Commented 16 hours ago2022-07-03 20:08:49 UTC in journal: My Journey of Learning How To Make an Overgrowth Map Comment #104603
I was sure it was just going to die
Commented 1 month ago2022-05-27 23:05:15 UTC in vault item: dm_isle Comment #104457
Funny, I've been playing a good amount of Sea of Thieves and this really looks like an island from the game!
Commented 1 month ago2022-05-24 11:52:20 UTC in journal: A Pool Game Prototype I've Made Comment #104431
Working on it
Commented 2 months ago2022-04-12 02:18:02 UTC in vault item: KM_SM_Splash_Splash Comment #104325
Commented 3 months ago2022-03-11 15:34:27 UTC in vault item: TWHL Cubicles: TWHL Office (2022) Comment #104207
Commented 4 months ago2022-02-16 18:15:07 UTC in wiki page: Programming: Implementing Discord rich-presence into your mod Comment #104130
So it just shows people on Discord that someone is playing your mod?
Commented 4 months ago2022-02-14 20:44:47 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Splash Screens for Steam Comment #104121
Yeah I just can't seem to get the icon to work
oh well
Commented 4 months ago2022-02-06 19:01:03 UTC in news: Competition - Bridge the gap Comment #104082
I'll give it a shot
Commented 7 months ago2021-11-08 00:16:23 UTC in vault item: CIVO Comment #103816
You can make maps for Xbox HL2?
Commented 8 months ago2021-11-01 14:30:14 UTC in journal: HL2X Comment #103805
I wouldn't be surprised if they just shut it down. Discord severs can be more work to manage than they are worth.
Commented 8 months ago2021-10-20 01:00:20 UTC in vault item: Sound loop tests Comment #103779
@DiscoStu Yeah no Audacity still doesn't have cue loops. Gotta use Wavosaur for that :roll:
Commented 8 months ago2021-10-17 22:38:08 UTC in journal: HappyFaces Update Wanna Comment #103765
Why would you have to remove it?
Commented 8 months ago2021-10-14 22:40:54 UTC in vault item: Gordon scientist Comment #103761
Would love to see this become something like the Gman Invasion mod
Commented 8 months ago2021-10-14 22:37:32 UTC in vault item: Alpha Texture On HD Scientist Comment #103760
Always did like how they're cloths looked dirty and scuffed. Would have be more fitting for post disaster.
very cool.
Commented 8 months ago2021-10-08 23:47:01 UTC in journal: Having played Half Life Alyx... Comment #103750
It doesn't have the HL1 Xen platforming. So I didn't have any issue with it :crowbar:
Commented 8 months ago2021-10-08 12:29:02 UTC in journal: Having played Half Life Alyx... Comment #103746
Yeah, I think I know what you mean
Commented 9 months ago2021-09-18 16:30:07 UTC in vault item: Pre-Disaster Office Complex Comment #103721
Other than double red doors crushing me, It's good. Like the idea of seeing pre-disaster parts of Black Mesa
Commented 9 months ago2021-09-18 16:21:34 UTC in vault item: Janitor Simulator Comment #103720
it's a neat little map
Commented 10 months ago2021-08-11 11:47:51 UTC in news: TWHL Tower: Source Comment #103663
Guess this is legit now
good luck y'all
Commented 11 months ago2021-07-23 02:59:38 UTC in vault item: meatworld Comment #103621
I'll look at the third teleporter when I get some other stuff done
Commented 1 year ago2021-06-24 23:38:21 UTC in journal: Yet Another Game Dev Journal Comment #103597
Most of the time
Yes, Unity is the way to go
Commented 1 year ago2021-05-18 19:47:32 UTC in vault item: Goldsource Gamecube Comment #103570
Reminds me of the Gamecube model I made
Commented 1 year ago2021-05-07 22:04:20 UTC in journal: Birthday! Comment #103557
had my not that long ago too :cool:
Commented 1 year ago2021-05-07 21:08:54 UTC in vault item: Canyon 2 Comment #103556
Does it come with 2 Forts passive hoavys
Commented 1 year ago2021-04-25 19:17:47 UTC in journal: Sooo... I got a new side job Comment #103542
Yeah I thought that was one of the best games of the show
Great job!
Commented 1 year ago2021-04-24 21:50:44 UTC in vault item: TWHL Tower 2 Map Sources Comment #103541
Very cool
great work ya'll
Commented 1 year ago2021-04-22 19:10:15 UTC in journal: Finally a Gmod Ragdoll Comment #103536
Yeah I find making modals for Source to be such a pain in the ass. Good on you though.
Commented 1 year ago2021-03-30 23:19:14 UTC in vault item: E-Lab-orate Comment #103481
Architecture — 10
Texturing — 10
Ambience — 10
Lighting — 10
Gameplay — 8

