satchmo1 year ago2022-05-06 20:29:27 UTC 10 comments
After 24 years working as a pediatrician, I am going to become a commercial airline pilot.

There is currently a massive pilot shortage in the United States. It's estimated that we need more than 15,000 pilots over the next five years.

During the pandemic, virtually all flights were grounded due to travel restrictions. Many seasoned pilots were forced into early retirement. No flight school remained open during the shutdown.

Now, with lifting of travel bans and fueled by strong consumer demand, many flights are grounded because there is no one to fly them.

I played a small role in getting the world weather the pandemic, and now the world could use one less doctor but one more pilot.

I will be the third-generation pilot in my family. My grandfather flew for the first Chinese air force. He was naval bomber. Both of my uncles flew fighter jets.

I am fulfilling my destiny as I take to the air.
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Meerjel011 year ago2022-04-30 19:06:34 UTC 6 comments
Everyone's allowed to watch my Twitter. I'm asking cause of minor depression.
MMProductions1 year ago2022-04-27 10:19:50 UTC 2 comments
I'm about to buy a Sony remote assistant for tape decks, it's called RM-S5.

But its remote, RM-S5C, is a very rare remote control to find. I need it. Here some pics.

Does anyone have this remote? Or do you know someone who has it?

If anyone knows anything, please get in touch.
The remote control above belongs to this remote device.The remote control above belongs to this remote device.
Striker2 years ago2022-04-16 10:56:57 UTC 8 comments
Oh yeah, forgot to post here yesterday.

We owe a lot to copper. I mean, virtually all electrical circuitry is made out of it. It's the reason I shocked myself Wednesday when working on a socket, while I thought I switched off the right fuse on the fuse panel. Live and learn - next time I'm, switching off the whole panel. The copper wire was the culprit: it conducted all that electrical potential right through my body. Or maybe, if I'm being rational, me being stupid is the one to blame, not a copper wire. I got a weird vertigo on my left side that day, it was funny.

People use copper tubes for plumbing and sometimes for heating, although plastic ones are more popular nowadays. Not sure what are the advantages and disadvantages as I'm not a plumber.
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Turks have an interesting way to make coffee on heated sand. They use a kind of copper pot that sits on hot sand. Probably not specific only to Turkey, as I imagine this is an excellent way of making coffee on a hot desert day.

Copper is also used for roofing, and in time it oxidizes and get that beautiful teal color.

Anyway, I'm sure copper is an interesting metal to study, I'm just here to bring some cake.

As for me... well, another revolution around the sun, lots of ups and downs, new lessons in life learned, new mental tools acquired, new responsibilities, and maybe a new passion too - I bought myself a Honda Hornet, the 2007 model.
Oh well, we all need some kind of personal therapy.
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Have a nice day everyone!
Meerjel012 years ago2022-04-01 10:39:40 UTC 4 comments
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These are old models. I'm gonna try make better ones. (The 2D eyes will stay for the day this gets to the Xbox)
satchmo2 years ago2022-03-28 20:34:56 UTC 2 comments
I co-founded this organization with the project manager of Sister Cities of America, and I created the website this weekend:
Papa Smokes2 years ago2022-03-26 20:08:52 UTC 3 comments
I will probably next to never use this feature but here's my cat
zAlphii2 years ago2022-03-16 20:22:39 UTC 2 comments
i eated it all
DOCTOR2 years ago2022-02-24 18:50:07 UTC 1 comment
One of my favorite letter from the greek alphabet next to psi and gamma.

You could probably already guess why i like it... :crowbar:
Loulimi2 years ago2022-02-24 16:13:58 UTC 6 comments
I turned 34 on the 31st (2 days ago)!
Oh, and apparently, my maths teacher missed 3 fingers...
Admer4562 years ago2022-02-23 10:32:10 UTC 7 comments
Hello, population of The Whole Half-Life. It is a good day today. Speaking of halves and lives, I feel that a good chunk of my life has passed.

0 to 8 was kinda cool. 8 to 11 had some bad moments but it was okay. 11 to 13 was awful.
However, 13 to now has been awesome, so let's just say, it has passed in a pretty good way.

So yeah, life has been kinda good. I made pizza last night and that was good too. Pretty good actually. In the last 6 months, I've started doing some things I really like:
  • making food because I got bored of Mum's cooking
  • throwing spears with my cousins
  • cutting down thorns
It's a way to enjoy life for me, and it's kinda cool. Especially cutting down thorns.

I could talk about some other plans I have at the moment, but I'm lazy, so I'll leave that for another journal maybe.
Drooga2 years ago2022-02-22 16:57:32 UTC 4 comments
Just a little example map, you might find this helpfull if you have ever had trouble making a box. Comment plz, i hope that everyone finds this helpfull.
38_982 years ago2022-02-18 21:25:26 UTC 7 comments
Surprise! Somehow I didn't think this profile, or website, would still be here. I wondered if the passage of time would sweep it away. I'm glad to see that its not. This profile is like a time capsule of sorts for me, looking back on the older stuff. Granted, not much for 9 years, but the stuff before...

I'm not sure what to write here, only that I feel I should put something down before I forget and come back in another 9 years or something. Hope your all keeping well, I'm doing perfectly well myself. Guess that's all there is to say. Have a good night.
Dr. Orange2 years ago2022-02-18 19:58:34 UTC 6 comments