Commented 3 years ago2016-06-14 20:02:41 UTC in journal: #8710 Comment #68033
Retro gamer? Such a pc with an slight cpu upgrade and for example an R9 270x could play any game that is currently on the market in mid/high settings.

Every PCI Express card is compatible with every PCI Express slot, only the speeds differ.
Commented 3 years ago2016-06-14 19:44:52 UTC in journal: #8710 Comment #68032
I found the following for €150:

GA-41T LGA 775 motherboard with DDR3
4GB of RAM
Quad Core 8200 (Easily sold for €20, E5450 costs around €30)
GT630 1GB
400W quality PSU
And a cool case + DVD burner + Installed Windows operating system

Much cheaper than anything a laptop can offer in that class.
Commented 3 years ago2016-06-14 08:16:00 UTC in vault item: saddam_village Comment #19112
Dont overcomplicate the roofs, just make em simple :)
Commented 3 years ago2016-06-13 17:15:43 UTC in vault item: saddam_village Comment #19116
Love the palm trees. You should add roof to the buildings as it is only plain bricks now. Also you can climb onto some roofs easily via hostage or two players ontop of eachother.
Commented 3 years ago2016-06-13 05:24:29 UTC in journal: #8710 Comment #68031
Where you live, and probably everywhere else unless found, its cheaper to buy an used desktop computer than a quality laptop.
Commented 3 years ago2016-06-08 16:22:51 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Skewing textures in Hammer Comment #100971
There has to be a better way to do this. Maybe edit the .map file in notepad? I remember bruce saying something about that.
Commented 3 years ago2016-05-29 05:04:29 UTC in journal: #8703 Comment #62866
The whole point is, if you dont know something, get to know it. It took me 3 minutes of reading to find an solution for the people who faced this problem. A whole lot of 3 microsoft windows updates were causing the update process to occur, and still only after you approved it you self. Windows is not doign anything behind its users backs that was not already announced and mentioned.
You paid for an, now outdated, version of windows operating system that is entitled to free update to the newest, more improved, version and you dont want to. Obviously you dont want your computer to serve you, you want to serve it.
Lack of thinking has lead to masses of users to complain, not bad functionality of an multi milion dollar invesment operating system.
Commented 3 years ago2016-05-28 21:40:21 UTC in vault item: de_stroyschool (Pre-Alpha 9) Comment #19142
No one will loose interest for something he does not know is beeing created. He can only gain interest into it once it is created and from there should be given one test run in order to fix everything. Or as the old masters used to do: Create great map > find flaws > create an even greater and more original second version with improvements from first version. Never go backto something you can finish and make done. Life is too short to go back and wait, go back and wait, go back and wait. Charge head on, think, create, improve only whats on the foundation after your mind is set on it.
Commented 3 years ago2016-05-28 21:33:03 UTC in journal: #8703 Comment #62865
What a stupid response, just 20 years ago you would have needed an intensive computer training course in order to use one. Computers are there to be used as tools and serve the user not as a replacement for your own brain. The problem with why windows and many other aspects of it are retarded as they are is because a good part of the userbase is as well.
A computer can not, and should not, think for you, you should think for your self and instruct a computer what to do. If a user is too dumb to do a simple infromative search on how to disable certain aspects of his operating system that he does not desire, and thank god EVERYTHING can be disabled or enabled, he should inform and educate himself.
I said autistic because people really love to be retarded today instead to invest time and sweat, and I personally do not believe autistic people are any more different than anybody else, they are just misfortunate to be unable to completely controll them selfes with ease.
Commented 3 years ago2016-05-28 16:38:10 UTC in journal: #8703 Comment #62864
The fact that the same thing has not happened on my computer, and I use windows 8.1 for a few years now, on English language, and the fact that I know that you need to confirm the installation in order for it to progress only suggest to me that some people have no idea on how to use their computer and would gladly waste hours and/or days posting how disgusted they are instead of spending around 10 minutes only for finding the most logical solution and getting to know their operating system more.
Commented 3 years ago2016-05-28 06:56:28 UTC in vault item: de_stroyschool (Pre-Alpha 9) Comment #19306
Pre alpha 89, pre beta 2156, almost final 9999 ..
You will easily loose interested to finish things if you publish them like this. No one publushes a empty book with a few head lines, then a book with a few pages and an half drawn title cover, books are published completed, proof read and free of possible errors and mistakes.

