Commented 5 months ago2021-07-28 07:19:28 UTC in vault item: Gantry Crane Comment #103626
Amen to that Striker and thanks for the upload Papa Smokes.
Commented 1 year ago2020-12-28 09:45:56 UTC in vault item: de_109 Comment #103155
That looks very lovely although try to hide the map edges better.. A few hills & rocks.. Perhaps a textured forest etc.
Commented 1 year ago2020-07-21 22:06:17 UTC in vault item: Test Sample Prefab Comment #102800
Wow. Coming to think of it. I never gave this device much thought. I thought this used to be a model of sorts then again I never saw it obviously.
Lovely brush based recreation...
Commented 3 years ago2018-11-25 17:16:27 UTC in vault item: Tunnel Vision Comment #101635
I must say this compo entry is indeed lovely and very reminiscent of the Valve style.. While there are many segments that are empty and barren looking others therefore shine even more by nice design - light and texture choices.

All in all you even added basic story elements which almost seems to be a re-run of Gordons Adventure all over again just in mini format.

I did play in on hard and unfortunately especially in the earlier levels till the point where you reach the guard locked inside the toilet it was somewhat unbalanced for that particular difficulty setting. 'Cause you simply ran outta ammunition and couldn't kill the alien slaves anymore. But once passed that point ammo wasn't much of a problem anymore mostly due to the soldiers.

I did enjoy this little competition entry despite the fact that many corridors are simply leading into a new box like environment. True 1999 modder mapping style. A great old school mod.
Commented 3 years ago2018-02-13 19:08:20 UTC in vault item: First Opposing Force Map Comment #19776
A nice little map you got here... While it isn't anything spectacular it's still somewhat enjoyable even if it does last only like 1 minute.

What I liked most about if was the lovely created cave in which you teleported into for few seconds.. It truly looked lovely. Besides the teleports there wasn't much to see or experience I'm afraid. The monster placement was ok with exception of the teleporting headcrab that looked into the wrong direction and therefore making it no threat to you.

There were 2 annoying things about your map.

A.) You used custom textures. Specifically building1.wad for the Roof. Surely some default texture could be found for usage on the roof edges.

B.) I had a weird issue in your map that my mouse pointer always pointed at specific directions.. Idk why but I seems to be a map related issue (but not sure)

That aside I think you should continue on this map.. Add little more scenery to it.. Few cactus here and there.. A XEN Manta flying by pursuit by Jets and so on. And then ofc.. Some ladder leading into a cavern up that roof into the hill itself leading you to map2. :)
Commented 4 years ago2017-11-16 20:20:19 UTC in vault item: [Prefab] Industrial Caged Light Comment #14447
Prefabs nowadays for everyone are amazing.. Nicely done....
Commented 5 years ago2016-09-20 10:20:47 UTC in vault item: Bunker Comment #14448
A nice little map. A pity that it doesn't have any game play in it. It might make for a nice intro map for a little map pack.

Few things I noticed in it are the bad door brushes. They stick out on 1 of the sides and don't sit between the walls as they should.

Few minor clipping errors where brushes intersect other brushes around corners. I've seen that you didn't finish the toilet though the room structure for it is mapped.

The way the map is now I would put it into unfinished maps instead of complete maps. It might even serve as example map demonstrating how light entities and scripted sequences + transparency entities work.

If I had to rate it I would give it 3 out of 5 due to it's incompleteness. Keep working on it.. It has potential.
Commented 5 years ago2016-08-23 19:58:41 UTC in vault item: Moving_Terrain_Example Comment #20517
Oh I must have thought about yet another tutorial then. My mistake. Btw. The dl link to your tutorial is broken which is why I had chosen to make my own. Would be good if you could re upload yours on that page again. The more the better so people can choose which approach they feel more comfortable working with even though they're similar.
Commented 5 years ago2016-08-21 00:20:47 UTC in vault item: Moving_Terrain_Example Comment #20284
Glad you guys like it..
@Admer456: Tell me about it... Getting that to work is surely a pain in the ass. Thankfully with this example map now it should provide a nice basis from which to operate.

