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Posted 9 years ago2015-01-04 21:15:19 UTC
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ofcourse, give me the link and ill vote!
Posted 9 years ago2015-01-04 00:06:18 UTC
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thnx guys! We won :D
200+ votes in less then 2 hours
Posted 9 years ago2015-01-03 20:11:51 UTC
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ffs rimrook! :D
rufee just vote, no questions
if rimrook aproves, its trusted
Posted 9 years ago2015-01-03 20:00:23 UTC
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Guys! I supported u for a long time! Now its time to support me!
Please click the red pepper under the photo! You can also vote multiple times on pc/laptop/iphones/ipads (same ip) etc...

rimrook already voted!!!!
Posted 11 years ago2013-01-02 20:45:51 UTC
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I donĀ“t really care...
welcome to the real world .. son
Posted 11 years ago2012-12-13 23:58:41 UTC
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Posted 11 years ago2012-12-13 23:58:05 UTC
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im sorry
you vote for my friend who is nominated for "best (overal) sportsmen of the year".

he's running A Motorbike on a proffesional level, after he survived a seveire brain damage after a big crash 3 years ago. This is his first year starting again, and is now number 1 of his ladder/competition
Posted 11 years ago2012-12-12 22:09:11 UTC
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Posted 11 years ago2012-12-12 22:09:06 UTC
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whould you guys do me a favour en vote on "ilja caljouw" @ the first section. Just enter a random name + email. Doesnt matter
Posted 12 years ago2012-01-06 17:20:12 UTC
in Competition 32 Post #302491
1 rule, keep de italy-radio ALIVE!
Posted 14 years ago2009-11-16 17:32:55 UTC
in Post Your Photos Post #275748
Now you broke up zeeba-g, POST THEM NUDE PICTURES
Posted 14 years ago2009-11-13 05:59:47 UTC
in How old is everyone!? Post #275576
im 25
Posted 14 years ago2009-11-10 17:14:21 UTC
in What version needed to have maskable mod Post #275404
and why do you need transparant models ? :o
Posted 14 years ago2009-11-10 16:24:49 UTC
in What version needed to have maskable mod Post #275402
what are masked models?
Posted 14 years ago2009-10-25 07:47:21 UTC
in New L4D2 trailer Post #274805
Ye penguinboy knows it all ...
Posted 14 years ago2009-10-08 18:48:55 UTC
in TWHL Brain Age Post #274189
wait, what?
Posted 14 years ago2009-09-24 06:36:59 UTC
in Half-Life: Isotope Post #273684
I know this type of game, I cant comeup with game titles. Whatever ... I like that. How do you gonna include finding keys and such? Or, first kill 10 enemys in 1 room, go to another room to pickup the gey, go back, open de gates, defeat a wave of enemys and proceed? meh :D
Posted 14 years ago2009-09-09 08:41:19 UTC
in Rooms (mini co-op project) Post #273140
Can I play the map striker?
Posted 14 years ago2009-08-29 08:39:12 UTC
in Black Mesa fixes clone problem! Post #272656
Strider, I think he means valve will buy it ...
Posted 14 years ago2009-08-29 05:27:24 UTC
in Black Mesa fixes clone problem! Post #272652
The Sims: Black Mesa
Posted 14 years ago2009-08-19 18:51:02 UTC
in r_speeds - epoly count Post #272224
Very good info darkphoenix
Posted 14 years ago2009-08-12 13:11:03 UTC
in TWHL Co-mod Post #271885
Basicly, yes, but this one has 1 story.
Anyway, allot of negative critism already. I dont like my idea anymore.
Close thread.
Posted 14 years ago2009-08-12 12:13:19 UTC
in TWHL Co-mod Post #271883
You dont understand my idea, its totaly different. But you cant help it.
Posted 14 years ago2009-08-12 11:03:11 UTC
in TWHL Co-mod Post #271880

I got a idea. Its not super original but the concept is nice.
Make a HL1 single player mod, chapters will be created by different mapping artist here from TWHL (or outside twhl whatever, you get the idea).

We only need a story, then devide that story into chapters. And each mapper will be connected to a chapter. With that info (story of the chapter) the mapper is gonna create the map.

The nice thing about this is we dont need to have maps with the same begin/end. When you finished a chapter you go to the next map. Each map is different, but the story will be the same in the whole mod.

Posted 14 years ago2009-08-07 08:09:24 UTC
in Desktops of August Post #271657
Posted 14 years ago2009-07-14 19:38:16 UTC
in IRC won't work for me Post #270140
remove the /twhl
Posted 14 years ago2009-07-14 14:52:01 UTC
in Need a Tram Prefab Post #270121
Whats the reason you cant make it yourself?
Posted 14 years ago2009-07-14 10:30:08 UTC
in r_speeds - epoly count Post #270108
A simple rule to null, texture every face (with null) a player never could see ingame.
Posted 14 years ago2009-07-14 09:04:54 UTC
in r_speeds - epoly count Post #270098
Epoly is not that important, ~2000 is a normal value in TS. In cs it will be around ~1000. A standard word without anything is around 2000 epolys. Ad a light and a info_player_start and it will rise up. There both entitys.

