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Posted 8 years ago2012-03-15 13:38:07 UTC
in de_747 beta Post #304322
Looks fantastic buddy, can't wait to play it
Posted 8 years ago2012-02-25 04:39:11 UTC
in Op4/Bshift NPC's/Monsters in HL Post #303699
Awesome, thank you so much Atom. Your website is very helpful.

EDIT: I assume the installation process of these files will be relatively straight forward? If not, it would be good if you could include a brief read-me.
Posted 8 years ago2012-02-23 04:00:40 UTC
in Op4/Bshift NPC's/Monsters in HL Post #303634
That would be amazing, Atom, but only if it isn't a major hassle for you.
Posted 8 years ago2012-02-22 12:04:27 UTC
in Op4/Bshift NPC's/Monsters in HL Post #303621
Hmm well what monster is most similar to a pit drone? I'm thinking bullsquid?
Posted 8 years ago2012-02-22 10:45:39 UTC
in Op4/Bshift NPC's/Monsters in HL Post #303619
Oh really? I swear the level where an unlimited amount of pit drones charge out from darkness, and so you need to turn a wheel to close blast doors to stop the attack.

That's basically the idea I'm going for in my map. So I can't just use monster generics. I might be able to get away with Otis however.

Yeah from what I've heard, Op4 is more common than blue shift, but the story behind my map wouldn't work if I wasn't Freeman/Calhoun or such other black mesa employee/ally.

Is there any other way?
Posted 8 years ago2012-02-22 07:40:13 UTC
in Op4/Bshift NPC's/Monsters in HL Post #303616
Hey guys, I haven't posted in a while, begun lots of large maps and never got around to finishing them. Back now with a simple map idea so I can get it finished and display my work to the community before uni resumes.

The fatal flaw in my plan was that I forgot that pit drones are a Race-X monster, which I need in my map for it to work, as well as Otis, for cosmetic reasons.

Would it just be easier for me to make the map for Blue Shift, even though not many people have the mod, and I'm already half way through building it.. can I just swap the .FGD?

Anyone out there have a solution to my problem? I couldn't find anything related when searching.

Thanks in advance
Posted 8 years ago2012-02-17 11:07:57 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #303507
Played through Metro 2033 for the first time the other day, absolutely loved it, can't wait for the sequel.
Posted 10 years ago2010-09-04 10:34:13 UTC
in Source Physics Experiments! Post #284949
I had that game back in the day!!
Posted 10 years ago2010-08-13 23:24:55 UTC
in Screwing a silencer Post #284208
to allow the ai to react to dead bodies, you could make the body spawn some kind of entity that when the ai see it, they go into their alert mode and come looking for you.. not sure which exact entity would work however
Posted 10 years ago2010-08-13 14:29:50 UTC
in Forum Consistency Experiment Post #284194
Ray William Johnson?
Posted 10 years ago2010-08-12 23:56:33 UTC
in Forum Consistency Experiment Post #284167
In yellow, my first game, you have no choice but to get pikachu, and in all the other games, I went for the fire pokemon ie Charmander and Cindaquil.

On the topic of the research, Soup is right.. but then again everyone is going off topic even though they know they're not supposed to, possibly proving that humans always want to do what they're not allowed to.
The main reason people are still posting about their pokemon as it allows them to be nostalgic for a couple of minutes, and they feel obliged to keep the thread going for the OP and TWHL, as Jeff said.
But we can still see that everyones going off topic even though they weren't supposed to, so you can see what the OP was trying to prove.
Posted 10 years ago2010-08-12 03:54:03 UTC
in Mapping for HL1 with the source sdk Post #284115
Okay I'll redownload 3.4 and patch it to 3.5 then thanks for that :)
Posted 10 years ago2010-08-11 12:19:23 UTC
in Mapping for HL1 with the source sdk Post #284094
Hi guys, this question is a bit embarassing, I have a sudden urge to map for HL1 again but I don't want to do it on my trashed laptop.

Can the source sdk be configured to map for HL1 or do I have to download an earlier version of hammer?

Thanks in advance
Posted 10 years ago2010-08-08 04:48:29 UTC
in examples of goldsource forest maps? Post #284007
Haha sorry mate, its just that he wanted to know the same thing the other day and I referred him to these forums :)
Posted 10 years ago2010-08-07 12:23:41 UTC
in examples of goldsource forest maps? Post #283986
are you the guy asking me to make a dod_forest map for you on the australian RAW server the other day?
Posted 10 years ago2010-07-14 01:00:10 UTC
in Show Your City Pride Post #283046

Good old Adelaide, home of Aus Hip Hop, Churches, Festivals, Wine, Hoon Driving, and Serial Killers :D
Posted 10 years ago2010-07-13 11:01:22 UTC
in Show Your City Pride Post #282997
Lol I wouldn't, Strider :]
Posted 10 years ago2010-07-13 00:26:36 UTC
in MMORPG for CS Post #282980
Any links to push me in the right direction? preferrably a direct download link. I see a dead and unofficial looking forum, but thats about it :(
Posted 10 years ago2010-07-13 00:23:59 UTC
in Video codecs Post #282979
Damn, so there's nothing I can do?
Posted 10 years ago2010-07-12 12:17:06 UTC
in New Map: Left 4 Beer Post #282948
Posted 10 years ago2010-07-12 11:48:08 UTC
in MMORPG for CS Post #282945
wow I like the idea of this, I used to have a similar idea to this one.

