Commented 22 hours ago2023-09-27 12:14:51 UTC in journal: 闲记杂谈Blah Comment #105572
User posted image
Commented 1 day ago2023-09-27 05:16:03 UTC in vault item: Castle Comment #105571
User posted image
Commented 1 week ago2023-09-18 21:44:53 UTC in wiki page: Models and lighting Comment #105569
Worth noting that black_hidden is allegedly drawn in Sven Co-op, according to this wiki's Tool textures page. I haven't personally verified this; it's probably either an issue with SCHLT or that Sven assumes lightmapped surfaces are drawn.
Commented 1 week ago2023-09-18 21:06:00 UTC in wiki page: Models and lighting Comment #105568
Another great guide, Hezus! Thanks for making this!
Commented 1 week ago2023-09-18 08:17:44 UTC in vault item: GoldSrc Map2Prop Comment #105567
@kimilil I'm already working on using the ORIGIN brush as model origin override, besides it wouldn't have enough information to make a skeleton chain.
I'm thinking instead of using a custom point entity (info_bone) that can hold a name and parent, and have it skinned to the vertices of any brushes grouped with it (or even radius around the entity, could use a keyvalue for that as well). Might look into it after the full release.

@SirYodaJedi I think it'll work fine, unless you use any Quake III curved surfaces. Just looked at the code now and realised it doesn't handle the curved surface array in each solid, which will corrupt all other solids after the first one. Already fixing that now 🙂
Commented 1 week ago2023-09-17 15:06:33 UTC in vault item: BspTexRemap Comment #105566
v0.2 is out. A standalone build of the python port is now available for download.
Commented 1 week ago2023-09-16 19:58:52 UTC in vault item: Rabbits Comment #105565
After comparing the two I have to say this map stays very faithful to the original while also adding new places to explore, your interpretation of what the house may look like outside of the shot we get to see in the film is very interesting (and also way scarier)

I got to find everything we were supposed to find, I really liked the idea for the secret room and how you made the rain effect for the windows in the house.

My only complaint is that some of the breakables have way too much HP and some people might not realize that they can break them.
Commented 1 week ago2023-09-16 19:50:28 UTC in vault item: Haphazard Comment #105564
Very fun map, it was really entertaining. I have to say I'm very impressed by the fact it was done in one sitting considering it's so well polished and the level flows nicely, the ideas are amusing and I wish there was more things like this being released every once in a while :)
Commented 1 week ago2023-09-16 14:47:13 UTC in vault item: GoldSrc Map2Prop Comment #105563
I wonder what happens if you feed this program a Quake II or Quake III JMF. Been meaning to try, for the lulz.
Commented 1 week ago2023-09-15 22:48:55 UTC in journal: Just need to vent a bit. Comment #105562
It's pretty cool how you can find the strength to talk about something so personal in a relatively public place
It's not that public if nobody knows who I am...
Commented 1 week ago2023-09-15 20:35:02 UTC in vault item: Half Life Deep Space Demo Comment #105561
Architecture — 8
Texturing — 8
Ambience — 8
Lighting — 7
Gameplay — 8

Good Architecture nice and short some rooms were weird and made no since but still cool mod
Commented 1 week ago2023-09-15 19:11:04 UTC in vault item: GoldSrc Map2Prop Comment #105560
A few more ideas:
  • Implement smoothing groups via brush entities
  • Implement mesh tying to bones via brush entities, with the origin brush as the bone position. This would open the door to animating or adding bone controllers with qc.
My end goal is to be able to turn a porta-pottie with its door into a model (you can guess where this is going...)
Commented 1 week ago2023-09-15 03:49:04 UTC in journal: Just need to vent a bit. Comment #105559
A lot of this hits close to home.
It's pretty cool how you can find the strength to talk about something so personal in a relatively public place
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-11 21:06:11 UTC in vault item: Contact Established Comment #105558
Just made an update with a couple of minor changes:

-The cafeteria has an extra table and some seats
-The ending sequence has a new sound added into the mix

oh and I also corrected the actual start date of the project, since I found out my oldest .jmf file related to it was like a week older than the previous date
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-11 05:12:10 UTC in vault item: Jamie's all-in-one Zombie Model HD! Comment #105557
You're gonna wish you hadn't done that...
User posted image
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-10 22:20:13 UTC in vault item: Contact Established Comment #105556
Thank you! I'm glad you had fun, yes I do plan on making more maps in the future. In my next effort I'll try to focus on verticality with the enemy placement and arenas where soldiers can flank the player.

