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Andy17 years ago2004-06-18 04:34:00 UTC 0 comments
Two new tutorials to add to the ever expanding list:
BrattyLord brings us Adding Atmosphere
SiI_3nC3 expands on Spiral Staircase
Andy17 years ago2004-06-16 23:03:00 UTC 0 comments
Compo results are available here.
Andy17 years ago2004-06-10 08:48:00 UTC 0 comments
MuzzleFlash has hit the front page of Collective with some exciting news about Video Playback inside Half-Life. Check out the story at Collective

RabidMonkey777 has also hit Collective fame with a very handy list of useful Gib's, Check out Gib Item List

Sorry about the delay on the Compo results. The e-mail to Atom went missing... Send hate mail if you want, I am getting used to it :-)
Andy17 years ago2004-06-01 08:10:00 UTC 0 comments
We had 5 entries for the last compo. The quality of the entries was quite good and a lot of thought went into them to make them interesting.
It also says to me that we have 5 members who actually want to map... the other 955 prefer to talk.

I have had a lot of suggestions for the next compo, and all those are going on a whiteboard for consideration.
There will be a change in rules:
The winner of the next compo get's to choose the subject of the following compo.
You win... You choose.

Results announced soon.
Andy17 years ago2004-05-24 20:36:00 UTC 0 comments
Seventh moved the Vault Rant into the forums.... and a good thing too ;-)

But while I have a news slot up for grabs, I might remind you that the compo is closing soon... Don't forget to get your entries in.

If you don't, Vassy will come first by Default!!
Andy17 years ago2004-05-22 03:40:00 UTC 1 comment
Things have been a little slow on the tutorial front.
I have had a few really good submissions, but most of them are covered better somewhere else.
This little gem from VOX is a clear answer to a lot of recent forum questions.
Materials.txt is a short introduction to adding or changing the sounds your textures make.
If you have an idea for a tutorial, please let me know.
That doesn't mean it will be accepted :-)
Andy17 years ago2004-05-07 18:46:00 UTC 0 comments
What Competition.....
Talking Scientists
Seventh-Monkey17 years ago2004-05-04 02:57:00 UTC 0 comments
Proper posting pending, here's a little hackjob results page, seeing as you've waited so long. Thanks m0p and jaardsi for providing hosting.

Andy17 years ago2004-04-24 20:59:00 UTC 0 comments
We will be starting a new series of Compo's soon.
Andy17 years ago2004-04-17 19:46:00 UTC 0 comments
69th Vlatitude is back up and running, well done to the team there.
Andy17 years ago2004-04-06 22:43:00 UTC 0 comments
One may have a troubled past, the future lies ahead.
As Freeman travels journeys, old issues block his path. Who will find the missing doctor? Who will discover themselves?
The questions are clear yet the answers are vague. The road of inter-dimensional travel is wrought with danger, the valleys steep and treacherous. Will you find the answers? Will you resolve your Issues?

Issues started out as the sequel to "Project Quantum Leap" but quickly evolved into something a bit different. Various people from the Half-Life community have worked on this project, both regulars and newcomers, and together we've once again created an incoherent map pack bound together by a strong plot.

It's unlike any other Half-Life mod. Will you be able to resolve all the Issues?
Run, Shoot, Jump, Think, Shoot, and love every minute of it.

Issues: A Single-Player, Spirit of Half-Life Experience:
Website:Issues Command Center
Forum:Issues Forums

Download:TWHL Map Vault

Alternative Download mirrors:
Issues Local (Bittorrent)
Andy17 years ago2004-04-04 23:40:00 UTC 0 comments
Did I mention that something big was coming?
Oh, that's right... How many of you managed to pass out?

Apologies all around... the BIG News won't be for a few day's yet...

But while your waiting check out: The Project at MoDdb
Andy17 years ago2004-03-27 06:33:00 UTC 0 comments
There will be a very big announcement on the site shortly.
Bigger than.. well err, big things....
Stay tuned mappers and hold your breath.
Until you go blue and collapse that is.
Andy17 years ago2004-03-18 08:46:00 UTC 0 comments
There is a new Mod being put together and they are looking for team members:
Blaze Bolden is different!
Unlike many mods and conversions it is not looking to recreate a realistic war setting or copy the current futuristic style, instead it is attempting to DEVELOP the theme of the 1930?s and 40?s sci-fi movies and TV shows.
Check out
Andy17 years ago2004-03-01 06:43:00 UTC 0 comments
Tlax has released TIMEFALL an add on for Half-Life. Check it out at Tlaxmaps