A cops n robbers mod, where players can be good or bad(for lack of a better word), and develop into swat-style gangs and organised crime gangs, respectively.

The bad gangs try to commit crimes, and the good gangs stop them. The world is kept in balance by AI, being police and citizens, making sure that one side doesn't dominate.

Elements from 'The Ship' mod would be employed, so that there isn't all-out-war on the streets, and the bad people can walk around like normal people.

Rules would dictate what each team can do, yet another measure to keep the game in balance and realistic, for example not allowing the good people to shoot their weapons on the street or for no reason, or hurting civilians, which would apply to the bad people also.
Posted 10 years ago2010-07-06 07:14:51 UTC
in Video codecs Post #282738
I have a problem with an .avi file that I recorded with my webcam, using the program: captureflux

the file size says 1.44gb but it won't open, I've tried all the programs i have, winmediaplayer, classicwinmediaplayer, vlc, quicktime, realplayer, neroshowtime. but they either crash, or run 1 second of audio making a tearing sound. if i click on the file or open the properties of it, windowsexplorer (NOTE: NOT internet explorer)

I've ran it through a number of 'avi fixer' programs but no success there, and when i opened it in Gspot, it claimed that the file runs for 8 hours! and that there is 1.2gb of unnecessary data at the end of the file. Strange considering that the file should have only taken 1hour max.
Posted 10 years ago2010-07-06 04:24:00 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #282736
wow Unbreakable, that model looks really good. Was that difficult for you to create? Considering I wouldn't know where to start with making a model, I'm curious to know how long it would take a professional such as yourself to create something like that (the way you described it made it sound like it was an easy task for you).
Posted 10 years ago2010-05-11 09:28:39 UTC
in Video reviews of your maps Post #281156
It's a good idea on Huntey's part, he gets added site traffic, and people get indepth, helpful reviews.

I personally haven't picked up the ammount of times he has advertised on TWHL, but that can be justified as I've only been a member, a year or two, and sometimes don't check the site for weeks due to.. life.

However, going by what Trapt says, what Huntey is doing is unacceptable.

But then again, its only 25 posts, a small number. If it were a free service, it would become exploited and everyone would spam.

To summarise my ramblings, Huntey gets away with this post, as it is a fair call, a 'win-win situation' as previously mentioned, however any other forms of advertising would be taking it 'too far' ie steam messaging.
Posted 10 years ago2010-05-09 22:01:24 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #281122
Hey guys, could the work I've done in Solid Works be implemented into the source engine?
Posted 10 years ago2010-05-09 21:59:35 UTC
in anime recommendation Post #281121
wow thanks for the quick responses, by magical I don't mean monsters and things like that, I just mean, slightly unrealistic, like the way that 10 enemies with samurai swords run out of a tiny random building.
Gai rei zero sounds like something worth watching, and Light Yagami sounds a bit different, but good enough to download. Any more suggestions would be good.
Posted 10 years ago2010-05-09 14:08:30 UTC
in anime recommendation Post #281102
wow, I was going to start this same thread.

My knowledge of anime is zero, and the extent of viewing was watching a very engaging anime at 3am on SBS (australian tv station that plays foreign productions) that made me want to see more. (the description of what I saw is very similar to what I have written below). In school I remember we watched spirited away, which I really enjoyed, but is not particulary what I'm looking for.

I'm looking for an engaging, serious storyline with well-thought out characters. Something that makes you think, set in a place that is earth but is strange and almost magical (not to the extent of Spirited Away however)
Nothing out of this planet though, nothing not involving humans, and I expect sword wielding.

I would rather the anime not be mainstream and really well known, I don't want it to stretch on forever, like Naruto, and I would prefer it to be in Japanese with English sub-titles

As a side-note, I am 18 and male if it matters, and so I would be looking for something with a target audience of around 18 or older

Hopefully you can make sense of my ramblings (its past 3am) and match some titles with my description. A link is not necessary but would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance
Posted 10 years ago2010-04-05 14:02:39 UTC
in Lost Horizons - Source RP Map project Post #280269
My only criticism is that the grey texture is very repetetive and boring, and makes the map look blank. I don't know if you're going to leave it like that or put things over it/change the texture around, but in my opinion, I think you need to mix it up, add more foliage, more details and colours. Otherwise, the map is beautiful!
Posted 10 years ago2010-03-21 11:30:01 UTC
in Favorite Band? Post #279862
lol, screw you Trapt, how un-Australian of you!

