Commented 3 months ago2021-04-12 01:12:38 UTC in journal: Sooo... I got a new side job Comment #103496
jealous af

Congrats man, looking forward to seeing your maps!
Commented 4 months ago2021-02-24 15:12:38 UTC in journal: 0x0013 Comment #103355
Happy Birthday Admer!
Commented 6 months ago2020-12-30 02:39:41 UTC in journal: Ehch Arr Tee Comment #103160
Commented 7 months ago2020-12-05 05:16:47 UTC in journal: The new headers Comment #103115
I've actually just done a bunch of Rimrook's maps, Alpestrine is one of them.

Minimicus will definitely go up there.
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Commented 7 months ago2020-12-05 01:50:37 UTC in vault item: Kitten Comment #103108
Commented 8 months ago2020-11-14 16:18:39 UTC in news: TWHL Tower 2 is out! Comment #103039
After somebody cleans up that bullsquid.
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Commented 1 year ago2019-11-24 11:03:52 UTC in journal: Stream Announcements! Comment #102445
Bed of Chaos #1
Commented 1 year ago2019-11-05 10:43:38 UTC in vault item: CONTENTWATER Demonstration Comment #102424
This is really cool. Not only for the two-sided applications, but it should help wpoly slightly too, right?
Commented 1 year ago2019-10-25 16:56:33 UTC in journal: Atomic Number 28 Comment #102385
Happy por birthday!
Commented 1 year ago2019-10-18 15:01:12 UTC in journal: What a time to be alive... Comment #102342
Pretty sure there was no puzzle here and Urby just had a stroke.

Happy birthday?
Commented 1 year ago2019-10-06 13:09:32 UTC in journal: I now have... Comment #102303
Super cute.
Commented 1 year ago2019-10-06 13:08:17 UTC in journal: Birthday? Comment #102302
Happy birthday, hope it was a good one!
Commented 1 year ago2019-09-13 09:54:18 UTC in vault item: Open The Door... Comment #102270
I got down to 8 and it drove me fucking nuts. Good job.
Commented 2 years ago2019-04-13 14:26:28 UTC in vault item: Metropolice Outpost Comment #101951
This was a great little map, and an interesting concept compared to the usual Half-Life maps. I love non-linear level design, and the way you've linked all the areas up in this map was really well done. Opening up clever new routes and shortcuts was good fun, even if it gave the enemies more ways to reach me. I found the two (are there more?) big secrets, shutting off the gas trap and inputting the code.

I feel like the barricade and ladder placement parts felt a little rough, as I only found out I could do them by stumbling into the walls and seeing the transparent markers appear, but there's probably not a whole lot you can do about that in Source.

It was quite challenging at the start. I wandered into the poison zombie tunnels and metro cop stations with nothing but a crowbar and pistol, which left me pretty low on health for the first half. I think had more trouble when the Combine reinforcements arrived then the headcrab canisters after them. It almost seems like those two should happen the other way around, with the Combine being the map's big crescendo, but otherwise I really like the way you kept repopulating the same area with new threats.

It also looks really nice. The detail is well done throughout, I especially like the pipe work, and you have some very nice dramatic lighting in places. Really well done.
Commented 2 years ago2019-03-12 07:45:39 UTC in poll: French Bread Showdown Comment #101893
Croissant crew's about to get into a gang war with baguette battalion.
Commented 2 years ago2019-01-17 09:25:48 UTC in journal: Yay Comment #101767
It definitely has more atmospheric menu music compared to WON and Steam's... err nothing.
Commented 2 years ago2019-01-02 07:27:37 UTC in journal: It's 2019! Get those Christmas hats outta here Comment #101707
Commented 2 years ago2018-12-15 14:45:43 UTC in journal: New Streaming Schedule Comment #101684
I'll try and get up in time for this!
Commented 2 years ago2018-12-02 04:40:01 UTC in journal: Christmas Avatars (Chrivatars) Comment #101653
As you wish.
Commented 2 years ago2018-11-29 23:29:34 UTC in journal: Video editing software Comment #101640
^ I've seen Shotcut recommended a couple of times recently. I might have to check it out myself.
Commented 2 years ago2018-11-29 12:58:41 UTC in vault item: Access Point Comment #101638
This was great fun!

It's not the most visually striking thing on Goldsource, but it's got it where it counts. A little more detail here and there couldn't hurt, but honestly it feels very true to the original game. I would have no trouble believing this was cut from We've Got Hostiles.
Commented 2 years ago2018-11-17 01:47:40 UTC in journal: LGR's Half-Life Retrospective Comment #101619
Love me some LGR. His fascination with old tech is always pleasant to watch. This was a good video, but boo to anyone who can't handle Half-Life's ladders!

I hope Valve remember to do something too, but I won't hold my breath.
Commented 2 years ago2018-11-05 06:42:00 UTC in journal: Birthgay Comment #101608

Happy belated birthday!
Commented 2 years ago2018-10-31 12:40:03 UTC in journal: Sp00ky math... Comment #101590
Happy <correct number here> Birthday!
Commented 2 years ago2018-10-27 02:58:29 UTC in journal: Sitting on this one for years Comment #101583
Happy Birthday, hope it was a good one!
Commented 2 years ago2018-10-18 23:23:58 UTC in journal: One of THOSE journals... Comment #101565
Happy Birthday!
Commented 2 years ago2018-09-27 10:16:36 UTC in journal: I maked a thing Comment #101537
Hey, you're that guy with the thing!

That was really well done. I'm no expert, but the grading and editing was smooth, and I like the transition to game footage. Lots of people in the comments seem to like it, too. That would've of been a cool shoot, you must having fun.
Commented 2 years ago2018-09-04 12:30:22 UTC in vault item: Cenodrome: The Lost Sub-Basement of TWHL Tower Comment #101495
So.. TWHL Tower DLC? Nice.

