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Posted 13 years ago2008-09-23 14:41:30 UTC
in Zombie Apocalypse Mod Recruiting Mappers Post #255971
Zombie Apocalypse: Psychosis Rising:

Brief description:
Zombie Apocalypse: Psychosis Rising is a non linear (free roam), first person shooter/survivor putting players up against all odds in a world overrun by the living dead. Search for supplies and carry out missions from survivor NPC's.

Target aim:
Valve Source Engine

The main aim is for fun and experience ( portfolio ), but if we do end up making something off of it, each member will be compensated with a percentage of the money we make ( if we happen to make any, not a guarantee )

For level designers Source SDK ( comes with half life 2 )
For modelers any modeling program

Talent needed:
Level Design - able to create realistic environments/buildings while keeping brush work to a minimum to preserve fps

Modelers - Vehicles, characters, nature ( trees, plants, etc) If you can skin it's a plus

Texture/skinners - Able to create realistic textures

Sound engineer - Able to create ambient sounds/weapon sounds

Programmer - Knowledge in C++

Animator - Animation is characters or weapons

Team structure:
Spike - Project Leader/PR/Level design/modeler - Spend most of his time managing the team members, advertising, keeping things running, and recruiting.

Produck - Website designer/Modeler/Concept artist

Wrangler - Lead Level designer

Arturo - Animations of weapons

Sam - Prop modeler/skinner

Kinetic - Level design/Modeling/ Main responsibility is importing models to the engine and finalizing them.

Uberjager - Weapon modeler

Coden4fun - Programmer

Trungdtran - Character Modeler

Website: ( main website; Media isnt up to date ) ( forums; Media is up to date )

best ways to contact me in order, 1 being best;

1. Steam: Spike2133
2. Website Private message:
3. MSN:
4. Email:
5. PM or reply to me on this thread
And of course this thread is fine to post in or a PM on these forums.

Previous Work by Team:

User posted image

User posted image

User posted image

User posted image

User posted image

User posted image

User posted image

User posted image

User posted image

User posted image

Additional Info:

We provide a fun work environment, all of us doing this for fun and portfolio examples. If you're interested in joining as a dev don't hesitate to contact me. If you just want to follow up on us, we'd be more than happy for you to sign up to our forums and follow up on us.

Any, as long as it's constructive and well thought out.
Posted 15 years ago2007-04-05 20:09:15 UTC
in New Case... what to buy? Post #218163
No, to be honest.
Posted 15 years ago2007-04-04 10:14:26 UTC
in New Case... what to buy? Post #217974
Well, as long as I like it I don't care a fuck what anybody thinks of it. Back to the topic we go.
Posted 15 years ago2007-04-04 09:48:33 UTC
in New Case... what to buy? Post #217969
Actually Srry, my case isn't tackiness in its truest form. I admit that is your opinion that it's tacky, and I respect that, but just because you dont like something doesnt automatically make it tacky and shite. That Dragon case you pulled up has its good and bad points, but you dont hear me calling it tacky.
Posted 15 years ago2007-04-04 07:10:35 UTC
in New Case... what to buy? Post #217957
Jeantech offer a good range of cases, but personally I went for the NXZT Lexa. It looks good and its got plenty of space on the inside too!
Posted 15 years ago2007-03-29 08:56:46 UTC
in Now Playing: ... Post #217411
No Rules - Growling Mad Scientists
Posted 15 years ago2007-03-27 05:41:43 UTC
in Comon, this is getin silly Post #217177
Besides, it's a bit of fun that can always be deleted by mods and admins if it goes to far.

