Commented 21 hours ago2024-04-15 23:04:15 UTC in poll: New Poll? Comment #106133
Favorite hl chapter. List them all.
Commented 22 hours ago2024-04-15 22:02:03 UTC in vault item: Tunnels Comment #106132
Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it a lot. But if you'll allow me to defend myself a little...

The rubbish chute was originally going to be the way out of the room but I changed it to the shootable window in order to shorten the map. I decided not to close the lid fully because I thought it looked pretty good hanging ajar like it is, I completely forgot that it's a passable func_detail.

There are supposed to be large and very noticeable cracked glass decals on the window telling the player to shoot it but that screenshot seems to suggest otherwise which is weird. I tried placing ammo nearby with the dead guard in the cafeteria to hint at it but I guess that was probably stupid because of the space of the room, the difficulty accessing it, the distance the ammo is from the window and the bullsquid.

It never occurred to me that you could use the cart to jump over the crates. The aim was to give the player something to do while entering the wall grate besides just walking into it, if that makes sense. Climbing over the crates is actually a better way to use it though I think.

Overall, this is an old map that I made when I had just started seriously making maps. I didn't think about idiot proofing the lights in the lift shaft and I thought the brush lights didn't look that bad. I also didn't think to change some things for players who don't have the same settings applied to the game as I do, obviously I prefer the default gamma and the HD models.
Commented 2 days ago2024-04-14 20:01:30 UTC in vault item: Tunnels Comment #106131
Architecture — 10
Texturing — 9
Ambience — 8
Lighting — 7
Gameplay — 7

Alright, here's some feedback:

In general:
  • The brushwork and detailing is very, very nice indeed - maximalist, but not too crazy, and pretty consistent throughout.
  • Good use of inaccessible areas, they really help achieve that classic Half-Life illusion where places seem like a part of a bigger world.
  • Sequences are very well executed (that scientist with the gun startled me as much as I startled him, lol), and the use of sentences is spot on.
  • Most of the map is pretty silent, could use some more ambient noises (especially in larger areas)
  • There aren't many enemies or weapons - if it were an intro map in a campaign that would be fine, but since it's a single level it feels a bit lacking.
Specific issues I found:
  • These types of light brushes are too solid-looking, a lower FX Amount (renderamt) value would make them more transparent.
User posted image
User posted image
  • The pushable cart in the beginning can be used to climb past the crates blocking the corridor, but there is no way to get back from there.
User posted image
Seems like an excellent place for a secretSeems like an excellent place for a secret
  • There's a null face in the room with the barney and scientist that is visible from the vent (if you look hard enough).
Between the table and the chairBetween the table and the chair
Closer lookCloser look
  • The player can jump down this rusty shaft and get stuck.
Just make the lid solidJust make the lid solid
  • I'd recommend placing the crowbar around here instead of later, to encourage the player to break this window.
I usually avoid breaking things with bulletsI usually avoid breaking things with bullets
  • This whole area down here is a bit too dark, the ladder is barely visible.
My gamma is 2.2, maybe that's whyMy gamma is 2.2, maybe that's why
  • A foolish player can wedge himself between the large elevator and the light on the wall, a clip brush is needed here.
The cables got de-syncedThe cables got de-synced
Overall it's a very nice level. The ending's pretty abrupt, but that's to be expected from a single standalone map. I'd like to see it make a return as part of a larger campaign.
Commented 2 days ago2024-04-14 18:05:51 UTC in vault item: Stencil shadows - Example mod Comment #106130
ok thank you very much. i asked because you have the project on all right reserved.

thank you agian
Commented 2 days ago2024-04-14 16:55:56 UTC in vault item: Tunnels Comment #106129
Architecture — 9
Texturing — 9
Ambience — 8
Lighting — 7
Gameplay — 7

it was fun and I liked the parts with the scientists, but I fell in a trash chute and was stuck and had to noclip out like midway through. the gameplay wasn't groundbreaking but it was pretty good, and the level design looked great.
Commented 4 days ago2024-04-12 06:51:53 UTC in vault item: Stencil shadows - Example mod Comment #106128
Yes of course, anyone is free to use this.
Commented 4 days ago2024-04-11 22:25:09 UTC in vault item: Stencil shadows - Example mod Comment #106127
can i use this in my mod please? i will credit you.

Thank you
Commented 5 days ago2024-04-11 17:42:04 UTC in vault item: train gets stuck Comment #106126
@man_simple, that's not the end of the journey.

So, it appears that this is due to the doors closing. When they close, they appear to trigger the multimanager again, disabling the train after one second.

Seems like an usual bug which I've not seen before where a door that targets a multimanager will also fire on close. Not sure if that's a new bug after the 25 year update or not...

