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Created 11 years ago2007-12-16 00:58:58 UTC by doodle doodle

Posted 11 months ago2018-03-26 02:46:39 UTC Post #339108
Love it!
Question though: Does the dripping have an accompanying sound looping at the same period? Because that seems harder to do.
Posted 11 months ago2018-03-26 07:35:24 UTC Post #339109
Question though: Does the dripping have an accompanying sound looping at the same period? Because that seems harder to do.
Nope. That room's noisy enough you wouldn't hear it anyway.

If I was worried about it I'd probably make the sprite non-looping, pair it with a non-looping ambient_generic, and rig up a system to trigger it every few seconds, so it wouldn't get out of sync.
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Posted 11 months ago2018-04-02 17:55:34 UTC Post #339145
brilliant map :)
also here something to piss you all off.
Posted 11 months ago2018-04-02 19:10:51 UTC Post #339146
That Quake3 railgun sound :)
Reminds me of SOMA.
rufee rufeeSledge fanboy
Posted 11 months ago2018-04-02 19:30:39 UTC Post #339147
rufee, thats why i gave up, my story was basicly the same as soma.... just Soma was faster :(
Posted 11 months ago2018-04-02 19:59:01 UTC Post #339148
I had the idea that SOMA used for its basis a few years before it came out.
So it beat me there too :) Still one of the better horror games I've played.
rufee rufeeSledge fanboy
Posted 11 months ago2018-04-02 20:52:29 UTC Post #339149
Now it's looking a lot like Red Faction. Keep it up!

@Trempler are those DN3D sounds I hear? Direction seems like SS2 had a child with Natural Selection. I can feel a dissonance between the high quality lights and refraction in water with the engine - low quality sounds, fully lit models, that inconsistent texture pack that I see everywhere.. I like the idea you're going for, just unsure whether that approach with GoldSrc is the best shout. Feels like Source would be a much better shout if you want to stick with HQ models and effects
Instant Mix Instant MixTitle commitment issues
Posted 11 months ago2018-04-02 21:21:58 UTC Post #339150
this is my old canceled mod @Instant Mix

Also I dislike other engine mostly, I enjoy hl1. Easy to mod with :)

Yup the Duke Nukem Sounds are replacements in my normal hl1 folder :D Hail to the king !
Posted 11 months ago2018-04-03 15:04:45 UTC Post #339166
Victor, you like the DOOM 3 Mine section way more than you should. :D
Suparsonik Suparsonik#fartbag
Posted 11 months ago2018-04-05 15:29:32 UTC Post #339207
Some minor changes, but I think that the main layout is done.
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Posted 11 months ago2018-04-05 17:16:52 UTC Post #339210
Purlins normally go on top of rafters rather than through them so as not to reduce their load bearing capacity.

A professional's advice is also to put them closer together. Spacing is commonly 40 or 60cm. (16" or 24" for users of obsolete units of measurement)
Posted 11 months ago2018-04-05 20:49:18 UTC Post #339213
Those were made as a general idea, at this stage the level is just for building up the layout of rooms and scaling everything. I'm definitely going to use your advice when taking care of the visual side of things!
Posted 11 months ago2018-04-05 23:00:56 UTC Post #339219
You leave my map waifu alone @Suparsonik

User posted image
Posted 11 months ago2018-04-06 18:14:05 UTC Post #339227
love that lava <3
you totally made me do a video of my lava map since the old one is gone.
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Posted 11 months ago2018-04-15 20:01:45 UTC Post #339329
is that from solo ops
Posted 10 months ago2018-04-22 05:56:39 UTC Post #339408
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Rolled out 38 textures last night. Here you can see 10 of them, and 2 vanilla ones.

