Commented 1 week ago2022-08-01 06:41:05 UTC in vault item: FAMAS for Half-Life & its expansions Comment #104703
That sounds great! Will check it out when I'm on my laptop!
Commented 1 month ago2022-07-07 16:52:48 UTC in journal: I had a harrowing experience last night Comment #104622
Pretty sure it has something to do with that raincoat.
30 minutes is also half an hour... Could be a lead... Expect something to happen in about 30 minutes...
Or maybe, happy birthday!
Commented 2 months ago2022-05-27 22:26:26 UTC in journal: Making another stupid boring map no one is gonna see or download or both (WIP) Comment #104455
Hmmm... there's a problem with your screenshots...
Commented 2 months ago2022-05-27 10:17:14 UTC in news: Bridge The Gap Competition Results! Comment #104451
Congratulations to all! The maps look amazing!
Commented 3 months ago2022-05-09 23:07:36 UTC in journal: Taking Flight Comment #104400
I'm pretty sure that's okay. People really have different reactions to heights, I know of a few people who are left paralyzed when suspended at a few meters in the air when taking part in adventure park activities, yet aren't too much afraid of jumping out of an airplane when parachuting.
For me, it's the opposite. I wasn't afraid of flying in a plane, or partaking in an adventure park, but when I started parachuting it sure scared the hell out of me, though it got better with time. Since then though, flying in a plane gives me a slight fear of heights I didn't have before, as if parachuting gave my brain an appreciation of the actual distance I am above the ground.
Apparently there's a difference between the fear if falling and the fear of heights. I was told toddlers only feel the former, so that they would clutch the hands of an adult to the point of being suspended in the air, rather than letting go before being lifted up and risking falling from the lack of support. If only someone here knew about children so that he could confirm or deny this...
Commented 3 months ago2022-05-07 13:25:01 UTC in journal: Taking Flight Comment #104390
I just want to tell you good luck, we're all counting on you.

More seriously though, congrats on taking this leap of faith. Hope you'll be having fun and send pics!

I just want to tell you good luck, we're all counting on you.
Commented 3 months ago2022-05-07 13:10:34 UTC in journal: 17 :D Comment #104389
Wait... we never had a birthday on TWHL stated so explicitely. There must be a trap...

Happy birthday!
Commented 3 months ago2022-05-01 14:47:08 UTC in journal: Copper Comment #104366
Iron and copper. The statue is copper on an iron frame, right?

And also, (somewhat belated) happy birthday!
Commented 4 months ago2022-03-26 22:42:44 UTC in journal: Cool little feature Comment #104272
The cat is a lie
Commented 4 months ago2022-03-21 21:23:09 UTC in journal: DSMOS has arrived. Comment #104247
I guess you had a... Very cool moment!!! 😂😂😂
Happy birthday!
Commented 5 months ago2022-02-28 17:06:38 UTC in journal: 34! Comment #104190
Thanks Cap'n!
Commented 5 months ago2022-02-25 16:23:32 UTC in journal: 34! Comment #104184
Thank you both! And well done, oskar potatis invalid!
Commented 6 months ago2022-01-27 17:05:00 UTC in news: Competition - Bridge the gap Comment #104046
This is a great idea for a competition! I won’t be able to make it though, but I have a good excuse this time, I promise.
Commented 7 months ago2022-01-03 12:39:04 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Hallways Comment #103954
This tutorial should give more tips on how to improve the appearance of hallways by discussing its different components (lighting, architecture, ceiling, floor, walls, openings, details...)
It isn't good advice to tell people to split their hallways into reusable componenrs, this would lead to poorer optimisation but more importantly, this sort of reuse would be the kind easy to notice (and a technique beginners could have figured out alone).
Besides, there's nothing wrong with the clip tool, apart from the minor texture tweaks it sometimes causes, but it's rare and brush manipulation tool is supposed to be before texturing. It never creates invalid shapes, unlike the Vertex tool.
Hollow tool on the other should be discouraged, it can encourage bad practice with beginners.
Commented 7 months ago2021-12-16 12:57:17 UTC in journal: Millikan Soccer Comment #103881
I was sure I left a comment in here, am I becoming crazy? 🤔
I was saying you did a great job with the website, the design is neat! I'd also be much willing to hear about your novels or the rotary club!
Commented 11 months ago2021-09-09 12:45:44 UTC in journal: Update Comment #103712
Nice to get an update from you!

