I started work on a mod called Half-Life Retail, which as the name suggests was aimed at bringing back the game to the condition of the original 1998 release, which had several features that the later versions do not. Namely:
  • Those old shadows, which were just the model flattened on the floor at an angle.
  • A different type of view model bobbing, where the effect wasn't like it is today(basically the same as Quake 1's).
  • Having fleshy hit sounds play as a sort of hit indicator when you shoot an NPC.
  • The old Quake-style view roll when you turn around while running, or strafing.
However, I also started toying around with some stuff I felt would be nice to have. Basically, one feature I added was to insert per-vertex lights into the game by relying on light.rad and the level geometry. Of course, I will make this toggleable via the options for those who do not want it. Another feature I also added over from the Raven Beta sandbox mod, is stencil shadows which are cast by these lights.

Another feature I have in mind is to allow gl_overbright to work both on models and the world. I dislike how flat lighting is in OpenGL, and this would basically fix that issue. This too of course would be toggleable.

Anyone interested in perhaps playing a release of this mod? If so, I will probably end up creating a github page for it and updating it there, but also releasing it here on TWHL, and perhaps ModDB. Not sure about the latter though.

Also if you have some other features from the original retail you would like to see, I'm all ears.
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Hello everyone. I was thinking of this for a while now, but I thought I would give returning to TWHL another chance. Seven months ago I left because I had a ton of issues to go through, and I also felt like I didn't have any real reason to remain in the community, since I switched from working on Half-Life as a base to my own engine.

However, I must admit I want to give being part of a community another chance. I'm sorry for leaving all of a suddenly and just disappearing, leaving some people hanging in the air. I had by then a massive backlog of problems, and I really just needed to reduce my life to a size I was able to manage, and being in Discord felt... addictive at the time, I felt like I was wasting a lot of time I should've spent on solving problems or doing just anything healthier than distracting myself endlessly.

Now, I want to try and rejoin the Discord, without getting addicted this time. Hopefully, that'll work out.
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I am not sure who will be reading this or even care, but I felt like putting this out there. I have been a member of the community on and off since 2005, and I had my checkered history. I came back a few years ago to try and set things right, and I think I managed to mostly remedy some bad decisions and actions. To try and do right by God, and God's will for my life, and by my own conscience.

However, after I have finished the Pathos Engine, I realized I don't really have any real reason to be in the Half-Life community anymore. I am working on a video game now, not a Half-Life mod. I however still sometimes produce content, like Half-Life models, etc. I might still post that here. However, I have decided it's time I moved on. For this reason I am leaving the Half-Life modding community, hopefully on much better terms than I tried to last time. I have deleted my Discord account also, to focus more on my creative work and job. I do my best creative work in solutide anyway.

I want to say thanks to everyone who was kind to me, and thanks to the people who gave me a second/third chance. I hope people enjoyed the content I created, and will enjoy any future content I create. I doubt I will return again, but if I do, well, we'lll see how it goes. Nothing in life is certain.

And for those I've left without a real explanation, let it be this: Sometimes there's irrevocable differences between two individuals which cannot be resolved, and I might not see a future for said relation. It is not my intention to leave on a bad note. I sometimes just don't see a solution, which might be an error in me.

In the meantime, I will try and realize what God has intended for me to do with the remainder of my life.

Thank you.
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I'm just writing this journal to inform people that I've made some model packs for Half-Life, Opposing Force and Blue Shift, and released them here on TWHL. The models are completely free of any UV shifting or other such issues. The OpFor Glock has been vastly improved with a bunch of UV mapping issues fixed, and all the packs use the Blue Shift shotgun animations. The MP5 also had the bogus firing animation that was present in both Blue Shift and OpFor removed. The RPG also had the fidget animation fixed, so it no longer only plays halfway through.

  • The Python had it's speedloader fixed for all versions, and the reload sound plays properly now.
  • The crossbow's clip has been fixed, so the top of it is no longer invisible like before.
HD Gordon hands on LD view models for Half-Life:

LD OpFor Grunt models and sounds for Half-Life and Blue Shift:

Fixed and improved LD view models for Opposing Force:

Fixed and improved LD view models for Blue Shift:

Some screenshots:
LD OpFor MP5 for Half-LifeLD OpFor MP5 for Half-Life
LD OpFor grunts for Half-LifeLD OpFor grunts for Half-Life
Improved Desert EagleImproved Desert Eagle
Improved GlockImproved Glock
LD OpFor Glock in Half-LifeLD OpFor Glock in Half-Life
Blue Shift Shotgun animsBlue Shift Shotgun anims
Hope you enjoy using these model packs.

Edit: Uploaded the zip files to TWHL's vault