Although I don't know when I'll get back to mapping, it could be in 6 months or in 2 years from now, I'm currently taking a break after having finished this project and I want to use this time to do other things.
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-10 21:25:35 UTC in vault item: Jamie's all-in-one Zombie Model HD! Comment #105555
Wait, that's illegal. I'm calling the Half-Life police.
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-10 10:54:08 UTC in vault item: Contact Established Comment #105554
Great maps ! I had fun, will you make more? :D
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-10 03:26:11 UTC in vault item: Jamie's all-in-one Zombie Model HD! Comment #105553
pretty good
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-09 07:39:49 UTC in vault item: MyHouse.BSP Comment #105552
Happiness has to be fought for.
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-09 00:16:40 UTC in journal: Just need to vent a bit. Comment #105551
I was referring to the group that refers to themselves as "anti-furries" who have been known to do stuff like release chlorine gas upon conventions.
Oh yeah no, those folks, if it weren't for the law I'd be returning the favour.
Thrilled to read how self-actualised Admer has become after struggling with a lot of this stuff in the past.
2016 me vs. current me is definitely one hell of a character development arc, I'm glad you got to observe parts of it. Life really is a movie.
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-08 18:14:00 UTC in journal: Just need to vent a bit. Comment #105550
Be as special as you are and don't apologise for it. Thrilled to read how self-actualised Admer has become after struggling with a lot of this stuff in the past.
Be careful, be sensible, but don't apologise for being you.

All that being said, getting your sleep in order will really help your wellbeing. Physical and mental health is so dependant on sleep, and one of the best life resets you can do is just getting into a sleep routine. Cancel the caffeine after 2pm and try to do a bit of exercise every day so that you get restful sleep. Getting on top of that physical stuff really, really helps the mental side.
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-08 17:33:38 UTC in journal: Just need to vent a bit. Comment #105549
I was referring to the group that refers to themselves as "anti-furries" who have been known to do stuff like release chlorine gas upon conventions.
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-08 16:20:57 UTC in vault item: MyHouse.BSP Comment #105548
no sorry lol
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-08 16:16:00 UTC in journal: Just need to vent a bit. Comment #105547
Furthermore, I identify as a furry, and I believe I am, but I seem to be more... hardcore (if that's the right word) about it than the rest of the fandom.
And that's okay. hugs
I actually care about the politics of the situation, as opposed to the rest of the fandom, which doesn't even seem to care that there is a group of literal domestic terrorists directly and personally opposing them.
If you mean the US, I dunno. I have a feeling many care, but simply aren't in enough power so there's fear involved. Globally? Well, in some places there just aren't issues like that.

In my country, furries are unheard of and I'm certain if there were to ever be a furry convention here, we'd see the same events that happened in Belgrade in 2001, when Serbia's first pride parade happened. You don't wanna know what happened.

I do confront people who say bullshit though. Sometimes I deem it too risky or simply not worth my time, but when I see a good opportunity to point out that someone's hatred/disliking/disrespect - of not just furries - is utterly irrational and senseless, I take it.
I'm used to being a shade of gray. I suppose I find some comfort in not being a perfect fit for a hole, because it at least means I'll be unique enough to stand out (I mean, I have a fox fursona who's not a femboy, and I'm still an interesting person!) But in being different in ways nobody talks about, I have no reference point. How am I supposed to know if I'm a one-in-a-million, or if I'm part of a silent majority, if it's silent?
I believe every individual is a unique permutation of all the possible features an individual may have, even if just slightly different.
That aside though, yeah. "Nobody's talking about it so nobody knows about it", I guess most people are just too busy to think about it.

My fox sona isn't a femboy either, BTW. I went from being a straight non-furry in 2017, to a bi questioning-furry in 2018, to a pan furry in 2021. Similarly my views on a lot of things (and of my own self) have shifted over the years. Positively, I may say. And they will keep doing that.
Considering my neurodivergency, I have even less to compare myself too, because I can't even assume that basic human psychology always applies. Often it does, but sometimes it doesn't. I'm basically just floating in a void.
Yeah but like, what's the purpose of this comparison? If anything, I'd just occasionally compare past selves and current self to analyse and potentially improve future self. I don't think you need to compare yourself to someone in order to define yourself, because ultimately, you are you.
so yeah be special but not too special
Nah, be as special as you are. No such thing as 'too special'. I know you meant something else, but just sayin'.
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-08 14:41:58 UTC in journal: Just need to vent a bit. Comment #105546
I drink Dr. Pepper...
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-08 14:04:39 UTC in journal: Just need to vent a bit. Comment #105545
holy jesus, i really recommend chaging the coffe or energized drink to something more "rare" such as choco-milk, besides, i mean everyone's interesting in some way, and yeah almost any furr now is a gay-femboy-cute-furry lgbtq/him/them/they/fox/table. so yeah be special but not too special
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-08 11:09:01 UTC in vault item: MyHouse.BSP Comment #105544
Damnit. I clicked into this hoping it was a recreation of MyHouse.WAD
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-08 11:01:20 UTC in journal: Just need to vent a bit. Comment #105543
I didn't know about that last part. Looks like I have some research to do.
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-08 11:00:22 UTC in journal: In other news... Comment #105542
So you are an actual professional! I only took one class in my freshman year, so I'm hardly an expert. Still, I recognize some great skill there, and going the places you go, you get a lot of good opportunities. I think you should do some, time permitting, of course. Don't want to keep you away from your GoldSRC wizardry.
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-08 10:49:31 UTC in journal: Just need to vent a bit. Comment #105541
Venting is perfectly fine. Otherwise the metaphorical pressure builds up until something breaks.

