough and you might just end up in a museum, right where you belong. =)
Admer4562 years ago2018-08-08 22:21:43 UTC 4 comments
Software used: Shadowplay, HitFilm and Handbrake
Source recording: 1280x960, 60fps, 20 MB/s (100 mbps)
Rendering time in HF: 13 minutes (720p60fps, H.264, 2.01 GB)
Compression time in Handbrake: approximately 10 minutes (720p60fps, H.265, 137 MB)
Admer: The Mod
I'm definitely happy with the way it performs. Firstly, my laptop couldn't even record at more than 30fps, and especially not on a high resolution like 1280x960. (it's a 4:3, I forgot to change to something else before recording)

I'll hopefully finish with the benchmarks. I have to test BF1942, BF2, HL2 etc.
So far, 3DS Max has been tested, and Crysis.
Admer4562 years ago2018-08-06 21:31:02 UTC 9 comments
As the title says, I sometimes dream about mapping.

I know a lot of us do, but I decided to share the memories so we can see how bizarre it gets.

One of the oldest mapping dreams I remember was being in a castle, in Hammer 4.
The castle’s brushwork was fine, but there were no textures. In fact, there were lightmaps so it had that blurry lighting. At first I thought I was maybe in a map viewer like Crafty, or using Hammer’s ray-traced preview. But then, I encountered a sprite which was on top of a torch. The sprite was oriented to face away from the wall, and it wasn’t parallel to the player’s view like most sprites are.

I compiled the map, and the sprite was scaled 10x more and it was parallel. Odd.

Next up, I dreamed a huge mapping collab 3-4 days ago. So, a bunch of people from the Sven Co-op mapping scene (Trempler, Puchi, Aurora, Nih, Keen) and I (basically the Dream Team of SC mapping) were doing a huge collab map. But the thing is, it was in a unified “multiplayer mapping” solution that allowed Hammer, J.A.C.K., Sledge and even Trenchbroom users to work on a map in real time, like in Cube 2 Sauerbraten.

Brushes were spawning in front of my eyes, I was so lost, but it was just beautiful. Mappers were represented with light bulb sprites, with a nickname above them. It was a huge map set somewhere in the mountains. I remember that one mapper (Trempler) was making a fence along one path, and I was turning it into func_detail and adding CLIP brushes. When we compiled the map via the network in 30s or so, we ran it on a dedicated server and it was just amazing.

And 2 nights ago, I had perhaps the most unusual one. I was teaching how to make maps. But not in any software – in QuArK. But not to anybody – to a vortigaunt from Iran. Yes, a HL vortigaunt from Iran. How is he from Iran, I don’t know, he probably teleported there from Xen and came to Bosnia.
I was driving a car (another thing that isn’t real) through my village, and came across a house where the vort lived. I remembered he told me to teach him QuArK, so I did. At least I started. I said “QuArK can be used as many things, a map editor, a model editor and object viewer, a texture editor and browser” (I don’t think some of those are true, but hey, it’s a dream) and then my phone started beeping like the “computer talk” WAVs from Half-Life.

Then the dream ended, and I woke up at 5 in the morning.

I was reading about my old dreams and there seems to be one about modeling too:
"An hour ago, I had a weird dream. AleKK and H2Whoa were in it. AleKK was seemingly contacting someone at Valve about a mod that someone was making for Half-Life. The mod had castles and dragons in it. More precisely, red dragons with armour? Interesting. The modder was making the maps in Blender, and all of that stuff on his very old PC. TBH I haven’t had a dream in a long time, so I’m not surprised that this one is so bizarre."
I also recall dreaming part of the actual design process in Blender. It’s miraculous that my dream had a 1:1 Blender UI and stuff, even though I rarely even used Blender.
Hmm. This sounds oddly specific due to the dragons and all. :P
But yeah, it’s a good thing I keep track of my dreams. All sorts of stuff can happen.
I once had a dream where Sven Co-op 7.0 was released and they added “dynamic map geometry modules”.
Admer4562 years ago2018-07-13 14:39:23 UTC 7 comments
So, in my last journal I was talking about the new PC and stuff. Turns out they didn't have any Ryzen 5 1600s in stock, so I went for the Intel Core i5 8400.
Aaand this morning:
The green, mean, Admering machineThe green, mean, Admering machine
I'll finally sleep calmly, knowing that all my problems are now gone. (at least hardware problems)

However, what about the oldies?

I think I'll reuse the 2005 HP Compaq as a home server (holding a DooM II dedicated server, LMAO; but for real, it would be useful since there are some kids in the neighbourhood and it would be messy to install Evolve for them etc.), and the 2007 Fujitsu laptop is going to retire. I'm typing this journal on it right now.
I'll probably keep using it for performance tests and small tasks.
Admer4562 years ago2018-06-26 16:56:49 UTC 0 comments
So, here's the situation.