Wpoly is brush based, epoly is entity based
Posted 14 years ago2009-07-09 09:09:15 UTC
in Google to introduce new OS Post #269771
Youtube and googlevideo is from google.
Posted 14 years ago2009-07-07 07:48:38 UTC
in TWHL's Classic DM Server Post #269578
I got al00t of money. I wont donate
Posted 14 years ago2009-07-02 17:43:55 UTC
in Trophy / award links Post #269303
ye .. now you dont know why the got the award. Happend to me alot
Posted 14 years ago2009-06-29 09:45:24 UTC
in I need info, and fast Post #269122
ask it in another forum ...
Posted 14 years ago2009-06-29 07:55:25 UTC
in Urby's HL2 text RPG Post #269114
Posted 14 years ago2009-06-29 06:55:57 UTC
in textures transparency Post #269110
First face the big fail from Cpt.Terror
Posted 14 years ago2009-06-22 12:37:53 UTC
in Looking for: Voice actors Post #268677

Im looking for 5 to 6 voice actors (or a person with a multiple personality disorder) from different countrys (accent wise) that can drop me a view lines. I will provide the text that has to be spoken. You can also make a little twist on the lines and make it a bit different. If it sounds good then it will go. You need to speak proper and clear english.

Unrelated to mapping, it for a documentary.

If you are interested, please send me a private message.
Posted 14 years ago2009-06-20 05:11:13 UTC
in Planet TWHL! Post #268564
User posted image
I pointed out the biggest city's, the rest is infected by the_striker virus. It wont stop, its so anoying.
Posted 14 years ago2009-06-17 07:19:49 UTC
in Rooms (mini co-op project) Post #268326
I cant even load the map ... HL1 crashes when I try to load the intromap00 ...
Posted 14 years ago2009-06-12 06:58:52 UTC
in dm_battle_lobby_final Post #268217
IS this is africa ? Because I never seen a sun go vertical down
Posted 14 years ago2009-06-09 18:39:42 UTC
in The "Official" Competition 27 Post #268135
Alright, luke pwned The_(c)Striker (like everyone always does but whatever).
Lets go ontopic again. Dont whine any further
Posted 14 years ago2009-06-09 12:04:16 UTC
in Super Half-Life Tools 3.9 Post #268118
Posted 14 years ago2009-06-09 02:51:06 UTC
in Two Noob Questions... Post #268107
You need to have the right FGD, then use cycler_sprite. Clip it, because the model is non-solid. Example path:

BAD: c:\programs\hammer\maps\yourmapfolder\models\yourmodel.mdl
BAD: c:\programs\steam\steamapps\acount\cstrike\models\yourmodel.mdl

GOOD: models\yourmodel.mdl

The base for looking models is ctrike folder. The order your models you need to place them in models. No from the cstrike path you only need to say where the model is. Thats /models/yourmodel.mdl. Pretty easy.
Posted 14 years ago2009-06-06 13:38:40 UTC
in Competition 27 Post #268024
It's weekend ...
Posted 14 years ago2009-06-05 16:26:22 UTC
in Echo Post #267989
Posted 14 years ago2009-06-04 03:16:21 UTC
in left 4 dead too Post #267920
Conecpt art isnt hard

edit: Oh, its just a scene from "I Am Legend"
Posted 14 years ago2009-06-04 02:56:42 UTC
in E3 2009 Post #267918
whats "VC", whats "XBL"
Posted 14 years ago2009-06-03 17:57:53 UTC
in left 4 dead too Post #267895
"He reads all of his fan mail"

Posted 14 years ago2009-06-03 15:07:31 UTC
in left 4 dead too Post #267890
The outside light maps looks very cool :D I also like that sun. Looks like the engine got a update to? Also, its gonna get released in november. If you depend on valves time, it will be around march 2010.
Posted 14 years ago2009-06-03 13:17:22 UTC
in Trigger allot of entitys at once Post #267887
Alright, that works. But, when the maps loads the first round it works fine. But then when I do a sv_restartround, or a new round starts (roundtime = 00:00) it doesnt trigger it again.
Posted 14 years ago2009-06-03 12:07:06 UTC
in Trigger allot of entitys at once Post #267882

Lets say I got 10x func_breakable. And I want to trigger them (go b00m) 5 minuts after a restartround. Is that possible?

ps; are there any dust-particle-sprites availeble for HL1? Just like in HL2 with func_dustmote (correct me if im wrong) but ofc not dynamic but with a sprite.