The late hours do tend to promote thinking. It's quiet and no one else around, so the mind gets to wander more freely. For a night owl like me, that's when I'm also the most awake and productive.

At the same time, those late hours also often coincide with sleep deprivation, especially for those of us who have to wake up early for school or work and such. That can greatly exacerbate symptoms of depression and other conditions, and negative emotions in general. Not saying you shouldn't be up late, but just that you should be aware how it affects mental health (and, speaking from experience, insomnia and depression can easily start a positive feedback loop that spirals to very bad places).
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-08 09:12:48 UTC in journal: In other news... Comment #105540
Thanks, I'm glad you think so. 😊
I've done a couple freelance photography jobs over a decade ago but overall it has been pretty much just a hobby. Mostly I take photos for inspiration or reference for my other creative projects, other times because I think a scene or subject is pretty or when I just want to capture a moment.

Perhaps I could create a new portfolio and do it as a side hustle?
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-08 07:11:29 UTC in journal: i use half life mapping as a way to not think of my shitty fucking life Comment #105539
Posting this is the last time he was online...

I really hope he didn't do it.
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-08 07:09:39 UTC in journal: In other news... Comment #105538
Have you considered professional photography? Every now and then you post a picture of someplace and they're always so goddamn beautiful. It's a bit of time, sure, but you could probably make a lot of money in photography with those skills. If you don't already, that is.
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-08 01:08:06 UTC in vault item: MyHouse.BSP Comment #105537
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-08 01:03:26 UTC in vault item: MyHouse.BSP Comment #105536
Is this a Doom reference?
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-07 20:24:01 UTC in vault item: MyHouse.BSP Comment #105535
Should be fixed now
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-07 20:21:29 UTC in vault item: MyHouse.BSP Comment #105534
OH I know what missing I will fix this one sec
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-09-07 19:42:38 UTC in vault item: MyHouse.BSP Comment #105533
I'm getting an error: "Fatal Error. WARNING: couldn't open dev_pack.wad" BSPViewer also says "dev_pack.wad not found."

I opened the MyHouse directory and I couldn't find a dev_pack.wad. Maybe that's missing?
Commented 3 weeks ago2023-09-07 01:15:53 UTC in vault item: Reuplink Comment #105532
Being a massive Half-Life: Uplink fan myself I had to give this a try, it was an enjoyable experience.

It's a very interesting feeling going from the easily recognizable revamped areas to places that were reimagined, most noticeably the sewer and the Lambda Reactor Complex, the sense of having being here before but things are now different and then being suddenly hit with something unexpected kept me intrigued through the maps.

I liked that there were new textures for the containers, I also appreciated the locked door for the watch tower so now it makes sense for that soldier to be up there.

The enemy encounters when you return after setting the transmitter to the USNRC were good too, having alien slaves on top of crates and adding houndeyes to spice things up, but the thing I enjoyed the most was the Gargantua chase and that little section in Xen where I thought the lighting was cool.

My only complaint is that the func_tank with rockets wasn't present, and I always thought that turret was a memorable moment in Uplink.
Commented 3 weeks ago2023-09-06 18:33:36 UTC in journal: Bringing a 20 year old map back to life Comment #105531
That's one of the coolest things I've read this week, must have felt surreal walking around a map you've made that long ago, glad you were able to recover the files and compile it again. Thanks for sharing this story and the map.
Commented 3 weeks ago2023-09-06 00:59:16 UTC in vault item: Contact Established Comment #105530
Thank you for playing and taking the time to write a lengthy review, I really appreciate it. I'll go through some of the points you brought up.

