Overfloater1 year ago2022-08-26 13:15:20 UTC 1 comment
Hello everyone. I was thinking of this for a while now, but I thought I would give returning to TWHL another chance. Seven months ago I left because I had a ton of issues to go through, and I also felt like I didn't have any real reason to remain in the community, since I switched from working on Half-Life as a base to my own engine.

However, I must admit I want to give being part of a community another chance. I'm sorry for leaving all of a suddenly and just disappearing, leaving some people hanging in the air. I had by then a massive backlog of problems, and I really just needed to reduce my life to a size I was able to manage, and being in Discord felt... addictive at the time, I felt like I was wasting a lot of time I should've spent on solving problems or doing just anything healthier than distracting myself endlessly.

Now, I want to try and rejoin the Discord, without getting addicted this time. Hopefully, that'll work out.
jamie1 year ago2022-08-22 19:58:52 UTC 5 comments
give me map ideas. ANYTHING.

EDIT: Im gonna do Urby´s map and then im gonna finish the koth map
Daburubareru1 year ago2022-08-09 03:51:26 UTC 5 comments
Yes that was quickly, I'm still finding motivation and hope for my project I'll will keep continue my mod the they hunger remake thing!
Prepare for a disappointment...
Hi and good morning, I'm about finally actually speaking about my ''burn thoughts'' from yesterday this summer I've been thinking a lot of negative stuff toward my project which it is a remake of ''They Hunger'' the actual name is Rockwell (you may heard about it before...) aka the codename is THS (that I rarely keep talking about it here in other sites, on discord and sometime here), I feel like I wouldn't be able to complete a huge project like this on Source will ever happens I was in a series of being burn out and I want to switch my project into something very original I would love to make it in Goldsrc yes I'm switching source to HL1 modding, into something original I've always wanted make it for now I want to take a break and get inspired.

I sincerely apologize for those who are very disappointed it.

For now I'm taking a break currently
Meerjel011 year ago2022-07-26 18:28:15 UTC 3 comments
User posted image
The ragdoll is a bit messy so I'll try to stay with an animated NPC instead.
Vinny played my LSD Dream Emulator recreation map during his Randoslap Map Pack stream. It was a very surreal experience for me, i have never had anyone with any sort of large presence spotlight something i've created before. Too bad it was the one map i've made so far that isn't an original design, lol. I'm happy and grateful anyhow.

Here's a link to that video. Many interesting maps get played.
jamie1 year ago2022-07-22 22:47:39 UTC 2 comments
I am bored + Have no map ideas + Feeling a bit bad today = Give me you map ideas!

Just give me any map idea you want and i will do it!
satchmo1 year ago2022-07-21 11:55:11 UTC 0 comments
I wrote a short autobiography this week:

It will be published in an anthology of biographies of 25 Rotarians around the world.
Meerjel011 year ago2022-07-11 17:09:32 UTC 4 comments
I made a DVD with the Rezzy videos in it so I'll give it out here now. Take your old DVD player, blow away the dust and see!

Also excuse me for 2 journals in a row. Tho it's not like they got made in the same day.
Meerjel011 year ago2022-07-07 17:23:32 UTC 2 comments
Gift Being CuteGift Being Cute
I can't get myself to work on 3D so I guess I'll work more on 2D since that's what I can best. I was thinking if Gift couldn't fit in the engine since my draw style is too stylish for 3D. Which might be the reason I'm not doing 3D at all mostly.
A man broke into my bedroom.
I woke up just after midnight to the sight of him standing there, staring at me with a strange expression on his face. He was wearing a raincoat and had brought a cake with him - he stayed as still as a statue, pointing at it the entire time. We stared at each other for what seemed like hours, and then suddenly he turned and left without speaking a word. The only way I know I wasn't dreaming was the cake he left behind. Perhaps the strangest part of the whole ordeal was the cryptic message emblazoned in icing across the top of the cake - the digits "30"
I have no idea what it could mean.
Recently i visited my parents to pick up some stuff because they were cleaning the small wood warehouse we got. Most of the boxes were trash or old family stuff, but there was a peculiar box labeled "jAmiE". Yeah, it was mine, when i was like 8 or 7, cant remember. When i got back home and opened it, i found some cool stuff, old clothes, some old toys, a few children magazines, a lot of books (Btw there were a lot of books) and of course, an old hard drive. It has the shape of the Captain America´s shield:
Btw sorry for poor qualityBtw sorry for poor quality

I plugged it into my laptop, and hoped there wasnt any old virus that might cause the end of the world. Luckly, it was in better hardware shape than i expected. I found the following folders

