Commented 10 hours ago2022-01-17 20:15:36 UTC in journal: HL1 Alpha comic? Comment #104022
I'm gonna do some modifications to this idea. It's now gonna be a Swedish slideshow with a different story for Rezzy.

Area practices
User posted image
User posted image
Gonna make an English dub if it's good enough.
Commented 1 day ago2022-01-16 08:05:57 UTC in vault item: The Citizen Comment #104021
Not anymore ;)
Commented 1 day ago2022-01-16 07:45:50 UTC in vault item: Scoutz_dirty Comment #104020
I've added screenshots and fixed the file structure and moved it back to Completed. That said... it's not a good map. 1½ stars.
Commented 1 day ago2022-01-16 07:21:41 UTC in vault item: dm_control Comment #104019
It's no Altdel.
Commented 1 day ago2022-01-16 07:21:32 UTC in vault item: Altdel Comment #104018
A classic. There are some active HLDM servers running this.
Commented 1 day ago2022-01-16 07:15:08 UTC in vault item: Alternative Origin Comment #104017
Commented 1 day ago2022-01-16 07:08:16 UTC in vault item: aim_m4a1 Comment #104016
WADs and a screenshot have been added. What you see in the screenshot is pretty much the entire map. Their first map I guess.
Commented 2 days ago2022-01-16 06:43:26 UTC in vault item: cs_zerg2 Comment #104015
You clearly put a lot of effort into creating a horror atmosphere. There are a lot of little effects and unfortunately some visual glitches. Nice work!
Commented 2 days ago2022-01-15 22:28:11 UTC in vault item: VertexManipProb fixed Comment #104013
Original problem map:
Commented 2 days ago2022-01-15 22:27:56 UTC in vault item: VertManipProb Comment #104012
Commented 2 days ago2022-01-15 07:48:54 UTC in vault item: dm_perthowned Comment #104011
Very nice mapping ! I love the parts of the building going out from the mountain side ! good idea !
Commented 4 days ago2022-01-14 01:13:24 UTC in vault item: Level Comment #104010
It's 2 rooms, 2 headcrabs, and a crowbar. That's a level.
Commented 4 days ago2022-01-14 00:16:51 UTC in journal: #4940 Comment #104009
which one is better:

User posted image
User posted image

wat do u mean, they both the same :(
Commented 4 days ago2022-01-13 23:51:17 UTC in vault item: surf_hawk_b08 Comment #104008
You put a fair amount of work into this and it has a pretty good layout for a surf map. I kept getting stuck in one of the ramps though
Commented 4 days ago2022-01-13 20:30:31 UTC in vault item: CIVO Comment #104007
How did you make them run? I tried porting my own maps in but they never load even in the emulator.
Commented 4 days ago2022-01-13 13:39:57 UTC in vault item: CIVO Comment #104006
The Playstation 2 version of Half-Life 1 can run custom content as well. Did anyone try that?
yeah, i remember someone ported blue shift to ps2 hl1, and i tried porting a few hl1 maps to it aswell and they ran perfectly
Commented 6 days ago2022-01-11 19:51:03 UTC in vault item: Clash_b1 (Beta version) Comment #104005
Great looking geometry. Got stuck in it though, can't tell where
It would be good if you could take a screenshot of where you got stuck. Thanks for the feedback.
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-10 19:52:26 UTC in vault item: Clash_b1 (Beta version) Comment #104004
Great looking geometry. Got stuck in it though, can't tell where.
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-10 15:47:15 UTC in journal: HL2X Comment #104003
I'm starting to believe the server didn't kick me out. But it got shut down for some reason. The admin was gone from GitHub and chipsnapper haven't responded to me when I tried to communicate. They where probably not allowed to work on any tools.

This better not be anything related to Gabe's console hating cause that would be sad.
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-10 02:13:37 UTC in vault item: JN_CBuildings Comment #104002
Don't use func_ladders for stairs, you can't jump properly
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-10 02:11:13 UTC in vault item: JN_CBricks Comment #104001
Bricks and crates and crates and bricks
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-10 01:50:07 UTC in vault item: de_lush Comment #104000
jeep.wad has been added to the download, thanks to 17Buddies WAD archive
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-10 01:35:23 UTC in vault item: de_MikkiHiiri_Rakennustyomaa Comment #103999
de_MikkiHiiri_Rakennustyomaa is Finnish for de_MickeyMouse_Constructionsite
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-10 01:28:48 UTC in vault item: cs_ClseQ Comment #103998
It's built like a frustrating maze and neither pretty nor interesting
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-10 01:17:01 UTC in vault item: Subway Comment #103997
Jessie said everything that I want to say about this map.
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-09 22:00:16 UTC in vault item: cs_napal Comment #103996
I've added the WADs to the download but there are a few missing textures. Perhaps there are different WADs with the same name out there?

