Snehk6 months ago2018-06-23 08:19:55 UTC 1 comment
I had a dream, it was both crazy and beautiful. I had launched Terragen Classic and saw an advanced yet clean and well arranged interface. In addition to the usual editors (which got a massive overhaul), there were also editors like character editor, model editor and game logic scripter. I spent a lot of time in this dream fiddling with material and atmosphere editors. The former had full PBR and procedural creation matched with Terragen's usual material properties. There was a nifty window with an example scene - selecting faces on it adjusted the material to slope of the face and its other properties. The atmosphere editor had a real time preview window, enormous amount of sliders and even more preset examples that were great on their own. I had tears in my eyes when working with that suite.

A man can dream, but a question is: What if Planetside made game dev tools?
satchmo6 months ago2018-06-20 09:52:48 UTC 32 comments
Neither of these pictures was originally mine, but I juxtapose them to warn everyone of the similarities. History is repeating itself.
User posted image
This is a double journal. ;)

Teh Epik Master Plan Part III

On the 23rd November 2017, I convinced my dad to let me use his debit card. Then I bought myself the Valve Complete Pack for just €10,52.
Success. However, the quest still continues as I'm yet to open my own bank account.

And this year, it might finally happen.

User posted image

(man, I've got Convertible Marks, pfennigs, euros, euro cents, Canadian cents, and Croatian lindens, LOL)

So, I've been collecting money for the past 5 years for my new PC, and then something unexpected happened.
My aunt from the US sent me *$20! Now I can buy an SSD alongside the 1TB HDD, a Ryzen 5 1600 instead of the 1400, and a 1050 Ti instead of the 1050. :D
(maybe extra 8GB of RAM, 16 in total)

I knew that this day would come. The day when my patience and perseverance finally pay off.

So, my plan is to spend a part of it on the PC, and save the rest to my soon-to-be bank account (otherwise my parents would keep using me as a bank, like they've been doing for the past 7 years). The days of lag and global warming caused by my laptop will finally be gone, and I'll enter a new age, a better age.

I'll likely re-purpose the 2005 HP Compaq as a home server or something. My 2007 laptop will finally get retired. The grandpa deserves it after all these years.
It will be a dream come true. Funnily enough, June is the only month where I have dreams anyway. I've dreamt in the past about buying the parts, I've dreamt about taking the part boxes to my dad's car, I've dreamt about using it. Now it's time for those 3 to become a reality. For some, it's pride month, but for me it's the dream month.

I've Survived

6th of June, 2018, 10:25
My IT professor says "Please don't make any trouble in the classroom, I'll be away for 10 minutes."
And then all hell breaks loose. I even drew UwU on the board.

User posted image

approx. 11:05
The professor returns and the board is cleaned. "Alright, since we don't have much time, I'll take a brief look at your presentations, and I'll see if I can bring 2 students so they can actually present what they chose."
The classmate, whose IT homework I've done yet again and again, got an 5 (or an A, if you will). Then I knew I could sleep in peace, knowing that he doesn't hate me and that my reputation is not yet ruined. As for me, IT was already concluded as a 5, so it wouldn't matter even if I got a 1.
The professor finished taking quick looks at the students' presentations. He asked: "Alright, who wants to present us their homework?"
I raised my hand almost instantly. "Alright Admer, come on up.", he said.

My presentation was a history of Microsoft operating systems. At one point, I reached Windows ME.

User posted image

The text doesn't matter, so I won't really translate it. I was talking about its (in)stability and I briefly mentioned Windows 2000.
And then, something unexpected happened.

User posted image

"Oh, I apologise, we're having some technical problems."

The professor started laughing so hard. And my classmates thought it was an actual BSOD, so they got worried.

IT class ended, and I was told I won't have any further classes for that day. My summer break had officially begun.

7th June 2018

I arrived to school at 9 in the morning. I had to meet with the professor and the principal. We went to the ceremonial awarding, and I happened to have won 2nd place on an IT competition hosted by the Pedagogical Institute. They also hosted the awarding. It felt nice to be a part of it.

User posted image

And that's it. I'm free until September. :3

*It's not actually $20, I just won't tell the true value. :P
livewired7 months ago2018-06-05 17:44:41 UTC 3 comments
Blender's prehistory
Traces (1988) on the greatest PC of all time the Commodore Amiga
Dimbeak7 months ago2018-06-04 00:33:18 UTC 8 comments
Hey guys, I made a thing.

Can someone give me their thoughts on the thing?

UrbaNebula7 months ago2018-05-25 12:41:54 UTC 10 comments
I remember once, when I was young, my Grandfather was telling me stories about the war. He told me one story that always stuck with me.