In any case, the way to get around this for now would be to have the path_track target the multimanager, and have THAT handle the opening of the doors at 0 seconds.

Also, you didn't ask about this, but a little more advice:
  • Your grates and railings should be using the Solid Render Mode, not Texture. Texture makes them glow in the dark and show glass decals when shot.
  • Try to avoid using the Fit button when texturing. It stretches and squashes textures and can lead to compiling issues further down the line.
Commented 5 days ago2024-04-11 10:29:50 UTC in journal: Quiver Comment #106125
Commented 6 days ago2024-04-10 12:38:17 UTC in vault item: train gets stuck Comment #106124
I compiled your map and loaded it in the game:
  • I went into the elevator and pressed the button;
  • the door closed;
  • the elevator along with the door went along the given path;
  • near the glass doors, the elevator stopped;
  • the doors opened and the elevator went on;
  • The elevator stopped at the end of the journey. Glass doors closed.
It is not clear what the problem is, everything works as planned.
Commented 6 days ago2024-04-10 09:58:53 UTC in journal: Hiking Comment #106123
I love a good hike. My family and I have a National Trust membership which gives us free access to those sites all over the country. Mostly just stately homes and old castles, but the grounds often reach far and wide have offer some stunning views. Waiting for the late spring/summer months to kick in so that England is a little more photogenic. Haha.

Hopefully the sun comes out for us at the end of May when we tackle the Wrekin again. You can see a good portion of Shropshire from the top.
image source: Tripadvisorimage source: Tripadvisor
Commented 6 days ago2024-04-10 01:17:44 UTC in vault item: Sources of Deathmatch Classic Forest Skybox Comment #106122
Fuckin' sick.
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-09 08:06:56 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Intro to the Tools of Hammer Comment #106121
Good idea! Will see about adding a section about the toolbars 🙂
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-08 22:31:40 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Intro to the Tools of Hammer Comment #106120
I feel like 2 of the toolbars need to be explained as well, as they've been a lot of cases of people accidentally having IG/TL/SL/UVL on, and getting confused... Ideally they should've RTFM but it wouldn't hurt drawing attention on the important ones.
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-08 04:20:45 UTC in journal: 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀 Comment #106119
Yes, apparently Valve chose to split t0a0b into t0a0b1 and t0a0b2, but forgot to remove the original.
It's exactly the same except there isn't a loading screen before the target rangeIt's exactly the same except there isn't a loading screen before the target range
There is a level transition from t0a0b back to t0a0a, but it's broken. However, turns out it's possible to go from t0a0c to t0a0b by swimming back towards the underwater gate right before the HEV charger section. Whether this means the rats in t0a0b should be counted as well or not, I have no idea. Same goes for the ones in the Blue Shift, Dreamcast port and PS2 port iterations of the Hazard Course.

Who knew chasing rats would lead down a rabbit hole?
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-07 19:52:21 UTC in journal: 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀 Comment #106118
Huh, didn't realise that about t0a0b and t0a0b2. Is one actually unused in the game?
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-07 13:12:31 UTC in journal: 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀 Comment #106117
That's adorable!
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-07 10:18:39 UTC in journal: 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀 Comment #106116
Yup, five is the total. t0a0b and t0a0b2 appear to be duplicates of the firing range map with the former being a little larger, including the flashlight area.
User posted image
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-07 00:41:46 UTC in journal: 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀 Comment #106115
I suppose we could do a search for "monster_rat" in the vanilla maps to get a correct count, and to make sure it really is only within the Hazard Course.
Wikis are community driven, so information isn't guaranteed to be correct. Someone might have made a guesstimate without checking, and the number was never fact-checked. That happens all the time :p
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-07 00:22:39 UTC in journal: 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀 Comment #106114
Yeah, the rats weren't news to me either, but that particular rat above the hologram took me completely by surprise. The OverWiki says rats only exist in Hazard Course but doesn't say how many. The Fandom Wiki says there's four, and "none have been found elsewhere"...! I just think it's weird this one inconsequential detail has escaped the very wikis dedicated to documenting these inconsequential details.

