Admer4561 year ago2019-12-25 14:33:26 UTC 10 comments
So, some of you may know that my style of studying is based on 3 principles:
  • study as less as possible at home
  • try to understand and memorise (if needed) as much as possible in class
  • study at home only when you really don't know (e.g. for Democracy class)
With this style of studying, I achieve a GPA of up to 4.63, which is amazing considering I didn't do homework 30% of the time, and 80% of my time at home was spent using the PC (excluding sleep, eating and that stuff). If I wanted a 5.0 GPA, I would have to say goodbye to my free time that I get (which I'd end up using to work on mapping, modding, programming or gamedev projects).

In other words, I wanna work on projects as much as possible, while studying as less as possible, while still maintaining a 4.50 GPA at least.

Now, here's the thing. The 1st semester ends on the 31st of December here, and then the winter break starts. The problem is, my GPA is 4.28 at the moment. It used to be 4.4 until I ruined my score in Electrical Measurements and Digital Electronics, decreasing them both from 5 to 4.

(quick reminder: 5 here is A, 4 is B, 3 is C, 2 is D, and 1 is F)

So now, instead of improving Electronics and Democracy, I also gotta improve German and Bosnian to pass with a GPA of 4.50, which is the bare minimum to pass with an excellent status, otherwise it'll write "very good" on the paper, which my parents, grandparents, and the whole family would absolutely hate. :P

Well, today I managed to improve German, at least I believe so. We had a written schoolwork and I did it for an A.
Tomorrow, however, is the judgment day.

I got an Electronics test, Democracy test, and a Bosnian oral exam. The chances of me getting A's in all three are 15%. Lol.

The day of judging all my sins (of me not studying). The time will come very soon, unfortunately, but at least I've been preparing. I hope I'll survive, and if I do, then my winter break starts right on the 27th of December, cuz' I got no exams left afterwards.

Merry Christmas folks, happy holidays, I wish you all the best, soon it'll be 2020, it's been nice and everything, blah blah blah, I don't even celebrate Christmas, lol.
Now excuse me, I gotta go study for once. :3
Tetsu01 year ago2019-12-20 12:07:34 UTC 7 comments
Hey all.
I've been away for some time. Doing.... Things....
The band has been taking off so I'm my free time I've been focusing mainly on music and supporting the band. I've been making animated promos with blender and my 3D art is actually featured on the album cover.

I've also come a long way as far as my career.
For YEARS I wanted to do SOMETHING with rockets. I quit my job in CT and moved to Florida to chill with the band. I got a job doing amusement park rides (think Disneyland) which was cool but it wasn't rockets. (Actually the job sucked big time, it was only cool in theory)

Now I'm doing rockets.

I support ULA (United Launch Alliance) during launches by monitoring for gas leaks during fueling and post launch.

I made it into the last Twitter promo video: (I'm @ 14s in the silver shirt standing behind the control console)
ULA (@ulalaunch) Tweeted:
At ULA, our team and our rockets have a tremendous responsibility.

I'm also supporting Blue Origin by being on the engineering team that is building their launchpad.

This isnt just me promoting my band or showing off about rockets.. I want to tell all of you to never give up. Keep making small steps towards your goals and you can realize them. When I failed out of college I thought I screwed up big time. But I kept at it and 10 LONG years later I'm here.
I wish all of you good luck in your life and hope you have good health in the new year.
Jessie1 year ago2019-11-24 10:46:31 UTC 11 comments
User posted image

The Whole Map Vault

Firstly, The Whole Map Vault is going to be moving back by one day, and will now start at 22:00 Friday UTC. It will also be slightly shortened from ~2 hours to ~1.5 hours to make room for...
User posted image

Sort Our Souls

In this new weekly stream, I will be playing through the entire Dark Souls series, and in the process, I will create an "extremely scientific" ranked list of every single Dark Souls boss! Sort Our Souls will start at 00:00 Sat UTC. This is ~30 mins after TWMV ends. (Just to give me some time to go and have some breakfast and freshen up after the rigors of looking at map vault maps!)
Hope y'all pop along! I've been looking forward to doing this for a good while now!
I believe that this is what Maynard James Keenan was referring toI believe that this is what Maynard James Keenan was referring to
Skoiler1 year ago2019-11-21 22:22:36 UTC 3 comments
Oh hey I'm reading my past journals and cringing!

How's everyone's day going?
Sometimes,I look at all the modders who have made stuff for several games.
I look at their work with despair,knowing that I will never be able to reach their level or fame.

Sometimes,I feel like I'm on the top of the world,after a long,brutal fight.
Just because I finally rigged that hand,or got that code working properly,or I just could do something right.
Sometimes,I wonder why I'm so stupid.Why I can't figure this thing out.
I feel like I shouldn't even be alive,to be honest,just another soul waiting to fade out.

Sometimes,I tell myself to calm down,that I'm doing all right.
Everyone makes mistakes,at times.Why,then do I always feel that I'm an idiot?
I must've been a pretty irresponsible kid and maybe extending up to a small portion of my teenage,I guess.
Or it's probably how my society/culture/you get the idea is.
I seem to...forget it,there's no point in being hopeful.
Focus,focus! I need to get out of here alive! As it is,the whole place is in shambles,many scientists and guards are dead!
It is all my fault...I shouldn't have pushed that thing in...I could have just stayed with Barney's sister...she's cute and besides,Barney knows nothing.