I wish I did my elementary school map this way. :/
Admer456 Admer456Lean, mean, mapping machine :3
Posted 10 months ago2018-04-22 10:49:07 UTC Post #339409
:heart: fitted textures.
Rimrook RimrookGoldsource Guru
Posted 10 months ago2018-04-22 18:28:54 UTC Post #339411
Looking good! What's the solution to stuff like this, have never figured it out?
User posted image
Also pissing about with trying to stick to a big grid size to stop myself from over-detailing shit, and experimenting with from-scratch textures (ie. no overlays or use of stuff from )
Instant Mix Instant MixTitle commitment issues
Posted 10 months ago2018-04-22 20:22:28 UTC Post #339412
It's because that pitch-black face isn't getting any light. Try using the "Light origin target" parameter. Place an info_null with an offset of 4-16 units away from the door's center. The direction of the offset should be opposite to the pitch-black face's position. Then give a name to the info_null and enter that name into the door's "Light origin target" field. The door will be moved to the info_null's position during light calculations and then, after the calculations are complete, moved back to its initial position.
Posted 10 months ago2018-04-23 16:55:09 UTC Post #339418
Inspired by Victor, doing some oldskooly things. Sticking to a large grid size so I don't overdetail like I always do, trying to use really saturated lights to give it a Doom 64 / Quake 64 vibe. Also made a bunch of light textures w/ corresponding color temperatures - automatically makes things look peng.
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User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Instant Mix Instant MixTitle commitment issues
Posted 10 months ago2018-04-23 19:06:24 UTC Post #339422
Definitely got a retro vibe. I like it.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 10 months ago2018-04-24 01:00:54 UTC Post #339423
Very nice, you've definitely nailed the desired aesthetic; it looks like something straight out of Knee Deep in ZDoom or SpaceDM5.
Posted 10 months ago2018-04-24 05:46:42 UTC Post #339424
Posted 10 months ago2018-05-02 02:51:13 UTC Post #339475
scoutzknivez remake in progress video

Been working on a scoutzknivez remake in my spare time. scoutzknivez_minaret coming soon. I used an interesting technique to map the onion dome. I used a six part shape per side and it is hollow so you can surf around inside it.

If you enter the region above the onion dome it opens the door on the minaret for a few seconds to access a m3 and uzi.
Posted 10 months ago2018-05-02 09:54:11 UTC Post #339476
Nice onion dome. :)
Admer456 Admer456Lean, mean, mapping machine :3
Posted 10 months ago2018-05-04 07:52:38 UTC Post #339490
Reminds me of rocket dive
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Posted 10 months ago2018-05-08 21:55:43 UTC Post #339528
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Making whole new prefabs for a thing I'm working on. This hover car took longer than I thought it would, but it'll at least be a great addition to the feel I'm going for, among other related things.
Posted 10 months ago2018-05-09 12:14:53 UTC Post #339535
It's screaming for new textures. Though the idea of a 1940's Jeep being kitted out with hover pads is amusing in it's own way. :D
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 10 months ago2018-05-09 19:15:13 UTC Post #339536
User posted image
It looks terrible, but it compiled successfully, unlike my last attempt (I still believe it was because I went too far with the tetrahedra). Finally. ^^

Now, the next step would be to improve the map, do experiments, and then write a good chunk of documentation, since I've found only a few resources about Q2 mapping.

It looks cool. :)
Admer456 Admer456Lean, mean, mapping machine :3
Posted 10 months ago2018-05-10 08:03:09 UTC Post #339537
How to do that? MY map is always pitch black except for glowing textures.
Screamernail ScreamernailDisabled
Posted 10 months ago2018-05-10 12:06:17 UTC Post #339544
Shift+E, select "light" from the dropdown menu, and click somewhere in the map, and press Enter if needed. A light will be created.

Then compile the map.

Sunlight etc. is done via map keyvalues, which you can either do by manually adding keyvalues like _sunlight, or by having an FGD which eliminates the need to add them manually.