Also, Drug Barons seems interesting, I'll check it out. Thanks!
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-06 20:51:17 UTC in journal: 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀 Comment #106113
Yup, I've known about the rats in the Hazard Course for a looong time now. Not sure when I first learned about them. I didn't know there was even a rat model until I played Drug Barons, the first custom campaign I played for Half-Life back in 1999.
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-06 15:12:47 UTC in vault item: Endline Comment #106112
Excellent map! Thanks!
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-06 03:52:27 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: The Complete Guide to Lighting Comment #106111
You can have an intuitive preview of the lighting styles on this page:
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-04 06:39:57 UTC in journal: Hiking Comment #106110
That's a nice photo!
Kind of reminds me of the mountains in southern Spain 🙂
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-03 21:33:43 UTC in vault item: Headcrab Hunt Comment #106109
Thanks for the feedback. Missing textures are likely from turning all my dev textures into null once I think I got everything. I simply didn't notice them. The pause zoom is a biproduct of binding an animated cvar to a -command like +mouse2 -mouse2. It can be fixed by not animating it, but it's not as fancy looking. I'm happy to hear that you found the tripmine platforms enjoyable. I hope to continue to develop them. I'm surprise you didn't mention the weird lights in the little food section. turns out you can't flip lights or toggle them either on or off independently. All the targeted light have to be either on or off, not some on or some off. If there's a way to do it, I don't know it. :<

As long as all the crabs were fun to look for, cosmetics aside, I see this as a success. If you looked for them for 1.5 hours, I'm surprised someone played the mod for that long at all.
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-03 21:05:36 UTC in vault item: Headcrab Hunt Comment #106108
Heh, funny that you changed your mind and made such a nice detailed map in a short time span, I really did enjoy running around and trying to find all headcrabs. I didn't actually count the time but I think it took me 1 and a half atleast, the last few headcrabs were hidden pretty good. I also didn't understand the tripmines at first, but then I really enjoyed that mechanic. And I even abused them sometimes where I just spammed them at places, I guess if I hadn't I wouldn't have found every headcrab.

As for textures, I noticed a few missing ones, 3 to be specific:
  1. the top trim under the hallway with the 69 above
  2. the crate on the shelf near 1. is missing it's bottom
  3. the top green metal crate is missing it's bottom
Also if you press Esc to pause and then Esc again to unpause, it also zooms, not sure if that's intended (as in no other way to do it) or if it's a bug? It's no biggie, just found it odd when I noticed it.

And I didn't notice any needs for optimization on my Intel I5-4590 with a Nvidia Geforce GT1030.
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-03 18:05:50 UTC in vault item: my first map Comment #106107
theres more stuff tho so yeah just play it fr fr
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-03 18:05:29 UTC in vault item: my first map Comment #106106
i added now
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-03 17:57:29 UTC in vault item: my first map Comment #106105
i forgor
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-03 17:10:34 UTC in vault item: my first map Comment #106104
No screenshots?
Commented 1 week ago2024-04-03 12:36:56 UTC in vault item: Headcrab Hunt Comment #106103
IMHO, very good, but:
  • a very high w_poly;
  • the map needs additional optimization;
  • it is advisable to make changes that improve gameplay;
  • fix small shortcomings of texture.
Commented 2 weeks ago2024-04-01 17:57:49 UTC in vault item: Map2Curve v0.8 Comment #106102
Thanks, good to see you fresco :cyclops:
Commented 2 weeks ago2024-04-01 15:41:31 UTC in vault item: Cirkuz 33 Textures Comment #106101


Terrible. I have never seen a worse WAD ever. I gotta be honest, this is just the WORST thing ever made in the HL community. The worst thing ever uploaded on this website. The textures look like drawn by a toddler. You can't be serious with this one! Ugh, terrible.
Commented 2 weeks ago2024-04-01 09:14:55 UTC in vault item: Map2Curve v0.8 Comment #106100
Great to see you're still updating the tool :)
Commented 2 weeks ago2024-03-30 22:40:29 UTC in vault item: silly test map Comment #106099
i noticed that people are downloading my map, and i just wanted to let you know guys that i would love to maybe see your thoughts on it
Commented 2 weeks ago2024-03-30 15:29:00 UTC in journal: Taking a break Comment #106098
Good move pal. You’ve achieved and endured a lot, time to take a break and get outside and do some sport. Have fun!
Commented 2 weeks ago2024-03-29 00:43:48 UTC in journal: Objective design Comment #106097
IO Interactive (Hitman reboot) calls these spaces "Private Professional" (very cool GDC talk on that), that video was really helpful when I was thinking over this problem.
Commented 2 weeks ago2024-03-29 00:33:48 UTC in journal: Objective design Comment #106096
Yeah, my current idea, subject to change, is some sort of abandoned factory taken over and fortified by the combine. Industrial buildings are already semi-restricted by nature; they're not super fortified like an army base, but they're built by nature as spaces that are only open for a limited set of people (employees, contractors, etc), so that'd lend itself well to repurposing. Two main entrances and exits (main/employee entrance, loading bay), and enough stuff that could be snuck into (the usual ventilation system, drainage, etc.). I gotta think some more about what it could actually contain though.
Commented 2 weeks ago2024-03-28 17:00:31 UTC in vault item: Point Entity Sprite Pack for GoldSrc v1.0 Comment #106095
What is the Waterlod entity? I see this for the first time
Commented 2 weeks ago2024-03-28 14:58:39 UTC in vault item: Authentic First-Person Weapons Comment #106094
I created an account for this site just to say how good this mod is.
Commented 2 weeks ago2024-03-28 13:38:50 UTC in vault item: Cliffs and Caves Update! - The Rimpository v1.05 Comment #106093
I was just thinking about you the other day, hope you're doing well and glad to see you're still making cool stuff!

