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monster_human_grunt - Point Entity

After the resonance cascade, the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit (HECU) marines were sent in as a cleanup crew. Their orders were to eliminate anyone - both aliens and Black Mesa personnel. They were transported in by Osprey's and APC's and were supported by Apache helicopters and tanks. Armed with MP5's, combat shotguns, frag grenades and M203 grenade launchers, they also have a wide array of other weapons at their disposal, such as automatic sentry guns and tripmines, and various mounted weapons.

Soldiers operate in squads and will try to flank the player or flush them out with grenades. Their chatter can be picked up by the HEV suit, which gives the player some insight into what they are thinking.
Difficulty Health Kick damage MP5 damage Shotgun pellets x damage Grenade damage M203 grenade speed
Easy 50 5 3 3 x 5 100 400
Medium 50 10 4 5 x 5 100 600
Hard 80 10 5 6 x 5 100 800





Commented 2 years ago2021-07-31 20:07:57 UTC Comment #103640
How i spawn the Human-Grunt with balaclava and shotgun?
Commented 2 months ago2024-02-15 14:37:55 UTC Comment #105982
^ Spawn one with a shotgun. HECU shotgunners always wear balaclavas.

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