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Posted 6 years ago2013-03-08 07:24:49 UTC
in Night Oddities Post #312933
Yeah SP is some seriously scary shit. It basically convinced me to stop pursuing lucid dreaming.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-08 07:03:17 UTC
in Dota 2 invites Post #312107
Long Story Short, I (and pretty much everyone else who has Dota2) have a million Dota 2 invites I'm looking to get rid of. Message me on steam if you're interested. (If you don't have me added on steam already, my steam name is WildKarrde. at )

And by a million invites, I mean 6. First come first serve.

and no, I'm serious. message me on steam. who knows when I'll log in here again.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-06 05:56:31 UTC
in Masks Post #312054
So maybe its been a good thing I haven't been around here very much lately..
Posted 7 years ago2012-09-13 18:05:36 UTC
in TWHL Big Brother 2012 Post #309804
"TWHL can choke on a bag of dicks for all I care. Especially Kasperg. What a knobber."
Fake! He wouldn't say that in a recent interview, considering Kaspergs been gone since forever.

Oh yeah. I guess the Olivia Wilde part is pretty unbelievable too.
Posted 7 years ago2012-09-03 03:39:40 UTC
in Black Mesa: Source Set for Release! Post #309581
I kinda think they should wait until Xen was done and release it as the whole thing, but its their mod, they can do what they want, and you're not going to see me complain about the work they've done and how they decide to give it to us.

It just kinda seems like they're catering to forum babies.

In any case, I've already downloaded the soundtrack, listened to it, and sent some money Joel's way for his incredible work. :D Also I figured I'd share that "We've Got Hostiles" is my favorite track.
Posted 7 years ago2012-08-29 18:18:05 UTC
in Best program for recording Half-Life vid Post #309459
"Acquire" FRAPS if you're broke, or if you have the money, just buy it.

I had a less than legal version for a while but once I found myself in the possession of income, there was no reason to not buy it.

Not to sound like a FRAPS fanboy but the alternatives out there are mediocre at best.

Also it cost me more than FRAPS for a dinner for two at a relatively cheap restaurant. But I guess that's America for you.
Posted 7 years ago2012-07-25 06:45:23 UTC
in League of Legends Post #308392
There's a fairly decent third party solution to recording LoL game replays. Granted its third party, but its pretty solid until replays become a feature in the game client.
Posted 7 years ago2012-07-17 01:44:24 UTC
in League of Legends Post #307924
User posted image
#1 Katarina
Posted 7 years ago2012-07-16 19:20:16 UTC
in League of Legends Post #307912
Afaik, in LoL the only champion that can deny is Gangplank, by using one of his abilities.
Think that was his really realllllly old skillset.

Anyway, ATDestroy on NA server.

I've played this game, a LOT. I probably won't play nearly as much now that I've got a job.
Posted 7 years ago2012-03-26 18:01:56 UTC
in Odd link when refreshing TWHL Post #304638
Posted 7 years ago2012-03-16 15:50:13 UTC
in Half-Life: Legend of Zelda Post #304346
One person is Zelda, and everybody else are monsters with lower health/attack who have to try and kill him when they spawn on certain levels. It's really cool.
I died a little inside.
Posted 7 years ago2012-03-15 14:25:01 UTC
in Desktops of March Post #304323
Cannot Unsee.
User posted image
In any case, less wang.
Posted 7 years ago2012-03-14 07:35:48 UTC
in Desktops of March Post #304288
Well finally got a nice 23" LCD monitor to replace my 19" CRT brick. Now I've been having some fun with rainmeter and theme'ing my desktops. Right now its mass effect themed since I've been playing the third one recently.
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Posted 8 years ago2011-12-15 21:13:55 UTC
in HL3 Rumour Post #301605
I'm not going to say anything else because apparently HL3 wasn't even announced? I just assumed that it was in production all this time. Apparently I'm not nearly as well informed as I should be.
Posted 8 years ago2011-12-14 20:05:58 UTC
in 3DS Max Post #301575
I watched a few and they're quite useful, kudos to your teacher!

I also didn't notice dimbarks supposed crappy comment, so I'm HOPING you all were kidding.. I'm hoping.
Posted 8 years ago2011-12-14 19:56:45 UTC
in Skyrim Post #301573
Posted 8 years ago2011-12-06 18:53:06 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #301340
The Core is looking extremely amazing as usual, you have a neat mapping style that is simplistic and looks great without being flashy.

Are the barrels/ladders/cinderblocks all brushwork?
Posted 8 years ago2011-12-06 18:40:53 UTC
in HL3 Rumour Post #301339
Is there some sort of paradigm that I'm unaware of that states that only games that are out, or about to be out, can have shirts about them?

I don't get it
Posted 8 years ago2011-12-02 18:52:28 UTC
in Skyrim Post #301233
It's also fairly terribly optimized in places. Some interior dungeons suffer unexplainable framerate drops even on my super rig. Urby noticed them as well and his pc was almost £3,000 iirc.
Really? I love the dungeons because they're the only place I get upwards of 40 FPS.

