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Posted 12 years ago2008-05-12 12:13:24 UTC
in Bioshock Movie Post #249887
And the Doom movie was allright! ok, they deleted the demons from hell and replaced them with stupid genetical experiments...
From what I remember, Doom was perhaps one of the most horrifically B-grade films I have ever seen. The acting was a joke, and there was too much CGI for me to be convinced. And the BFG stood for 'Big Fucking Gun', not 'Bio Force Gun'. Pansies. Nowadays I hate most sci-fi and fantasy, because most of it is crap. I prefer the old stuff, such as Lord of the Rings (Especially the book series) and sci-fi from Arthur C Clarke and other classic authors.
Posted 12 years ago2008-04-04 12:45:21 UTC
in Earth Hour 2008 Post #248464
I don't think that power is important as the food we throw away, while the hungry in Africa (Asia too) die.
Heh, I'm hungry, and live in Africa. Though I'm hungry as in I-want-a-hamburger hungry.

We did that power saving thing here too, considering we are having a huge power crisis. We have power rationing, along with water rationing. Eish.
Posted 12 years ago2008-03-07 14:49:52 UTC
in Where do you TWHL3? Post #247343
Supposed to be better, but hardly much difference. The worse mice are ball mice...eek, bad memories. Apparently expensive ball-mice are the most accurate you can get.
Posted 12 years ago2008-03-07 11:05:21 UTC
in Where do you TWHL3? Post #247335
Sweet! I have the exact same keyboard as Hunter.
A also have the same keyboard as Satchmo.
Both my keyboard, mouse and headphones are Logitech. Unfortunately my headphones snapped after 2 weeks.

And @Tetsuo: Life only sucks as much as you make it. Emo's make their own lives suck, and then go blame everyone else for making it suck.
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-24 08:51:53 UTC
in Welcome to TWHL3! Post #246507
Looks great. Except the avatars are extending past the border.
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-22 11:02:49 UTC
in Audiosurf Post #246168
This sounds awesome! :D And excuse the pun.
This post was made on a thread that has been deleted.
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-18 10:17:02 UTC
in Desktops of February Post #245893
I used to run dual monitors, which included my 19" LCD and a 17" CRT, but it just took up too much space and the dimension difference was awkward.
At my brother work he has three monitors, all 22"ers. He showed me some people with 5 monitors!
He works as a software engineer/developer.
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-17 09:37:51 UTC
in Sewer Post #245813
They have got to be South African.
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-17 05:51:56 UTC
in BioShock vs. CoD4 Post #245804
Please don't get Crysis, I made the mistake of getting it, and it is just loads of eye-candy and graphics with absolutely TERRIBLE game play, complete lack of creativity in design, very short, very boring, and pretty much like Vista - Loads of eye candy, but total crap inside.
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-17 05:28:17 UTC
in Desktops of February Post #245802
Could you ask him how he plays DirectX games? I would love too know.
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-16 19:06:48 UTC
in Desktops of February Post #245776
ewwbuntu? Nice...get Fedora or something a little better man tongue - :P.
Pfffft whatever! :P ;) (Arent Ubuntu and Fedora both based on Gnome anyway?)

And yes, Compiz-Fusion is fun, in fact, probably WAY over the top actualy!

As for gaming on Linux, well, I've never had much luck with Wine, but that is probably just me. You probably somehow have to link to the DirectX libraries or something.
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-09 15:53:37 UTC
in Desktops of February Post #245377
Vista! :zomg:
Vista makes even XP seem brilliant.
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-09 15:23:16 UTC
in Desktops of February Post #245375
Pfft, all you and your 'Pimped' WINDOWS desktops.
Me taking a transition to my next desktop.
My other two desktops are behind the cube.
User posted image

Linux > Windows so so much.

:glad: :heart:

Who else here has a REAL operating system?
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-02 21:24:43 UTC
in coders needed! Post #244872
I HATE the term "Coder" with a passion. Please use the term "Programmer". A coder, is a person who simply just does the syntax based part of programming. The actually typing/"coding" it in for the computer to understand. A programmer however, is someone who actually designs the application/program with the use of algorithms. You will need more then just "Coders" for this. And the entire half-life framework will need to be reprogrammed for this.
Posted 12 years ago2008-01-10 08:40:43 UTC
in Something freaky Post #243116