If anyone is wondering, the "napal" in "cs_napal" is "napalm" misspelled, not "Nepal".
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-09 12:54:28 UTC in vault item: Concrete_Jungle Comment #103995
Pretty basic, which can be easily forgiven since it's one of your very first maps. One thing I would say is that you should make sure you place info_nodes entities for AI pathing. Without info_nodes, enemies will tend to stop in place when they can no longer see the player. This means that the zombies in the first room will never follow you into the second. Likewise the assassins in the second room are severely handicapped since the player can hide behind cover and then peak and shoot to kill them far too easily. Another thing to note is that it doesn't really have any sense of place, it's literally two giant concrete rooms. Again, forgivable given the lack of experience. The next step is to make a map with interactive elements such as buttons, doors and triggers and so on. Once you've got the basics down, work on detailing to make believable environments.
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-09 01:12:36 UTC in journal: My decision Comment #103994
Take care.
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-09 01:05:39 UTC in vault item: de_middleages Comment #103993
I fixed it just for you, Bob. Enjoy.
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-09 00:55:37 UTC in vault item: cs_infultrate Comment #103992
I added zeditor.wad to the download so you can try again now Bob.
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-09 00:52:34 UTC in vault item: surf_bymurdarule Comment #103991
I like surf maps but this one is fullbright and has texture issues (there's invisible water for example) and it's just not a fun map to surf.
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-09 00:23:24 UTC in vault item: de_dolls Comment #103990
simehong, they made this for CS 1.6.
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-09 00:18:42 UTC in vault item: Threatening Skies Pre-Demo Comment #103989
It's a tram ride and not much happens except the player getting stuck when the level changes (and it does, often).
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-08 03:34:27 UTC in vault item: hlife_hotdog_compo26 Comment #103988
hlife_hotdog, I replaced the download link with one to a copy on my website, I really hope you don't mind, if not I apologize. Your file has been removed from FileFront and The Might Carrot's download won't work for most people anymore after browsers changed how they deal with HTTP links on HTTPS-protected websites. The download is just a few megabytes too large for TWHL's new file size limit of 16MB.
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-07 17:47:51 UTC in journal: My decision Comment #103987
O7 Farewell mate.
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-07 10:38:01 UTC in journal: Twitts Comment #103986
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-07 09:19:12 UTC in journal: My decision Comment #103985
I haven't known your dramas around here so I don't probably care about those. Stojke put it into good words. What I can add is something I heard in Dune - Life is not a question to be answered, it's a process to be experienced. There's no point in coming here anymore if you don't feel like it, but maybe your curiosity will bring you back in the future at some point. It brings me back, TWHL still is my first tab since 2007 in Firefox :).

Farewell dear TWHLer, and best of luck in life!
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-06 23:45:33 UTC in vault item: Deadcentre (ricodm03_deadcentre) Comment #103984
Considering the above comment ^ (which I can confirm is true after testing the map myself), the unusual names of those WADs (so there's no risk of name collision) and that I haven't found them anywhere else on the Internet, I have put in dummy WADs so people can play this now.
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-06 22:50:54 UTC in vault item: BM Explorer And Pickup Comment #103983
We now have a Prefab type. Type changed and moved back to Completed
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-06 22:47:41 UTC in vault item: Alternate HEV suit Comment #103982
Moved to Models because we have that category now, no need for deletion :)
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-06 22:45:18 UTC in vault item: cs_heist Comment #103981
There is another map with the same name: <- That is NOT the same map, it's made by someone else
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-06 22:21:49 UTC in vault item: Tribute to Rowleybob Comment #103980
The sound file was in the wrong folder. I've corrected it.
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-06 22:05:49 UTC in vault item: aim_mp5_smores Comment #103979
There's a million aim maps like this - a square room, four obstacles and some guns. No effort
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-06 21:58:29 UTC in vault item: WCD's Crap Map Pack Comment #103978
WCD = WorldCraft Dude (Soup Miner's old name)
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-06 21:45:20 UTC in vault item: awp_constructions Comment #103977
Giving this a 4 because if I have to play an AWP map, I hope it's this one. Good job on the texturing!
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-06 21:27:03 UTC in vault item: deathmatch_lc Comment #103976
This is the server mod he's referring to: CSDM (it requires AMX Mod X)
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-06 20:42:45 UTC in vault item: Gatling Gun Comment #103975
Yes, it's finished, and I've moved it to Prefabs because we finally have that type :)
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-06 20:10:34 UTC in vault item: sand_01 Comment #103971
It looks good for a first map, but there is simply not enough content (about 45 seconds worth of gameplay) to justify downloading it. I wish you stayed and kept mapping
Commented 1 week ago2022-01-06 20:05:39 UTC in vault item: sand_01 Comment #103970
Because adams.wad was your own custom WAD and because you took out all the textures from it (according to your forum posts and from just trying the map), I have added a dummy WAD to the download to make the map playable.