Also lovely map you've got there but I would possibly add high cliffs on the edges so that the players can't look into the void.
Commented 6 years ago2016-01-01 08:53:49 UTC in vault item: Military Duty Comment #12364
Nope it's standalone and happy new year to you.. :)
Commented 6 years ago2015-08-06 14:52:54 UTC in vault item: Military Duty Comment #20937
@komagame: Yes I meant vanilla Hl with WON.. You can play it on vanilla though you will experience a crash in map6 & map14 loading a savegame should fix this issue. Steam users wont crash that's why I recommended steam.
Commented 6 years ago2015-07-31 00:06:39 UTC in vault item: Military Duty Comment #20933
Looking forward for your next part of the review.. I'm glad you enjoy it so far. At least you seem to enjoy. As for a 3D skybox I never did it before to be honest. No clue how that works wont you need something like spirit for that? That tower model fading was actually a last minute bug and I noticed it while the upload was almost complete. Prior it didn't occur very annoying to say the least.

I will eventually release a patch that addresses this and also improves the map transitions. There are few maps that change to radical due to different lightning etc.
Commented 6 years ago2015-07-01 07:07:39 UTC in vault item: Military Duty Comment #20930
:P thanks Captain.. Don't expect the world though I know your maps.. Compared to you I'm a pure and lazy amateur. :P
Commented 6 years ago2015-06-30 22:30:32 UTC in vault item: Military Duty Comment #20928
Can't say anything regarding the headshot immunity.. This mod uses the default skill.cfg and skillopfor.cfg files the only monster altered is the big momma to make it harder.. As for the models well I'm not a model artist...
Commented 6 years ago2015-06-29 16:02:50 UTC in vault item: Military Duty Comment #20926
Thank you Archie I'm honored. Also your review is very good - very detailed I like it.. I see that I improve upon the map transitions for the patch. I suspect the most notable map change happens in map2 to map3. I will let it fade in and delay all the spawns etc... Once again thanks for your very detailed review. You're a well known critic within the Hl community when it comes down to game testing. I would have never suspected to get such a positive review from you.

That makes me even more confident to quickly continue on my other mod Firestorm. :)
Commented 6 years ago2015-06-28 20:24:38 UTC in vault item: Military Duty Comment #20924
Only the Alien Grunt is nerved on easy he is actually dead in a trigger_hurt only for him.. Tried to have him dead near that Hornet gun at the end of the corridor on hard though he simply wouldn't wanna die without exploding into 100 pieces I may remove him entirely for the patched version.

As for the crashes that other guy did play it on WON... At the current state this mod is not fully WON compatible. I've tested it myself yesterday and get the same crashes.

Feel free to keep playing for the patched version I will just fix few texture glitches & brush glitches I've overlooked - 1 model disappearing in certain angulars. Apparently remove that Alien Grunt and and try to get it WON compatible per pak. file and a light version of the named crash maps.
Commented 6 years ago2015-06-28 17:37:52 UTC in vault item: Military Duty Comment #20922
Ya it is.. It's one that somebody created on game banana "free to use"
I like it.. :)
Commented 6 years ago2015-06-10 15:59:58 UTC in vault item: Pipe Prefabs HL Comment #20911
Hm this whole map doesn't work for me.. Almost all brushes are outside the world. I'm using the ZHLT V33 compilers by Vluzacn. Guess the newer compilers are more sensitive to tiny brushes etc..
Commented 6 years ago2015-05-28 22:12:35 UTC in vault item: Then and Now Comment #20896
Nice work Urby this was some fascinating experience a true time travel.. :)