It was funny the first time though. Slightly.
Posted 15 years ago2007-03-26 08:18:28 UTC
in BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH Post #217096
Jeez how many more questions do you need to ask, just give him a straight answer. I myself have never experienced that sort of problem peter_boi but a reinstall of Cs:S would do no harm.
Posted 15 years ago2007-03-24 19:43:25 UTC
in Book Post #216978
Lmao kittah invasion!
Posted 15 years ago2007-03-22 19:56:02 UTC
in Work-In-Progress: Colt 1911 Post #216739
You can 'borrow' the sounds from some of the counter-strike source weapons, I have the pistol firing sounds replaced with one of the cs:s sounds and it sounds a lot better.
Posted 15 years ago2007-03-22 19:45:22 UTC
in Work-In-Progress: Colt 1911 Post #216736
Kickass work RotatorSplint, this gun looks so much sexier than the Hl2 pistol. I think I've found a new favourite weapon! :D
Posted 15 years ago2007-03-21 20:24:43 UTC
in OMG is another Fan Fic! Post #216666
:) awesome!
Posted 15 years ago2007-03-21 19:46:45 UTC
in Book Post #216664
Sandy balls are eroding!!

Anyway, congratulations on getting your book out there in the world Satchmo. I wish my doctor had half of your skills, sadly he just diagnoses everything I get as a "mild case of blah". I don't like him...
Posted 15 years ago2007-03-21 19:41:18 UTC
in OMG is another Fan Fic! Post #216663
Nuuu I meant as in, can we expect some Gordon Freeman gung-ho from the character?

That sort of thing.
Posted 15 years ago2007-03-21 19:30:38 UTC
in OMG is another Fan Fic! Post #216657

That was a very good read Urbanebula, I cant wait until the next installment!