Try this map, but World Crafter, scariest map I've ever played in my life, at one part of it I got shocked so bad I practically fell of my chair.
Posted 12 years ago2008-01-10 04:16:00 UTC
in Help! Microsoft has handicapped me! Post #243109
Linux mint is just another variant of Ubuntu, for people who want "Pwetty Interface", as opposed to what linux is truly about - utility, versatility and power. I mean, it even uses the Ubuntu package repositories, and everything.
And MINT's slogan is "From Freedom Came Elegance". Just that alone is enough to break an OS. If you want elegance, go Apple. Most Linux users like me dont even use the GUI, we use the shell. (Bash).
Posted 12 years ago2008-01-07 12:25:22 UTC
in Flat-Life (HL2D) Post #242864
Don't worry, most of the stuff in C++ is just the API consisting of libraries to make your life easier. A language only has to be able to receive input, write output, basic mathematical functions ( + - / * MOD), loop code, compare (AND,OR,XOR,NOT), and store data in memory (Variables and objects), and create multiple threads to run different parallel processes. Everything else is just other classes which are used to simplify complex tasks.
Posted 12 years ago2008-01-02 05:16:51 UTC
in All I got for Christmas was... Post #242279
Well here it costs US$420.
Posted 12 years ago2008-01-02 04:54:42 UTC
in Hello Post #242277
Lookout for madcow. He has strange fetishes.
Posted 12 years ago2008-01-02 04:53:30 UTC
in All I got for Christmas was... Post #242276
You guys are loaded!
I got a 19" LCD TFT widescreen monitor (And my parents where pissed at how much it cost. But of course I live in a very expensive house in one of the most expensive towns in the world where stuff costs alot :P )
And I got 5 cans of deodorant.
And chocolate.
Posted 12 years ago2008-01-01 11:15:19 UTC
in The Third Annual Hunter Awards Post #242225
Me want pie.
Posted 12 years ago2008-01-01 10:40:07 UTC
in Desktops of January Post #242220
Sorry, saved it as PNG.
Ah, the elephant skin background. (They should have made it the skin of a Gnu).
It comes with Ubuntu, but I found this page:
Posted 12 years ago2008-01-01 09:48:02 UTC
in Desktops of January Post #242217
Linux Ubuntu 7.10 with the default look (I like the warm feeling and has an African touch, which I find comfortable since I live in South Africa)

Resolution of 1440x900 on my 19" LCD monitor (widescreen).

User posted image
Posted 12 years ago2007-12-20 10:59:52 UTC
in HELP BEFORE I GO CRAZY -coding Post #241601
Yep, just call the setter method for the activity and set the parameter as the object of the new activity you want.
Posted 12 years ago2007-12-17 13:58:50 UTC
in WHO LIKES DODGE. Post #241346
Please someone tell me how I can use that power without being arrested.
Posted 12 years ago2007-12-17 11:55:25 UTC
in "Who the Hell are you again?" Post #241338
Full Name : J***** W****** L****
Age: 17
Hometown : Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa
Born in: Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa
Self Classification: Coder g33k.

-So far, up to grade 11 of school. Will study at University.

Favourite TV series (1st 2nd and 3rd):
1st) Prison Break
2nd) Brothers in Arms
3rd) Heroes

Favourite Meal: Pasta Tagliatelle with bacon and cheese/tomato sauce.

Favourite Actor: Nicholas Cage

Favourite Actress: Rosamund Pike,Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johanson

Favourite Game to Date: Half Life + Mods.

Game you're most looking forward to: Don't game anymore.

Favourite Bands:
1) Iron Maiden
2) Bad Religion
3) Dragon Force

Favourite Drink Hot/Cold: Coffee / Mountain Dew

Favourite Alcohol: Beer

Hobbies: Coding, coding, and movies.


Girlfriend/Boyfriend Yes/No?: No.

Past Girlfriends/Boyfriends: 3

Things that make you smile:
  • Sophisticated Programming
  • Programs that work, beautifully.
  • Brilliant Algorithms.
  • Gadgets.
Things that make you really laugh out loud:
  • British Humour.
  • People getting hurt.
Things that annoy you:
-Cheats and Liars
-Arrogant People.
-Right Wingers/ Conservatives.
-Stupid People.

Things that well and truly piss you off:
-Cheats and Liars
-Arrogant People.
-Right Wingers/ Conservatives.
-Stupid People.