I do remember using the "machinimas" folder" to save machinimas stuff and leftovers. I used to make some cool machinimas with my friends. The rest of it its WAY to ooold. Like, 6 or 8 years ago. Oldest file is from 2001. There are a buch of small batch games, pictures, trash, suspiciously downloaded games, a lot of photos and more trash.
Wow thats a lot of garbageWow thats a lot of garbage
There are a lot of damaged files, because a lot of the files were transfered from an even older hard drive. In the folders that end with "stufff" there are a some maps, models, addons, mods, etc... There are some Half-Life maps i tought i lost. Also there is a They Hunger copy still zipped. The most happy thing i found was MY FIRST MAP. After so many years i found again my first map, wich is, as you could guess right now, A COMPLETE GARBAGE.

So, what im going to do, is remake my first map, and see how it goes!
  • jamie
satchmo1 year ago2022-07-06 16:09:47 UTC 0 comments
I am planning a race in February of 2023 as a fundraiser for my Rotary Club:

I'll be in Melbourne in May of 2023 to attend the Rotary International convention.
Overgrowth is sandbox game where you play as a rabbit, man, thing? It has 3 solid pillars that the game is based on, melee combat, stealth and platforming. The game has a good main story mode (and a few bonus ones added to that by Wolfire) but I'm not really here to talk about any of that. I've owned this game for a very long time, before the game was on Steam, before Wolfire went radio silent and I just assumed the game was dead and even before it had anything close to a main story mode and just came with some test maps. And back then you kinda had to make your onw fun. and you could do this with the games real time level editor. So this is less like making a map in say Hammer, and more like Halo's Forge mode.

But I have never really tried to make a full on level, until now

so the fist step I took was to load up the red rock climbing map from the alpha, delete Everything and make it look like this
Ok bit of a jump but I don't want to bore you with the details of moving around objects and resizing them.

The goal of this map is too kill all the bandits that have take an old ruined fortress as they're base. A dog has hired you to do this and says as much when you talk to him
chatty dogchatty dog
making scripted Dialogue even ones as simple as this is quite involved, and is easy to screw up. I can only imagen the pain of setting up something more complex!
dialogue setupdialogue setup
Speaking of complex, giving NPCs armor in this game is done by carefully moving the pieces where you want them on the NPC and snapping them to one of they're bones. Luckily giving them a sword is much less painful and just snaps it to they're hand or on they're hip.
dog with armordog with armor
I really think the most important part of making a good Overgrowth map is giving the player freedom to take things on in different ways. Like yeah you could just rush in and storm the gate, but there's a big tough dog right there waiting for you. Probably best to do some sneaking and see if there's another way in. There is a rabbit guard on patrol in the back but he's got a lot of ground to cover so finding a rock on the side of the fort to climb in is pretty easy.
rabbit patrol pathrabbit patrol path
and throw in some stuff less telegraphed to the player, like this abandoned camp on top of a cliff.
theres a bonus knife up here too!theres a bonus knife up here too!
So yeah learning to make maps for this game is way different to almost anything I've done!

I got a gameplay video here
video link
and the workshop link here
Disco Clone1 year ago2022-07-01 15:34:23 UTC 3 comments
A few days ago I uploaded shanty 1 and 2.
The name came from another level I gave up on a bit before. 'shawty'

Uh. I updated it maybe 2 days later I think? Adding those sorta pipes you can see in the first proper engagement with the soldiers.
Along with some vents.

Then I started working on 3 and 4.
I had the idea for the thing to go reverse half life. Instead of Office Complex to We've Got Hostiles it'd go WGH to OC.
But then I started doing the office and didn't like it. So I kinda just tried to rush it through to bring it back the storage part.
One day I might go through and make it better but I can't be bothered right now.
In map 4 I made a large crate delivery room/storage. Idk. I think its kinda cool. A crate goes by overhead as well.
They're both light on combat compared to 1 and 2 but I'm thinking it'll be good to go
ACTION-less action-ACTION

Map 5 and maybe 6 are intended to be on the surface. This scares me though as I haven't really done anything on the surface. I'm scared I'll butcher the cliffs or just. It won't look right.
So we'll see how that turns out :P

Before I go onto 5, I'm going to try and reduce the number of crates in 1 and 2, do the big doors differently, maybe add different cover or the little crane thingies. All things I got told about in the comments. Which was really weird to see. I didn't expect this little. Little goofy map to be worthy of a comment.

Uh journal. over.