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Posted 17 years ago2005-02-11 13:37:18 UTC
in World of Warcraft European Beta Post #89681
I was just wondering, how many of you guys participtaed in the Wow European beta that ended last Monday? (7.2.2005)

I was there. :)
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-15 05:29:15 UTC
in FAT16->NTFS Post #83933
Consider a change in operating system.
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-14 18:37:12 UTC
in Help! HL2 models messed up! Post #83849
Win XP SP2





Posted 17 years ago2005-01-14 18:35:07 UTC
in HL1 to HL2 Post #83845
err... its strange in its stupidity.

Some of the stuff you can do is disturbing.
Some things are just sick. :(
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-14 18:23:50 UTC
in HL2, I need some help with gameplay Post #83840
I had a similar problem when trying to get through the gate where you first get the rocket launcher. Bastard refused to open. :|
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-14 18:21:13 UTC
in FAT16->NTFS Post #83839
The time is dependant on your cpu speed.
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-14 18:20:05 UTC
in Congratulations to me! Post #83838
The Waltz at the wedding :)
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-13 15:24:41 UTC
in Have you ever... Post #83535
Cat-girls maybe... :)
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-12 08:52:23 UTC
in CS:S Players? Good server! Post #83329
It will have to make it through the filters first. :)
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-12 08:50:33 UTC
in The bible... is full of oddities Post #83328
Also, no-where that I have seen in the Bible does it ever incourage bloodshed. What bloodshed are you specifically talking about, because Jesus came here for peace on the world. If a Christian killed someone because of his religion, he shurly got something wrong. "Though shalt not kill"
I think it's in a uncensored version of the bible. Many churches do not want to see god as a harsh and cold killer and has therefore maybe decided that certain texts shall be left out.
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-10 22:55:48 UTC
in The bible... is full of oddities Post #83115
Kol, you're a bit of a slacker, aren't you ;)
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-10 00:29:35 UTC
in The bible... is full of oddities Post #82954
Not necessarily. :)

I would like to share some of my tricks for calming down.

-Press the X to close the window. Run out of your house and scream your lungs out.

-Watch anime.

-Create a text dokument and capswrite as many ugly words as you can.

-Chop wood.

-Go out for a long walk.

-Close all open windows on the desktop, turn on some calm music and turn off the monitor.

-Eat some food.

-Figure out a way to solve that complex mapping problem.

-Put up a picture of someone you hate on a boxing doll and hit it.

-Run over a pokemon with a Buick.
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-09 23:51:45 UTC
in What's going on? Post #82938
The koran says nothing about such nonsense, and it acknowledges equality between men and women.
Which is something the bible does not do.
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-09 23:50:32 UTC
in The bible... is full of oddities Post #82937
Keep your tolerance for other people's views at maximum level in this topic.

The bible of Christianity is supposed to be the perfected moral code, we're supposed to be as merciful as god and stuff like that. Some weeks ago I came across this interesting link:

The problems with the bible

And some guy's answers and explanations to the problems.

Have a look if you're interested and don't start a flame war!
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-09 23:37:40 UTC
in I request help... Post #82936
Not when the PC version comes... oh wait...

Halo 2 PC

:crying smiley:
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-09 23:35:39 UTC
in STUPID STEAM! Post #82935
Windows XP Service pack 2 has the capability to create these sorts of things. Try turning off the windows firewall that often runs in the background without the administrator's knowledge.
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-07 10:43:38 UTC
in Weapon Drop CS:S Post #82207
CS:S bug.

Weapons drop but they go away after a couple of seconds.
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-07 10:39:08 UTC
in Bans Post #82205
What is the point with this topic? :|
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-06 10:27:48 UTC
in Compiling problems!?!? Post #82003
so things like the carve tool and using the vertex editor may have caused my problem?
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-05 23:01:15 UTC
in Compiling problems!?!? Post #81956
Many games seems to suffer from this error. The problem is usually caused by an infinite brush that has resulted from bad use of brush manipulation tools.
Track down any brush oddities in your map and chances are your problems will go away.
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-05 19:32:21 UTC
in Server Problem Post #81926
So this is a LAN?

What's your ip?

What's the host's ip?
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-05 12:09:01 UTC
in Help Please, Hostages Not Following Post #81841
It is possible to get them through doors.

Keep in mind that CS:S is still in beta and the hostages suffer from scaling issues. They will very likely be reduced in size in coming updates.
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-05 11:52:16 UTC
in Be good Post #81839
How about we enable them again now, and those who abuse them get kicked out?
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-04 23:01:04 UTC
in Be good Post #81794
I've heard rumours about images ([img][/img]in the forum posts being disabled. Is this true?
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-04 22:32:02 UTC
in i am very new to mapping Post #81789
6. And try to avoid dubble-posting as well.

It happens, I know. :)
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-04 22:30:23 UTC
in i am very new to mapping Post #81788
aol? Yep, we can tell...