Photo >>>
Posted 12 years ago2007-12-16 04:37:54 UTC
in WHO LIKES DODGE. Post #241162
Whats the point of so much raw power when the speed limit hardly lets you exceed even one tenth of it? And dont suggest breaking the limit, because my brother does that, and has paid THOUSANDS in speeding fines, had his car impounded, and spent a few nights in prison.
And as for "electronic gadgets", it's those electronics that practically double the power output of an engine. On the old mustangs, a huge amount of that power was lost.
Posted 12 years ago2007-12-15 15:00:47 UTC
in WHO LIKES DODGE. Post #241048
I dislike American Muscle, mainly because of their great lack of efficiency. (Due to lack of electronics and ECU's, etc). They had a race between a modified Ford Mustang with 7.5l engine, and a Jaguar E-type with a 3.5l engine. The Jag SMOKED the Mustang, because of its high power efficiency.
Also, because of the Mustangs backward engineering, when it did a corner it skidded right off and totaled into the side. The Jag cut the corner perfectly.
And I just never liked the styling of American Muscle, I always though it looked very primitive and clunky. I prefer European and Asian cars.
Posted 12 years ago2007-12-14 09:20:05 UTC
in Rock/Boulder Construction Post #240873
Create a brush. Clip it, VM it, clip it more, VM it more, rotate it, rescale it, more clipping, more VM, more rotating. For brush based boulders, thats about it. ;)
Posted 12 years ago2007-12-14 09:16:35 UTC
in Invisible Water??? Post #240872
Ive had this problem before. Make sure the water is a SOLID, not a brush based entity (Such as func_wall or anything). Second, make sure the water texture name you are using has a "!" prefix. Thirdly, make sure that same texture is applied to ALL faces of that solid. And lastly, use the "Check for problems" to ensure that the water brush is not broken. Make sure there are no vertex/face errors...make sure you haven't carved the water brush or clipped the brush. For safety purposes, delete the entire water brush, and add it again, making sure it is a pure cube, with no transformations or anything.
Posted 12 years ago2007-12-13 15:20:29 UTC
in 3D view in Hammer sometimes not working. Post #240843
Oh dear. At least it isn't just me.
Posted 12 years ago2007-12-13 15:03:26 UTC
in 3D view in Hammer sometimes not working. Post #240841
Thanks, that works. Another problem I have found, when mapping for HL2, when I try selecting a model for a prop (Using the VGUI browser) the whole Hammer just crashes, with no error report. Disabling the VGUI browser solves the problem. However, when mapping for CSS, the VGUI browser works?
Posted 12 years ago2007-12-13 14:31:16 UTC
in 3D view in Hammer sometimes not working. Post #240837
I'm having a problem with the 3D view in Hammer. If I just have started a map, or am changing the view from 2D to 3D, the 3D view is not rendered - it just goes black, and when I rotate, nothing happens, just remains black. It only happens when I start a new map or as I said, change views to 3D. The only way around it I have found is to select a brush in 2D, then go Tools > Center 3D view on Selection, this seems to "wake-up" the 3D view and get it rendering. What on earth is going on here?
Posted 12 years ago2007-12-13 12:14:12 UTC
in Reflections without cubemaps? Post #240827
Ah thanks. That's right, they don't reflect props and whatnot.
Posted 12 years ago2007-12-13 08:54:44 UTC
in Reflections without cubemaps? Post #240817
I know without cube-maps, materials (Such as shiny floors) wont reflect and do the fancy specular effects, but why does water still reflect?
Posted 12 years ago2007-12-13 06:44:12 UTC
in Source sdk Won't load Post #240814
Hey I just had the same problem, and put -engine ep1, and it worked. Why Episode 1? I don't even have ep1?
Posted 12 years ago2007-12-12 06:30:04 UTC
in Blue/Green textures not visible Post #240724
its not color based, its the last color in the set of 256 colors that is transparent when using the solid rendermode. The color itself could be anything but the pure blue is notorious.
Wrong. The RGB values are 1 byte each, meaning the maximum value it can ever reach is 255. You are confusing it with memory values.
Posted 12 years ago2007-12-06 06:07:30 UTC
in All I want for Christmas is... Post #240021
There is plenty of stuff I WANT, but my dad isn't the most well-off person, so I will probably end up getting a book on Game Programming. (I do a lot of programming, and I'm currently into programming games). They cover doing special effects and physics and 3D graphics and clipping, etc.
Posted 13 years ago2007-09-02 10:27:23 UTC
in You Laugh, You Lose Post #233329
Posted 13 years ago2007-08-29 10:00:04 UTC
in Scientology: Exposed! Post #233078
My Sister and her boyfriend is Scientologist....well parts of it. They scare me.
Posted 13 years ago2007-08-27 12:21:08 UTC
in Post Your Photos Post #233006
Lol, Satchmo.

Mine >>>
Posted 13 years ago2007-08-27 12:09:55 UTC
in Now Playing: ... Post #233005
DragonForce - Valley of the Damned.
Pantera - Shedding Skin.
Posted 13 years ago2007-08-03 17:16:59 UTC
in Models glowing in darkness Post #231189
You have an awful graphics setting.
Posted 13 years ago2007-07-01 08:39:22 UTC
in Windows Vista Reviews Post #226985
I got Windows Vista Ultimate cracked at a lan. Its shit. It basicly like XP with a new theme, except its slower and has tons of useless features.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-16 18:28:01 UTC
in Desktops of June Post #225426
You dont say.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-16 18:21:39 UTC
in Desktops of June Post #225424
User posted image

Custom Taskbar, Custom Icons, Custom Start Menu, Custom Windows, custom cursor, custom firefox, even custom login screen and boot screen. :D
Posted 13 years ago2007-05-28 10:09:52 UTC
in Starcraft 2 FINALLY Post #223666
Agreed, the last speech bubble completely ruins the joke.
Its like saying:
"Two men walked into a bar. At least one of them should have noticed it."
...then saying
"You see, they walked INTO a BAR, as in long metal pole, you know, its like a pun. Bar as in get drinks place, and bar as in metal pole. Hahaha, so damn funny. You understand the joke?!"
Posted 13 years ago2007-05-28 10:04:59 UTC
in Windows Genuine beat Post #223664
Ive never had to worry about this, because I...have genuine windows. :zonked:
Oh well, came free with my computer.
Posted 13 years ago2007-05-23 13:09:35 UTC
in Do you love Australia Post #223152
Oh look Athlete has to be different and post a long and detailed report on why South Africa is better than Australia.. typical -.-
Its called patriotism. Look it up in the dictionary.

I expect all Australians to be patriotic of their country, if you are australian and you arent, you dont belong in any country.

And Trapt, take a chill pill.