If you're building an map first plan it from point 0 to point A from which you can build an steady foundation onto which you can add your composition. Dont just shuffle around different loose foundations that can lead no where in the end.
Commented 3 years ago2016-05-28 06:49:35 UTC in journal: #8703 Comment #62863
Just remove the updates designated for the update process and hide them from required windows updates list.

And people should stop being so autistic about new versions of Windows operating system regarding its security, privacy and looks, its free ffs. As if any of us have any data that means anything to anyone important, and if any one has any illegal data, or activities, either live with it openly or move onto an deserted island that has no laws. Man up sissies.
Commented 4 years ago2015-10-30 07:15:23 UTC in journal: #8618 Comment #58500
Yes it does
Commented 4 years ago2015-10-29 09:24:17 UTC in journal: #8618 Comment #58499
Even my old matrix printer in raster mode is faster
Commented 4 years ago2015-10-27 08:46:09 UTC in journal: #8617 Comment #67025
There is no need to be ashamed of what you made, even if its crap :)
Fun will always be a priority for most people, regardless of looks. Might take some time for them to get used to an environment, but it will definitely happen if they play games for fun.

Took me some time to get Nina to play WC3 XHero with me. At first she disliked the game because of old graphics and stuffy screen but in the end she liked it.

I personally started making maps inspired by old style, there is no need for meaningless details, especially overly complex brushwork.


Here is an map i made a while ago for my zombie server (remade from 0):

I like the overall simplicity i achieved in the map because in the end it prooven very actiony with the current gameplay on the server. But i am not pleased completely as it lacks that certain atmosphere old maps (that style) have.

Its a bit tricky to get the best look out of things, but we try. Old masters were too good :)
Commented 4 years ago2015-10-25 17:24:55 UTC in journal: #8615 Comment #61251
Commented 4 years ago2015-10-25 17:24:16 UTC in journal: #8617 Comment #67024
Less visual obstructions enables quick detection of what is what.
I personally think that most maps are too detailed in the wrong places, even if it seems cool at first spot.

I always like maps more that have both nice geometry and sprites and sounds as well. Maps always felt empty to me with out the use of at least a little sprites/transparent textures.