Focus,Gordon,focus! Stop shaking,steady your aim!

Everything would have gone to hell anyway.Someone else would have pushed it in. I couldn't have stopped anything.I'm alive,that all that matters,
get out and call for help.
I wonder if Breen is alright. I need to get my paycheck from him.....

At least, I hear the military is coming to rescue us.But then,why do I feel like something isn't right?
Never mind.First make it out,then think about it later.

Notewell1 year ago2019-10-25 11:16:35 UTC 16 comments
(Quantity: 5)

I am very surprised why does it work on Linux now? Eh I can't expect about Windows problem with Trinity Render crashes since changelevel. I am sorry I don't like to exhume from bury of Trinity Render. I feel about mappers wait longer for new update like Redux still not work for Windows. I don't understand why does it work under wine ( Proton ) - It is really impossible that Proton conjures died incompatible games into alive...
Now it works fine for me under Linux with Proton ( wine latest version 4.11.7 )
User posted image
Flash light throws fine
water looks fine
dynamic light? Don't know....
Main-menu looks dirty oh oh...
Texture looks sometimes scratching - if you use detailtextures = ok.

I swear that I don't scam everyone. Please check out Ubuntu 18.04 and Steam with Proton with Trinity Render 3.08f and you can try out.

I show proof.

_Successful mods: Tested: _
-> Trinity Renderer ( successful, mess up textures and mainmenu looks dirty )
-> Redux ( successful, but it is very catastrophically because detail textures scratch and are hurtfully. )
-> Spirit of Half-Life - Copy from valve/resources to spirit/resources for main menu background fixer and all maps like XXXXXXdemo successfuly no crashes YAY
-> Natural Selection 3.2 ( Works fine completed with navigate menus in right click and no problem YAY! )

Not tested:
-> HL Bump ( very old mod from VERC )
and more..

Half-Life Rally - :( When I run onto game mode than it crashes :( Died!!! BYE BYE HL-Rally!! )
SourceSkyBoxer1 year ago2019-10-21 23:10:22 UTC 9 comments
Hello everyone,

sorry I am very busy from my practical training as kitchen helper or cooker at restaurant / hospital. But I have 5 times of accidents. :( My finger is not much cutting. Thanks for worrying me! I am shy to show because my finger in left middle finger :sarcastic:

I am working at XLibSharp ( Wrapper for X11 ) on Ubuntu 18.04 and I have created simple window with button clicking.
User posted image
User posted image
It is really easy like Flash's Sprite
Instance of Sprite = 1 = flash player or flash application. But XLib/X11 works also instance of window like sprite.
For XLib/X11 is very close to same to Flash Sprite Api
But I need create display, screen_number and window than I create any components.
XCreateSimpleWindow or XCreateWindow are very different levelly.

private IntPtr window, button;
	window = XCreateSimpleWindow(....);
	button = XCreateSimpleWindow(display, window, ...);
	XMapWindow(display, window);
	XMapWindow(display, button);
		// KeyPress for destroying window with break; It means Close window
		// ButtonPress for clicking event with writing console or making new rectangle or widget of X11
I will release soon - I hope I can work sure 100 % with XLib/X11 wrapper for C#. But Steffen Ploetz's X11 libraries are very horrible because X11 libraries with shit enumerators. like TInt, TUlong or TPixel etc.. I really don't understand. I want use default types of mscorlib.dll ( using System; )
That is why I write clean library XLibSharp ( for only Linux, FreeBSD with only 64Bit - but I won't support for Windows - I know you want use with Cygwin's X11 - But I don't care with Cygwin. ) Please respect me! - I will try to create Half-life with XLib/X11 - Wait why it is easy? Because Half-Life has GUI like Steam GUI dialogues/windows. XLib/X11 has support also Vulkan too.

Sorry for longer busy because I have tried to resolve with GtkSharp3 and SDL2 = bad news if I add button than GtkSharp 3 application will crash. That is why I am trying to resolve as successful library for Linux and FreeBSD.

I hope you understand my English.

Best kind regards!
UrbaNebula1 year ago2019-10-17 23:26:20 UTC 25 comments
Pornography with three eyes.

19/10/19 EDIT: Thanks all! Penguinboy was the only one to put way too much thought into this :P

No but really it's:
Pornography = XXX
with three eyes = III
XXXIII = 33 in Roman numerals
Alabastor_Twob1 year ago2019-10-16 22:41:44 UTC 13 comments
I finally got my braces off today. That was probably the longest 18 months of my life.

It feels pretty weird having smooth teeth once again.
Screamernail1 year ago2019-10-06 20:02:46 UTC 14 comments
Yes actually. A great idea!

Being ignored and unable to speak to most people is a problem. Especially when you thought you're doing something great but instead you get no notice.
Suparsonik1 year ago2019-10-05 15:49:17 UTC 8 comments
Rimrook1 year ago2019-10-04 12:12:18 UTC 11 comments
There once was a man named Rimrook,
Who was working a map’s new look
While filled with glee he turned thirty-three
So a day of mapping he took.
The Mad Carrot1 year ago2019-10-03 13:50:19 UTC 6 comments own little kitten!
User posted image
Her name is Mila, 3.5 months old and she came from a 'host family' (not sure about the correct term for this) after being picked up from the streets by the animal shelter. Now she lives with me. Barely 3 hours since she arrived and she's following me around everywhere I go, purring like crazy. This is a perfect match.