One day, in the midst of the European invasion, he had leapt into a Spitfire and flown over enemy lines. He had then jumped out of his plane and parachuted down to a flag held by the Germans. He took out the four man squad single handed and then defended the flag is it gradually crept down the flagpole, turned into a British Union Jack and then started to climb slowly back up.

Unfortunately, he was then shot and killed by a German sniper who had run up to him, jumped into the air, span around and shot him without looking down his scope.

When my Grandfather respawned, he was surprised to find that he was now figthing for the Germans, as the battle had been pretty unbalanced up to that point. He leapt into a German Tiger tank and got back into the fray.

I'm sure by this point you have figured out that this is not a true story. However, a couple of days ago, EA and DICE released the Battlefield V trailer. The trailer features, most notably, a British female soldier, with a prosthetic arm, fighting on the front lines. Naturally, everyone reacted to this in a perfectly reasonable and level headed manner.


The amount of bile I have seen surrounding the content of the trailer almost makes me ashamed to be a gamer... Countless people have slated the footage for not being historically accurate, which is what the Battlefield franchise is known for (There is a game in the series that includes bipedal robo tanks... but let's gloss over that for now)

There are literally zero videogames that offer an authentic World War One/Two experience because it would be fucking MISERABLE. But the idea that including female soldiers with prosthetic limbs fighting on the front lines is offensive and disrespectful is a fucking joke! It's a VIDEOGAME for fuck's sake, not a DOCUMENTARY! It's supposed to be entertaining! Not historically accurate.
User posted image
  • - - - -
For those that are genuinely interested by the way, my Grandfather was an engineer in WWII and while he didn't see a lot of combat he worked on Spitfires primarily, and did a damn good job of keeping them in the air. :D
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Admer4568 months ago2018-05-17 18:56:56 UTC 4 comments
Discovered an ancient gem: 3D Studio 4.0 (DOS, 1994)
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
One of the pre-rendered images that came with it:
User posted image
Now I'm getting a sudden urge to move from 3DS Max 2016 to 3D Studio 4. Lol.
olograph8 months ago2018-05-15 20:47:05 UTC 2 comments
Realizing My Childhood Dream : Forgotten Bunker 2 - Part I
tl;dr version: I'm a dude that fulfilled his childhood dream through his not bad at all second map.
This is my first journal. It's about my experience of making the Forgotten Bunker 2 map (currently in the vault) for Half-Life: Deathmatch.

Forgotten Bunker 2 is the sequel of a map I made back in 2003, when I was 15 years old. The first version, for which I don't have a copy anymore was rudimentary, wasn't lagging, but was violating pretty much all performance principles. Still, it featured an entrance with a shaft just long enough so that thrown grenade explode in the main room, automatic doors, a room with pillars which inspired the high-impact zone, some kind of lab and a long diagonal corridor leading to a small engine room where there was a crossfire-like button. People complained it was too cramped to play, but still I (pretty far from) mastered the use of trigger entities. I was happy. R.I.P.

At 30 years old, I was still playing the game once in a while. I was playing with a small community of remaining Half-Life: Deathmatch players, which I won't name. Kind of a love and hate relationship. I've always been unpopular among gamers which contrasts about my surprisingly active social life. I digress. After having played for so many years, I was bored and it just happened that we were playing a very dull map (to my opinion). So I messaged a vulgar version of: 'this map is boring' to all players (as douchebag I like to anonymously be) which a 40-ish years old admin, most certainly father and in a 'giving the christian example'-mode spoke through its mic. : 'Have YOU ever tried to make a map?'. I replied: 'Yes I actually did!' and replied further: 'It's called Forgotten Bunker'. To which he spoke back: 'Oh yes? Where can I get it?' So yeah, my next line was a miserable 'You can't. It lost it...'. At this moment, two things happened. First, 'F*** this guy, who the f*** he thinks he is?' in some sort of mis-placed ego driven rage. Second, I realized I could never be at peace not leaving a tangible legacy for this game. Not being able to show anything was torture. I had to fulfill this newly discovered childhood dream.

'F*** the competition!', I said for myself, as I say for myself at the beginning of every projects. Hatred driven projects are the way to go. Excessive pressure is a must too! Let's build upon an as inflated than fragile ego. I still digress. No seriously, I've grown up ... still... I still said 'F*** the competition!'. No, seriously, I always try to push things further in all I do. I'm a real enthusiast at what things can become... and you know, I thought there was room to explore for maps in this game. I started to lay out axioms of my disdain towards the entire world (joke): 1-Maps are mostly static space in which players can fight 2-Elevators are often the most complex feature of maps. I need to give credit to all genius inspired maps which have proven to be successful by their layout and architecture alone. These are exempt of my unequivocal hatred (wonder about how many 'joke' I can put before you really think I'm a narcissistic demon).