Outdoors is where I start crawling at 8 FPS.
Posted 8 years ago2011-11-30 12:46:22 UTC
in Skyrim Post #301191
Couldn't even be a shit PC, because my PC is shit and Skyrim is still beautiful. A beautiful image that changes 8 times per second, but beautiful nonetheless.

Also complaining about the dragon when you have about 10 invincible guards to tank it for you? If he knew about the dragon + dragon priest (or lich, if you prefer) fight, he'd go nuts.
Posted 8 years ago2011-11-29 14:01:44 UTC
in Skyrim Post #301179
I'll be honest, I really didn't think it'd ever run on my crappy computer, but it did. I'm now obligated to actually buy it.

Suppose I'll wait for the GotY edition.

Also, I had some weird graphics glitches where fire particles wouldn't show up (dragons looked like they were microwaving you with heat waves) and the world map was extremely blurry. Was all fixed by the enbseries dll, in case anyone else has had the issue
Posted 8 years ago2011-08-19 00:36:00 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #298161
Nightwatch/Submerged. To answer Jeff/Urby.

And yeah Stu, fair criticism for sure on all points, but I have no idea how to do the outdoor area correctly, I've redone the lighting 3 times and I cant seem to find something that works well. I'm TRYING to go for a morning time frame.

Any suggestions?
Posted 8 years ago2011-08-17 15:40:09 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #298116
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
some may be pictures I posted before, I cant remember, but whatever, this is where I am now.

Known criticism, the hallway in the first pic is too dark, and there's that empty space in picture 2. I'm getting frustrated trying to make the black mesa trucks out of brushes, and the prefab I downloaded (lol.) gives me compile errors, so Ill figure out something eventually.
Posted 8 years ago2011-08-15 03:03:39 UTC
in London Riots Post #297970
What is this, I dont even..
Posted 8 years ago2011-08-14 22:36:44 UTC
in Google+ TWHL Circles! Post #297961
That actually sounds really nice, I hope it gives Facebook a run for its shitload of money. Competition is always nice.
Posted 8 years ago2011-08-14 21:43:57 UTC
in Google+ TWHL Circles! Post #297957
Edit: Never mind. ^

I remember people discussing this over at the BMS forums. Its kinda like google's answer to facebook? Seems counter-intuitive to have a social networking site by invite only.
Posted 8 years ago2011-07-17 22:22:44 UTC
in Hot threads Post #296729
I have the same color scheme as Scotch on firefox, but i've been using chrome more lately so its just classic orange.
Posted 8 years ago2011-06-25 07:18:26 UTC
in TF2 has gone free Post #295860
I feel like the amount of patience is directly proportional to salaries.
Posted 8 years ago2011-06-25 00:07:43 UTC
in TF2 has gone free Post #295845
Yeah, the way I see it, there really is nothing valid to complain about. We also do get premium accounts on top of it. And a hat or something I think. (Whoop dee doo. But I'm just saying.)
Posted 8 years ago2011-06-24 20:43:51 UTC
in TF2 has gone free Post #295839
For all those having a umad over this. Would you rather have waited all this time to get it for free? Opportunities abounded to get Team Fortress 2 for a STEAL. One of the biggest ones being the orange box itself.

just sit back and enjoy the new cannon fodder.
Posted 8 years ago2011-06-22 23:15:19 UTC
in Minecraft Post #295759
yeah online does that all the time, something about that portion of the map not loading or something.
Posted 8 years ago2011-03-29 21:03:57 UTC
in [UTILITY] Half-Life Launch Pad Post #292674
Well we fixed it over steam, but for the sake of the thread, I didn't have liblist.gam in the Valve directory for Half-Life.
Posted 8 years ago2011-03-29 20:47:08 UTC
in [UTILITY] Half-Life Launch Pad Post #292672
What exactly does "Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object." Mean?

It says that every time I try to point the launch pad to the my steam username folder.
Posted 8 years ago2011-03-27 16:42:54 UTC
in Competition 30 Post #292533
I only use the 1 unit grid in rare cases where VM acts weird in 2 or 4 unit.

You know what im talking about right? the side you're moving gets skewed to the side and snaps to the grid at that point, one unit over from where you want it to go.

Please tell me im not the only one with this problem.

Anyway, I like Ninja's entry, makes me think of Elder Scrolls Oblivion.

Huntey's entry is awesome, the creativity to come up with that idea is way more than I could muster. And on top of that, it looks great. Whats up with the null texturing though?
Posted 8 years ago2011-03-27 16:11:30 UTC
in Texture from photo Post #292532
This is terrible. I read the word RAD, and then think to myself.

What relevance does the lighting compile tool have in this thread.

Then go, "Oh. Wait."
Posted 8 years ago2011-03-19 16:35:04 UTC
in Next Competition Post #291939
Map a map
Posted 8 years ago2011-03-03 18:18:15 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #291064
Haha all I read on the front page was "And now I have to recapture Hammerfest." And I thought OH GOD IM SO SORRY.