I'm going to order the parts on the start of July. Here are the specs:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Memory: 8GB DDR4 2667MHz RAM
Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix B350-F Gaming
GPU: Asus Cerberus GTX 1050 Ti
Storage: 1TB 7200rpm HDD and 250GB Samsung 860EVO SSD
PSU: CoolerMaster 600W or something
Case: MS something

Can't remember all of them. My seller recommended the PSU and the case while we were discussing that on Viber, so.
Since I'm sure people will start asking stuff about MS, it's a Croatian brand with good cases, but horrible anything else. Their PSUs go in flames because e.g. if one's rated at 14A it can usually handle barely 11A or so, so they're unreliable. At least that's what I've read and seen.
Their cases are pretty good on the other hand.

Sadly, the motherboard doesn't have PS/2, which will make installing Windows 7 a bit more complicated. At least I'll get to use Windows 10 as a daily driver though. I usually don't like change, but I guess I'll have to face it. I felt the same way when going from XP to 7, yet I had a good time.
Worst-case scenario is that I might use Windows 7 in a virtual machine. We'll see. :)

Now, other news: I discovered that my monitor can go up to 75Hz if I drop the resolution to 1280x768. Gosh, it's so good. Word feels smoother, Excel feels excellent, PowerPoint feels smoother, Notepad feels smoother... it feels like heaven. Now if I could only reach 75fps in games, that would be great. :v
This is a double journal. ;)

Teh Epik Master Plan Part III

On the 23rd November 2017, I convinced my dad to let me use his debit card. Then I bought myself the Valve Complete Pack for just €10,52.
Success. However, the quest still continues as I'm yet to open my own bank account.

And this year, it might finally happen.

User posted image

(man, I've got Convertible Marks, pfennigs, euros, euro cents, Canadian cents, and Croatian lindens, LOL)

So, I've been collecting money for the past 5 years for my new PC, and then something unexpected happened.
My aunt from the US sent me *$20! Now I can buy an SSD alongside the 1TB HDD, a Ryzen 5 1600 instead of the 1400, and a 1050 Ti instead of the 1050. :D
(maybe extra 8GB of RAM, 16 in total)

I knew that this day would come. The day when my patience and perseverance finally pay off.

So, my plan is to spend a part of it on the PC, and save the rest to my soon-to-be bank account (otherwise my parents would keep using me as a bank, like they've been doing for the past 7 years). The days of lag and global warming caused by my laptop will finally be gone, and I'll enter a new age, a better age.

I'll likely re-purpose the 2005 HP Compaq as a home server or something. My 2007 laptop will finally get retired. The grandpa deserves it after all these years.
It will be a dream come true. Funnily enough, June is the only month where I have dreams anyway. I've dreamt in the past about buying the parts, I've dreamt about taking the part boxes to my dad's car, I've dreamt about using it. Now it's time for those 3 to become a reality. For some, it's pride month, but for me it's the dream month.

I've Survived

6th of June, 2018, 10:25
My IT professor says "Please don't make any trouble in the classroom, I'll be away for 10 minutes."
And then all hell breaks loose. I even drew UwU on the board.

User posted image

approx. 11:05
The professor returns and the board is cleaned. "Alright, since we don't have much time, I'll take a brief look at your presentations, and I'll see if I can bring 2 students so they can actually present what they chose."
The classmate, whose IT homework I've done yet again and again, got an 5 (or an A, if you will). Then I knew I could sleep in peace, knowing that he doesn't hate me and that my reputation is not yet ruined. As for me, IT was already concluded as a 5, so it wouldn't matter even if I got a 1.
The professor finished taking quick looks at the students' presentations. He asked: "Alright, who wants to present us their homework?"
I raised my hand almost instantly. "Alright Admer, come on up.", he said.

My presentation was a history of Microsoft operating systems. At one point, I reached Windows ME.

User posted image

The text doesn't matter, so I won't really translate it. I was talking about its (in)stability and I briefly mentioned Windows 2000.
And then, something unexpected happened.

User posted image

"Oh, I apologise, we're having some technical problems."

The professor started laughing so hard. And my classmates thought it was an actual BSOD, so they got worried.

IT class ended, and I was told I won't have any further classes for that day. My summer break had officially begun.

7th June 2018

I arrived to school at 9 in the morning. I had to meet with the professor and the principal. We went to the ceremonial awarding, and I happened to have won 2nd place on an IT competition hosted by the Pedagogical Institute. They also hosted the awarding. It felt nice to be a part of it.

User posted image

And that's it. I'm free until September. :3

*It's not actually $20, I just won't tell the true value. :P