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This tutorial is going to explain to you how to use the monster_grunt_repel entity in your level.

This entity is an easy one to deal with. All you do is place the monster_grunt_repel entity in your level where you want the grunt to start from, then give it a name and have something target it. The thing you've got to remember is that once the grunt reaches the ground, he becomes a regular old monster_grunt, so remember to place some info_nodes. Next, I'm going to show you how to make it more exciting.

Now we're going to make a grunt repel through a skylight in the roof. The first thing to do is to make your skylight out of a func_breakable, give it a name, make sure the Only Trigger flag is checked, and change any of the other attributes to your liking. Now place two monster_grunt_repel entities above the skylight and give them names. Next place a multi_manager in your level and have it target the glass and the two monster_grunt_repels. It's generally good to have the two grunts triggered at different times. Now in the example map I've used a trigger_once to trigger the multi_manager, but you could also use a trigger_auto or a button. Now for a walkthrough. The multi_manager gets triggered then it triggers the glass to break and then the two grunts. While this is more exciting than before, we can make it even better.

What can be more exciting then having the grunts break through a skylight? How about having them blow a hole in the roof? The setup is very similar to the skylight setup. The only different thing is the env_explosion entities and the different attributes in the func_breakable. Just set the env_explosions to go off at the same time as the func_breakable and you have the desired effect. I'm not really going into detail about this last part as I want it to be sort of a homework exercise if you will. If you need help, feel free to email me.

More on monster_grunt_repel

If you have a monster_grunt_repel being created by a monstermaker, then you need to specify a Children's Name in the monstermaker. You use that name to trigger the monster_grunt_repel.
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