Commented 1 day ago2021-10-18 11:13:47 UTC in journal: Cryptic Journal Comment #103770
cryptic journal = birthday journal

happy periodic table day!
Commented 2 days ago2021-10-17 22:06:30 UTC in journal: Oh hai Comment #103764
Hush by Deep Purple is quite a good tune
Commented 2 weeks ago2021-10-04 22:09:20 UTC in journal: One Comment #103737
or, happy 251st birthday!
Commented 1 month ago2021-09-07 22:55:19 UTC in journal: Inactivity report Comment #103707
Commented 1 month ago2021-08-31 00:49:51 UTC in journal: You want to play a little game? Comment #103695
friday is the 5th day of the week.
5 multiplied by 2 is 10

Happy 10th Birthday!
Commented 1 month ago2021-08-29 23:21:20 UTC in journal: #1 Comment #103689
sorry guys, I'm 19 years late to the party. I see I missed the 2012 "oh hai thar" meme phase
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Commented 4 months ago2021-05-23 22:51:50 UTC in journal: bought a house Comment #103574
pics or its a birthday journal
Commented 5 months ago2021-05-08 10:33:04 UTC in journal: Birthday! Comment #103561
Is this birthday journal super cryptic or not cryptic enough :cool: .

you must be 360 years old! happy birthday!
Commented 5 months ago2021-04-28 02:28:23 UTC in journal: Opening a new chapter Comment #103545
"Not so good now that I read through my old posts"

Oh boy do I know that feeling haha!
Commented 5 months ago2021-04-22 02:28:32 UTC in journal: Opening a new chapter Comment #103533
"A couple of years ago, I used to imagine life in Germany"

Ah yes, I remember the journal you posted on here about that a few years ago and how it got like over 100 comments. Good times!
Commented 6 months ago2021-04-17 00:52:24 UTC in journal: A nickel but no dime Comment #103519
HECK, it was a birthday journal! Happy birthday
Commented 6 months ago2021-04-16 04:50:59 UTC in journal: A nickel but no dime Comment #103512
Here I was thinking this was a birthday journal but instead I got so much more!

Good to see another JRE fan, I haven't seen that episode with Paul but the David Choe episode from last year is a personal favorite of mine!
Commented 6 months ago2021-04-12 05:00:33 UTC in journal: Sooo... I got a new side job Comment #103499
wowee how cool!

Now that you're in 3DR do you think you can chase up the Duke Nukem Forever 2001 build for us?
Commented 6 months ago2021-03-25 04:40:14 UTC in journal: [DATA SENT] Comment #103463
very cool birthday!
Commented 7 months ago2021-02-24 02:17:03 UTC in journal: 0x0013 Comment #103352
happy day of the birth my bro
Commented 11 months ago2020-11-02 04:40:35 UTC in journal: #5558 Comment #103003
its changed now, i hope you feel better now Captain ;)
Commented 11 months ago2020-10-20 02:14:16 UTC in journal: #953 Comment #102980
plz let me outside Paul :(
Commented 1 year ago2020-10-18 23:15:55 UTC in journal: Journal sus... Comment #102977
Happy 18th birthday my bro!
Commented 1 year ago2020-10-18 23:14:26 UTC in journal: My Game (So far) Comment #102976
work in progress shots?
Commented 1 year ago2020-10-06 21:57:58 UTC in journal: I put Ovaltine in my Eggnog Comment #102944
Happy... uh, eggnog..birthday (??!)
Commented 1 year ago2020-10-05 23:06:51 UTC in journal: Quarter Comment #102938
You are as old as George Washington?

Commented 1 year ago2020-09-02 03:26:10 UTC in journal: Guessing game Comment #102892
happy birthday my bro!
Commented 1 year ago2020-09-02 03:25:47 UTC in journal: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Comment #102891
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its a birthday!