I don't know about my testosterone levels, but I too lost interest in gaming for quite some time. I only play a few video games occasionally nowadays, making me a casual gamer at best.
Commented 11 months ago2021-08-30 14:47:04 UTC in journal: You want to play a little game? Comment #103692
Do you know how to multiply a very large prime number?

Happy birthday!
Commented 1 year ago2021-04-19 12:45:41 UTC in journal: A nickel but no dime Comment #103528
Happy birthday! You're actually motivating me to dwelve into my computing skills.

Nice looking coffee machine by the way. :)
Commented 1 year ago2021-04-14 06:26:08 UTC in journal: Sooo... I got a new side job Comment #103507

I'm a bit sad to learn about The Core's decay though... :(
Commented 1 year ago2020-11-27 14:47:46 UTC in news: TWHL Tower 2 is out! Comment #103095
This mod was superb! Makes me regret I didn’t take part in it, but then, I would have needed the deadline to be extended at least a few (more) dozen times, considering my usual productivity.
Commented 1 year ago2020-10-31 13:45:46 UTC in journal: Journal sus... Comment #102996
I actually had to Google "IV" to understand why it meant four, I couldn't get over my first impression that it had to do something with initialisation vector... My brain isn't working properly today :P
Happy XXXIV birthday, Urbyus!
Commented 2 years ago2020-02-03 20:43:25 UTC in journal: Back in service! Comment #102530
I always find that the moment I enjoy most and by far in mapping is when I have to set up my PC, install Hammer, etc... Hopefully this is your case too! :)
Commented 2 years ago2019-12-20 21:08:18 UTC in journal: Life update and promo Comment #102464
I'm sure had you been filmed a bit longer we could have heard you saying to your colleagues: "Did you submit your report to the administrator today?" :P

I'm very happy things seem to be going well in your life! I'm just wondering: what exactly do you mean when you say you "support" them? Does this mean you are not a regular employee?

And I think you're right about never giving up, but sometimes it's hard to remain hopeful. So good job on succeeding to achieve your dream!
Commented 2 years ago2019-11-24 10:04:03 UTC in journal: Much more important than a birthday journal Comment #102443
10,000 days? That TJB is getting old, we should change it and buy a new one.
Commented 2 years ago2019-10-18 13:51:40 UTC in journal: I got my braces removed. Comment #102339
Now the best time in your life is about to begin!
Commented 2 years ago2019-10-18 13:44:49 UTC in journal: What a time to be alive... Comment #102338
Three eyes?

Happy birthday anyway!
Commented 3 years ago2019-03-03 10:30:26 UTC in journal: Prime number Comment #101858
A very large prime number!

Happy birthday! :)
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 3 years ago2018-08-29 10:43:23 UTC in journal: Maths time! Comment #101484
Hmm... :/Hmm... :/
Commented 4 years ago2018-08-03 00:24:51 UTC in journal: sorry fellas Comment #101408
Happy birthday!
Commented 4 years ago2018-07-19 08:32:39 UTC in journal: Bought a House! Comment #101388
Is this Goldsource??? :o
Commented 4 years ago2018-06-02 07:50:09 UTC in news: Welcome to TWHL4! Comment #101198
Actually I prefer old school, please revert back to TWHL v0.9.
Well done penguin ! I assume your arm is feeling better !
Commented 4 years ago2018-05-26 08:36:22 UTC in journal: #8937 Comment #44177
We're talking about gamers, who are mostly made up of toxic and immature individuals, and we're talking about people commenting online. You're always going to find any extreme opinion in there, and not always expressed in the most polite way. So really the reactions to the new battlefield doesn't really mean anything I believe.

As far as I know about battlefield V, I have no problems with the new character, but I understand why people get annoyed with it, though I don't believe they should.

Many people are fed up with feminism. potatis calls it "a flavour of feminism", but I think this flavour can be called mainstream feminism. It's already been discussed here, but it's taking enormous proportions literally everywhere, to the point where it seems to be the norm. People are completely right to be angry about this flavour, but I don't think that's a problem with Battlefield V.
Commented 4 years ago2018-05-13 14:00:04 UTC in journal: #8931 Comment #67422
Thanks! Yes it is! :)
Commented 4 years ago2018-05-04 01:11:44 UTC in journal: #8931 Comment #67421
Thanks everyone! :)

Penguinboy, don't invent excuses. Just use Windows Voice Command (or whatever it's called) :P And I wish you a speedy recovery! :)

@Urby Didn't recognise your new profile pic lol. Great to hear The Core is still active. If you're still open to suggestions, I suggest you turn it into a recreation of the Half-Life alpha. Thoughts?