The cafeteria: actually a few moments before I released this on the vault, PsyWarVeteran had just suggested me to include some chairs or another table since it felt empty and I do agree with both of you.
The reason I didn't include any more props in that area was because I didn't want them to interfer with the houndeyes path especially considering one of them sometimes randomly decides to stand still (still have no idea why this happens).
There are info_nodes in there but they can still be a bit unpredictable, anyways I also thought of placing the chairs next to the stairway or against the wall (was going to use the orange chairs that appear in the administrator office from the third map) but in the end I decided to leave it as it is and release it.

The difficulty: this is a tricky one, I wanted this to be an experience that could easily be completed by anyone who is new to Half-Life or doesn't play old shooters often (hence why the recommendations and hints section in the readme assume you aren't very used to the game). Also back when I started the project I mainly wanted my friends to play it (some of them have only played HL1 once) and when I got some playtesters they kept dying over and over, so I made sure to include enough HP and armor so that no one could possibly have trouble finishing it and so that they would focus on the atmosphere instead.
Problem is that experienced players would be finishing this without taking any damage at all (on normal at least), so I thought that maybe they could play it in Hard, then I quickly realized how difficult it was to balance healthkits, batteries and chargers placement for them to make sense and be balanced for both Normal and Hard. I don't know how other mappers do it :biggrin: but next time I'll try to make something for the experienced player.

Anyways I'm glad you got some enjoyment from it and that you liked the little details, I wonder if everyone was able to find the secret weapons or if they have spotted both of the gman sightings (so far some people spot the first gman but no one has spotted the second one)

Overall this experience has made me appreciate other mappers work way more than ever before, as now I realize how hard it is to make a level that has both good combat and good puzzles while at the same time looking pretty :o
Commented 3 weeks ago2023-09-05 23:36:12 UTC in vault item: Contact Established Comment #105529
A very nice little map pack. Short, sweet and channelling the feeling of the early map packs of the 2000s. I love the little details dotted throughout, though there are spots where things look a little bare. The cafeteria for example, with only a single table and no seating.

Combat encounters throughout are pretty nice and we fight quite a large selection of enemies from Half-Life's roster, including the alien grunts in the later sections.

It would be nice to see some more verticality as you have already said yourself, but it was nice to see some sections where you could catch the enemies by surprise, or the occasional spot where areas were repopulated with enemies for return trips. I will say that playing on medium, I didn't find it particularly challenging. I was practically tripping over health kits that I didn't need and I had plenty of suit power meaning if I ever did get hit the damage was negligible. Giving some enemies like the HECU more room to manoeuvrer and to get around the player and flank them, or perhaps just increasing the enemy count in some places would do wonders to upscale the difficulty a little.
Commented 3 weeks ago2023-09-05 10:28:21 UTC in vault item: Contact Established Comment #105528
Thanks for the kind words both of you.

The ending is abrupt indeed, for my next project I'll try to make a longer experience, my workflow at the moment is very slow and I honestly just wanted to be done with it hah.

Other things I'd like to improve are: more verticality in the level design, varying depth/details on the walls and ceiling and better npc encounters since I feel the HL enemies really shine when there's more opportunities for them to ambush and flank you while as of now the arenas don't have any obstacles or things like pillars and they are just kind of standing still in open places.

On ModDB: for now I'd rather this to only remain hosted in TWHL.
Commented 3 weeks ago2023-09-05 08:40:00 UTC in vault item: Contact Established Comment #105527
It's finally up, nice job. Like I said before, this is a pretty sweet and nicely polished mappack. It can pass as an early 2000s release and I say that as a big compliment :D

Be sure to upload it to ModDB also to get more publicity.
Commented 3 weeks ago2023-09-05 01:20:11 UTC in vault item: Contact Established Comment #105526
This is an actually very good mappack, it definitely has the look and feel of old school TWHL. My only complain is that the ending was a bit abrupt.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 3 weeks ago2023-09-04 16:56:49 UTC in journal: So... that crazy Half-Life 3 estimate I made Comment #105524
if we get a new half life it'll problaby be called or aftermath or just half life 4, maybe hl3 but who knows
Commented 3 weeks ago2023-09-04 16:41:42 UTC in wiki page: Non-coding workarounds for your mod Comment #105523
Here to clarify what "loading screen" means. It's the moment after the game entered fullscreen and before the main menu shows. It's actually not the time when the maps are loading (I tested) so you're actually only seeing it for a fraction of a second tops. No wonder nobody bothers making a custom one.
Commented 3 weeks ago2023-09-01 01:46:57 UTC in vault item: Half Life Deep Space Demo Comment #105522
It's alright. Some good ideas and fine enemy encounters, i agree with AfroApe on that one crate stack, took me a good few minutes to find that. The architecture of each room is very bland but you do have some pretty okay brushwork on the props in the room.

Keep up the mapping, you will only get better with time and experience.