only taking points off for the lame ending
Commented 1 year ago2021-03-30 22:41:56 UTC in vault item: MetalDoge Comment #103480
worth the quick download at lest
very cool of you to include the .map file
Commented 1 year ago2021-03-30 22:33:12 UTC in vault item: Access Point Comment #103479
Architecture — 6
Texturing — 7
Ambience — 6
Lighting — 7
Gameplay — 9

while it may be average when it comes to looks, these map makes me feel like a bad ass
Commented 1 year ago2021-03-30 22:04:22 UTC in vault item: HECU House Comment #103478
Architecture — 8
Texturing — 8
Ambience — 9
Lighting — 10
Gameplay — 7

simple but really good
really tough hit scanner combat, be ready for it
Tried to save barney but nothing happened (really annoying herding him though doors)
Feel like I should have given him a real rescue (he didn't even buy me that beer)
Over all cool mod but a lame ending
Commented 1 year ago2021-03-28 07:41:06 UTC in vault item: HECU House Comment #103473
I'll need to try this one
Commented 1 year ago2021-03-23 14:08:29 UTC in vault item: DualCross Comment #103459
would be great for CTF
Commented 1 year ago2021-02-25 17:49:44 UTC in vault item: de_tmtydj2 Comment #103359
It sure looks like a NIPPER map
Commented 1 year ago2021-02-16 18:14:34 UTC in vault item: Gunner Gargantua Comment #103324
way cooler
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 1 year ago2021-02-06 19:52:19 UTC in journal: Played through Hunt Down The Freeman Comment #103274
Yeah what a mad world we live in :walter:
Commented 1 year ago2021-02-03 19:19:14 UTC in journal: Played through Hunt Down The Freeman Comment #103248
I'm sorry :|
The guy behind it works for Blizzard now
Commented 1 year ago2021-02-02 03:35:01 UTC in vault item: Floating Island Comment #103243
Commented 1 year ago2021-01-31 17:24:53 UTC in vault item: Evil Bathroom Carpeting Monster Comment #103218
Oh my.... :zomg:
Commented 1 year ago2021-01-02 19:50:34 UTC in vault item: MJ12 Lamp Comment #103175
I made one like this for my L4D2 map, very cool
Commented 1 year ago2020-11-14 23:45:55 UTC in news: TWHL Tower 2 is out! Comment #103040
Nah just beer
Commented 1 year ago2020-11-14 00:02:19 UTC in news: TWHL Tower 2 is out! Comment #103035
Commented 1 year ago2020-11-13 23:59:18 UTC in vault item: TWHL Tower 2 Comment #103034
It's time!!!
Commented 2 years ago2020-02-09 21:30:33 UTC in poll: Virtual Reality Comment #102535
Space is the bigger problem for me
Might just see if I can just go to a Internet cafe that has one
Commented 2 years ago2019-12-16 16:08:11 UTC in vault item: Food Court Style Booth Comment #102462
So this is the one you were talking about
Commented 3 years ago2018-11-23 00:40:10 UTC in vault item: de_xmas_minibomb Comment #101633
Is it already that time again