@Striker Relieved I am as well! :P It was about Applied Computing: Human Computer Interaction. A very long and pedantic name for nothing but a shortened and terribly organised version of the Applied Computing course offered by the same university. Still, it was a great course overall, just far from as good as the others.
I'm basically a web developer now, though I'd like to go further and specialise in security.
Commented 4 years ago2018-05-02 23:53:08 UTC in journal: #8927 Comment #58581
Happy birthday!
Commented 4 years ago2018-05-02 23:52:07 UTC in journal: #8929 Comment #67944
Good luck! :)
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 4 years ago2017-10-24 21:37:27 UTC in journal: #8882 Comment #67415
You're a star, thanks a lot!
Commented 4 years ago2017-09-24 19:24:37 UTC in journal: #8867 Comment #46240
Happy birthday!
Commented 4 years ago2017-08-29 07:16:00 UTC in journal: #8857 Comment #61578
I don't believe you. I'm sure there is a riddle somewhere…
Joyeux anniversaire anyway!
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-30 15:06:02 UTC in journal: #8847 Comment #38825
Oh, that's sad especially when it hits you by surprise...
I hope you're doing okay!
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-28 19:37:21 UTC in journal: #8843 Comment #38813
Happy Birthday! I think Urby's image was:
User Posted Image
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-24 08:14:43 UTC in journal: #8838 Comment #51122
Yeah, but 0 to the power of 0 is 1.
EDIT: Actually still 0 because the multiplication comes last.
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-23 08:51:47 UTC in journal: #8838 Comment #51121
Happy M (base 32)th birthday!
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-22 09:50:53 UTC in journal: #8833 Comment #68577
Do people still watch TV?

Apart from that, KHED is a good software indeed. I used to use it, but I prefer learning and getting experience with blender instead.
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-19 10:03:01 UTC in journal: #8831 Comment #61556
I wouldn't recommend you to delete any of your work, absolutely not! Just keep them out of sight.
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-19 08:42:56 UTC in journal: #8831 Comment #61555
In my view, it's mostly about motivation. Not in the way you'd expect.
The issue you're describing here is very common among people working on personal projects, me included. My opinion: I think it's because we start or join a project as soon as we're excited about it, without really much thinking behind.
Personally, and I think that's the case of most of us, I grow tired of most projects quite quickly. The excitement I had at the beginning is soon gone. If I rely only on that excitement to keep me going, I'm never going to end anything. I'm just going to start a new project, cancel it, start another one. My piece of advice? Choose one project you really like, write down somewhere what project you're working on, and work on it. Dismiss any temptation to work on another project. The pleasure of working on it will plummet sooner or later, but the fact of forcing yourself to only work on this project and not start any other project will keep you going.

Also: on some of my projects I showed off what I was doing too early, like for Shift-Two v2 (which is now more dead than ever). I got used to the pleasure of showing the progress I've made to people. But the pace of the progress can slow down or be less noticeable. Besides, feeling that I'm working on my project because I am obliged to show something to other people makes me demotivated and dislike what I'm doing. If I'm not giving up, I'm won't be doing good work.

In short, choose your projects carefully (and don't choose one because you'll like to show off what you're doing), make good, good progress before you start talking about your project to other people, and don't have too many projects.
I think it's helpful to record your progress, assiduity and TODO on paper. It's very pleasant to cross out TODO items or a day on which you worked.
EDIT: Damn, I talk too much.
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-15 13:36:44 UTC in journal: #8830 Comment #52206
Wish you a wonderful 73-47 birthay!
Commented 5 years ago2017-06-20 08:52:54 UTC in journal: #8823 Comment #67875
I'd recommend UE4. It has the benefit of being the only modern and up-to-date engine you mentioned. And it's widely used in industry.
I don't see the point in wasting time learning any of the other technologies you mentioned. They won't give you much flexibility and freedom and are out-of-date. There's not as much effort behind them as there is for UE4, where it's probably easy to find help or tutorials.
If you have the possibility of going with the most modern option, why refuse it?
If UE4 is too hard for you, there's still Unity.