Post your screenshots! WIP thread Created 10 years ago2007-12-16 00:58:58 UTC by doodle doodle

Created 10 years ago2007-12-16 00:58:58 UTC by doodle doodle

Posted 8 months ago2017-10-05 17:32:46 UTC Post #337707
Looks cool Windawz!

Excellent sculpt kruk! I thought about starting with sculpting lately, what software you're using? Blender, Zbrush, Sculptris, Mudbox?

Haven't done too much since college started, so I can show you a pic of crude level with very early crappy texture placeholders and eye-candy particles I made a week earlier:
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Posted 8 months ago2017-10-05 18:34:12 UTC Post #337708
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-06 13:43:50 UTC Post #337720
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, I see Nod, I follow !
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-06 19:27:04 UTC Post #337721
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I'm so glad that I got back into Sven Co-op mapping. :)
Admer456 Admer456What's this? Custom title? OwO
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-06 20:15:56 UTC Post #337722
Ah, submerged.wad, a favorite of mine.

The wall look a little bland though. Maybe add support beams every x units to break it up a bit?
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-07 08:24:35 UTC Post #337725
I'm glad you noticed. :)
It's also my favourite.

The walls will be broken up anyway, by doors. This part of the map focuses on apartments, and there will be some more stuff after that, including going on an elevator with a nice view on space. :D
Admer456 Admer456What's this? Custom title? OwO
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-07 16:45:51 UTC Post #337726
Been thinking of revisiting an old mapping project of mine.
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Posted 8 months ago2017-10-07 20:07:22 UTC Post #337728
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Phew. No errors. :D
Admer456 Admer456What's this? Custom title? OwO
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-07 20:11:53 UTC Post #337729
Yeah @Admer That is my idea since subway tunnel in Sven Coop but it is unreleased... And like my twhlpocket map same ( ps since I removed.. :cry: )
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-07 20:17:25 UTC Post #337730
My idea is something about space. I've always wanted to make a space map. :)
Admer456 Admer456What's this? Custom title? OwO
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-08 12:51:24 UTC Post #337735
My dear @Admer, why do you not play Area51? It is really cool spaceship or futuristic high-staking buildings on uninhabitable planet.

And check

I know you work for Sven Coop. I really understand reasons because Xash 3D is illegal engine. But many Russians fight again (bad) cowboys ( Valve Software developers ). Why do Russians want make better than Valve Software. If It happens, who wins? I remember about sad news if own Xash runs under SteamDirect than Valve Software says "NO RELEASE!". So hard! Example I imagine about C# with OpenTK 2.0/3.0 total conversion into Half-Life Sharp means HL#. And it has not problem with Lua Script. Is it illegally? I don't believe because LUA is like Visual Basic and Lua can parse from C# like I saw same creating project with vb and c#. Where is problem?
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-09 09:26:23 UTC Post #337739
Oh, my dear @SSB, I thought that Xash3D's problem was including the 'valve' folder (Half-Life assets) in your mod's download.

Also, yes, I switched to Svengine when I thought that I hit the ceiling in GoldSrc. But, I learned some new ways to work around its limits. ;)

Lastly, I didn't play Area51 because I haven't heard of it before. I haven't heard of it before because I'm accidentally ignorant. I'm ignorant because I focus on making maps and stuff. I never really "play" these days. :/
Admer456 Admer456What's this? Custom title? OwO
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-09 10:31:15 UTC Post #337740
You can download most of what's in /valve using SteamCMD even with anonymous login. The issue is the copyright infringement on the engine itself. Replicating its functionality is in itself a violation, so there can be no legal alternative.
If your Xash installer calls into SteamCMD to get /valve then that isn't strictly speaking illegal. I informed Valve of this and they did nothing so afaik that's good.
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-09 13:57:04 UTC Post #337741
@SSB I know learning another language is difficult, but do you even know what you write? I think that last paragraph you wrote was gibberish.
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-09 17:11:04 UTC Post #337742
@SoloKiller, you're right. If Russians want to use Xash Engine, then Valve software can be angry with Russians? If Russians have done great computer games ( Xash Engine ), then they want to sell the computer game and they save the money. I really don't know like they decide own Engine. Xash is not real Goldsource Engine. It sees like Goldsource Engine 2.0 like Arrangement Mod by SysOp. But thanks for explanation!

@James Luke, are you kidding me? I am not gibberish - just I am deaf.
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-09 17:39:49 UTC Post #337743
I wouldn't say they'd be angry, but their lawyers would have a field day if they decided to go after Xash's creators, assuming they ever find out who they are.
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-09 19:31:34 UTC Post #337744
First off, ARRANGEMENT is a mod, not an engine. Just an overhaul of Half-Life. And it’s not similar to Xash, since Xash is an engine, it’s just Quake with Half-Life support shoehorned in.

Also, the Xash team wouldn’t sell it, for one thing, they live off donations, and making the source code private would kinda defeat the whole purpose of their project. And selling it will get the attention of Valve and their lawyers and probably the FBI if they’re persistent.

But then again, copyright prosecution in Russia (by the U.S.) is a joke. They’re safe for the most part. And most developers for the base engine proudly tout it alongside with their real names (with sometimes locations) so I feel that’s a tad irrelevant.

Also I don’t know how being deaf is related to reading, just what I’m ‘sayin.
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-10 06:30:38 UTC Post #337747
Did more stuff.
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User posted image
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-10 12:42:13 UTC Post #337748
Cannot see those screenshots at all at work. Just looks like a black image. :P
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-11 03:28:43 UTC Post #337750
Yeah. Don't hide that good brushwork in the dark :P
Admer456 Admer456What's this? Custom title? OwO
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-11 04:53:00 UTC Post #337751
Yeah, I'm trying to make the lighting similar to these, but I guess it is a bit too dark.