Some of it is terrible, but there is alot of good stuff out there.
Posted 10 years ago2010-03-20 01:24:41 UTC
in Favorite Band? Post #279840
I like all music, no matter what, but my favourite genre at the moment would have to be Australian Hip-Hop. If you want something different than (and in my opinion better) than classic American-iceing-hoes-with-uzis hip hop, give this a shot.

Crews worth mentioning include:

-Hilltop Hoods
-Hyjak n Torcha
-Bliss n Eso(not so much)
-Level Headed
-Gully Platoon

Thats some off the top of my head, if anyone is interested, I have a list of like 100 crews and MCs
Posted 10 years ago2010-03-04 22:13:38 UTC
in SS_ ?? Post #279472

It could be coded though?

Yes but playing on a map with SS or similar rules would make for very interesting and realistic gameplay, especially if the T's could hide behind them.

And then to take things further, hostages could be given conditions to punish or reward the CT's and T's, i.e. a Terrorist kills a hostage and his money goes up slightly so that he can afford a better gun, but his health drops significantly.

(That could be related to real life, as he would become a priority target in the eyes of the CT's).

And if a CT is in the presence or can see a hostage getting killed, he loses some money and some health, giving him incentive to kill the T and save the rest of the hostages. And if a CT accidentally killed a hostage his money would be significantly reduced, and some health lost.
Posted 10 years ago2010-03-04 11:00:26 UTC
in SS_ ?? Post #279461
haha, well your bruv shouldn't be a smart ass to people he doesn't know.. unless he was just joking.

Well thats a shame. Obviously you would have to do some advanced programming to create a mod based on the CSS code, which allows such things to happen.
Posted 10 years ago2010-03-04 10:36:58 UTC
in SS_ ?? Post #279459
I thought as much, mainly because he asked to be paid.. lol, idiot.

So can anyone give me an answer to those questions, or atleast an educated guess? :P
Posted 10 years ago2010-03-03 23:13:15 UTC
in SS_ ?? Post #279450
That sounds like it could be lots of fun. The maps and ideas I have in my mind line up with this.
Whatabout things like editing the hosties to 'act busy' and react to what is going on, like the way scientists do in halflife 1 when people are shooting near them or an enemy approaches etc.
Is there a way to allow terrorists to move the hosties around?

EDIT: No wonder I couldn't find any information about SS_ from google __ lol

@Tuna: What exactly did you code? I take it, that it was a hard task? I thought hours wasn't a long time for coding, when it came to days even weeks it became a long time.
Posted 10 years ago2010-03-03 11:37:28 UTC
in SS_ ?? Post #279432
So I read somewhere on here recently, I think it was Huntey, saying that he and Urby had discovered another mode of counter-strike that most people don't map for, called SS_<mapname>.

The brief gameplay settings that were described sounded very interesting.

Before I lay out my ideas, for maps and possibly a mod, can anyone tell me more about the features of the SS mode, or where I can find more info about it.

Also, how hard is it to edit .fgd files, to customise the gameplay settings such as SS_. I assume it takes advanced programming skills?

Hope you guys understood all that, I can clarify if needed.

EDIT: Oh, and what versions of counterstrike does the SS_ mode work with?
Posted 10 years ago2010-02-18 22:35:00 UTC
in Super Sleuths? Post #279078
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~POSSIBLE SPOILER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After logging into Billybop's account, the pm in there from BiscuitNinja says the answer is in code and has a 3 letter word in the code where a=b, when deciphered, the last word does end in E, like you said, TJB. So I've done the second puzzle? I spent like 2 hours mega stressed trying to find the next clue on the S&E website.
Posted 10 years ago2010-02-18 14:36:23 UTC
in Super Sleuths? Post #279051
How the hell can the answer end with G??
Posted 10 years ago2010-02-15 01:18:56 UTC
in Now Playing: ... Post #278934
Haha I love it, Hlife_hotdog

I agree with Potatis_Invalid, Deus Ex was amazing.

What about Flobots - Handlebars
Posted 10 years ago2010-02-05 13:13:18 UTC
in Trying Source.. Post #278722
Thanks so much, Kdunivan, you're very helpful! and you too, Tetsu0 :)
Posted 10 years ago2010-02-04 09:21:35 UTC
in Trying Source.. Post #278682
Thanks, Jeff
Posted 10 years ago2010-02-04 06:44:42 UTC
in Trying Source.. Post #278678
Thanks heaps for that invaluable knowledge :) when making a 2D skybox, should I use the texture 2D skybox or just the skybox texture? and should the entire brush be textured (all 6 sides) or just the side that will be seen.