Didn't realize you've been mapping for hl for that long outstanding!
Commented 9 years ago2012-12-13 12:23:08 UTC in vault item: Op4AlertLight_Example Comment #20205
Just make a copy of decals.wad and rename it to decals2.wad I always thought decals2.wad was official because I already had it when I started mapping. No clue where it is coming from. I will fix it later and reupload the file.
Commented 9 years ago2012-11-06 08:07:00 UTC in vault item: Op4_Engineer_example Comment #20153
Well if you got some nice single player maps make sure to send em over.. I love Op4 Sp maps.. :)
Commented 10 years ago2011-12-25 02:52:55 UTC in vault item: MISSION MC POKER Comment #19382
^^ uff 10 mins of gameplay. Interesting idea with the models etc. but you should rather put more work into working yourself through the tutorials before you continue working on any new mods. I'm just not a fan of such fun mods. Never the less nice work of course. :)
Commented 10 years ago2011-11-19 00:47:28 UTC in vault item: T.S. Eliot - Preludes Comment #19545
Hey people..

I can't believe that there is a spirit hl1 mod out there with no active download links. So well it's not out there but it was released once does anyone still has it maybe burned and safely stored at some old backup disks?

I would love to get this mod up & running to play it as it seems fantastic!!

If someone still has it please post it in here or write me a pm.

Thx 23-down
Commented 10 years ago2011-09-10 04:55:52 UTC in vault item: Xenoport Comment #19445
Does anyone still have this map.. Would love to play it.
Commented 10 years ago2011-09-08 01:40:32 UTC in vault item: Edge of Death - Series 1 Comment #19442
Does anyone still have this? I would love to play that...
Commented 10 years ago2011-09-05 22:52:05 UTC in vault item: DPC Ced Office Comment #15742
I don't think so that's clearly hl1. The weapon is a reskin of svencoop.

Well this is one hell of a map.. The architecture it impressive and so is the quality of the textures... You did an awesome job here.. This is probably the best deathmatch map I've ever seen but I'm not a regular DM player I'm sure I've missed a lot. :P

Never the less it is brilliant.. Also the lightning fits very well here.
Take a look at it people you wont regret it.

Contra: It is a bit quiet in this room. Perhaps add a rhythmical custom computer summing sound in. Not sure though if custom sounds are any good for DM maps.

Not sure why you textured the entire map even in places where the players can't get to or see to.. I would make use of the null texture in those areas.

Ideas: Add a trap for the players to play with somewhere. Maybe behind the table etc. There are many possiblities you could choose from. Rat trap or a dose falling down etc.

Perhaps create a brush based jacket for the clothes rack. At this scale there shouldn't be any brush errors. As for a suitable texture guess it will become a lot harder.

Way to go really lovely map. I can't really judge regarding the placement of the weapons and ammo 'cause I'm not a regular DM player but it seems decent.
Commented 10 years ago2011-09-05 10:17:13 UTC in vault item: Half-Life Office (beta name and content) Comment #15771
Actually I would love it to see a continuation of this mappack. I really liked it.. The atmosphere was great in it.

I really liked your choice of textures in here.. They fit perfectly to each other. Also the details were impressive while I never understood why everything in BM was damaged like the buttons if there were no indications for any explosions at all it still resembled the feeling very fell. Not sure why so many scientists and barneys were in the vents in the first map but it rocks.

Except some small glitches (pictures etc.) not being func_wall = causing shadow glitches.
Or a regular door giving you electro shocks while opening.
And a simulation of a ceiling that collapsed at a scientist, but the ceiling itself was still being intact everything else was fine.

Your maps are really high quality stuff.. Looking forward your next releases. And I hope you will continue this one. When you already have a decent starting number on maps you shouldn't scratch all of them and start a new. Better polish the current maps and continue on with this office mod.
Commented 11 years ago2011-01-10 13:10:21 UTC in news: Happy New Year! Also, Compo Results Comment #99791
Happy new year everyone... And nice work to the twhl team. It's about time that the maps for the different mods get their own icons. It will make it a lot easier in finding stuff for specific games.
Commented 11 years ago2010-09-05 12:24:15 UTC in vault item: Map a dream Comment #16080
Wow I've just played your Compo entry. If you ask me it was much more than just a compo.. Damn this was an entire mappack a short one maybe but still a mappack or even a mod since you've used custom textures & retextured models etc. The mapping and texture usage & architecture were just fantastic and well placed.