That was great. Very clever entity work, and funny to boot. I don't even know how you managed it all. Short, yes, but in the context of a TWHL Tower map? You did an awful lot with that little space. Nice textures too, it looks really sharp for a Goldsource map! Good stuff!
Commented 3 years ago2018-06-02 05:34:36 UTC in news: Welcome to TWHL4! Comment #101196
It finally happened, folks.
Commented 3 years ago2018-05-13 04:28:34 UTC in journal: #8934 Comment #44157
You there, fill it up with petroleum distillate, and re-vulcanize my tires, post-haste!
Commented 3 years ago2018-01-20 04:53:51 UTC in journal: #8905 Comment #44143

First step to world domination is raising an army. Just saying.
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This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 3 years ago2017-11-10 09:32:13 UTC in journal: #8889 Comment #54666

Except for Urby's gif. That's just terrifying.
Commented 3 years ago2017-09-28 13:12:43 UTC in journal: #8870 Comment #49766
Happy Birthday!

I too am nearly 30... it scares me.
Commented 3 years ago2017-09-22 23:41:54 UTC in journal: #8867 Comment #46226
Happy 1988-091Ath.
Commented 4 years ago2017-05-11 14:27:23 UTC in journal: #8804 Comment #39682
Thanks everyone. Your comments mean a lot. Forget what I said about all the other things in my life, I can deal with that. Losing him just kinda broke me.

We have a good community here. Seriously, thank you.
Commented 4 years ago2017-03-03 09:53:50 UTC in vault item: Crossedwire Comment #18467
Oh I get it, it's Datacore!
Commented 4 years ago2016-11-16 09:31:32 UTC in vault item: Black Mesa Geothermal Labs Comment #19624
What a fun idea for a level. Half-Life with a hint of subterranean supervillain lair, I like it.

It was incredibly dark for me in places and I got stuck a few times because of that. That could be my monitor, not sure, nobody else is commenting on it! Wasn't too fond of that flooded tunnel with all the crate jumping and barnacles, could barely see a thing.

There was a moment in there where I fought off 4 HECU with only 1 health point. I had to cheese them by hiding in the HEV locker room corner behind the metal crates and picking them off as they turned up one at a time to flush me out. That was fun!

Nice reuse of space throughout, too.
Commented 4 years ago2016-10-26 06:33:42 UTC in journal: #8765 Comment #61278
Yes, I think if people see something that's even the slightest bit cryptic, they're going to assume it's a birthday post now.

Merry Christmas! Happy birthday!
Commented 4 years ago2016-10-21 01:07:24 UTC in journal: #8763 Comment #52948
There was footage in there of a new Mario game with a proper third person camera. I have no choice but to buy one now.

The little snap-off controllers looks pretty lame, but the pro controller and full tablet setup have me covered. I'm definitely interested.

The most important thing is that they've apparently got a nice big list of third party developers up for supporting the system this time, including support for UE4 & Unity. I really hope they're successful with this.
Commented 4 years ago2016-10-19 12:25:32 UTC in journal: #8761 Comment #52936
Haven't used any of them, not really in a rush to, but I think even if you were interested in VR it would be a mistake to buy one of them right now. The tech is going to evolve constantly and the cost is really damn high for something that's going to be obsolete so quickly.

I can't speak about how immersive VR is, and I have no reason to doubt it looks amazing, but the issue I don't really see anyone tackling is what exactly has it done for gameplay? Seems kind of important to me!

I haven't seen a single VR-specific game that wasn't just fiddling with physics objects (with higher, shaky hand fidelity!) or a simple wave-based shooter that plants you on the spot (because you just can't reliably move long distances in a VR environment). Motion/tracking controls are easily the worst out there, it doesn't matter how much more accurate they get.

I don't actually think there's ever actually going to be a 'killer app' for VR devices in their current form, they're just too detrimental to game design. The tech might be more impressive, but it seems likely they're going to be looked back at for a laugh just like the VR concepts of the 80s, only 10 years from now instead of 30 because technology and the zeitgeist moves so much faster.

They might have a future in videos and education, especially as the tech eventually gets cheaper, but I find it hard to imagine they'll ever really be anything more than niche.
Commented 4 years ago2016-09-27 09:26:52 UTC in journal: #8752 Comment #49705
Render has six letters. Tetsu0 is now six. I'm good at riddles.

Happy Birthday, you lucky little guy!
Commented 4 years ago2016-09-21 01:14:16 UTC in journal: #8750 Comment #48673
That's gorgeous.
Commented 4 years ago2016-09-20 01:16:24 UTC in journal: #8749 Comment #46198
Commented 5 years ago2016-07-19 10:23:17 UTC in journal: #8722 Comment #39676
It's a science fiction & psychological horror 80s throwback that is equal parts Spielberg, Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks, Carpenter, Stephen King, and still somehow it's own thing. There's an intriguing, creepy mystery at it's core, great characters and an amazing synth score. The whole atmosphere of the show is so on point it's not funny.

It is unabashedly in love with it's predecessors, so if you're not a fan of any those it might not grab you the way it did me, but I'd recommend it anyway. It's just damn solid TV.
Commented 5 years ago2016-06-30 22:46:00 UTC in journal: #8716 Comment #67960
Because he said hey.
Commented 5 years ago2016-06-24 03:43:13 UTC in journal: #8714 Comment #61271
Nice write-up. Development changes like this are always fascinating to me, so much that I've been hording bits and pieces from video game alphas/betas. My Half-Life folder is pretty bare though. They must have hit some obscure 1998 limit to cut that Barney room off in Office Complex.

I think when/if Half-Life 3 finally comes out all the cut content and hints left in the game files will end up being more interesting long-term than the actual game!