This is if you're using a Hammer-style editor, in my case J.A.C.K.
As for other editors, you can apply the same principle. Add a light entity and change your map's keyvalues if necessary.
Admer456 Admer456Lean, mean, mapping machine :3
Posted 10 months ago2018-05-10 13:28:23 UTC Post #339546
Is it the same on Trench-Broom?
Screamernail ScreamernailDisabled
Posted 10 months ago2018-05-10 15:36:22 UTC Post #339549
Why don't you read everything I write?

As for other editors, you can apply the same principle. Add a light entity and change your map's keyvalues if necessary.

I don't know how you add entities in Trenchbroom, but I guess you already know. Besides, it has a user manual as far as I'm aware.
Admer456 Admer456Lean, mean, mapping machine :3
Posted 10 months ago2018-05-17 23:05:10 UTC Post #339646
Posted 10 months ago2018-05-18 15:07:16 UTC Post #339653
Looks wonderfully industrial :D
Suparsonik Suparsonik#fartbag
Posted 10 months ago2018-05-20 09:38:43 UTC Post #339667
Making a cs map
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
sample vodka sample vodkaThe religion is the opium for a country
Posted 10 months ago2018-05-20 18:03:29 UTC Post #339673
My entity setup for a pistol fy map in progress. Yes, I know, I know, so many fy/aim maps, but they get a lot of playtime early in the night on my clan's custom map server and I need to make some that aren't ugly and aren't remakes of remakes.

So that is why, this particular fy map, has this entity room.
User posted image
It's not quite finished, there may be a few more light_surface entities in there but basically here's what you're looking at:

The metal block in the bottom left corner is a func_train that perpetually bounces between those two path_corner entities. Passing one of those two path_corner entities triggers something periodically that I will get back to in a moment. The giant block of yellow is a whole bunch of VHLT light_surface entities for various textures on the map, except for one which is an info_sunlight, which ties into the func_train setup that I'll explain now. You can see there are two light_environment entities. One is the regular lighting from the sky, the other is a bright light with a custom style that gives it a lightning flash look. It has a name and is set to be initially dark. The two multimanagers next to it are triggered by the func_train periodically and are used to turn the "lightning" light_environment on and then off again as well as trigger an ambient_generic that plays a thunder sound. This unfortunately created a problem where regardless of on or off the lighting light_environment caused all models including viewmodels to be lit up extremely bright at all times. The info_sunlight counters this using the same values as the primary light_environment. This unfortunately means that models don't get lit up more by the lightning, but it's a better trade off than all model shining brightly 100% of the time in a dark-ish map.

"Okay, but that was just the bottom left corner, what about the big array of..."

Ah, but I'm saving the big one for last! Next we have in the top left corner an info_map_parameters to restrict buying from both teams, an env_rain to add rain to the map, and a small unassigned buyzone to make sure buyzones aren't auto generated at spawn points. Just below that is a small array of player_weaponstrip entities that will be triggered by trigger_multiple brushes set up in a hallway. Why so many of them? People can throw weapons through one trigger brush, so making them pass through 4 at semi-close but unequal distances from each other will make it really difficult for players to smuggle weapons through.

So now, on to that big array of entities. You already know players are getting stripped of all their weapons. They will be forced to run through these triggers leaving spawn. They will then be presented with some func_buttons that will equip them with a knife, a pistol, and ammo. This array is a 12 round setup. It cycles through all 6 bistols, each getting two rounds at a time. Every odd number round will open doors to a lower part of the map and every even number round will open doors to an upper level of the map, so it's two maps in one, as well! The little concrete cube in the top right corner is a func_door that is used to trigger each round. It starts off triggering a 0th round (which you see slightly apart from the rest of the array near the func_door). This is to allow for a unique first round welcome message using two game_text entities and also because of a trigger_hurt that needs to be on every other round (so when it cycles from round 12 back to round 1, the trigger_hurts need to be switched off, however, for the FIRST round 1 they are already off, so triggering them would turn them on which is unwanted). The trigger hurt is to stop players from dropping from the upper map to the lower map safely into some shallow water(whose exact setup will be revealed when I release the map). The trigger hurt needs to be on when on the upper map to kill falling players but off when the lower map is in use so that players running through the water don't get insta-killed.