Is it a Gordon Freeman character we're getting the first person perspective from?
Posted 15 years ago2006-09-04 11:52:05 UTC
in 1 restart per day <3 Post #195592
thats sick
Posted 15 years ago2006-08-31 05:52:01 UTC
in Has Steam Gone Crazy? Post #195162
Ant has a point there, I was expecting like 30 of these things but I was actually quite suprised when I saw how little there was. But believe me it's still VERY annoying that Valve have contaminated Steam with this poo that passes for games. D:
Posted 15 years ago2006-08-30 18:45:43 UTC
in Has Steam Gone Crazy? Post #195133
OMFG what is this shite??! Valve is like a clown, nobody fucking likes their tricks! xD
Posted 15 years ago2006-08-28 08:19:40 UTC
in Grunts Post #194903
You cant argue with the army's forehead strengthening exercises.
Posted 15 years ago2006-08-28 08:12:07 UTC
in Portal Post #194900
It was a good mod I'd say but it just wasnt the whole shabang.
Posted 15 years ago2006-08-27 14:27:43 UTC
in Portal Post #194804
I'd say so like
Posted 15 years ago2006-08-24 05:38:14 UTC
in Valve SDK Update Post #194352
to get a 3d view you gota click on the little red camera, then click somewhere in the GRID VIEW, hold it down, drag for like a centimeter et voila you get a 3d view that you can actually use!
Posted 16 years ago2006-07-07 18:48:58 UTC
in 101 Uses for the Salad Spinner Post #189204
94) Walk around in public, cradling it and cooing at it occasionally.
Posted 16 years ago2006-06-26 05:10:26 UTC
in How did you find TWHL? Post #186958
I fell through the ceiling into here...
Posted 16 years ago2006-02-12 09:53:42 UTC
in Caption Contest Post #162817
"post your comments on Valve's new GIGN model for CS:S, as seen here"
Posted 16 years ago2005-10-09 14:03:54 UTC
in Why grandma's rock! Post #140537
granny 0wnage!!!
Posted 16 years ago2005-10-09 07:14:03 UTC
in Map WIP Post #140436
but i dont know what you mean??? should i make it darker/lighter bluer/redder??
Posted 16 years ago2005-10-09 07:00:44 UTC
in The Anything Thread Post #140434
lmfao i have one of those Mr. T in your pocket jobbies! pretty dam funny to be sitting in class or on the bus and everybody hears "I pity the foo'"
Posted 16 years ago2005-10-09 06:55:00 UTC
in Map WIP Post #140433
What's so bad about it??? I think it looks alright! :zonked:
Posted 16 years ago2005-10-06 14:33:18 UTC
in Map WIP Post #139885
I added a lot more stuff into the section now and it looks like this:
User posted image
is it an improvement from what it was before?
Posted 16 years ago2005-10-06 11:49:25 UTC
in Map WIP Post #139797
thanks man ;) apprecaite it
Posted 16 years ago2005-10-06 11:43:46 UTC
in Map WIP Post #139794
if i put cubemaps in it doesnt make any difference, it just looks precisely the same. Can I got some pointers on the lighting as well, becuase it's not exactly my strongest point.
Posted 16 years ago2005-10-06 05:30:10 UTC
in Map WIP Post #139685
Does my ass look big in this?
User posted image
Well? Does it?
Comments appreciated :biggrin:
Posted 16 years ago2005-08-20 17:32:26 UTC
in Mapper for rent Post #128704
well just pm me or something :P and no, i dont need/ or want to be payed :P
Posted 16 years ago2005-08-19 10:35:34 UTC
in Mapper for rent Post #128462
I'm bored and i need some sort of organised mappage for half-life 2, so give me a dingle dangle if you want me. 6 years + experience with hammer.
Posted 16 years ago2005-08-19 07:08:37 UTC
in What do headcrabs eat Post #128442
yeah man, i agree with SpaG. It's only used by the combine as a weapon. (ie: they stuff loads of Headcrabs into a pod and launch it at their enemies)
Posted 16 years ago2005-08-19 06:36:30 UTC
in HL1 fails to load game with Steam Post #128439
oh look, another wonderful job (not) well done by steam... more fun to come in half life 2 lost coast...
shakes head
Posted 16 years ago2005-08-19 06:32:59 UTC
in WOTW Post #128438
Posted 16 years ago2005-08-19 06:27:10 UTC
in What do headcrabs eat Post #128437
Posted 16 years ago2005-08-19 06:22:07 UTC
in Post (real) pics at Post #128436
roflmao! aww shit dude....that is the best...
Posted 16 years ago2005-08-18 08:25:18 UTC
in WOTW Post #128264
I have that Half Life 2 Raising the Bar book and it talks about Valve taking their inspiration from WotW
Posted 16 years ago2005-08-18 08:06:27 UTC
in Problem with light_environment in HL2 Post #128258
NO matter what i do, i cant get light_environments to behave properly in half-life 2. all i get is the tiniest corner of my map lit up and the rest in darkness. Does anybody out there have a solution (apart from "dont make outside levels" ....) ?
Posted 16 years ago2005-08-18 07:57:41 UTC
in WOTW Post #128256
Tom Cruise sucks
well thats a given, but dont you think you should give a reason why you thought the movie sucked?
Posted 16 years ago2005-08-18 07:55:05 UTC
in What do headcrabs eat Post #128253
lol! zombies...brr...maybe those skinny zombies that are really fast in Half Life 2 had no food so they ate themselves, hence the haggard appearance...
Posted 16 years ago2005-08-18 07:52:15 UTC
in Song you're listening to now Post #128248
Dry Kill Logic - Paper Tiger
Posted 16 years ago2005-08-18 07:50:57 UTC
in What do headcrabs eat Post #128247
lol thanks, I like yours too. its what daytime tv should be...
here, i know what zombies eat, they just eat people, theres proof of it in Half-Life. Theres parts were the zombies are crouched over a body and (presumably tearing bits off it and eating)
am i right?
Posted 16 years ago2005-08-18 07:48:31 UTC
in WOTW Post #128244
yeah, that would be good. It would be cool if they had those big solar guns as well, well not good for Gordon, but a nic addition. But methinks that might get the copyrigh people involved...
has anyone ever heard the soundtrack to War of the Worlds, as in the audio novel?
Posted 16 years ago2005-08-18 07:45:19 UTC
in What do headcrabs eat Post #128240
one would presume so, :P and I wouldnt think Gordon would have the time to do a David Attenborough on a group of zombies...

"and here we have the now common species Zombius Eaticus..."
Posted 16 years ago2005-08-18 07:43:10 UTC
in WOTW Post #128237
10 points for crap ending.
In saying that though, everything else about it was amazing. I must say the special effects are crazy and you can really see where Valve got their inspiration for the Striders. ;) :biggrin:
Posted 16 years ago2005-08-18 07:38:20 UTC
in What do headcrabs eat Post #128230
i bet they eat miaowmix...