I just assume all journals these days are birthday journals, so happy birthday!
Commented 1 year ago2020-08-18 03:47:45 UTC in vault item: cs_concert Comment #102867
Commented 1 year ago2020-08-03 06:53:15 UTC in journal: I lifted a cinder block today Comment #102850
He denies is a birthday journal, therefore its a birthday journal.

Commented 1 year ago2020-07-30 22:39:30 UTC in journal: It's that time again Comment #102829
Any journal from Dimbeak is a birthday journal no matter what its content.

Happy birthday!
Commented 1 year ago2020-07-30 01:47:31 UTC in journal: More of this... Comment #102820
nah this birthday journal was way too crypticBUTHAPPYBIRTHDAY!
Commented 1 year ago2020-06-07 10:46:37 UTC in journal: Granulation Comment #102744
Commented 1 year ago2020-05-21 06:02:04 UTC in journal: #945 Comment #102732
Its all one long sentence, try saying the whole thing without taking a breath
Commented 1 year ago2020-05-21 05:59:51 UTC in journal: #6187 Comment #102731
"Will it ever be read?"

Yes, even 11 years later its still read. Though to be honest I just read the first sentence not whole thing, sorry about that
Commented 1 year ago2020-05-20 04:58:40 UTC in journal: Me Too Comment #102722
for all I know Dimbark this could be a birthday journal judging from how you've written your previous ones :P

Commented 1 year ago2020-05-20 03:26:21 UTC in journal: #6605 Comment #102720
Need for Speed: Hot Potatoes II

The only cars available to race are food vans with deep fryers in them
Commented 1 year ago2020-05-20 03:23:08 UTC in journal: #4175 Comment #102719
Commented 1 year ago2020-05-18 06:41:43 UTC in journal: #846 Comment #102716
Is Striker still stuck in a time paradox?
Commented 1 year ago2020-05-14 05:32:59 UTC in journal: #636 Comment #102708
why arnt you still not submitting maps everyday zeeba? is your internet still not working on your computer?
Commented 1 year ago2020-05-14 05:24:48 UTC in journal: #4629 Comment #102707
No haircuts in covid-19 lockdown.
Commented 1 year ago2020-05-03 09:28:37 UTC in journal: #1305 Comment #102703

At least it isnt 'User posted image'
Commented 1 year ago2020-05-03 09:23:49 UTC in journal: #142 Comment #102702
Forrest Gump had to P after he drank too many Dr Peppers.
Commented 1 year ago2020-04-21 04:23:33 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #102676
Commented 1 year ago2020-04-20 10:23:34 UTC in journal: #5458 Comment #102674
hey can you still convert to Australian dollars please?
Commented 1 year ago2020-04-12 10:08:44 UTC in journal: I play half life sometimes Comment #102667
Yeah I remember those mod reviews... you could always do YouTube videos of reviews?
Commented 1 year ago2020-04-03 03:16:36 UTC in journal: I modded my robovac Comment #102623
And if you think a flying Roomba is fun just wait till you find out about what you can do when you convert your Roomba to a Doomba!
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Commented 1 year ago2020-03-05 03:07:11 UTC in vault item: Cs_Canbunk Comment #102570
its like the Duke Nukem Forever 2001 E3 trailer:
You can never play, you can only imagine
Commented 1 year ago2020-02-05 02:12:37 UTC in journal: Back in service! Comment #102531
lets goooo!
Commented 2 years ago2019-08-12 10:57:58 UTC in journal: It's the thing Comment #102207
to quote Striker (or Jeffmod?)
"I see an obscure journal entry, I saw Happy Birthday"
Commented 2 years ago2019-08-11 11:30:30 UTC in journal: cool smiley guy Comment #102206
i assume its a birthday post!
Commented 2 years ago2019-05-11 04:48:56 UTC in journal: 17777th login Comment #101977
Now lets wait for 7777777777777777777th login
Commented 2 years ago2019-03-09 05:21:17 UTC in journal: New EP, 3 tracks Comment #101873
my anticipation for ska has been let down for a 3rd time :(