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Give us a shout when it's ready for beta! :)
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+1 for UE4 - loads of learning resources, loads of power, great tools.
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Sorry to hear man, these things are tough to deal with.

On the bright side, this is a good (albeit tough) opportunity to re-think where you want to end up career-wise. Your struggles show that the field might not have been something you would've enjoyed working in after all. Adjusting your course in life now might save you from years of unfulfilling work in the long term.

If you're considering a career in gamedev and need help/feedback on your CV or portfolio, give me a shout.
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I'd move with the intention to work while you study - I'd suggest moving early and getting a job over the summer before uni starts in September/October. You can certainly support yourself while in part-time work (20-30hrs/wk) while in university in the UK, unless you're someplace really expensive (London etc.), but then again finding better work is far easier in large cities. As others have said, it doesn't matter how expensive a place is if they pay more proportionately.

If you're gonna do games, just find other amateur devs wherever you are locally and start on your own projects. Approach it as you would mapping or modding, try to collaborate on small things to get your bearings initially. Always favour smaller/more boring projects that you can ship instead of huge daunting things that have a high chance of never getting completed.

Uni alone doesn't land you anything these days, and even the best courses can be out-of-date due to how fast the industry moves technically. You basically need to have made games before you can land any kind of decent industry job these days. University can only facilitate/support that at best, maybe throw in some networking opportunities, but it's still down to your work at the end of the day. On the bright side, game dev tools have never been as good/accessible as they are now, what with Unity/Unreal etc. Prime time to go for it! [/rant]
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Thanks guys!

Tetsu0: Finally got into games development after several long & tedious years in web/regular software development. Actually looking forward to work in the morning is a refreshing change. :)

AJ: Got the exact same feeling. Been there in fact (Archie, Botond, Livewire) - great times were had! One of my good friends from uni turned out to have grown up with Spag, we all ended up having a total TWHL/IRC nostalgiafest at that friend's wedding last year - it was awesome. Small world.
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Stojke's rants have some validity to them - you shouldn't upgrade to 8 and expect the same functionality/layout as in 7, even if they've decided to mess with signature pieces of the OS.

That said, I've used 8 before and apart from the performance enhancements there's nothing I'd consider a serious enough layout/design improvement to warrant any sort of praise. Bigger doesn't mean better, and the amount of wasted space in some of these pics is hilarious.

And of course, Archie should have pirated his Adobe products.
.. like any other professional who makes a living off of using them every day would.

Man up, Archie.
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Awesome, will do!

Any ideas for games, guys? Would we have enough old maps for any of the multiplayer Source games? Are we doing another retro tournament, or should we just go for any community maps?
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@Archie: Hahah, good times! It would absolutely kick ass if you & Urbs were available for commentary and general piss-taking.
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Hahah, Scotch knows it!
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Rimrook wins
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Awesome fathering as always!
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Aw man that sucks, the exact same thing happened to mine a few years ago. Ruined my LAN night.
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Have a good one!
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Hahah love the security cam! Welcome back
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"I would kill everyone in the onliners to be able to play this map..."
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Absolutely jealous. Beautifully constructed, nice work!
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Have a good one!

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D'aws, shame I missed it. Looks like you guys had a blast!
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mp_startmoney 166000
sv_restart 1
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Well there's a journal you don't see every day.
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Oh wow, it's been over a year already? Time flies.
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.. because logic.

On a serious note, sorry to hear. It's always hard to get over the "it's not you" kind of break-ups.
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Nice! Did you enjoy the beeches?

I've met up with SpaG, Taylor, Archie & Livewire on different occasions IRL.
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User posted image
Daubster likes this.
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I love how you guys complain about this and the other recent changes without having written anyone in Valve about it. They screw up so rarely compared to other publishers/devs - the least you can do is be constructive and provide some feedback. Rally others and let Valve know you're all pissed instead of bitching about it amongst yourselves in these book club meetings.
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Good read! I like how you link to the relevant implementations as you explain your thoughts behind them.

Thanks for the shoutout, would deffo read more.

rufee: C#
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"SAAS Pays for tuition fees for all scottish students at scottish universities"
*all EU students

Anyway, sorry to hear. Definitely get out there & comfort her.
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Every new wave of immigrants seem to get the same shitty treatment in the lower layers of the UK society.

Pakistanis had it bad in the 80s, racism and everything. The Polish were the next scapegoat for every job lost due to binge drinking, etc. Now it's Romania/Bulgaria.

There's tons of locals on welfare looking for someone to blame, which means bullshit articles like that sell.
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"but i've heard Dundee's night life is amazing"

Been working/studying there for over 3 yrs now, it's got plenty of standard student-oriented venues, etc., but nothing truly amazing or comparable to say Edinburgh. I guess it's good for a town of its size, but that's about it.

The universities are great though, and Dundee Uni degrees have a bit of prestige to them as well.
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Sorry to hear man, condolences.
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Got 5 with no-one to give them to.
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Edinburgh's a sweet city, good luck getting in!
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My first posts here were mostly an incoherent garbled mess laced with broken english, plus my sentences tended to span paragraphs, making for some really confusing reading - sadly, some habits just refuse to die.
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Holy shit time flies. Linky for those unaware of the ancient drama surrounding Jimmi.

Welcome back.
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Late by ~5 hrs, missed this journal, and made a redundant forum thread. :D

Anywho, this is awesome news.
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Woop, just bought it. Thanks for the heads-up!