My goldsource days are likely over but if I ever decide to go back I know where to go for prefabs ^^
Commented 2 weeks ago2024-03-28 09:56:50 UTC in wiki page: momentary_rot_button Comment #106092
  • Door hack flag makes the entity un-use-able but solid (default is useable but not solid)
  • Not useable flag has no effect [not implemented?]
  • [bug] the entity only works well with positive distance (clockwise opening). Negative distance makes the internal value "start open". The linked momentary_door will always be opening when the momentary_rot_button moves clockwise and vice versa.
    • solution: have all linked momentary_rot_buttons have positive distance, and rotate the entity's yaw 180 degrees to make it spin counterclockwise (and now lighting needs to be taken to consideration)
  • [bug] [Related with negative distance also,] if there are 2 or more linked momentary_rot_buttons and the other has different signed distance then the other button will keep spinning past the end (and the internal ratio value would go past the 0 ≥ x ≥ 1 range)
    • solution: same as above
  • If 2 or more linked momentary_rot_buttons have different distance/speed the one being USEd will dictate the speed and distance of the others. Then when it reaches the full distance all the others will snap to their fully opened/closed positions.
  • As per RUST: Creating Proximity Doors triggering the momentary_rot_button every 0.1s does move it at the prescribed speed, but if "auto return" is not set it'd just continually ping-pong between opening and closing.
Commented 2 weeks ago2024-03-27 16:07:50 UTC in vault item: trigger_hurt Comment #106091
Awesome map! Great for testing all the damage types and seeing the damage indicator sprites!
Commented 3 weeks ago2024-03-26 18:51:58 UTC in vault item: cs_freightlines Comment #106090
Nope. Isn't lit in red. Just a preview screenshot.

Images are more worth than thousand words...
Commented 3 weeks ago2024-03-26 11:52:16 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Coding Fog Comment #106089
Update has been made available that fixes the fog tutorial for the HL25 update.
Commented 3 weeks ago2024-03-26 03:59:03 UTC in journal: Taking a break Comment #106088
Good luck matey. Take care of yourself.
Commented 3 weeks ago2024-03-26 01:06:50 UTC in wiki page: activator Comment #106087
In vanilla SDK, there is no way for any entity to specify the activator in the target field. However in SoHL and clones (e.g. Sven Coop and Featureful) the special name
can be used for this.
Commented 3 weeks ago2024-03-25 22:05:57 UTC in vault item: cs_freightlines Comment #106086
Is the map fully lit in red or is that just something you did for the preview screenshot to make it less useful?
Commented 3 weeks ago2024-03-25 22:03:56 UTC in journal: Objective design Comment #106085
You say that you've written yourself into a corner, but really the planning phase is where it's the least hassle to adapt your plans. Better to make changes at this stage than when you've got a fully detailed and scripted map that you then realise doesn't make sense.

The planning phase is where you draft the overall play through steps, think up a theme and the kinds of engagements you want the player to have. The block out phase is where you work on a very basic layout with some mock up encounters throughout and can easily make changes if something doesn't work the way you intended.

Neither of these phases are "easy," but they are when the map is at its most adaptable.

As for your current theme, the combine facility in an urban environment accessible to citizens, that certainly wouldn't be a secret. What it would be however, is fortified. The United Nations building in New York isn't a secret, but it's not exactly inviting people in either. There could be a secret entrance though.
Commented 3 weeks ago2024-03-24 06:32:31 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Setting up Crowbar for Half-Life/GoldSrc Comment #106084
I wonder does this Method Possibly Work with The default studiomdl from the Half-Life SDK for WON Half-Life? (Even though I have the Seven Co-op studiomdl due to it being in the Half-Life Absolute Zero Development Drive)

I'm currently trying to compile the Early Python - RPG - and E3 Shotgun - (Which were in the 2023 HL: Source Repo Leak even though the RPG's Mesh Has been in the SDK - plus the Worldmodel) and the MP5 that was in the SDK - with the 0.52 Alpha Textures (I'm using Overwiki Photos since I can't attach my kwn pictures unless I upload them to an external Hosting Site) but I couldn't get the MP5 and Phython to compile (e.g. the Console outputs "forcedperspective.smd doesn't exist") Even with Crowbar so I'm wondering do i need to put <library2> at the Start of the Options even if I'm compiling for the WON Version?