I guess I don't need to say much here all important things has been said by
Tetsu0 & zeeba-G.

The mappack was just awesome and you really created those high quality maps in such a short time that's even better.

Except the few bugs which already has been mentioned here I have nothing negativ to say. I haven't tested any other Dream compo entrys yet so at the moment your mappack is my favourite and in my opinion you deserve place 1. However due to the remaining bugs and unfinished stuff it's hard to judge if you can really deserve it. Would be unfair against other people their productions in which everything works and maybe is finished.
One thing that was annoying however was the scene where you restored power to the fuel machines with the broken cable how were I supposed to go around the Alien grunts and Gargs ??? In the end I had to use noclip. To reach the elevator. I mean all other exits were closed by now.

My favourites scenes were the Alien slave in the mirror - the alien slave ghosts near the end and the talking Nilianth. That put a lot into the atmosphere. In the end it really felt like a weird dream. Great work.

Just make sure to release a final bug free version of this mod pack when the compo is over. And when that is done construct a small mappack unrelated to any compos you have the skills to give the hl1 community some new stuff to play with.
Commented 11 years ago2010-07-31 05:47:01 UTC in vault item: Aquatos: Aqua Labs Comment #18305
No problem as for the pressure chamber you could script it with a multimanager & some trigger relays that work unlimted times.

Player opens the first door via button then it's closing behind him if he enters it.. Now the water starts automatically or also via button (otherwise he wouldn't be allowed to leave.) and then the door to the pool opens up. Same goes the opposide direction. (toggle function) Could maybe work. Not sure if that works however with multiple players.. What if 1 player is in the water the door is open and another 1 tries to enter the waterzone as well. That would lock the player out and no player could press the water button inside.

However maybe it's possible to create a condition if a player is inside the little chamber or not so it will go automatically without the need to press the button. Best thing however is to start the water drain automatically.
Commented 11 years ago2010-07-31 00:06:09 UTC in vault item: Aquatos: Aqua Labs Comment #18303
Ok I tested it...

First: It's really awesome.. The textures are fantastic the design it very unique and also making sense it's realistic in the entire structure. The lightning fits well.

Pitty that this map is just a mp map I would love it to see that map as SP map + some others in a small mappack.
The ambience sounds were great as well.

Bugs: There's a little pressure chamber. In that chamber you can open both doors at the same time. This should be avoided because normally then all the water would flood the nearby rooms. You also don't really need the button for the water pumping in, pumping out at the moment because you can open the doors even without it. Fix that.

In the water itself you can't swim up due to an invisible wall. Only left & right in small corners you can swim up that should be getting fixed 'cause it's unrealistic air pockets back and forth.

The Headless Zombie causes a small graphic glitch. There are laying some organs on a blue cloth. This however sits between the ground and the visible area causing graphic glitches. To fix that you can place the Zombie a bit higher or you make the ground over the blue cloth deeper a bit. Meaning you cut a little square over the blue cloth.

All in all fantastic work. I don't believe that this was really your first map you obviously mapped for some other games before and if not then it's double so good.

As for scanners I recommend to decompile some other mp maps with bspviewer and take a look how it has been done in those maps.
Swimming monsters just need a scripted sequence I suppose. Never used them yet myself so I can't be really sure.

Due to the bugs only 4 stars.
Commented 11 years ago2010-02-28 04:30:08 UTC in vault item: Xen Crystal (HL1 SP Mod) Comment #17889
Does anyone still have this mod.. I would be interested in playing it!
The dl is dead..
Commented 11 years ago2010-02-25 16:32:50 UTC in vault item: Map won't compile Comment #17870
Is this a joke?

Well your cool map is empty it shows nothing in Hammer.