Seriously. I've beaten that mission about 10 times throughout my entire life, but every time I do it, I frustrate myself for 2 hours before coming up with some convoluted tactic that manages to win the mission for me. I just fucking wing it.
Posted 9 years ago2011-01-20 20:41:32 UTC
in Competition 30 chit chat Post #289447
nw.wad please.
Posted 9 years ago2011-01-20 20:29:32 UTC
in Competition 30 chit chat Post #289442
Fair enough :)

Anyway Joe, whats depicted in those screens I posted took months to do, I have a terrible time coming up with ideas, and then when I actually get started on something, I look back, see how terrible it is, and tweak it for months and prevent myself from making progress.
Posted 9 years ago2011-01-20 20:26:06 UTC
in Competition 30 chit chat Post #289438
Huntey blocked my edit with his post about blocked edits.
Posted 9 years ago2011-01-20 20:23:37 UTC
in Competition 30 chit chat Post #289434
Those members should not participate at competitions.
Why the hell not? This isn't a professional portfolio here, working on a competition map could be a good way to learn a lot about mapping.

Anyway, I suck at mapping and I was thinking of entering the next competition. I may be insulted. :|
Posted 9 years ago2011-01-19 22:23:07 UTC
in Competition 30 chit chat Post #289365
Posted 9 years ago2011-01-13 18:21:18 UTC
in Now Hiring: Map Vault Moderators Post #289043
Inb4 Penguinboy shows up and yells at us all for being useless shits.
Posted 9 years ago2011-01-12 21:56:28 UTC
in Now Hiring: Map Vault Moderators Post #289018
What is this, I don't even..
Posted 9 years ago2011-01-10 19:14:41 UTC
in Now Hiring: Map Vault Moderators Post #288945
Completely understandable man, don't beat yourself up about it. Best of luck in everything you do!
Posted 9 years ago2011-01-09 23:42:30 UTC
in Now Hiring: Map Vault Moderators Post #288907
I get what Ants saying, its like what I have to do for formal research papers. They frown on the use of first person. Not too much of a big deal.
Posted 9 years ago2011-01-09 23:15:42 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #288900
Something I'm working on.
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Ignore the black wall of death in the second to last picture. I haven't expanded that area yet.
Posted 9 years ago2011-01-09 22:32:33 UTC
in Now Hiring: Map Vault Moderators Post #288899
I would be interested in both positions, but one or the other. I like to review maps and mods, and I do have all the valve games, so I would be capable of reviewing the whole spectrum of maps/mods.

The only thing is, I may have difficulty in a MOTM position just because I can't promise I'd be able to stick to a regular schedule of reviewing. Some months are really busy for me life-wise. Some are not. I do have a good microphone, fraps, and good video editing software however.

As far as an example of a review goes, I'm almost embarrassed by this because this review was written years ago, I think I was 13. Anyway, My Timefall review:
eh, i played this mod 4 times, and, to be honest, i did not like it very well. From the start, i did not understand the story, and i never got any hint of the story in the rest of the game. If i may compare this mod to "lifes end" on this site, i would point out how you really knew your character in "lifes end", from getting fired by the boss, to your character thinking out loud, it really gave you a sense of who you were playing as, and giving you a reason to progress, and protect your character. I did not get the same feeling in timefall, i literally forgot the characters name by the end.

The combat was not all that good, the fights with the aliens were the same thing every time, and the army fights were not implemented in a strategic combat way.

The sniper rifle, while a good idea, was poorly implemented. I noticed that, upon firing the rifle, it took a 2 second delay to hit medium to far away targets, and i realized that this, was because it was just a remodel of the crossbow! - 1 star for that, that really dissapointed me.

The architecture, was repetitive, and boring, and some things just didnt make sense. The texturing was dull, but that wasnt very bad.

The puzzles, gah, the puzzles really annoyed me. They were the same thing over and over, look around for a paper thin ledge, and follow it, open a door, backtrack, activate something, progress. :/

And really, i expected this NOT to be in a mod as highly reviewed as this, the barney said "open fire gordon", now i may have forgotten the characters name, but i know for a fact that it was not gordon. :/ -1 star

This also disapointed me, getting the crowbar, and the shotgun, BEFORE the HEV. Yet you could see the HEV sleeves on your player, thats just not right. - 1/2 star

The only things i really liked, was the time travel sequence, and the clever parts where you saw gordon.

This mod was much less than i expected it to be, i was really disapointed. 2.5 stars, rounds to 3.
Two things I dislike about this review, 1) My overall tone was really negative. and 2) I compared it to another mod. Which I feel isn't a good thing to do.

At any rate. there you go.
Posted 9 years ago2011-01-09 17:10:57 UTC
in HL2 EP2 FAILURE Post #288881
I think the difference between win7's search box, and XP's "Run" might trip him up.

Edit: Well nevermind then.

Edit Edit: Whoa, is there something seriously wrong with the memory there?
Posted 9 years ago2010-12-29 23:18:12 UTC
in Theoretical Disaster Post #288331
He made a map in paint?