Also, I used to play l33t street a whole lot when i was younger, the teleport rooms some times stuck players if they used snarks. Fun map.
Commented 4 years ago2015-10-25 17:20:54 UTC in journal: #8616 Comment #61719
That makes me want to play some WC3TFT
Commented 4 years ago2015-10-19 08:40:07 UTC in journal: #8611 Comment #44091
Rimrook has the best birthdays, he always draws something for us
Commented 4 years ago2015-10-17 06:54:50 UTC in journal: #8610 Comment #65938
Probably not
Commented 4 years ago2015-10-04 16:39:27 UTC in journal: #8610 Comment #65937
His last message before entering an vagina and disintegrating over a period of 9 months.
Commented 4 years ago2015-09-24 20:50:46 UTC in journal: #8607 Comment #65715
Expected this, kinda disappointed.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 4 years ago2015-09-13 10:20:52 UTC in journal: #8602 Comment #51084
Than work more.
Commented 4 years ago2015-09-07 17:58:22 UTC in journal: #8602 Comment #51083
Your entire life is going to be expectations, ups and downs. As my boss would say : "Some times when life sticks it up your ass all you can do is move your hips and enjoy it".
Commented 4 years ago2015-09-01 10:54:58 UTC in journal: #8599 Comment #65703
Aren't you too young to drive?
Commented 4 years ago2015-08-29 20:50:40 UTC in journal: #8598 Comment #62745
Of course its different, because it does not install with out confirmation.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 4 years ago2015-08-06 15:30:09 UTC in journal: #8589 Comment #52914
Some of these are great. Sounds and Visions sounds like a good band name.
Commented 4 years ago2015-07-31 13:59:03 UTC in journal: #8584 Comment #62728
Because of stus overreaction to what happened I remembered the past times similar overreactions toward windows were made and wrote a post.
Commented 4 years ago2015-07-31 12:32:52 UTC in journal: #8584 Comment #62727
It actually does, Windows 10 will not install nor download unless you strictly specify it to do so. Which Stu probably did.
Commented 4 years ago2015-07-31 12:18:08 UTC in journal: #8584 Comment #62726
I wish.
Everywhere I go same story all over - I don't like it because I don't.
Commented 4 years ago2015-07-31 11:40:17 UTC in journal: #8584 Comment #62725
Why does it have to be connected to this journal?
Commented 4 years ago2015-07-31 08:41:17 UTC in journal: #8584 Comment #62724
So much bigotry over windows 8, 10.
Commented 4 years ago2015-07-30 18:50:42 UTC in journal: #8583 Comment #65685
TWHL 4 = Replace journals with birthday topics
Commented 4 years ago2015-07-27 06:00:27 UTC in journal: #8580 Comment #61246
420 blaze it
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Commented 4 years ago2015-07-18 19:59:51 UTC in journal: #8577 Comment #55422
titty games hurr hurr hurr
User posted image
Commented 4 years ago2015-07-13 09:31:10 UTC in journal: #8577 Comment #55421
You have to start somewhere, and every one starts small :)
Bug testing is the most common intro page to every programmer and designer in the game industry today.
I am sure your contributions to the company will make it a better place, and in the future see some of your works public.

Good luck!
Commented 4 years ago2015-07-05 13:12:14 UTC in journal: #8571 Comment #52906
Improving humanity and human interactions with nature and each other.
Also 3D babes and Duke Nukem True Forever.
Commented 4 years ago2015-06-27 09:05:18 UTC in vault item: csdm_fallout Comment #20920
A whopping 7 FPS while playing on Intel GMA965 (in software mode).
Commented 4 years ago2015-06-18 06:51:41 UTC in journal: #8560 Comment #65674
The bad guy from Home Alone?
Commented 4 years ago2015-06-16 15:25:40 UTC in journal: #8561 Comment #67553
Post maps or die.
Commented 4 years ago2015-06-16 15:25:19 UTC in journal: #8560 Comment #65673
Commented 4 years ago2015-06-07 08:10:04 UTC in journal: #8556 Comment #65669
Replace Susie with Gabe in Blood on the dance floor
Commented 4 years ago2015-06-05 09:58:53 UTC in vault item: [Solved Sorta?] water_test Comment #20910
I wonder how compatible is this with Counter Strike multi player.
You could make water cubes that move around and you had to swim in them and avoid obstacles.
Also, i know water can contain a ladder, so technically there could also be a moving ladder?
Commented 4 years ago2015-06-05 07:38:35 UTC in journal: #8555 Comment #62711
That feature was pretty bugged up when I used 7, it would usually misalign with other devices and I didn't like that.
To configure auto volume control you have to go into device properties. The best option is to set it to do nothing, because from my experience it muted other things more than it should too often.

With the new way audio works in Windows, you can rout any program to any audio hardware.
Commented 4 years ago2015-06-04 15:23:50 UTC in journal: #8555 Comment #62710
Shouldn't audio software be the one to do that?
Usually its once you plugin an device it re-routes the sound automatically.
It should not be able to know what is music and what is game audio on hardware level.

If your media player can select an different output than yes you can do that. But you wont be able to use the same output from your sound card (because logically with out an additional filter/splitter after the output you can not do that, and that's impossible to do with analogue signal).
Commented 4 years ago2015-06-04 15:19:26 UTC in journal: #8556 Comment #65668
Why not Half-Life Z?