The 0th round then triggers the round 1 sequence trigger_changetarget that changes the target of the func_door to the round 2 multimanager, so on the next round the round 2 sequence begins. This cycle is then designed to loop through rounds 1 through 12 multimanagers forever. Each round multimanager also triggers a game_text entity that displays the type of pistol available for that round. Every odd number round opens the lower map and triggers a multimanger that then triggers another 2 multimanagers to then trigger the trigger_changetargets that change the targets of the buttons to the proper game_player equip to equip them with the corresponding pistol and ammo. The reason there are so many of them is to ensure each button has it's own equip entity to avoid any hangups (I had issues early on in testing de_pophouse where trying to consolidate certain entities lead to it not triggering for certain players because two or more players might trigger them at the same time). The odd number rounds also turn the trigger_hurt entities off (except, again, for the 0th round entity for the very first round). Every even number round turns the trigger_hurt entities back on and it opens the doors to the upper map instead of the lower map. It doesn't need to trigger all the changetargets for the buttons because it uses the same weapons as the previous round.

Edit: I forgot to mention the trigger_auto in the top right near the func_door that opens the lower map for the warmup before the first round. I also forgot to mention the trigger_auto that kickstarts the lightning controlling func_train when the map loads.

This setup isn't as complicated as it appears, there are just a lot of entities in use (in part because I wanted to ensure smooth operation by giving every button that can be used at once it's own dedicated equip entity). With the button system you could probably easily get away with consolidating equip entities but I'm not anywhere near hitting the entity limit so it will be fine. This is, however, the most organized I've had all my background entities set up on a map and I was really proud of how neat and orderly it all looks.
Posted 9 months ago2018-05-21 04:31:46 UTC Post #339676
Impressive. But I think you should try replacing the second light_environment (the lightning) with a light_spot with "Is Sky" flag checked. This may be able to remove the need of having an info_sunlight.
Posted 9 months ago2018-05-21 04:58:53 UTC Post #339677
You can get rid of that constant light_environment model lighting by setting info_sunlight to 0 0 0 0 then models will be lit the usual way however without the directional shading
Posted 9 months ago2018-05-23 03:26:51 UTC Post #339689
Posted 9 months ago2018-05-23 11:49:44 UTC Post #339692
On my screen it's so dark I barely see a thing :(
Posted 9 months ago2018-05-23 13:27:44 UTC Post #339693
That blue light on the third pic doesn't look that great. It's a common problem when you're trying to fit a rectangular texture on an oddly shaped surface like that.
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 9 months ago2018-05-27 22:36:21 UTC Post #339694
@ Windawz & Bruce

I'll have to try those things next time the map is in a compileable state (I've currently removed all the temporary "seals" to continue work on the rest of the map). Once I finish the main spawn areas I'll be able to mess around with the lightning lighting some more. Thanks for the tips.

Edit: Bruce, that did the trick.
Posted 9 months ago2018-05-28 17:29:17 UTC Post #339713
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Half-Life map.
Dr. Orange Dr. OrangeBoth a fruit and a color
Posted 9 months ago2018-05-28 19:51:44 UTC Post #339718
Looks alot like the original. In a good way.
Posted 9 months ago2018-05-28 22:05:20 UTC Post #339721
It does look quite nice, but the surface areas could do with some more details imo.
Penguinboy PenguinboyHaha, I died again!
Posted 9 months ago2018-05-29 12:18:00 UTC Post #339726
@Dr.Orange: As I said with your Access Point map, it looks really authentic and blends well with the surface areas seen in Half-Life. Very nice. One thing I will say is that in the second and third shot, it does kind of just look like a big room with a rocky wall texture. I think it's a little too square, the corners are very obvious.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
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