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The following is a list of file types that can be found when doing modding work. Common items are bolded.
Extension Name Engines Relevance Details
.bsp Binary Space Partition GoldSrc, Source Mapping This is a compiled map file that the engine will load. Compile tools turn your map in the editor into a BSP file.
.fgd Forge Game Data GoldSrc, Source Mapping This is a definition file used by Hammer and other editors to detect what entities are available to be used. Each game and mod will use its own FGD file, so be sure to use the correct one for your game. The name "Forge" comes from the original codename for the Worldcraft editor, now known as Hammer.
.gam Library list file GoldSrc General Every GoldSrc game/mod contains a liblist.gam file, describing properties about the game/mod.
.jmf JMF GoldSrc, id Tech 2/2.5/3 (Quake I/II/III) Mapping J.A.C.K.'s native map format, with features such as multiple VisGroups per object.
.lin Linear Pointfile GoldSrc, Source Mapping Compile tools will generate a pointfile when there is a leak in your map. You can open the pointfile in your editor to trace a line from the leaking entity to the outside of your map. It is recommended you use the LIN file over the PTS file, if it is available.
.log Log file GoldSrc, Source General A log file is typically generated by compile tools or other programs to save their output to a file. You can view them in Notepad or any other text editor. If you have errors during your compile, you can check the log file for details.
.lst GoldSrc UI A few files for keyboard bindings, gfx/shell/kb_act.lst and gfx/shell/kb_def.lst.
.lst GoldSrc Network The file delta.lst defines network packet data mapping for server-client communication. A server and its clients must use the exact same file.
.map Quake MAP file GoldSrc Mapping The MAP format is the format used by Quake editors and it can be used by GoldSrc editors as well, though an RMF is a better option. GoldSrc compile tools require a map to be in MAP format, however the editor will automatically do this.
.mdl Model file GoldSrc, Source Mapping, Modeling Model files used in the game to represent players, NPCs, and props, separate from world geometry. These files contain meshes, skeleton, animations, and (in GoldSrc) texture data. While both engines' model formats use the same extension, they are not cross-compatible.
.pak Package file GoldSrc General A simple archival file format containing game data used by Half-Life, to help improve file access time for 1998's hardware. Modern GoldSrc games distribution, and modern hardware, no longer needs it, but it's still supported.
.pnt Pointfile GoldSrc, Source Mapping Compile tools will generate a pointfile when there is a leak in your map. You can open the pointfile in your editor to trace a line from the leaking entity to the outside of your map, however it is sometimes difficult to follow the line. If your tools generate a .lin file, it will probably be easier to follow.
.prt Portal File GoldSrc Mapping Generated by the CSG compiler, this file is used by the VIS compiler to generate the VIS data in a BSP.
.qc Quake code file GoldSrc Modeling A file format used by model compile/decompile tools, defining various properties of a model.
.rad Radiosity File GoldSrc Mapping File used by RAD compiler to light the map. Contains a list of texture names and their ighting values. Superceded by the info_texlights entity.
.res Resource file GoldSrc Mapping Lists the files game servers will send to clients to precache for a particular map. Found only in maps/ folder together with the bsp files. This file is needed to enable fast downloads with sv_downloadurl - without a .res file most files will not be downloaded from the HTTP server.
.res Resource file GoldSrc, Source UI Steam UI uses keyvalues file with .res extension. Found typically in resources/ folder.
.rmf Rich Map Format GoldSrc Modelling RMF files are the source format of maps created by the Hammer editor. The format is perfect for GoldSrc maps, however it cannot be used for any other engine. Unlike the MAP format, RMF saves groups, visgroups, colours, and other metadata that Hammer displays.
.rmx RMF Backup GoldSrc Mapping When Hammer saves your RMF, it first renames the existing RMF file to RMX. Think of it as a snapshot of your map from the previous save. It is not, however, a very good version control mechanism. You should store your map source files in a source control system such as SVN or Git.
.sc Event script file GoldSrc Network Dummy files used by the game to precache weapons. Each weapon requires its own file in events/ folder.
.scr Configuration layout script GoldSrc UI Defines a GUI layout for arbitrary cvars that otherwise require the console, in settings.scr (server-side, in Create Server > Advanced) and user.scr (client-side, in Options > Advanced or Options > Multiplayer > Advanced)
.seq Sequence file GoldSrc Mapping A scripting file format introduced to the engine in 2004 to script sentences and map events, though the vanilla SDK isn't prepared to use this.
.smd Studio Model Data GoldSrc, Source Modelling A file format used by model compile/decompile tools, containing actual mesh and/or animation data. Mainstream 3D modeling softwares needs to export to this format (natively or with plugins) for compilation into .mdl files that the game engines use.
.spr Sprite file GoldSrc Mapping, Texturing This is a sprite file for the Goldsource engine, used in map detailing, muzzleflashes, and the HUD.
.vmf Valve Map Format Source Mapping The VMF format was created as a successor to the RMF format. Rather than RMF's binary layout, VMF uses a text based layout similar to XML or JSON. This is better for version control systems, and it also makes it easy for other editors to extend upon the format to add custom items.
.vmt Valve Material Type Source Mapping, Texturing This is a material for the Source engine. A VMT is a text-based shader definition, the actual texture is typically stored in a related VTF file.
.vpk Valve Package Source General This format is very similar to the PAK format used by Quake, however it is modified to match Valve's requirements. VPK files typically contain all the maps, models, materials, sounds, and other files for Source games downloaded from Steam.
.vtf Valve Texture Format Source Mapping, Texturing A file for that Source engine that contains image data. VTF files are referenced by a material specified by a VMT file.
.tga Truevision Targa GoldSrc Mapping, Texturing, UI The in-game skybox, detail textures, and UI elements such as the game background, uses this image format.
.txt Plain text file GoldSrc, Source Mapping, Texturing, Sound Various files used by the engines are in plain text, containing specially formatted text. Examples include gameinfo.txt (Source), titles.txt, sentences.txt, materials.txt, GameUI_*.txt, and *_detail.txt.
.wad WAD texture file GoldSrc Mapping, Texturing In the Quake engine, WAD stands for "Where's All the Data?", as this format stored all the different data types used by the engine. In Goldsource, however, only textures are stored in WAD files. Use Wally to edit them.


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