Back in the days, PCs and network resources couldn't handle the load of coop kind of content in multiplayer maps... and I suppose that by the time they actually became fast enough, no one cared about making feature-rich deathmatch maps. So basically, making a feature-rich Half-Life: Deathmatch map is like punching a little kid in the face (thus winning I guess?) but a little kid no one cares you to beat... like your young self... digressing again.

Having played many HLDM maps in the past years, I was filled with a recurring sense of dullness and the idea of making a standard map seemed lazy and infinitely boring. Of course there were more dynamic maps like Rats, but it was more of an exception. I needed something more articulated and imaginative so I cranked up the heat from the get go.

Axiom 3: I suck at layout, architecture and lighting. This, I defined later in the process. I actually found myself a talent at the gameplay level. If things are ugly, make them fun. Hopefully, I had help for the aesthetic part through Windawz, which probably don't want me to mention his name in this text. Too bad friend, I'm mentioning verifiable facts anyways ; ).

Ideas soon started popping in my head like crazy. I started getting the worst version of Valve Hammer and without any idea of doing things right, I started mapping the first prototype of Forgotten Bunker 2. I flooded TWHL forums like a vile greedy beast, until there was no more thread to bump. Sorry for that BTW, this was maniac. I spend time at work searching on entities, making plans for layout, portal locations. Except for practice, this step was mostly pointless, except for the ambitious 4 crossfire-like events I decided to include. Being an analyst programmer myself, entities wiring was relatively easy so I put a thick coating of butter on the toast.

Because yeah. This was the plan: Feature 4 crossfire-like events that will be chosen at random at firing. The layout and choice of the different rooms was also part of the plan. All the rest was born mid-flight... mostly through binge learning on all kind of goldsrc map making subjects. I was hooked. Add this, add that. It's enough. Add this, add that. Stoppp! I wasn't sleeping at night. Even skipped work few times so much I was passionned with realizing this dream of mine.
UrbaNebula8 months ago2018-05-12 16:30:16 UTC 12 comments
Got myself a new motor! My trusty old Kia Rio from 2009 packed up and I've been using my wife's car for three months. Not great. Ordered a new one in February, but was told the second week of May would likely be the earliest I would get it.
User posted image
Welp, the second week of May has arrived, and so has my new Kia Rio 2018. The difference is pretty incredible. Central locking, electric windows, bluetooth connection for my phone. I know none of this is particularly impressive by today's standards, but consider that this is moving over from a car that had wind-down windows and no air-con.
User posted image
Yeah, pretty happy bunny today.
Snehk8 months ago2018-05-05 19:46:57 UTC 5 comments
I will become a godfather tomorrow!
Jessie8 months ago2018-05-03 21:01:17 UTC 14 comments
The number of gargantuas in Half-Life
number of ostensibly friendly apaches in Half-Life
the number of tentacles in Half-Life
the number of living scientists in the Xen chapters of Half-Life
the number of Ospreys in Half-Life


I mean, there's no real way to cloak the purpose of these journals, but hopefully I can at least give some maths that needs to be pondered rather than just looked up. (I hope I got the right numbers!)
Loulimi8 months ago2018-05-02 23:59:51 UTC 8 comments
Finally finished with my BSc!!! :D (Well, apart from a demo that I need to give tomorrow.)

Time for me to log back in to and see how's everyone doing.

Is the Core finally released??? Is TWHL v4 finally ready??? (My computer is still displaying the old version but I guess that's a cache problem... right?)
satchmo8 months ago2018-04-24 17:59:56 UTC 6 comments
Has anyone seen "Ready Player One"?

Why does the end credit mention "Valve Corporation"? I didn't spot a single character from any of the Valve games in the film.
Snehk8 months ago2018-04-21 10:10:38 UTC 1 comment
Shameless advertisement time!

BlackRite Interactive

I had set up a development and publishing studio about two weeks ago. Only four people account for it so far, but there's time for recruitation.

If anyone wants to join us or ask for our help, feel free to message me on ModDB.
Admer4568 months ago2018-04-19 17:24:00 UTC 8 comments
For the first time in my life, I won a competition. =D
User posted image
"Regional Spelling Bee champion is Admer [...]"

(darn, I smile in such an ugly way :/)

Either way, that explains why I was holding a GoPro Hero 5 Session in one of the recent images in the ShoutBOX.
My English professor told me that my victory was like a perfect retirement gift to her. And now the entire Stolac is talking about me. Lol.