Follow this step by step guide that will take you from the depths of n00biness to a more acceptable status of beginner:

1. We've got lots of tutorials here. To your left under tutorials choose beginner. Start of with "in the beginning"

2. Move on to the other tutorials rated "beginner" (green colored)

3. Make use of the search function to the top right corner of this page. It's very handy. Don't go replying to old forum topics, however.

4. When you finally can't solve an error that might (may very likely) come up and can't find it using the search function; Post in the forums.

If you do post a topic then for the love of whatever's up there in the sky, WRITE IN PROPER ENGLISH!!!

5. Stick to these rules and nothing bad will happen to you. : :D
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-04 21:37:23 UTC
in New Map in Progress Post #81770
Vehicles would fit into those areas.

Some sort of forklift truck, perhaps? :
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-04 19:25:21 UTC
in Economic hitmen Post #81731
It works.
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-04 19:18:08 UTC
in doors opening upwards Post #81727
Describe the bug or post screenshots?
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-04 19:15:36 UTC
in Commence celebration! Post #81726
WINTER-EEN-MAS!!! :cool:
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-04 18:43:03 UTC
in Economic hitmen Post #81714
I found this interesting article while browsing the internet lately.
Jahzel is going to like this one. ;)
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-02 22:48:14 UTC
in Hi can't run my maps HELP!! Post #81313
Yeah it wouldn't work now that you pointed that put.

Better way would be to track down that (those?) offending brush(es).
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-02 22:16:46 UTC
in Be good Post #81296
This is an excellent decision. My thanks... :)
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-02 22:10:45 UTC
in Hi can't run my maps HELP!! Post #81292
It might help to use null on faces that won't be seen. Such as the sides of brushes which points out into the void.

Note: I'm just guessing, it's a theory. :)
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-29 22:03:10 UTC
in Friendlies Post #80279
Suggestions on what you should try before you ask these questions.

1. Create a turret and look in its properties.

2. If there's a team attribute on the turrets.

3. By searching the entity list for entries that could work.

4. Antlions should not be used in multiplayer. Think of lag.

It's a certain way of thinking.
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-29 21:56:52 UTC
in Shout Box Post #80278
Which browser are you using?
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-29 21:54:59 UTC
in CS:S Weapon Post #80277
It should be noted that CS:S is still in a form of an early beta-version.
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-29 18:29:21 UTC
in HL2 @*$#'n game! Post #80183

Linux will not make your machine explode. I don't know what you have against a stable, secure, resource-friendly, although a little difficult to use, operating system, but your arguments against Linux doesn't make much sense I'm afraid. :(
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-29 18:26:08 UTC
in Put in HL2 category for map vault... Post #80182
a. learn to map
b. put a map in the vault
c. answer mapping questions in the forums
4. learn to make posts without making 10yr old insults and swearing
people might care about your suggestions...
Anonymous, by saying such things you are eliminating the support you have from the few people around this site. Those that still thinks you can be a reasonable person. :(

Mop's suggestion here isn't a bad one. I think too, that TWHL should have a HL2 map vault.
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-29 16:08:02 UTC
in HL2 @*$#'n game! Post #80154
noclip? :confused:
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-29 13:23:59 UTC
in DATABASE ERRORS!!! Post #80130
Database errors used to come up randomly, from browsing and posting. I haven't seen any errors since TWHL got faster.
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-29 08:42:28 UTC
in HL2 @*$#'n game! Post #80065
Why not a dog so you have to leave the house once in a while.
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-26 14:26:49 UTC
in Beretta & Knife, Together At Last! Post #79757
So how does it work with primary and secondary fire?
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-26 14:23:21 UTC
in Hl2 SDK problem. Post #79756
Dc++, Bittorrent, peerblocker, Kerio Firewall, deamon toolz, msn messenger.
Runs fine.

Here are some of my specs:

Cpu: 1400 mhz AMD athlon - Unclocked
Ram: 512mb
OS: Win XP SP1
Video Card: Geforce 4 64mb
Sound Card: Sound Blaster Live! series

Medium Detail, simple reflections, no anti-aliasing. 800 x 600 x 32.
HL2 runs perfect and looks awesome. ;)
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-26 11:35:10 UTC
in Hl2 SDK problem. Post #79744
I use 512mb RAM, not even ddr. Runs fine.
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-24 17:02:59 UTC
in Zelda Mod Post #79634
Nintendo wouldn't mind.
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-24 13:34:22 UTC
in Could someone explain HL1 to me Post #79625
At least he has something to look forward to during this holiday. :P
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-24 09:29:29 UTC
in Noob-ie Hate Posts Post #79621
My first map: A room, a grunt and a gun. :)
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-24 05:18:35 UTC
in TWHL HL2DM Server Post #79613
Never ever dm_overwatch
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-22 09:12:27 UTC
in cant get crane to work Post #79451
Perhaps you would describe your entity setup in a little more detail. If your button isn't working perhaps you should try to focus on that entity. As for me, I haven't read that tutorial and I also don't know where to find it. You haven't provided a link to it either. In conclusion. I and many others haven't got a single idea of how your map looks like. :zonked:

We can't help you until we know more...