I'll see if I can increase the light without making it too bright.
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Posted 8 months ago2017-10-11 18:49:49 UTC Post #337755
I can definitely see them more clearly on my home PC without the sun in my face, but your reference images are definitely brighter than your screenshots :P
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-11 22:01:53 UTC Post #337756
Also I don’t know how being deaf is related to reading, just what I’m ‘sayin.
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-12 13:45:35 UTC Post #337757
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-12 14:33:26 UTC Post #337758
^You deserve an MVP.
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-12 15:33:15 UTC Post #337759
Well TIL, I wast just being a dick.
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-12 19:57:35 UTC Post #337760
That's two of us.
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-16 22:06:37 UTC Post #337776
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-17 01:33:21 UTC Post #337777
Pretty dark, it looks.
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-18 19:01:35 UTC Post #337789
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Still figuring out where to put the lights in, so, temporary light entities.
Posted 8 months ago2017-10-22 00:48:42 UTC Post #337820
Posted 7 months ago2017-10-22 15:10:26 UTC Post #337825
windawz is the hype
Posted 7 months ago2017-10-23 07:28:16 UTC Post #337828
Wow Windawz is great level designer ^^ I'm right ^^

Looks like Xash-style-used atmosphere, right?
Posted 7 months ago2017-10-23 12:12:08 UTC Post #337829

That screenshot has nothing to do with Xash. Well, I tweaked the lighting in photoshop a little bit, but the screenshot has been taken in pure HL.
Posted 7 months ago2017-10-24 20:42:49 UTC Post #337831
oh... i noticed the contrast was kinda too good
Posted 7 months ago2017-10-24 21:46:39 UTC Post #337832
I think I'd achieve much better lighting without the help of Photoshop if I made more effort for tweaking it.
Posted 7 months ago2017-10-25 00:06:51 UTC Post #337833
And Gimp? Gimp is best free photo editing application.
Posted 7 months ago2017-10-25 12:08:03 UTC Post #337838
I think he means tweaking in game. The editing app isn't relevant really.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 7 months ago2017-10-26 06:21:13 UTC Post #337845
Ah @Urba, Gimp can make textures for Game because it has 256 color format.
But Gimp is buggy for wrong format for 8 bit bitmap for Half-Life models. Why I tell you because I made since with Gimp and KHed. KHed won't show 8 bit bitmap cause it has wrong format. I have tried "correct" 8 bit bitmap with Paint Net. This result is correct for Paint Net.
Posted 7 months ago2017-10-26 11:32:43 UTC Post #337846
You can switch formats in Photoshop though. I'll keep using that. :P
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 7 months ago2017-10-27 15:36:25 UTC Post #337851
Krita officially replaced Photoshop for me. It’s an impressive program and it’s free. It may seem like a photoshop clone but it’s more stable on newer systems which is why I got it. It combines media editing, art and painting, animation, and can export pretty much any known format. It’s super lightweight since it differs much of its work and processes out to different engines to drive the canvas, brushes, text, and so on.

Just tossing that out there, take it or leave it :P
Posted 7 months ago2017-10-28 10:38:43 UTC Post #337852
Krita looks cool but can it work well with and save as .bmp for use in GoldSrc?
Posted 7 months ago2017-10-28 15:42:15 UTC Post #337853
I know it saves the .bmp format, as for 8-bit, that may require some sciencing to figure out. Never actually done it since I have no need to. :/
Posted 7 months ago2017-10-29 09:52:19 UTC Post #337857
Posted 7 months ago2017-10-29 12:27:41 UTC Post #337858
That stretching skybox... :pwned:
But, the brushwork looks pretty good. :)
Admer456 Admer456What's this? Custom title? OwO
Posted 7 months ago2017-10-30 11:58:38 UTC Post #337862
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Subdivision + Smoothing:
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Gauntlets will be provided soon. I know I'll have to make legs thicker...
Posted 7 months ago2017-11-01 21:29:25 UTC Post #337920
I am trying out an arena style battle... instead of ramping up the difficulty I decided to try and make it as hard as possible and will scale back from there! At the moment, it is impossible hah

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Posted 7 months ago2017-11-02 00:55:42 UTC Post #337921
Nothing is Impossible if you got enough skill and dirty tricks :D

I learned this lesson from playing Darksouls ;)

Looks great :D I would love to have a really hard sp mod :D you could do versions, baby playstyle and Come Get Some ! :D
Posted 7 months ago2017-11-02 10:00:24 UTC Post #337927
Haha I would love to make it hard as nails but unfortunately it might not be liked :P

I have edited the code to decrease the ammo available to the player for all weapons, and some weapons (such as the machine gun) have a smaller clip. I hope to have the player need to look for ammo more often!

I was hoping to have the atrium battle above get harder the longer you take, but the more marines that enter the arena, the more likely they are to get stuck on each other, or rappel onto each others heads haha. I considered explosions to clear the areas needed, but this is unfair for the player. I might just stick to good old waves. I have 26 maps now! I hope to finish after 30...
Posted 7 months ago2017-11-02 10:35:10 UTC Post #337928
Well,GIMP can export HL-compatible images,while Photoshop CS6 Extended(I use that) can't export 8-bit color bmps.

Just export a bmp without writing color space information in GIMP and you are ready.

Also,use a tool called fimg for converting any 24-bit bmp to 8 bit.
It also converts to many other formats for other games.Sadly,no HL2 support.
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