Source mapping is very frustrating so far, as I keep getting fullbright maps and or purple floors, and its very hard to figure out why it happens

EDIT: Pretty sure the reason for the purple is having HL and Hammer open simultaneously
Posted 10 years ago2010-02-04 03:34:03 UTC
in Trying Source.. Post #278675
Hmm encountering problems already, my skybox appears to be one big leak and the floor has changed to a very shiny purple checkered pattern :S

EDIT: Problem solved, I was using a prop material from a different game. The one I'm using now isn't appropriate, I need a night skybox, how would I go about getting one into my map when theres only about 5 skyboxes for hl2ep2 and none are night themed
Posted 10 years ago2010-02-03 23:32:33 UTC
in Trying Source.. Post #278671
Cheers Huntey, I'll play through Lost Coast again soon. Would you recommend HDR if the skybox could support it?
I'll remove those annoying lines, add env_cubemaps? (1 per room at player heigh or are more needed?) and I'll check the names of those prop materials
And yes, Jeff I do have lights
Posted 10 years ago2010-02-03 13:45:08 UTC
in Trying Source.. Post #278641
Okay this sounds very simple, much unlike starting out with goldsource, no wonder theres no tutorial for this, I just needed some quick clarification :)
thanks heaps guys I'll get stuck into some source mapping soon!

EDIT: Here I am saying that I'll be sweet, and just as I start, I've encountered some dificulty. There are now dark orange lines which run vertically and horizontally along my grid making 1024 x 1024 squares cover my grid. What are they and how can I disable them?

Also, when compiling there is a preference called "HDR" should that box be checked or not? and are there any Game Parameters that should be used, I remember using -dev and -console when mapping for gldsrc

One last thing, what on earth is a cubemap?
When I load my map it is full-black and when i open the console, it reads:
env_cubemap used on world geometry without rebuilding map... ignoring: and then it states a texture. It does this for another texture also.
What am I doing wrong?

Sorry for all the questions and thank you in advance!
Posted 10 years ago2010-02-03 12:41:10 UTC
in Sourcey Rooms Post #278653
Trapt, I really like the look of that map, please continue it and more screen shots if you can!
Posted 10 years ago2010-02-02 22:18:52 UTC
in Trying Source.. Post #278635
Thanks for the great and friendly responses so far, guys!

Another thing I need clarification with is the other programs (zoner's compilation tools) are they needed?

I understand that models and other resources are placed in .gcf files, but the SDK can browse these files without the need for a program like 7zip?

And also, do maps get placed in the appropriate folder to be able to play them according to the game you select to be mapping for when the SDK is open?

Bear with me for the poor explanation of questions :P
Posted 10 years ago2010-02-01 01:39:45 UTC
in Trying Source.. Post #278592
Hey guys,

I'm downloading the Source SDK as I type, I've taught myself basic mapping techniques in goldsource, and I've read up on some of the differences with mapping for source, any other quick advice or information that I should be aware of?
Posted 10 years ago2010-02-01 01:39:32 UTC
in Trying Source.. Post #278591
Hey guys,

I'm downloading the Source SDK as I type, I've taught myself basic mapping techniques in goldsource, and I've read up on some of the differences with mapping for source, any quick advice or information that I should be aware of?
Posted 10 years ago2010-02-01 01:24:42 UTC
in Half-life: Guard Duty Post #278590
Ohk fair enough
Thats <i>justifyable</i> then ;)
ooo i cant wait!
Posted 10 years ago2010-01-31 23:46:37 UTC
in Half-life: Guard Duty Post #278586
In chapter 5, you said the word justify twice really close together, change it
the writing needs a bit more refinement
the writing is exciting, but it may be a bit too exciting, as you're running out of ideas in chapter 6, for example instead of a soldier jumping out straight away as the party exit the SUV, you could have them sneaking around the soldiers and eventually getting caught and making a death defying escape
in chapter 6 part 2 dont have the characters say that they will go through a sewage canal when they don't actually know whats down there, and it just happens to be a sewage canal, could have said through a drainage system or something and then the party finding out that its a sewage canal, and then there could be an element of humour incorporated if it was appropriate
ah you did put some jokes in, good :D (im commenting as i read)
i like how you referenced to that scene where the grunts throw a security guard down, and you changed it, i especially like how its a girl
this novel would really appeal to half-life followers not so much people that have never played the game
will this continue throughout the whole halflife saga, hl2 and hypothetical 3
i liked the mention of linearity and architects in chapter 7
i like how they befriended an assassin, nothing like that ever happened, so it blows my mind, but it won't blow the mind of people who havent played the game
very good stuff so far, keep it comin :)